My Son Joe The Dynamo Ch. 04

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I was puzzled by Joe’s memory loss, but it always seemed to happen in his sleep. I decided maybe the way to break his amnesia was for us to have sex in the daytime. We had to do it when there was no time for him to fall asleep and forget. I thought about it in bed on Friday night and decided the best time to start would be Saturday morning. That way, he’d be wide awake and have a whole day when he wouldn’t fall asleep and forget.

I set my alarm and woke up early on Saturday. I took a shower, did my hair and makeup, and put on the sheer negligee that Joe had bought me. I went in the kitchen and made him coffee, scrambled eggs and toast and a glass of orange juice and put them on a tray. Then I knocked on his door and entered.

Joe was still asleep, with a single sheet pulled over him. I gently shook his shoulder.

“Joe!” I said, “Wake up! I brought you breakfast in bed.”

Joe turned over and rubbed his eyes.

“Hi mom,” he said, “Is that for me?”

“Yes,” I said, “I made you eggs and coffee. Where should I put it?”

Joe sat up and the sheet slid down his bare chest. He looked at me and took in the sheer negligee. As he stared, still groggy, at my legs and breasts, I noticed something stirring under the sheet. An outline of Joe’s erection appeared through the cotton.

“Where would you like it?” I asked him.

Joe slid his hand over the sheet to conceal his bulge, but that just made it more obvious.

“I could put it on your lap,” I said, “but it looks like that might be uncomfortable. Should I put it here on the bedside table?”

“Yeah, thanks,” Joe said. He glanced down at the sheet, “I just woke up like this, sorry.”

“Oh don’t apologize,” I said, “It’s natural. You’re a young man. I’m sure it happens a lot.”

“Yeah,” he agreed, “It does, and I have to say…” he trailed off and looked away.

“What Joe?”

“Well… it especially happens around you.” He looked at me and grinned wickedly. Then he dropped his eyes.

“Really Joe?” I sat down on the edge of the bed. My bare thigh brushed his arm as I crossed my legs. My nipples were sticking through the negligee and I was lubricating freely.

“Does it bother you? That you get excited around me?”

“Well… I don’t know,” he said, “It’s embarrassing. Like, you’re my mom. I’m not supposed to be that way around you.”

I caressed his hair gently. “I know it feels weird Joe, but it’s bound to happen if you’re a normal male. I may be your mom, but you’ve never known me that way. I’m more a woman than a mom to you and you see me coming out of the shower and in my bikini and your body reacts. Do you want to know something?”

“What?” Joe said.

I pulled his chin up and looked in his eyes. “I feel that way too sometimes.”

Joe’s eyes widened. “Really?” he said.

“Yes,” I said, “I’m a young woman and even though you’re my son, you’re a hot guy. I can’t help noticing the bulge in your pants. No girl could. I get turned on too. So tell me, now that we’re being honest, do you think about me when you’re in bed at night?”

Joe looked away. The bulge under the sheet had grown. I licked my lips without thinking, and wondered if Joe noticed.

“Yeah, I think about you sometimes,” he said, his voice a little husky.

“What do you think about?”


“And what do you do when you think about stuff?”

His cock was now a rigid pole, sticking through the sheet. A damp spot appeared at the head, making the cotton almost transparent.

“You know…” he said softly.

“Well Joe,” I said, “you’re young and you need to relieve yourself, that’s ok. If it helps you to think about me, I don’t see why there’s anything wrong with that.”

I touched his concealing hand and my fingers brushed the wet tip of his penis through the damp sheet.

“Do you need relief right now Joe?”

Joe’s eyes widened. “Uh… yes ma’am, I guess I do.”

“I guess I shouldn’t have worn this negligee,” I said, “Sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”

I sat there in silence for a moment. I could almost hear Joe’s thoughts. “Is she going to jerk me off? Suck me? Fuck me?”

Then I smiled and said, “Would you like me to step out of the room while you take care of that?”

I acted like I was leaving, but Joe caught my arm and looked at me so desperately that I sat back down.

“You can wait a few minutes, I’m sure,” I said, “I think this talk we’re having is important. But you haven’t asked me what I think about when I’m in bed at night.”

Joe’s hard on was now making a full tent pole in the sheet.

“What do you think about?” he said. His eyes were moving from my face to my breasts.

“You know,” I said. “Stuff.

I ran my hands over my breasts and caressed my nipples until they were sticking out.

“You know the kind of stuff,” I said, “But now I want to see what you do when you think about stuff.”

I gently turned the sheet down, exposing his throbbing hard-on.

“Oh my,” I said, “How do you tame a monster like that? Show me please.”

