My Summer Wife Ch. 02

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“Oh, God, Robert, this is fucking sweeeettttt!” Kelly exclaimed as I hammered her fine pussy with my hard cock a third time since breakfast, which counted for a fourth time that day.

“Think of how great it is for me, then!” I groaned as I drove deeper inside her twat on the next stroke.

“Adultery never felt better, if you ask me!” Kelly told me, the mirror in the vanity showing that she bit her lower lip with excitement as I pounded her.

“Have you done this before?” I teased her, making her giggle after she exploded and I erupted inside her slippery snatch.

“No, as I told you, I was faithful to Jimmy, but I have slept with married men before, truth be told. You know, as the summer wife to them, and sometimes before that. Married men are the bee’s knees, if you’ll pardon the expression. Including my own husband. I thought for sure that if I loved other women’s husbands, I’d really get into mine, and I did for a while, until he pulled his recent stunt. But the best married man of all that I’d ever wanted…and seduced, now that Jimmy and I are on the outs, is undeniably you, babe,” Kelly assured me with repeated kisses to my face and my chest.

“Oh, fuck me!” I gasped as I felt her tongue slide over the hairs of my chest, making me shiver.

“I think that I’ve got that covered pretty well, wouldn’t you say, dear summer hubby?” Kelly winked at me before descending with her mouth and tongue back to my cock and balls, “I know that you’re sore down there from a lot of use this morning, but would you humor me enough to let me taste myself on you again?”

“Oh, God, yes, baby girl!” I told Kelly, stroking her soft tresses with my fingers.

“See, you come first with me, and well, you CUM first with me, too. Always. Always. From this moment forward, I don’t care what the price, I don’t care what I have to do, but now that I’m in your bed, I’m not walking out on you. I’m yours, Robert McMillan. Seems that you have two wives now, and you might as well get used to the fact. I’m yours and you’re mine. Mine and Sandra’s, of course. Seems that you’ve started a brand new family tradition, that of sisters sharing a man permanently. I rather like it myself, but then it suits me,” Kelly told me before resuming her delightfully slow and sensual blowjob.

“I like the sound of that tradition very much, too, come to think of it,” I confessed as Kelly went to town on my cock and balls.

“I kinda figured that you would. Yummy. I don’t know if you taste nicer or I do,” she winked at me as she kept sucking and licking, lingering over each part of the action.

“My money’s on you, if you ask me,” I winked back at her, making her giggle a bit.

“True, but I’m rather bi, I suppose. I just didn’t do anything about it during my marriage. Jimmy would have flipped if I did that, I suspect. Then again, you never really know someone at times. Even when you’ve been married to them for just a little while,” Kelly remarked as she got me to semi-hardness.

“I don’t think that you’re going to raise the dead this time, sweetie, but you made a valiant effort, and given that you did so quite a bit already, I’m more than impressed with your…oral arguments, shall we say?” I made it clear that I was onto her.

“Damn, but it was worth the old college try, right?” Kelly blushed and giggled as she curled up with me and I took her in my arms on the marriage bed.

“You’re insatiable!” I accused her, but she shrugged.

“So are you, stud. Or should I say, ‘satyr,’ eh?” Kelly reminded me of Sandra’s and her nickname for me.

“That wasn’t just about my hair, was it?” I realized abruptly.

“Nope. Sandra bragged on you and your sexual prowess ad nauseum, enough that when the summer wife opening came up, I knew just who I had to try. No question of that. She fully encouraged it, too. I wonder if maybe she wants me hooked on you, addicted to your cock, so that she can have the menage a trois with me and you that she’s often fantasized about, lover.

“Though she would have gladly made it a menage taksim grup yapan escort a quatre for Jimmy’s sake. She didn’t like him as much as I liked you…like you, I should say, but she would have moved Heaven and Earth for my happiness, hon. That’s just my suspicion at times, not entirely sure about it, so don’t quote me on it,” Kelly clarified with me as I held her close, letting her rest her head on my chest.

“My lips are sealed, babe,” I told her as I ran my hands through her hair again and enjoyed her skin against mine.

“See, you’re already calling me these pet names. Babe, honey, dear, etc. My favorite, though, is baby girl. There’s just something about how you say it that makes me feel…cherished, safe, and loved. Protected. I feel special with you. I don’t care if you have a dozen ladies. If you call me that, among the other pet names, and if you hold me close like this now and then, well, I will always know that I am yours and will be a very happy camper. I will always know that I mean something special to you. It’s not about exclusivity. It’s about permanence, and this sort of thing makes your intention of permanence quite evident,” Kelly told me as I kissed her repeatedly now on her forehead, eyelids, lips, cheeks, and neck, even sniffing her hair a bit.

“And I take it that Jimmy’s toast now,” I asked Kelly, just to be sure, not because I was jealous, though I felt a twinge of jealousy in my gut that I stared down in my mind’s eye.

