My Son – My Prince

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With due acknowledgements to Englander1961 for her wonderful support & editing.

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For the first time in more than five years I felt like hugging my husband . It was not with any romantic intentions but for the really exciting news he told me. After more than a year Ram, my 20 year old son will be visiting us for the festival holidays. The last twelve months have been an ordeal for me living without seeing my only son. He hadn’t scored enough marks to gain admission to any of the engineering institutions in town and hence decided to join an institution outside the state. The frequent chats on the phone were barely any consolation for me. I was missing the prince of the house very badly.

Both my husband and Ram were computer savvy and kept exchanging mails. Ram had once sent a few photographs of him taken during his picnic to Bangalore. As any proud mother, I kept inviting my neighbors to see those wonderful photographs. To be honest, he looked extremely handsome in his blazers. It was one of my neighbors who gave the ultimate punch by telling me that my son looked like a very popular movie star. At first, I simply laughed at her comparison and dismissed her statement as an exaggeration. However, I kept opening the computer every now and then and soon discovered that the neighbor wasn’t completely wrong. Shortly, I happened to watch a movie in which the actor had played the leading role. Like all south Indian movies, it also had a few intense romantic sequences and by the time the movie was finished, I was feeling itchy in my crotch.

My sex life has remained irregular to say the least. My husband perhaps assumed that we weren’t young anymore to have our share of fun once Ram came out of the high school. He was content with his quota of newspapers, transcendental meditation and yoga. He seldom revealed his horny side and when he did, it was more out of his own personal compulsions. He had always remained predictable on the bed. He looked so methodical while having sex and it was never enjoyable from the start till he eventually groaned shooting his cum inside me. He wasn’t getting anywhere closer to what I normally expected from him. I kept telling lies to him that I had enjoyed his intimacy as is expected from a typical Indian housewife. At 45, it was humiliating to resort to masturbating although it seemed the only option available to me. The fantasies about having a loud orgasm remained a distant dream. My eyes began wandering without discretion, taking glimpses of strong men, including the paperboy and even the LPG delivery man.

I can’t claim to be a gorgeous woman but I always took care of myself. I have noticed even young guys staring at my rather large breasts also my full and round butt. Like most of the women who are born and brought up in Kerala, I had dark, long curly hair that nearly touched my waist.

There were times when I used to count the days waiting for my son. Now, I was literally counting the minutes. It was very difficult to explain the thrill which ran through me as I watched Ram getting out of the taxi just a day before the Diwali festival. Like the obedient son that he is, he immediately bowed and touched my feet and went to his father’s feet seeking our blessings.

“Long live Ram,” My husband blessed him with raised hands. I was moved to see the sudden moisture in my husband’s eyes.

“You have become very lean,” I spoke to Ram.

“Don’t tell lies. Mom,” Ram said laughingly. He was right. He was looking more muscular than a year ago. I guessed that the moderate climate and the abundance of fruits have really made him a stronger man. He was wearing tight jeans and hence I easily found out that his thighs and legs have become stronger too.

“I am hungry,” Ram said teasingly. Both I and my husband laughed at once. We knew that Ram can never wait for the homely food. I walked into the kitchen with an unfamiliar excitement. The father and the son had a few things to talk about while I tried to attend to the kitchen. My eyes strayed again to Ram as he stepped into the bathroom with just his shorts on. I briefly had a look at his thighs and broad chest with youthful hair. From the kitchen, I was able to hear the noise of the shower and I began imagining him soaping his naked body, stroking his smooth skin and I closed my eyes, imagining my fingers on him. I shivered as I felt the moist heat in my panties.

The excitement of Ram’s return lasted till late in the evening. My husband and Ram kept watching some news channel when I decided to go to sleep. I had to get up very early next morning and hence needed some sleep to relax. But, my mind was very much awake repeatedly bringing pictures of my son before my eyes. It was well past midnight that my husband finally came to bed and I started pretending as though I was fast asleep. I heard my husband let out a large yawn so close to me and felt a bit annoyed. I thought he was asleep soon but he wasn’t. His fingers crawled on my belly and stayed there for sometime. The old man was feeling horny. I ortaköy escort stopped him once his hands held my breasts.

