My Triplets

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Chapter 1

I was barely awake in kind of a dreamy mode recalling the recent events in my family. I didn’t open my eyes as I felt the warm bodies next to me, I could feel the warm skin against my skin making my nipples stand out. It was such a great feeling as a snuggled up against the body in front of me. I began to recall what has been happening the last day and or so. My triplet boys celebrated their 18th birthday yesterday and my husband and I gave them a very special present. We gave them full access of me, that’s right, full access to my body to do with as they please. We gave them me to play with, to be able to fondle any part of my body, to undress me, to play with my tits, to suck my tits, to finger my pussy and ass, to eat my pussy and ass and the ultimate of course, to fuck me whenever they wanted to. In other words, to do what they wanted with me. I had been teasing the boys for the past several months, giving them quick glances of me in only bra and panties, a few times with only a towel wrapped around me, lots of leg and one time of my bare tits. I knew they were ready for some serious sex and I was hot to trot myself. We have been planning this for years, not only did we want to teach our boys all about sex and provide them with lots of experience, but I just plain wanted to fuck my boys since I can’t remember when. They are all very athletic and tall like their dad and I have always assumed hung like him. My hubby is one hung guy, he can put a lot of black men to shame with the size of his cock.

Our plan was for me to do a strip tease for our sons and let them fondle me until they were all rock hard and then have them fuck me one at a time. This is just what we did on their birthday. As soon as they came home from school, we had a little party. Jack, their dad told them that they were about to get their birthday gift and had them gather in the living room with the blinds pulled and the lights down low. He had them all sit down on the couch and then put on some sexy music. I came down the stairs in a skimpy outfit and began to dance around the room showing a lot of skin. I leaned over a lot letting my boobs hang right in their faces shaking them as hard as I could. After two or three minutes of doing this I removed my top giving my sons their first complete and unabashed view of my big tits. They have all been staring at my tits since they were about 14. Their eyes were glued to my bouncing boobs as I continued to prance around the room half naked. I then began to bend over looking between my legs at them showing off my ass and legs. I then got down on my knees in front of them shaking my torso making my boobs bounce side to side and invited them to fondle my tits.

I said, “OK boys, you have been wanting to see my boobs, my tits for years and now is your chance to touch them, squeeze them and play with them all you want.”

They did not hesitate, six hands were all over me, squeezing and massaging my tits and nipples. I also took turns kissing each one with a lot of tongue-in-mouth kisses. I massaged their crotches feeling their hard boners at the same time. I then stood up and right before there penetrating eyes, slowly pushed my shorts down until they fell to the floor. All three sets of eyes were glued to my crotch with only a small G-string covering my snatch. I did a little bump and grind shoving my barely covered pussy within a fraction of an inch from their noses. I then hooked my fingers in the waist band of my G string and slowly, very slowly pushed it down exposing my bare shaven pussy to them. I said, “Do you like your gift so far?” They all in unison nodded yes.

Once I was totally nude I reached down and rubbed my pussy and actually slipped a finger in myself while moaning some. I then spread my pussy lips wide to their total delight and slipped my fingers back up inside my cunt which by now was dripping wet with my cunt juices and rubbed my wet finger across each of their lips and under their noses. I wanted them to taste me and to smell me. I did this several times with the boys eager each time to lick and suck on my finger. I had them all stand as I got down on my knees and unzipped their pants letting their monster cocks free. My suspicions were correct, they were all really hung. I moved a little closer and one at a time, I sucked on their cocks and fondled their balls. When I sucked the last cock for the second time I stood up saying, “Do you know what exactly is your gift?” They looked a little puzzled and mumbled a few things about my tits and cunt.

“Well 18 years ago today I gave all of you life as you came out of my body. Now today, I want part of you back inside my body, I want each of you to fuck me deep so I can feel the head of your cock in my womb. I’m giving you my body to play with. My tits, my cunt, my ass and my mouth are yours to do with what you want. I’m going to show you what sex is all about and you can practice on me anytime you want, isn’t that right dear?” türbanlı escort Jack nodded in agreement saying, “and anyway you want.”

