My Sister Made Me Ch. 13

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I realized that when I started this chapter, I’d left Alex’s story hanging a few days before Sam. Her story stopped in the last chapter on Thursday. Sam’s ends on Saturday of that same week. Their respective POVs will start back on those respective days, or the morning after.

My Sister Made Me

Chapter 13


School went normally for Alex on Friday, but she had the night off from work, surprisingly. Beck invited her to come spend some time with the guys and she’d let him know that she’d be by later that day. She wondered if Saturday might be a better day to go and hang out with them, but then figured she could do both if tonight went well. She’d gotten requests to do just that from him, saying that his friends were pestering him to get her to come back.

She couldn’t wait to see the guys again, if only to have some time with members of the opposite sex. As guys went, they were all good looking enough for her tastes. She’d only really seen her boyfriend and Bryce’s cocks, but she couldn’t help but wonder how well the other three were hung. Feeling a little trampy due to the nature of her thoughts, she pushed them away and drove home, hoping to finish her homework before the weekend started.

A few minutes later, she pulled her textbook out and tossed it on the bed, then stripped out of her clothes and pulled on a single long shirt to wear until work started. Popping in some headphones and listening to some music that helped her study, she was partly through reading the assigned text when she felt the bed shift under someone else’s weight.

Smirking, she figured Toni had made it home, but was intent on finishing this chapter. To her surprise, and delight, the mysterious person pushed her shirt up, and ran a warm tongue up the crack of her ass, eliciting a slight rising of her hips and a gentle cry of pleasure.

She started to look behind her to see who it was, but part of her didn’t want to know, she realized. Two hands pulled her butt cheeks apart, and she groaned, feeling a single thumb push against her clitoral mound, the mystery tongue sliding a few times across her asshole.

The mysterious assailant didn’t just focus on her ass though, and soon the tongue slid down to plunge into her pussy, a different digit gently probing her ass as the thumb was pulled away. Groaning, she dropped her head to the textbook, whimpering in pleasure, then felt the bed shifting again.

Groaning a minute later, she felt a surge of arousal fill her body as a large cock slid completely inside her, hesitating only a moment outside of her pussy to coat the head with a single finger that had plunged inside her again, but only for an instant.

Whimpering, she felt a hand on the back of her head as the stranger moved over the top, his cock deep inside of her. Delightful thoughts of who it could be filled her head, and she groaned in approval as he started to gently grind down into her, then pull slowly back.

The hand on the back of her head was pressing her face into the book, but she felt another pulling up on her hips, and she quickly acquiesced, lifting them so that the mystery person could fuck her more easily. Several long, silent moments passed as her assailant slid his cock silently into her sopping cunt. She forced herself to lay still, hoping to show what good, submissive girl she could be for whoever was taking advantage of her. Deep strokes in and out caused her to moan weakly after a few minutes, and she whimpered in pleasure at the sensations she was experiencing. The excitement and taboo nature of what was happening to her was too much, and she felt her pussy begin to convulse with an orgasm, groaning loudly as he slid hard and fast into her.

Whimpering as her face was pressed harder into the book, she felt an earbud fall out and heard the *plap*plap* of her ass impacting with her assailant’s thrusting hips. The grunts and growls of approval coming from him weren’t any indication of his identity, and her head was too full of ecstasy and endorphins to make any guesses.

Gasping as the full force of her orgasm hit, she felt him slam harder and harder into her, the hand on her head yanking it back hard by a handful of hair and forcing her to her knees. A hand came down on her ass hard, and she groaned in appreciation, closing her eyes as the other earbud fell out. The assailant’s free hand slid up under her body, roughly grabbing her breast and mauling it for a moment before using it to pull her back.

“Fuck yes,” she groaned, thoroughly enjoying the frighteningly rough treatment she was getting. “Harder you fucking pussy,” she begged, feeling like a wanton whore as her legs quivered from the orgasm filling her in that moment.

Whoever was behind her was all too happy to fuck her even harder, and soon she felt two hands pulling hard on her hair, driving her head back, the pain from her scalp sending impulses rocketing through her body and causing her head to swim as her consciousness threatened to fade. The thick shaft of his cock was hammering elmadağ escort hard into her tender pussy without mercy, though she finally began to feel her orgasm subsiding. Weakly, she fought to stay in position for him, but heard his grunts of approval, and was suddenly yanked around.