“I have to get up early tomorrow,” I cautioned him and pushed his hands off my body. He sighed gently and turned his back to me. Soon I felt relieved listening to his unique snoring sound.

It was Diwali next day.

I woke up around 3 A.M and had a few things to do in the kitchen. I prepared the scented oil for the early morning bath and also the ginger paste neatly blended with sweet and pure ghee. We had purchased new clothes almost a month ago and I kept them ready after sprinkling some rose water. The sweets and savories had been ready for almost two days. Everything about this Diwali looked somewhat special for me. My husband had bought some firecrackers as he believed that it was mandatory for Diwali. Ram had lost all his fascination for firecrackers ever since he went to high school. I knew that the only thing which thrilled him during Diwali was the early morning oil bath and the wholesome breakfast that followed.

I was the first to take bath and get ready for the celebrations to begin. I had selected a very expensive Benarasi silk sari for this year’s festival. It had a broad border with wonderful handworks in golden fibers. My hair smelt wonderful after a very satisfying oil bath and after wearing a few strings with jasmine flowers, I looked like a younger woman in the mirror. I smiled to myself seeing the admiration in my husband’s eyes once he woke up. It was his turn to get ready and he quietly went for the bath after applying a hell lot of oil on his head and body. I stepped into Ram’s room where he was fast asleep in spite of the noise of the firecrackers getting in through the windows. Normally, I would let him sleep till he wished but it was a different scenario today. I just wanted my son to wake up and see me standing dressed up well for the festival. He woke up at once after I shook his shoulders a few times. His eyes slowly opened and within seconds they were wider.

“Good morning, mom,” Ram greeted with a smile. “You are looking great.”

“Good morning,” I replied with a fake blush. “Thanks for the compliment.”

“Where is my coffee?” His arms stretched towards me.

“Not today,” I told him strictly. “At least once in a year, try coffee after brushing.”

He laughed and sat up on the bed. I went back to the kitchen to prepare a cup of coffee for him. I kept watching him as he moved towards the wash basin and began brushing his teeth. He was bare-chested and wore the usual shorts. I watched his muscles on the shoulders and back flex as he was brushing. His biceps weren’t as round and strong as the movie star but nevertheless he had a body to be proud about. I followed him to the sitting room once he finished brushing and deliberately touched his fingers as I handed over a cup of steaming coffee. He wasn’t showing any reaction to my touch but I felt like being hit by some current. While he was sipping the coffee, he casually glanced at me and all of a sudden, placed the cup on the tray and began laughing aloud.

“What’s the matter with you?” I asked him. He continued laughing for some more time after which he stopped.

“Mom, I know you are fond of silk saris. But, you should have removed the price tag before wearing it” he said and laughed again. I suddenly realized that I had totally forgotten to remove the price tag from my sari in my eagerness to impress my son. The price tag was rather stitched to one loose end of the sari. I was quick to find an opportunity to stun my son.

“Can you please remove it for me?” I made a request and before he could say anything extended the loose end of the sari towards him. He wasn’t hesitating as he held the end carefully and used his nails to pull off the tag. I have stopped clipping sari with the blouse recently because I realized that some of my nice blouses were getting torn very easily. With just a gentle pull my sari would slide at once through my left shoulder and reveal my breasts to my son. I loved wearing blouses with very low cut necks mainly for comfort. But, today it might well give a glimpse of my cleavage to my son if he holds the sari a little harder than required. After waiting for my son to unveil my breasts accidentally, I became a bit restless as he wasn’t looking like being careless. I decided to give a show on my own and took a few steps backwards. The brand new silk sari’s stiff fiber slipped through my shoulders and a good length of it fell on Ram’s thighs. He looked up once and smiled nonchalantly. The devil inside me was screaming at him. ‘Look up my son. See you mom’s wonderful breasts. Take a peep inside your mom’s sexy cleavage.’

He didn’t. He never looked up till he took off the tag. I badly wanted him to see me and have an eyeful of my breasts. I could feel the stiffness building inside my bra and my nipples felt like trying to force their way through the thick fabric. I sat close to him and deliberately tried to brush my breasts otele gelen escort against his left shoulder. Finally he looked at me and for the first time I saw the innocence in his eyes diluting a little.