“Yes, and anyway you want, I am yours for the asking. Whenever you are horny, you have your mother to fuck and fondle. I don’t want any of you to be masturbating around here, if you have a hard on, just find me and slip your hard dick into me or have me suck you off, OK?” They all were wide eyed and just nodded yes. I continued, “OK, I want to start the fucking with Danny, him being the oldest to be first. Sammy and Billy you can watch and Sammy you can take Danny’s place between my legs when he is done, and then Billy you will be last.” I moved between them and laid down on the couch with my legs spread real wide inviting Danny to mount me. He kicked off his pants, removed his shirt and laid down between my legs. I took a hold of his nice big cock and first rubbed it up and down my pussy a number of times.

I then said, “Are you ready to shove your hard cock up inside your mother’s cunt, to feel the warm juicy insides of my hot pussy, to fuck your mother’s cunt for the first time and to dump your seed deep inside my snatch from where you came?”

“Yes mama, I’m ready to fuck you.”

“Oh good baby, I am so ready too, I have wanted to do this for a very long time. Now just shove your cock into me and fuck me good. Ohhhhhh yes baby, that feels so gooooood, oh my god this is wonderful, you have such a big cock like your dad’s, it feels so good inside me. Yes, yes …….. oh yes this is better than I imagined, oooooh, ooooooooooooh, oh yes, now pump me hard and fill me with your seed, I want to feel you cum inside me, I want to know your sperm is in my womb. I want to feel your juices in me, I want my cunt to be gooey with your spunk. Yes, oh yes this is fantastic.” Danny continued to fuck me and within minutes I was receiving the first load of cum from one of my boys. As it has turned out I have probably received hundreds and hundreds of loads of cum from them over the years and I hope it never ends. I had a very nice orgasm as Danny quickly fucked me.

As soon as Danny removed his dick from my cunt, Sammy was on top of me pushing his cock directly inside my cunt. I did not interfere with him and let him do his thing which was to ram his cock into me and begin fucking my like a man possessed. He was hammering my pussy really hard which I like and before long, I was receiving my second load of cum. My cunt was one squishy mess of cum. He quickly removed his dick with Billy right behind him ramming his dick in me and repeated the process. I had loads of cum oozing out of my cunt as Billy pounded me like his brother. Almost immediately I was flooded with yet another load of juicy cum. He removed his dick rather quickly leaving me lying on my back on the couch with cum oozing from my fuck hole. I looked and reached down between my legs seeing and feeling the mess I had. I rolled over and got up on my hands and knees placing my hand below my freshly fucked pussy collecting the cum that was slowly oozing out of my cunt. They all watched as I collected a palm full of cum and when I felt it start to run out of my hand, I pulled my hand toward my face and while smiling at them, put my hand to my lips and sucked all the cum into my mouth.

“Oh you guys taste so good, I look forward to eating lots of your cum.”

Jack then walked up behind me with his dick sticking straight out stroking it saying, “Now boys, here is what you will learn about your mother. First of all she absolutely loves to be fucked and she especially loves getting fucked up the ass, yes she loves feeling a rock hard cock being shoved up her asshole.” As he said that he spread my buns placing his dick at my backdoor and gently pushed his cock inside my asshole to my total delight, the boys were fascinated at watching their dad slide his cock into their mother’s asshole.

“Yes boys, I love being ass fucked. Your dad will show you what I like and then you can try it, OK? My ass is as available as is my cunt, always feel free to fuck either hole, I love it either way.” Jack proceeded to push his entire cock into my ass in one slow motion, I loved it. He then began fucking me hard as the boys stood watching their dad fuck their mother’s asshole. Jack said, “One thing about fucking your mother’s asshole or cunt this way is that you can get a nice handful of her tits while you do it.” He had reached around to cup my tits as he fucked my ass. By now all the boys were stroking their hard cocks waiting their turn to fuck me in the ass. Jack did not take long and soon was pumping his load of cum up my bunghole. When he finished I told Billy he could be the first to fuck my ass and told Sammy to get in front of me and he would be the first to fuck my mouth. They fucked me in unison and were not holding back, Sammy was ramming his entire dick deep into my bowels as Billy was trying to shove ümraniye escort as much cock down my throat as far as he could and I was giving him as much help as I could be allowing him to deep throat me over and over again. I was in hog heaven as they both simultaneously began to pump another load of their precious cum into my orifices. I had cum running down my chin and my ass crack. I wiped my chin and tried to suck in as much of Billy’s cum as I could and then wiped my hand along my ass crack to gather what cum I could from Sammy’s ass fucking me.