Groaning, Danny practically threw her to the floor and grabbed the back of her head, shoving the head of his cock into her mouth. She whimpered when she saw who it was, the surprise sending impulses of excitement through her. He shoved hard, yanking on her hair and forcing the fat head of his cock against the back of her throat. He grunted, pulling harder, and she whimpered as she felt her throat finally open with a shudder and his cock hammer in. He didn’t pull back as she figured he would, and held her there for a second, his groans momentarily silent.

“Fuck,” he called out, and she felt a surge of elation as a warm shot of cum fired into her throat as he thrust hard against her lips. Again and again he shot his load completely down her throat, his cock-head thick and bulbous as he came. Groaning, he let go of her and stumbled to the bed.

She whimpered, unwilling to let it go so quickly, and turned, sliding her lips down around the head once more and sucking hard.

He groaned again, gasping as she looked up at him approvingly.

“Fuck,” he repeated.

She slid him into the back of her throat, but her throat was a little sore from the abuse and stopped there. Groaning, she sucked hard, sliding it slowly back out of her mouth and swallowing the remnants of cum that she could. Seeing that some had dribbled down to cover his balls, she took some time to suckle each of the pendulous orbs into her mouth, moaning quietly as she tasted his sweat and spunk.

He sighed happily, relaxing back on her pillows and blankets, letting her do what she wanted to him. She saw his hand around the base of his cock and moved up and slid her lips around the head again.

“Got another for me?” she asked, sucking the head and flicking the underside with her tongue.

He groaned, shaking his head at her and causing her to frown.

“Mmm,” she said, sliding her lips down the shaft until the fat head was pushing at her sore throat. “Too bad,” she added, sliding it out and sitting back.

Standing, she grabbed a bottle of water from the dresser, taking a swig and turning. Danny was still sitting on her bed, his pants around his ankles and his shirt still on. She glanced over, seeing that her door was closed, thankfully.

“You can leave now,” she said.

He looked at her curiously and then shrugged, standing and reaching down to pull his pants up. Realizing that she’d probably confused him or hurt his feelings, she quickly stepped over and grabbed his diminishing, but still lethal looking, cock in her hands.

“I’m kidding,” she whispered. “What was that about?”

He surprised her by suddenly pulling her face up to his and kissing her. She could still taste his cum on her lips and tongue, but he obviously didn’t get hung up on that.

“You just looked incredible,” he explained. “I just saw you laying there, no panties or nothin’. I couldn’t take it. I thought about all the fun we had at the apartment and wanted another taste. I closed the door and you didn’t notice, so I took my chances.”

She groaned, stroking his cock and silently begging him to get hard again so she could break it off inside her.

“Well, you can fuck me like that whenever you want, big brother,” she whispered, leaning in and kissing his neck, then moving up to suck his earlobe. “You and Dane have special privileges,” she added. “You’re both allowed to come in and stop me doing whatever I’m doing and shove your dicks in my mouth,” she said, sliding to her knees and taking the head into her mouth again. “You can call me on one of my dates and make me come over and fuck you if you want.”

“Fuck,” he said.

“Just be careful what you start,” she added. “You have no idea how high my sex drive will go.”

Once more, she slid his big shaft into her mouth, her lips slurping and sliding along the surface of his bulging cock until his fat head pushed against the back of her throat. He groaned weakly, looking down at her as she glanced up seductively. Thrusting weakly, he put a hand on the back of her head, and she let him push gently a few dozen times before she stood back up.

“God, you love this, don’t you,” he said, kissing her again.

She nodded vigorously. “If you’re a good boy and behave yourself, maybe I’ll come over and let you fuck me while I eat your girlfriend’s pussy.”

He grabbed her by the throat and playfully squeezed as he kissed her.

“Or you can just watch me get eaten out by Toni while you fuck her,” she added, still stroking his cock.

He groaned, closing his eyes at the thought.

“Ooo, Danny likes that,” she said.

Snickering, she finally stopped tormenting him, and he quickly pulled his pants up, esenyurt escort as if he needed to for his own safety. Smirking, she shook her head.

“You started it,” she pointed out.

“I’m gonna go and get what I came for and then go tell my girl what a fuckin’ slut you are,” he said, a contented look on his face.

“You mean you didn’t already?” she asked. “I figured you would have let Dane fuck her again by now. “How many times have you fucked Sally?”