I halkalı escort took Joe’s hand in mine and wrapped his fingers around his cock. Then I held his hand as he began stroking it. I stuck my breasts out through the sheer black negligee.

“Do you think about these at night?” I asked.

Joe stared at my tits hungrily through the sheer nylon.

“Yes ma’am,” he said, stroking faster.

“What do you do to them in your thoughts?” I asked. “Suck them? Cum on them?”

Joe groaned and I pushed my breasts out. He knelt beside me and held his cock against them as he jerked off. Then he shot big jets of cum and soaked my negligee. His cum soaked the nylon and made my breasts all wet and sticky. When he was done, his cock was still rigid.

“Goodness Joe!” I said, “I had no idea how much you needed a release! But now I need to take this off, I am soaked.”

I slid the negligee over my head. All I had on now were the sheer panties.

“Now I’m cold,” I said, “Can I get in bed with you and get warm?”

Joe pulled back the sheet and I climbed in with my back to him.

“Hold me and warm me up,” I whispered.

Joe wrapped his arms around me. I could feel his big hard-on against me.

“Mmm,” I purred, “You’re so warm. I could fall asleep right here. Do you mind?”

“No,” Joe said, “that’s fine.”

“Good.” I said, “I’m going to nap for five minutes. Keep me warm. Ok?”

I closed my eyes and Joe held me. I let my breathing slow and soon it became more rhythmic. I was almost sinking into a deep sleep when Joe began touching me. His hands caressed my bare, sticky breasts. I smelled of cum and my nipples were puffy from watching him jerk off. I was so horny I could smell my sex and I hoped Joe could too.

I felt his cock get harder as he smelled my warm scent and touched me. He rubbed against me. Then he put his hand inside my panties. I got more excited and soon he slid his cock under the gusset of my panties. His shaft touched my lips, teasing me. I was a hot, sticky mess, waiting to be fucked.

Joe slid the tip of his cock inside me. He held still for a long sweet moment then he drove it all the way in. His head rubbed my G spot deliciously as he fucked me and I soon came, bathing Joe in my thick juice. It was all I could do to keep still and pretend to be asleep as I came and came on him.

Joe’s thrusts got faster and harder until he shot his load in me. I lay there contentedly feeling Joe’s cum dripping down my thighs.

After a long time, he pulled out and rearranged my panties. Then he lay still holding me. As the afterglow wore off, I acted like I was coming out of a deep sleep.

“Mmm, I slept so good Joe,” I said, “I feel much better. Thanks for letting me rest. You are so warm and cozy to lie beside. But now I need a shower! Your breakfast’s cold. Why don’t you make more coffee and we can eat together when I’m dressed.”

I wasn’t taking any chances with Joe falling asleep. I pulled him out of bed before I took my shower.

We ate a hearty breakfast and then I suggested a trip to the mountains. I knew some secluded woods with waterfalls and rock pools where we could bathe. I didn’t mention swimming as I didn’t want to take swimsuits. Somehow I thought it would be more fun without them.

We dressed for hiking and set off on Joe’s bike. We reached the woods after a two hour ride, parked the motorcycle and started hiking. We had backpacks with drinks and snacks and sunscreen in them. I wore a tee shirt, cut-off shorts, hiking boots and no underwear.

We hiked for an hour or so up to the first waterfall. We were both hot and sweaty when we got to the top. We climbed down to the wide rocky pool beneath and sat there in the sun, drinking water and eating trail mix and apples.

“That water sure looks nice,” I said, “Pity we didn’t think to bring our bathing suits.”

“Yeah,” Joe said, “It’s nice and clear, but it’s cold.”

“I’d suggest skinny dipping if it wasn’t weird to get naked in front of each other. There’s no-one around and we haven’t seen anyone on the trails. What do you think?”

“I don’t mind,” Joe said, “Sure! I’m game for skinny dipping.”

“Cool!” I said with a grin, “Let’s do it.”

We undressed and looked at each other, a little shy at first. Joe’s firm young body looked beautiful in the outdoors. I hoped he liked my tan lines. It felt good to be naked in the woods. A wild freedom rushed over me. I slid into the cold water and soon I was in over my head. Joe jumped off a rock.

The water was shockingly cold and after a few refreshing minutes, I climbed out onto a big flat rock and lay on my back in the sun. Joe stayed in about five more minutes, then he got out too. He collected our things and joined me on the rock. We lay still, drying off.

“The sun is so nice,” I said, “But if we lie here too long without sunscreen we’ll get burned, I’m going to put some on.”

I rooted in my backpack and found the sunscreen. Then I stood up and applied it to my shoulders.

“Our harbiye escort tender parts are really vulnerable,” I said, rubbing sunscreen on my nipples. Then I applied it to my white mound and rubbed it in to my shaved lips and clit. Now my body was all shiny and oily and my pussy lips were swelling open. I handed the tube to Joe.