“You never said anything about my matching blouse,” I told him. He smiled and did not reply.

I heard the bathroom door opening and stood up covering my breasts with my sari hastily. My husband came out, collected his new clothes and got inside the room to dress. Ram came to the kitchen with the empty cup and smiled at me as he left it inside the sink.

“All set for the oil massage?” I asked him. He smiled again and proceeded towards the sitting room.

My husband came out with a broad smile looking great in his new clothes. I was amused watching him pick up a few firecrackers and laughed out. He wasn’t worried as he opened the door and rushed downstairs towards the open space for lighting the crackers. I picked up the bowl with the scented oil and walked towards the sitting room. As always, Ram closed his eyes in excitement after smelling the perfumed oil with natural herbs. It is customary to begin the massage from the head and I poured a few spoons of thick oil on Ram’s dense and curly hair. I was well dressed up and hence stood at a reasonable distance from him and stretching my arms as far as I could. Soon his hair was drenched in oil and a few drops started seeping down his forehead making him close his eyes tightly.

“Oh Mom, the oil has gone into my eyes,” Ram murmured in agony.

“Do you want me to massage the rest of your body?” I asked.

“I wish you would. But, you are already dressed up.” He sounded very disappointed.

“Don’t worry,” I replied. “You have to promise me. You will never open your eyes before I tell you.”

Ram nodded his head without opening his eyes. It was funny looking at my grown-up son making a fuss about his favorite oil bath. I knew that it would take a while for my husband to return after finishing the loads of crackers he had carried. I asked Ram to get up and led him inside the bathroom. I made him sit on the plastic stool and returned to the sitting room and waited for him.

I was imagining what he might be doing inside the bathroom. Perhaps, he might be applying the oil on his cock. I wondered how long would be his young organ. I remember those days when I used to bathe him and always loved to clean his little cock which looked like a little banana bud. I always remembered to help him with a pain balm when he was hit on the cervix during a cricket match. All those days, I was just a normal mother, always concerned and passionate about him. Now, I badly wanted him to shove his cock inside me and give me a fuck of my life.

After a few minutes, Ram came out of the bathroom with a fresh look and rather moist body. I rushed to hand over the new clothes to him. He eagerly opened the parcel and I watched his growing excitement as he pulled out his clothes.

“Your favorite crocodile T-shirt and Double Bull jeans,” I said with a smile.

“That’s very nice of you,” Ram replied loudly. “Thanks mom.”

“What is this?” I said with false anger. “I know you have become a big man now. But, this isn’t the way to thank your mom.”

Ram smiled and I knew that he understood what I was referring to. Whenever I used to get the things he liked, he always kissed me on my cheeks. But, that was when he used to be a boy.

“I can’t do what I did ten years ago,” Ram said with a laugh.

“You still can,” I said. “I am your mother.”

He hesitantly came close to me and kissed me, his lips just touching my cheeks but nothing more. It was a very nice feeling even though I wished he could have done better. I thought for a moment and I held his right hand. I walked towards the bedroom and he followed me like a goat. After we reached, I pulled him to the corner just behind the door and gave him a nice hug. At last, I was feeling his young body against me and I felt as if I had been hit by lightning. He looked puzzled.

“Boys of your age must know how to kiss,” I said. He stared at me without replying. I never wanted him to say anything. I hugged him again and pressed my lips hard against him. His lips stayed still and weren’t yielding to my pressure. I got desperate and my right hand went down to touch his crotch and gave a gentle squeeze. He gasped immediately and his mouth opened a little. It was enough for me as I pressed my lips against his again. I couldn’t believe what I was doing. I was trying to seduce my own son. I felt my knees getting a little weaker as I kissed him. I also felt a gentle tingle inside my panties after my hands found his crotch. While my conscience kept screaming, my body kept betraying me. My mind kept racing and my nipples were getting harder every moment. My breasts were swelling, filling with my excitement, my need making them feel tight inside my bra.

Ram never looked excited about whatever I did. He tried to evade my kiss by swaying his face and his strong otele gelen escort hands rose to push me away. But, those pushing hands perhaps touched the wrong place in my body. I gasped feeling his palms finally touching my breasts.