Danny laughed, but didn’t answer, only grinned widely. “Dane’s supposed to swing by tonight after work, so I guess we’ll see how things go.”

Alex giggled, moving up and kissing him again, then squeezing him in a hug. “I love you,” she said. “Thank you for the fuck.”

“Thank you,” he said with a nod.

Sliding back down to the bed to finish reading, she shivered happily, an aftershock coursing from her pussy to the rest of her body.

After finishing studying, she went and got ready for her date night with Beck. Showering and cleaning her brother’s cum from her body, she finished and poked her head in Toni’s room, but saw that her sister was gone, likely working already. Frowning, she figured that she could just tomboy it up a bit, since she was going to hang out and not trying to stimulate Bryce any.

She wavered though, sighing and wishing that she could just let her slut flag fly. Settling on a pair of blue jeans and a low-cut, tight-fitting t-shirt that accentuated the curves of her tits, she went and did what makeup she could without help from Toni. After a while, confident that she looked okay, she attempted to style her hair, but eventually gave up. She stopped by Dane’s room to grab one of his many caps, throwing her hair up in a ponytail and putting the cap on top. Looking at herself, she nodded approvingly and checked the time, then went and got her purse and keys before heading downstairs to check in on her parents.

“I’m not sure honey,” her mother’s voice said, carrying to her ears as she quietly padded down the steps. “It’s been awhile since we’ve done anything like that.”

“Oh, it’s not going to be any different than before,” he said. “Plus, I’ve got my magic pills!”

Alex winced, not wanting to hear her parents talking about sex, but hesitating for just a moment out of morbid curiosity and wondering what drugs her dad was talking about.

“Thank you,” she replied. “It’s not that I don’t want to, or that I think we can’t anymore. I just… don’t feel as sexy as I used to.”

“Well, aren’t you just as horny now as you were then?” he asked.

Alex winced, again wanting to turn and leave, but felt something stopping her.

“Of course. By the way, did you know that Sam came and asked about having a rampaging sex drive?” she asked.

“Really?” she heard her dad ask. “Did you tell her about you and your sister and all the shit you did before and after me?”

“Of course not,” her mother said. “I told her that it was normal, that all the women in my family were like that, and that it was going to get more intense as time went on. I don’t think my daughter wants to hear that her mother had a gangbang or two.”

Alex winced again, covering her mouth in shock.

“I think it was more than two,” her dad joked, and she heard her mom laugh lightly. “As for tomorrow though?” he asked.

“Oh, I don’t know,” she said. “You really think someone else wants me?”

Alex began to wonder just what her parents were doing, and then she was stunned by what she heard.

“Well, Ken for sure still wants you,” he said. “That guy is the horniest bastard I’ve ever met. The Logan’s parties were awesome back in the day, if you remember,” he said.

Ken. Ken Logan. Alex stood still, shocked and afraid to move.

“Honey, I’m not saying I don’t want to go and have fun,” she said.

“And I’m not begging,” he said. “They just wanted to see if we were coming and wanted to get a head count and I wanted to check with you. If you don’t want to go, sugar, we won’t.”

She heard her mother sigh, and then heard the sound of them kissing.

“You know,” she heard her mother say, “it’s been quite a long time since I’ve had two cocks in me.”

Standing in open-mouthed shock, Alex didn’t know whether to hide in her room or move out of the house.

“Mm, well, we can always go through our old movies,” he replied.

“We’ve already had sex twice today, Mr. Horny,” she said. “Are we really going for three?”

“Oh, that’s a given, but I just wanted to get business out of the way,” he said.

Alex closed her eyes, shaking her head and still covering her mouth in shock.

“You know, we don’t have to participate in the sex and games if we do go,” he said.

“I know. I just feel old and fat,” she said.

“Honey, you’re sexier than most women half your age,” he added.

Alex heard kissing sounds again.

“Thank you,” her mother replied. “If you promise that you’ll have fun even if I don’t, then I’m etiler anal yapan escort happy to go. In fact, why don’t you just go without me?”

He laughed. “Honey, that’s not how we do things.”

“Oh, come on, just go and have some 20-year-old thing bouncing on that big ole dick.”

“Great,” Alex thought. “Now I know that my dad has a big dick. That’s not ever going away.”