“Yeah, I think that he was just a bad fit, but I do wish him well, as long as he gets his rage under control. May he find the traditional wife of his dreams, all faithful and everything. This turned out for the best. I miss him, I won’t lie, but this was coming, I now know in retrospect. I would have tried, honestly tried, to be faithful to him, but sooner or later, this moment of truth would have found me out for the slut that I am at heart. This is best for him and for me. Rip off the bandage fast and it hurts badly, but the pain eases and you’re done with it.

“I know that might be shocking to you. Yes, it hurts, I won’t lie about that, but I’m moving on with my life and realizing that it was a blessing in disguise. I always had concerns about this marriage, and part of me wishes that someone had objected during the wedding, but, of course, no one did,” Kelly explained her feelings to me, “It hurts my feelings for sure, but my will and my mind have already realized that we were only going to hurt each other in the end, sooner or later.”

“If I had objected, as I considered doing, I was afraid that I would have destroyed you. If I had only realized that I did that when I didn’t object,” I started to say, but Kelly put her finger to my lips.

“No, honey, I should have objected. It was MY job to object, but I didn’t understand yet that there was no way, though I should have known, that there was no way that Jimmy would ever share my heart or my body. My objection, or Sandra’s, for that matter, knowing me so well, would have been, ‘Hey, she’s in love with her brother-in-law and the groom will never accept this.’

“Hell, I could have brought up the summer wife tradition, for that matter, or so could Sandra. We should have been honest with both of you guys. But whereas you have been so forgiving, so loving, so understanding, so merciful to us, Jimmy got super pissed and kicked me out without giving me a chance to change my mind. Still, he did me a favor. Maybe he deserves a new wife for that. Think I should play matchmaker for my estranged hubby, dear?” Kelly wiped away tears that started to fall down her lovely cheeks.

“Yes, you should have been honest, and I hope to see that you are in the future, speaking as a family, that is, but for my part, it turned out great in spite of that blunder. And as far as you and I are concerned, I do have two wives, if that’s alright with everyone involved. From now on, though, let’s work on making sure that before anything even gets as far as a marriage proposal, let alone a marriage, taksim masöz escort this kind of stuff is divulged to all interested and affected parties, okay? Can you commit to working toward such a change of policy? Do I have your support in that?” I asserted myself now.

“Absolutely, dear,” Kelly’s eyes shed tears again, but she wiped them away as well, “You’ve been so good to us and taken this so damned well that I’ll never forget it, I swear. I know that Sandra has to feel the same gratitude, if she knows what a great guy she’s got. I can’t wait until both of us have you, day in and day out, raising a family together, all three of us, that is.”

Speak of the devil, I got a sudden ring on the landline, picking it up to hear Sandra’s excited and breathless voice on the other end, “Honey, Kelly, guys, how are you two doing?”

“Great, in fact. You? I’ll let Kelly speak for herself,” I turned the phone on the speaker function.

“Fantastic, sis! Your…our husband, he nearly got it up a fifth time! Wow, sis! Just fucking wow! Now I know why you brag on him so much, that and how sweet he is to me. Very, very much a teddy bear, this one!” Kelly told her sister, my wife, over the phone, “How did Steve perform?”

“Wow, that’s…very good indeed, but that’s so Robert, too! Very like him! And Steve and I just fucked in the kitchen, where we got caught by Mom and Dad. It was our sixth time, I think, but to be fair, he’s a young man, a bit younger than Robert. Robert does great for an older guy, of course. It’s not fair to compare, and he’s got experience that Steve sadly lacks. Steve was like the Energizer bunny, of course. Just kept going and going.

“But even he got worn out now. We’ve basically christened half the rooms in the house or damn close by fucking in them, and there’s more to do later. He’s definitely going to be summer hubby next year if I can get Robert to agree to it. Robert, what are your thoughts, and bear in mind, I did not mean that as a complaint against your sexual prowess at all, babe,” Sandra sounded nervous all of the sudden.

“I know that, dear. My strengths are experience and a few other things. His are youthful stamina and energy, that sort of thing. Hard to compare. Now, I do want to talk you about the honesty issue again, though. I have forgiven you, but I think that it’s high time that some…reforms are considered to govern future situations like ours, for other couples in our family and such. Oh, and Steve is definitely your next year summer hubby, trust me on that,” I assured her of that much.

“Very good plan, of course. I think that you have a solid point there. Honesty is better and could prevent more Jimmy/Kelly scenes. Speaking of which, I’d say that Kelly is next year’s summer wife, but for one thing,” Sandra stunned me a little in how she approached things.

“What’s that?” I saw a worried look on Kelly’s face.