“Yes, take them,” I murmured. Ram removed his hands from my breasts hastily. Suddenly, just as I thought he would be pushing me away again, he hugged me much stronger and harder than what I did. His lips pressed hard against my neck and his hands reached to my back and held my butt. I felt his manhood hard, thrusting at me as it brushed against my crotch. We remained in the hug for a few moments before we heard my husband stepping inside the house. I was sure that Ram was as disappointed as I was.

Both of us rushed out of the room. While I ran into the kitchen, Ram walked towards the sitting room. I was excited about the start we made and knew that things would work easier soon. Ram soon got into his new clothes and went out with the bag stuffed with firecrackers. He returned after half an hour and soon we made a start at our breakfast. My husband wasn’t taking the breakfast and he helped us by serving.

“Dad, why don’t you have the breakfast?” Ram asked.

“Well, today is new moon day and I need to perform some rituals for your grandparents. I am not supposed to eat anything with the only exception of water.” My husband replied.

“So, are you going out now?” Ram asked his father while he looked at me through the corner of his eyes. I smiled.

“Yes, I am,” My husband replied. “I won’t be back for another two hours or so.”

I noticed that Ram’s eyes were bright after hearing what my husband had said. A huge thrill took over my heart with growing expectations. After all, I will be having at least two hours to spend with my son. I was getting restless wondering when my husband would eventually leave the house. He did after sometime and I smiled to see Ram almost jumping towards the door and closing it.

Ram looked like beaming with confidence as he nearly dragged me from the kitchen to the bedroom. The moment we were in, he rushed to me with both his hands and cupped my large breasts. While he squeezed my breasts together I immediately felt his cock pressing between my butt cheeks although he wore a tight jeans. I had been yearning for this for months together and sensed the heat generating underneath my panties.

“Oh mom, why did you make me to do this?” He asked without loosening his grip on my breasts.

“Because, I have been dreaming about this,” I replied. His hands were getting harder and I leaned my head against him.

“Isn’t it a big sin?” He asked but wasn’t looking like leaving my breasts. He was now grabbing each one of them. I loudly gasped and wasn’t particularly interested in answering his question. I very well knew that it was the biggest sin human beings can commit and also knew that the punishment was a horrible curse to be born as a stray dog. I felt it wasn’t the moment to worry about all those stories and enjoyed the feeling which streamed through my body. His touch had ignited the button of my clit and the flames of my need were consuming me.

“Honey, this is your first time. I don’t want you to feel any discomfort. Let us go to the bed.” I suggested to Ram.

Ram seemed unwilling to move. He was twisting and pinching my nipples after slipping his hands inside my blouse. He desperately tried grinding his cock against my butt.

I tried to reason with Ram. “My dearest son, I am not going anywhere. I need you more than you need me. We have plenty of time to do things. Let me undress before you. I am sure you want to see your mommy naked.” Finally, he broke the hug and backed away a little bit. His eyes were bulging out in pure lust. I latched the door and began unwinding my sari. Ram was unable to contain his excitement to see me strip and he was grinding his teeth. I took little time to undo my clothes and walked naked towards the bed. Ram soon followed me but not before he was naked.

He almost banged against me as he jumped on the bed and his left hand came under me, then cupped my left breast whilst his right hand slid down my stomach and covered my crotch. For an inexperienced boy, he was really doing well. I had to lift my right leg to give him the access to my clit. His right hand caressed my right thigh and I felt his fingertips tickling my soft skin on my legs. He soon found my clit and paused feeling my public hair. Soon he broke the suspense and rubbed my clit back and forth. Needless to say, his left hand was still gripping my breast.

“How come you have so much hair here?” He asked with surprise and stroked my clit faster.

“I never bothered about it,” I replied. I actually blushed hearing his innocent question.

I was flexing my body backwards to feel his young cock. Ram somehow seemed to have realized my desperation.

“What would happen if Dad comes to know?” He asked. I was annoyed a little but didn’t reveal that to him.

“Nobody will ever know if we keep it to ourselves,” I replied. I decided not to let him talk any further. I searched for his cock and grabbed it with my right hand. I felt proud to feel it was quite big. I gently stroked his whole length. I was getting excited about the prospect of having the large rod inside my dripping cunt.

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