She turned, quietly tiptoeing up the stairs and praying that they didn’t hear her.

“Okay, okay,” she heard her mother say. “We’ll go to the Logan’s party.”

At the top step, Alex went immediately to the bathroom and shut the door. Hovering between wanting to vomit and wanting to go and talk to both of them about what she just heard, she steadied herself, taking several deep breaths and forcing the thoughts from her head.

“Beck, Bryce, gaming, sexy young guys,” she said to her image in the mirror. “Don’t think about anything else.”

Turning, she opened the door and stepped out, making as much noise as she thought was normal as she went downstairs.

“Mom,” she called loudly, hitting the bottom step.

“In the living room,” her mother called.

Alex steeled her resolve and went in, seeing the two sitting on the couch next to each other, her dad flipping through the TV channels.

“Heading out?” her mother asked, looking up.

Alex nodded. “Just wanted to let you guys know. I’m going over to Beck’s.”

“Oh, dressed like that?” her mother asked.

Alex nodded. “I’m not trying to start any fights,” she said, thinking quickly. “He’s got several roommates his age. We’re going to play some video games.”

“You know, any other girls I know would find that lame,” her dad said, smirking at her.

She rolled her eyes at him but was enjoying the normal conversation. “Well, you know me,” she said, waving at the two.

“I didn’t mean anything by it,” her mother said.

“I know,” Alex said, looking at her sweetly. “I’ll be home later.”

“Be safe,” her dad called. “Love you.”

“Love you!” she replied.

Pulling her phone out of her pocket, she quickly texted Beck and let him know that she was heading over. A simple, “K,” was his reply, and she rolled her eyes at the lack of enthusiasm he was showing.

The trip was fast, and she occupied her mind by thinking about the intimate times that she’d spent with her twin and how much she cared about her. Wishing that Toni was able to join her, she sighed wistfully as she pulled into the parking lot at Beck’s apartment.

“Behave yourself,” she said, looking at her reflection in the rear-view mirror and then silently willing her pussy to mind its manners.

Hopping out, she quickly went upstairs and knocked on the door, hearing raucous laughter and noise from within. It opened and Beck greeted at her, dipping in quickly for a kiss. “Hey,” he said.

Alex waved.

“Come on in. The guys have been pestering me to get you to come back over,” he said.

“Yo, come beat this motherfucker’s ass,” Marvin called out as he glanced over in her general direction, gesturing at Vince as he did so. “Dude has been killing it tonight.”

Alex immediately felt at ease in the small apartment. She saw that the couch had been pulled out into its bed form, and Marvin and Vince were both sitting on the edge, playing a game. More likely, she realized, Marvin had never put it back together from the previous night of sleep.

“You just suck,” Vince said, upper cutting Marvin’s character’s head off his body to the dismay of the handsome black guy.

The others in the room laughed at the gory scene and Alex smirked as he held up the controller.

“You sure?” she asked. “I don’t want to cut in front of whoever had next.”

The other dismissed the notion, and she went to sit on the bed as Marvin rolled out of the way. Sparing a glance at where Bryce was sitting, he flashed her his infuriatingly cute grin and winked. She felt her pussy grow a little damp and swore at it silently to behave its damn self.

Selecting a random character, to try and be nice, she started to play, even letting Vince get in a few hits so that she didn’t look like she was just beating his ass.

“So, what’s been going on?” Beck asked.

“Not much,” she said, blocking a few attacks. “School and work.”

“Work going okay?” he asked.

“Yeah, I guess,” she said. “I like how much money I’m making, and it’s not really that hard.”

“What’s your least favorite part of the job?” Bryce asked from his chair behind her.

Seeing the loaded question for what it was, she rolled her eyes. “I know you want me to say it’s how people stare at my tits all shift, but that’s not the case. I mean, they do stare, but it’s not a big deal. I’m used to it now.”

She glanced over, judging Beck’s reaction and felt better seeing the amused look on his face.

“Well, can you blame them?” he asked. “I heard that y’all go topless sometimes too, right?”

She grinned. “You guys weren’t supposed to tell him,” she said, elbowing Vince.

“Ow!” Vince said. “It was Marvin’s ass,” he accused.

“Bull shit,” Marvin said. “Travis outed her.”

She scowled playfully over at Travis and then winked, turning back to look at Beck. “You mad?” she asked. “I just didn’t want you to worry.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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