“Want some?”

“Yeah,” he said, taking it from me. He applied it to his shoulders, arms and chest and belly. The he looked down at his cock.

“You really want to put some down there,” I said, “You don’t want to get burned. That would be very uncomfortable!”

Joe squirted sunscreen on his hand and rubbed it around his neatly shaved cock. Then he applied it to the shaft. As he rubbed it in, his cock got hard and stood straight out, shining with the oil.

“I figured that was going to happen,” he said, “I can’t help it. You being naked doesn’t make it any easier.”

I smiled. “Don’t worry about it,” I said, “No-one’s here but us and I don’t mind. In fact, it’s making me kind of… you know.”

I lay on my back and spread my legs. “Why don’t you lie beside me Joe?”

Joe lay close beside me. I put on my shades and let the hot sun sink in to my skin. The feeling of being naked in this sunny, beautiful place and Joe’s nearness combined to make my clit swell. I was dying to touch it. I whispered to Joe,

“Being naked in nature makes me hot and bothered. I really want to relieve myself. Do you mind?”

“No,” Joe whispered, “I will too.”

“Good,” I whispered, “You want some sunscreen?”

Joe took the tube and spread thick cream on his erect cock.

“Squeeze some on me too,” I whispered.

Joe held the nozzle over my clit and squeezed a glob of sunscreen on the tip.

“Rub it in,” I said.

Joe gently rubbed the cream around my clit with the tip of his finger. My neck and chest were flushed and hot and my nipples ached.

“Oh baby,” I whispered, “Please suck my tits.”

Joe put his warm mouth on my breasts and sucked as he rubbed my hot clit.

“Oh yes,” I whispered, “I know it’s bad, but I’m so horny.”

Joe slid his finger inside me and I gasped with pleasure.

“Oh baby,” I whispered, “That feels good! Oh yes! Finger mommy nice and hard!”

Joe fingered my slit until my juice covered his thick middle finger. His fingertip caressed my g spot until I came, groaning and squirting juice all over his hand.

I sighed as the waves of pleasure ebbed away.

“You are so good to mommy.”

I wrapped my fingers around his oily cock.

“Now mommy’s going to make big Joe cum,” I whispered.

Joe’s breathing deepened and his thigh muscles tightened.

I knelt above him and rubbed his hard, glistening cock on my clit.

“Shoot your juice on me,” I whispered, “Cum on mommy’s candy!”

Joe’s cock stiffened in my grip as I talked dirty to him.

“You like mommy touching your big cock?” I whispered, “Give me your present. Show me what you got for mommy.”

I kept teasing him until suddenly Joe scooped me up and carried me to a big upright boulder. He cradled me and leaned me back against the rock. Then he opened my thighs and entered me with a grunt.

“Oh baby,” I moaned, “You’re fucking mommy.”

Joe groaned aloud as he pounded me against the rock. “Yes!” he cried, “I need it bad!”

“Yes Joe,” I moaned. “Take it baby! Use mommy!”

Joe’s face reddened and he groaned, “Oh fuck, I’m going to cum in you Ma’am.”

“Yes baby, release in me,” I whispered.

He roared like a lion and I watched his eyes as he went to heaven inside me. Then gradually, he relaxed and came back to himself.

“Oh God,” he said, “That was the best. But what have I done?”

He looked in my eyes for anger or disapproval, but he found only love.

“Oh Joe,” I said, “Don’t feel bad. It’s what I want too. It’s perfect. You’re perfect!”

Joe seemed stunned, but he smiled a beautiful smile.

“Can we do it again later?”

“Oh yes,” I said, “I want it all the time. Your mommy’s a very horny girl.”

Joe pulled out of me and his juices dripped down my thighs. I sat by the side of the pool and washed myself. Then we dressed and packed our stuff.

We walked back along the trail for about three miles. At a turn in the path, I heard voices. They sounded female. I looked at Joe and he put his finger to his lips. We moved quietly as the voices grew louder. It seemed to be mainly one voice. She was giving orders.

“Stand still Kendra!” she scolded, “Quit wriggling!”

We almost burst upon two young women in a clearing right off the path. Joe pulled me back into the trees just before they saw us.

One girl with short blond hair was dressed in Daisy Dukes with a plaid shirt tied at the waist. Her friend, a sultry redhead, was wearing only shorts and hiking boots. The blond seemed to be tying her friend to a tree.

The tied up girl was naked from the waist up. She had large pale breasts with dark, puffy nipples. ikitelli escort Her wrists were tied behind her and she was bound to the tree with green climbing rope. The blond made a few finishing touches and tied off the rope.