“I want her to become a bit more permanent than that. If that’s okay with you, dear. She’s going to have your baby, honey. And she needs us, especially you. Badly. How about it, baby? Take Kelly in and make her your second wife, not just your summer wife? Don’t worry, we’ll find you a new summer wife to make up for it. Not fair to deprive you just because you have two wives, is it? Sound like a plan?” Sandra proposed, this time at least leveling with me and consulting me, not manipulating and lying to me anymore.

“This wouldn’t take effect until you got back, of course. Until then, she’s my summer wife,” I clarified.

“Naturally. How is she, as wives go?” Sandra was curious.

“Are you kidding? I know that it’s only day one, but I am seriously glad that you proposed keeping her, because we both already wanted that to happen. I never want to give her up, to be perfectly frank with you. Her only equal in the wife department is you, as far as I’m concerned. I know that it won’t be all kinky sex and stuff, but a life with both of you, even the rougher sides of it, that’s just plain awesome and I’m going taksim otele gelen escort for it,” I committed myself, noting the tears that slid down Kelly’s cheeks as she heard me.

“I knew it! I knew that she really belonged to you, not Jimmy! I just couldn’t do anything about it. Jimmy’s mostly a good guy, but he’s not right for her. YOU are…for both of us. You’re polyamorous by nature, whereas he is monogamous and far too jealous…and hotheaded. This is the way of things. I would have tried to make it work as a menage a quatre, but it just works better as a menage a trois. Oh, God, this is just going to be terrific! I’m going to love coming home to both of you, the three of us pooling our income, and all that. Talk about your ‘Netflix and chill,’ huh?” Sandra started moaning.

That was when I got a lightbulb go off in my head and spoke before anyone could stop me, “Hey, dear, don’t freak out on me, and don’t tell Steve this, but I had the wildest, craziest idea. Wait to run it by him for a little bit, though. Would you be opposed to moving him in, too, as a second husband for both wives? Just consider all of the upsides before ruling it out and proposing it to him. We’d need a bigger bed, but I can easily picture a serious foursome with us. I’ve always liked Steve and who else would treat him better than his sisters, anyway?”

“Are you serious? Really? You’d…go for that? Oh, my God! That would…rock! I’m creaming myself just thinking of it right now. I’d say that I’m creaming my panties, but I’m not, strictly speaking, wearing any at the present. You’re seriously the best husband of all time, and when Steve hears of this, oh, dear, he’s going to think that you’re the best brother-in-law ever, too. Oh, baby, you’ve made my day again, and I owe you so much! I’m the luckiest woman in the world, well, one of them. The other one is Kelly, of course! Thank you, dear.

“Now, if you’ll excuse me, I want to ride Steve’s face, and when I’m cumming on it, I’ll think all about this plan of yours. I love you so much! You’re the very best! Oh, and don’t worry, dear. We’ll have a nice family meeting about this. It’s time to confront the truth of our way of life, that it’s great, but does need to change in some ways so as to hurt those few who do get hurt by it.

“We’ve always convinced ourselves that nobody was really hurt by it, but clearly that’s not always the case. It’s mostly true, but there are enough exceptions to stick out. Even Kelly got hurt when Jimmy kicked her out. And I was wrong to manipulate you, babe. It was just wrong of me, but thank you for being so forgiving, honey. I owe you this much. I will stand up for you…and for me and Kelly and Steve and the future of the family. Even if we have to stand up to Mom and Dad, though I hope that they realize what was wrong with this.

“Kelly, you’d back me on this, right? And you, Robert, since it was your idea,” Sandra urged us.

“Naturally, dear. As you said, it was my proposal,” I assured her.

“I’m your sister…and now your sister-wife, sis. I’m behind you 110%. Though, naturally, I’ll seize the chance to rim you,” Kelly snickered, “seriously, though, yes, I’m all for this. How about we do it toward the end, confront them here, and see how they deal with it?”

“Works for me,” Sandra concurred.

“And for me. It’s a pact, then, between the three of us, and maybe add Steve to it. I hope that he goes for it,” I threw my support to my wife there.

“Oh, I have a very strong feeling that he will, especially when he learns of the other deal,” Sandra snickered, “now, excuse me while I treat Steve to a nice, yummy creampie, namely his own. Apparently, he loves those. Love you, dear.”

“Love you, too. And Steve’s a smart man,” I chuckled.

“So are you, babe. Love you, Kels,” Sandra told her sister, my summer wife.

“Love you, Sandy,” Kelly told her sister as she hung up.

“Well, THAT was some conversation, but well worth it, right, dear?” I asked Kelly, who licked her lips, “Kels, what is it, baby girl?”

“Um, to thank you for bringing in Steve and standing up for the need to change things, I think that it’s high time to really show you some loving, even more than before. Ready, stud?” Kelly said, as she presented me with some lube…and her bare ass, the invitation unmistakable.

I was about to butt-fuck my summer wife, and I couldn’t be happier.

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