All four of my guys were now a bit exhausted as I was and we all just either sat or laid down to catch out breaths. Jack was the first to say, “Well guys how do you like your present?”

Danny said, “Shit, this is the greatest Dad, I had no idea we would ever be able to fuck our mother, she is so hot.”

“Yea, mom,” Sammy piped in, “I always wanted to see your tits and now I can even touch them.”

“Yes and you can fuck them if you want Sammy.” I said as I sat up taking Billy’s hand, he was now sitting next to me and rubbing the palm of his hand all over my tits. I looked over at Danny spreading my legs giving him the opening to play with me. He caught the message, moved over next to me while reaching down to rub my cum oozing pussy. More cum oozed out coating his fingers, I stuck my tongue out and wiggled it indicating I wanted a taste. He subsequently raised his hand sticking his cum coated fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them before licking his fingers clean and told him to do it again, which he did.

I looked over at Jack who was supporting another hard on and I wanted his cock in me again. I said, “Would any of you boys like to share my pussy with your dad’s cock, I would love to feel my pussy getting stretched with two cocks.” Jack was hot to trot and stood in front of me as I laid back spreading my legs waiting for the guys to double fuck my cunt.

Jack said to Danny, “Let your mother sit on your lap so she can get your cock in her pussy and I’ll just get on top and slide my cock alongside yours, OK? We can then fuck her together.” I moved over and sat on Danny’s lap as he held his cock straight up, I slid my pussy down over his dick feeling his huge cock fill my cunt, oh it felt so good. Once I had Danny’s cock fully inside me, Jack leaned down placing his dick against Danny’s cock and with a bit of persistence, was able to slide his dick in me too. Oh my god what a wonderful feeling of getting my cunt stretched around two big cocks. Jack proceeded to fuck me really hard immediately giving me an orgasm as his cock rubbed back and forth over my clit. It did not take him long to unload his semen inside me drenching my cunt and coating his son’s dick with even more cum. When he pulled his dick out he motioned to Sammy to take his place. When in seconds Sammy’s cock was buried in me alongside his brother’s cock and was almost immediately cumming inside me with yet another load of semen. Once Sammy unloaded his sperm in me, he pulled his dick out of me and we watched this cum drip from the end of his dick. Billy was right behind him and easily slid his dick alongside his brother’s and began fucking me, within minutes he was pumping his load into me. As Billy was fucking me I motioned to Sammy to let me suck his cock which he did and I was tasting the cum from his dick while receiving more cum in my cunt from his brother. As Billy pulled his dick out of me I reached down taking his cock in my hand pulling him toward my face, he knew what I wanted and willingly moved to where I could suck his cock. Once I had licked and sucked his cock clean of cum, I raised my ass up telling Danny to get out from under me and get on top to finish fucking me. He did and with very little help from me, I was receiving another load of sperm into my cunt. I was in hog heaven having received four loads of cum within a matter of minutes. My pussy was gabbed wide open from having two cocks in me and dripping with cum. I wanted to be eaten, I wanted to feel a nice warm mouth sucking on my pussy and eating me clean and feeling a tongue working over my clit.

Jack must have sensed what I needed because the next thing I knew, his face was buried between my legs eating me like a wild man. He sucked my pussy lips into his mouth and sucked me really hard, I was loving it as another orgasm over took my body creating shivers up and down my spine. I love this man, he knows what I want and gives it to me in spades.

Chapter 2

My son Billy will give his version of what it is like fucking his mother……..

