My Son’s Friends

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My Son’s Friends – A MILF’s Confession

Disclaimer: As with all my work, this is erotic entertainment for adult readers. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. All sexual activity in this work is consensual and all sexually active characters are 18 years of age or older. – VH

You can know me as Alicia, for the purposes of telling my story. I’m 45 and the mother of two young sons who are well on to becoming men, as are their gang of friends, who come over to hang out at our pool, especially now that the weather’s fine. I take care of myself – I’m fit, trim, and I’m aware of the way men look at me. My breasts are 44D – yes I’ve ‘had some work done’ – and I do the Brazilian thing; waxed completely bald from the clit on down, just a tiny patch of fur on my mound that I keep close cropped. Recently I overheard one of my son’s friends say to the other I’m a ‘MILF’; he didn’t think I could hear, and he didn’t think I knew what that meant.

Things are pretty relaxed at our house. More often than not I’m in a bikini while the guys are cooling off in the pool after a game of basketball, or doing the chores in the yard. Even inside half the time I just wrap a towel around my waist or throw on a simple sun dress and I see where their eyes are. Over the past several weeks I could tell that one of them – I’ll call him Tommy – has been trying to catch me naked. He’s walked by my room after I get out of the shower and pretends he didn’t know I was in there. After work when I’m in my room to change clothes, he’s looked in if the door isn’t closed shut.

At first I thought maybe he is just interested in seeing a mature woman’s body. As time went on I began to wonder if he was interested in me in sort of a sexual way. I didn’t find that possibility strange as I have had quite vivid thoughts over the years when I masturbate and they have included a younger man fantasy, just not with Tommy, whom I’ve known since birth.

About a month ago, I was very horny and in bed masturbating when the thought of Tommy seeing me naked flashed into my mind. I tried to disregard at first, but the thought was persistent and I let it take its course. I wound up thinking about him coming into my room and me allowing Tommy to see me nude. I envisioned coming out of the shower and he was bornova escort bayan sitting on my bed waiting to talk.

The thought got me incredibly hot and I masturbated like crazy thinking about Tommy staring at my breasts and my bald pussy. I had a very powerful orgasm. All that week I continued masturbating about this and each time I would add to the fantasy by talking with Tommy about what he was seeing and then actually laying on my bed and spreading my legs for him so he could see all of my pussy. The orgasms became the most intense I had ever had.

This evolved into my thinking about actually letting Tommy see me, about coming on to him, directly. I justified it by saying that he is eighteen – an adult – and I wouldn’t be the first mother who seduced her son’s friends. There certainly wouldn’t be any harm done, and if he didn’t enjoy it, he could always just excuse himself and leave the room.

Two weeks ago, I decided I would do it and it didn’t take long. He was outside my room when I was changing, after I got home from work. Of course I’d prepared myself for the moment, and not just mentally. I’d unbuttoned my blouse, slid off my skirt, and was wearing my sexiest bra and panties. I said, “Come in, Tommy, I think we need to talk.” He entered and stood there, stunned at the sight of me in just my open blouse, bra and panties, which were practically see-thru.

Standing next to my dresser I nonchalantly began making small talk about what he was going to be doing this coming fall, college, and how his summer work was going. As if Tommy being in my bedroom while I’m wearing next to nothing but my underwear was no different than when I was lounging around the pool in a string-sided bikini. After maybe five minutes, I decided to amp things up a bit.

I would get undressed for the shower. I removed my blouse and tossed it in the chair next to the dresser. I continued to talk as I did this and right then he said, “Mrs. A, did I tell you about my boss?”

That gave me an unobvious reason to turn around and walk towards him so I could listen to him tell me what happened. I’m now standing maybe four feet from Tommy, facing him. He was already having difficulty keeping eye contact with me as his eyes would periodically go to my breasts and pussy. I’m guessing he was a bit shocked to see my completely escort bornova bald ‘camel toe’ right through my see-thru panties

Tommy started to tell me that his boss was being transferred and something-or-the-other else. Right then, I unsnapped my bra and let it fall forward. I just asked questions and didn’t act as though anything unusual or out of the ordinary was taking place. He was staring right at my boobs and his face got this scared look on it.