“Now,” she said, “I’m going to teach you a lesson about getting it on with other women.”

“I wasn’t getting anything on!” Kendra protested.

“That’s enough!” the blonde said, “You were all over Jessica that night. It’s time for your punishment. First let’s lose these shorts.”

She unbuckled Kendra’s belt, opened the front buttons and pulled them down to her ankles. Kendra stepped out of her shorts and now she was naked except for her hiking boots. Her pretty little bush showed her hair color was real.

I glanced at Joe. His eyes were glued to Kendra’s voluptuous naked body. I felt bad for watching, but we had no choice. If we made a move, they might hear us and we would spoil their little scene. We had to wait till they were done and sneak away. Besides, we were enjoying it.

The blond took some things from her back pack. She attached a clear glass cup to a gun-like pump and placed it on Kendra’s nipple. She pumped it up and when she finished, she detached the cup and left it suctioned to her. Then she attached another cup to Kendra’s other nipple. When she had cupped both breasts, she took a small cup and pressed it on the redhead’s clit. She pumped it until Kendra begged her to stop.

The blond reached back in her bag and pulled out a leather whip with multiple strands. When the redhead saw the whip, she cowered.

“Don’t hurt me Eileen. I promise I’ll be good.”

“You should have thought of that at the party when you were feeling up Jessica!” Eileen said menacingly. “Now you’re going to take your medicine, slut.”

She slapped the redhead’s thighs with the whip. The girl cried out as the leather strands stung her thighs. In between strokes of the whip, Eileen pumped the three cups, until Kendra cried out in pain.

Kendra’s nipples were swollen under the cups and her clit was enlarged and sticking out. I looked at Joe. He had a bulge in his shorts. He caught my eyes and I whispered to him.

“Can I help you with that?”

Joe nodded, excitedly and I unbuttoned his shorts and pulled them down for him. His big cock stood straight up. I stroked it as I watched the girls, feeling drips of Joe’s pre-cum run down my hand.

Eileen released the air from the suction cups and freed Kendra’s swollen breasts. Her nipples stood out like she was nursing. Eileen released the cup from her clit. It was distended and red, standing out between her lips.

Eileen sucked on her friend’s nipples, making her moan with pleasure. Then she toyed with her clit.

Kendra groaned, “Oh fuck Eileen, I’m going to cum.”

“No you don’t,” Eileen said, removing her hand, “you will cum when I tell you to and not before.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kendra moaned.

“Good,” said Eileen, “Your nipples and clit were horny for Jessica, weren’t they Kendra?”

Kendra blushed and then she said. “Yes! Yes I was bad!”

“That’s better!” Eileen said triumphantly. “You let Jessica suck your tits, didn’t you?”

Kendra seemed to be getting more excited as Eileen taunted her.

“Yes ma’am! She sucked my big tits in the bathroom. I undressed for her. I wanted it.”

Eileen flogged Kendra’s breasts until they were covered with angry red blotches.

“You let her finger you too, you slut!”

“Oh yes,” Kendra moaned, “She shoved me against the bathroom door and fingered my box ’til I came. I was so wet for her Eileen. I wanted her bad. Oh!”

She cried out as Eileen began whipping her clit. I could see that Kendra had a clit piercing. She writhed under the whip, moaning and begging.

Eileen paused for a moment. “And did you let Jessica lick your clit slut?”

“You know she had to taste me Eileen. She said she had to smell my hot cunt. I was so horny for her. You know how I am. I can’t say no when I get that way. She licked my clit and fingered me. I was begging for it. I squirted on her face and all over her tits. I came all down my thighs.”

“Did you stand there naked against the door and cum like a whore for that bitch?” Eileen was panting with excitement.

“Oh yes! I soaked her. I’ve never cum like that before, not even for you darling! Oh! Fuck!”

Eileen laid into her with the whip lashing her thighs and pussy until Kendra cried aloud.

“Oh please Eileen! Red! Red! I promise I’ll be good from now on, I promise!”

Eileen threw down the flogger and began kissing Kendra and sucking her breasts.

“Do you want Jessica to fuck you again?”

“Oh yes please,” Kendra moaned, “I want to lick her cunt. I want her to tie me to the bed and fuck me with a strap on. I know you want to watch baby. I’ll come so much!”

Eileen kissed her and the redhead spread her pale thighs and squirmed in her bonds as Eileen fingered her to a huge, shuddering orgasm.

It was the first time I had seen women making love in the flesh and I was very turned on. I wanted to be tied up and used like Kendra. I whispered in Joe’s ear.

“I want to try this! Is that ok?”

Joe looked amazed at what I was saying, but he nodded so I stepped out of the bushes and walked into the clearing. Both girls looked at me in shock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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