I opened my eyes very slowly as the brightness of the room was making me squint in trying to recognize my surroundings. This definitely was not my bedroom plus I was not alone in this bed. As I laid there trying to recollect of what happened last night, it suddenly came to me that I was in my parent’s bed and I was lying next to my mom. I acıbadem escort turned to see her on her side facing away from me and was totally nude. I pulled up the covers to see her nice curvy back with a great heart shaped ass, I immediately snuggled up behind her while I slowly reached around her body feeling her nice soft skin and began to fondle her wonderful big tits. I had her tit in my hand feeling her nipple and could sense that she was aware of someone touching her tit as her nipple began to become erect in palm of my hand. My cock instantly began to stir as I felt her bare ass being pushed up against my crotch as she wiggled her ass back and forth a few times. I raised my head a little to see that one of my brothers was sleeping on the other side of my mom. I continued to fondle my mom’s great tits by paying special attention to her nipples which was making her squirm even more. I then slid my hand down her belly to the apex of her long beautiful legs feeling her small patch of pubic hair just above her pussy. I very gently slid a couple fingers into her cunt which was already damp.

This was bringing back memories of last night when Danny and I crawled into bed with our mom after we all had been in the living room watching an erotic video with my other brother Sammy, my sister Julie and my dad. By the time the video was over, Danny and I had completely undressed my mom and were taking turns eating her pussy while she gave each of us really hot blow jobs. My sister was simultaneously doing the same to my dad and Sammy while she was stretched spread eagle out on the floor. My mom wanted to be more comfortable and so we retired to her bed while my dad and Sammy took Julie to her bed.

I remember walking to mom’s bedroom with my arm wrapped around my mother’s neck with my hand reaching down to cup and fondle her tit while simultaneously kissing her. It was a sloppy kiss with lots of tongue. Danny was on the other side of her and was playing with her ass and pussy as we walked; by the time we got to her room, he had a middle finger up her ass and two fingers in her pussy as she groaned in approval. She was not resisting anything we were doing to her, she was totally submissive to what we were doing. She pulled Danny’s fingers out of her cunt and licked them before she crawled up on her bed saying, “OK guys, I’m yours for the taking, fuck me anyway you want, make me go crazy with lust for your big cocks, fuck me hard and deep, please don’t stop wanting to fuck me, you may fuck me all night if you want to, in fact I want you to.” Well we must have fucked her nearly all night, I was the first to mount her and shove my cock deep inside her twat. I did not last very long and unloaded a huge load of cum into my mom’s pussy. When I was done, Danny immediately took my place and mounted her while she sucked on my cock again. Danny gave her another big load and then I went down on her and sucked her cunt dry of any cum. Shit I love eating a freshly fucked cunt, especially one with big cunt lips, it feels so great to have a mouth full of juicy cunt lips. Danny was the first to recover and mom begged him to fuck her in the ass. Although we have only been fucking our mom since night before last, we both love fucking her ass, so Danny did not hesitate and as soon as mom was on her hands and knees, Danny’s hard cock was fully inserted in her bunghole. I lied down with my head under her belly so that I could suck her bouncing tits, fuck she has nice tits, they are so big and her nipples get huge when she is aroused.

It was not long before Danny let out a grunt as he began to fill our mom’s ass with more cum. He continued to ram her ass for a very long time before he finally pulled his semi-hard cock out of her cum dripping asshole. I immediately moved in behind her, rubbed the head of my cock up and down her crack a few times before I plunged my cock deep into her ass. She yelled, “Oh god Billy, I love that, I love having my asshole rammed with a hard cock, of fuck this is wonderful. I knew once you guys were introduced to sex, we would be having a great time. This has been some of the best sex I have ever experienced and this is just the beginning. Oh baby, yes, yes, fuck you mommy’s tight ass, don’t be timid with me, just fuck me hard and deep, fuck me as hard as you want, I love getting fucked over and over. Yea, that’s it, ram your cock deep into my bowls, fuck me hard, show no mercy, I love a hard fuck up my ass.”

She then asked Danny to get in front of her which he did and without any hesitation, took a hold of his cum coated cock and opened her mouth wide taking in every inch she could. Wow, she was now sucking on Danny’s cock that had just moments ago been shoved up her ass. The site of this alone made me horny as hell and shortly after my mom started sucking off Danny, I began pumping another load of cum into our mom’s ass. It’s hard to believe that I’m fucking my mom, let alone fucking her in the ass again, it’s my second time I’ve fucked her ass and oh shit it feels so good. A nice tight juicy hole for sliding my dick in and out, just watching and feeling my dick disappear in her ass really turns me on. I can hardly believe that my mom is so willing and wanting us to fuck her. This is absolutely awesome.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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