I asked Tommy if there would be any changes that might affect his job and as I said that, I slide off my panties. He let out this involuntary whisper, “OH MY GOD.” I was now standing there with my bald pussy right at his eye level. His face was stone cold and he looked white.

I said, “Are you okay Tommy? Does this bother you?” He said, “Um, ah, no, not at all, I’m fine.” I was now incredibly turned on; my nipples were rock hard and poking straight out. I walked over to my dresser and got a crunchy to put my hair up. I needed my hair out of my face because of what was about to come next. I waked back toward Tommy and this time stood only two feet from him! As I was doing this, my big boobs were swaying back and forth in front of him. I could feel myself getting wet.

“Stand up, Tommy,” I said quietly, and pulled him close, pulled his face right into my tits. While Tommy drowned in my cleavage I busied myself undoing his shorts. I went to my knees, pulled his shorts down to his ankles and his cock sprang forth, practically poking me in the face. I gasped at the size of his cock.

“Oh, Tommy, you’re beautiful!”

There was a shiny droplet of pre-cum forming in the end of his cock. I darted my tongue out and licked it up.

I began working the head of his cock with my tongue, all around the helmet and the rim. His cock was hard, hot and throbbing. I used all the tricks I’d learned from watching porn, everything I knew about giving head from all my lovers over the years. I made my mouth like an O and engulfed him, ran my lips all the way down his length. I pulled off and ran my tongue up and down his length, paying special attention to the sensitive spot right under the head, and of course I licked his balls, tantalizing and teasing them with little butterfly flickers of my tongue.

Tommy groaned quietly and placed his fingertips bornova escort on my head as my wet mouth moved up and down on his pole. I was giving my son’s friend a blowjob and it felt so good. It was extra thrilling because the door to my bedroom was still ajar and any of the kids could have walked by at any time.

At the moment I didn’t care. All I wanted was to worship Tommy’s beautiful cock, to suck his pole deep into my wet mouth until he gave me my just reward.

It didn’t take long, I didn’t think it would, Tommy being a young man. I was willing to let him cum in my mouth, because we didn’t have much time. The others would be wondering.

I kept my lips around his pole as his cocked jerked and shot a load hot cum in my mouth. His first blast filled my mouth so much I had to pull off and let him unload hot sticky ropes of cum all over my face. Some of his cum spilled over my lips and down my chin . . . looking up at my young lover and smiling, my cum-covered face must have looked a sight!

I wiped my face with the back of my hand but it wasn’t enough, there was simply so much cum. So I grabbed my panties off the carpet and wiped my face. Then I stood up, still holding Tommy’s cock in my hand. Our faces were very close. Tommy closed his eyes and kissed me, a full open-mouthed soul kiss, bless his heart. Kissed my cum-soaked mouth.

“Have you ever been with a woman before?” I asked.

“Well, I’ve had a couple girlfriends,” he replied.

“Have you ever been with a woman like me, before?”

“No, ma’am.”

“Then I’m going to do you a big favor, Tommy. There’s something you need to learn how to do,” I said, taking his hand and leading him around to the bed. I lay down, spread my legs, and pointed to my bald quim. “This is my clitoris, Tommy. Learn how to pleasure a woman by tonguing her clit, and she will love you forever.” I guided his head down to my wet pussy.

Tommy was a good learner. He gently kissed and licked my pink pearl, and sucked on it even. “That’s it Tommy. Uh huh. Yeah. Right there. Yeah. Oooh!” I had him stick a few fingers in my wet pussy while he sucked me off. I needed to get off, and we really didn’t have much more time. We were under the gun.

When I came, for the first time in my life I actually squirted and soaked my sheets. Young Tommy was that good, which was amazing for a young man’s first time eating pussy.

Or at least I thought so. I really don’t know, because I never seduced a boy as young as that before. But I plan on finding out, because when the next time happens – and it will – I hope to share the benefit of my experience with my son’s other friends.

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