My Sister in Law Cums to Apologize

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I couldn’t stand Liz, my sister in law. She is self-righteous, obnoxious, puritanical, and, frankly, a little crazy. But she’s also very attractive.

She has very white skin, black curly hair, and dark eyes. She has big lips, and a cute little nose (she’s in her 30’s, like myself—though she looks 25 or so). And there has always been some sexual tension between us. (We actually flirted a bit with each other when her sister and I broke up for a while, before we were married, but then me and her sister got back together and everything went back to normal between Liz and I).

When I say she’s crazy, I mean it. In fact, one day she was reading her Bible and became convinced God told her I was mistreating (over-disciplining) my son (though I don’t even believe in spanking!), so she told my wife she might call Social Services on us.

Needles to say, we were very angry, and I banned her from my house.

But after almost three years my son, whom by now was aware of the situation, asked her to please talk to me so we could all be a happy family once again (I had said that I would only let her back into our lives if she apologized).

This went on for a while: My son wanting her to apologize, se refusing.

Then one morning while I was at home resting and my wife was out with my son, Liz came.

She hesitantly knocked on the door. When I saw her I said, “What the hell are you doing here?”

“Mike, we need to talk. Can you open, please?”

I probably would’ve been a bit stronger but I’ve always had a weak spot for her so, what the heck, I let her in (with a very serious face, of course).

She looked great (I hadn’t seen her in 3 years!). And I, if I may say so myself, was also looking a lot better (after much working out).

She was wearing white shorts, and a sleeveless little pink shirt. I was wearing blue jeans and a work-out shirt.

I sat down on the big couch in the living-room. She sat beside me.

“I’m sorry, Mike” She just said.

“For what?” I said with a stern face.

“You know… for saying things I shouldn’t have said”

“What things, Liz, what things?”

“Mike, you know what I did. Can we just put it behind us?”

“Look, Liz, you know you’re nuts, don’t you? You really screwed up, dear, and frankly I don’t know if I can’t ever let you in this house again.” I meant every word I said.

Her eyes became teary, and she looked anxious.

“But I love you guys.” She said.

“Yes, but you wanted to take my kid away! You’re freaking crazy!” I said angrily.

She broke down and started to cry uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry. I am so sorry.” She said.

I started to feel bad, so I looked at her and said softly, “Liz, you know I have always liked you a lot, but you really screwed up!”

“I know. I have always liked you, too. You are a great guy.” She said, as she continued to cry for what seemed like a long time.

I started to feel terrible. And I also saw she meant it.

“Ok… Ok!” I said hesitantly, “Let’s put this behind us.”

She opened her dark eyes wide and moved closer to me and gave me a big hug and started crying and crying on my shoulder. I hugged her too. Her hair smelled so good!

“It’s ok, Liz, please don’t cry anymore,” I said while hugging her tightly. I could feel her small breasts against my chest.

“I’ve always known you’re şişli rus escort not a bad guy, Mike.”

“You know…” She continued, as she wiped the tears off her face and looked me in the eye, “I have always liked you, Mike.” She paused. “In fact, if I had met you before my sister…” (She hesitated).

“What?” I said very interested.

“Well, we may have ended up together!” And she started crying again.

I had no idea where that came from! But I loved hearing it!

“I know,” I said as I continued to hug her tightly. She paused for a moment in disbelief.

“What do you mean?” She said, still laying on my shoulder.

I pulled back a little (without completely breaking the hug) and looked at her: “Nothing, just that sometimes I wish we had met before, that’s all.”

“But you said I’m crazy!”

“Yes, but nothing that…” Now I hesitated. “Oh, never mind; forget it”

“What?” She urged, “Tell me!”

“Promise you won’t get mad?” I said.

“Ok,” she said with great curiosity.

“Well, nothing that a good screwing cannot fix!”

She looked at me offended and clearly surprised by my comment.

“You are incredible, you know!” She said laughing a little.

“Well, at least I got you laugh!”

“You know it, Liz,” I continued, emboldened because she didn’t get mad with my comment, “I have always liked you. And if it was up to me, I would have been the man you needed to make you happy… And to sex you up over and over like there is no tomorrow,” I said with a smile.

“Stop it!” She said, feigning disgust.

I couldn’t help myself, so I pulled back and looked right into her brown eyes, “I’m not kidding…” (She looked at me intently now); “You are a great, beautiful, sexy woman. And yes, you’re a little crazy sometimes, but all you need is to be loved by someone who can make you fly with pleasure.”

She looked right into my eyes for a few seconds. I didn’t quite know what to expect now. Would she slap me? Would she get angry again and go and say bad things about me?

But nothing happened. We just remained quiet for a few seconds looking into each other’s eyes. Then, as in a movie, we suddenly succumbed to temptation and kissed. I’m not sure who went first.

I softly kissed her beautiful lips, and then I held her face with my hands as I continued to kiss her.

Before I knew it, she opened her mouth, and our tongues met.

It wasn’t like I had imagined it so many times. It was better!

I gently caressed her tongue with mine then sucked on it. Meanwhile, my hands started to caress her back.

She pushed her chest against mine. I could feel her excitement in her breathing.

She grabbed my hair, and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

“I have always liked you! Always!” She said.

“I know!” I replied with a smile, without breaking our kiss.

She started to caress my back, as I did hers. She felt the side of my arms.

“You have gotten very strong, Mike,” she said.

“And you are cute and sexy. You have no idea how many times I’ve dreamt about this moment!” I whispered while still kissing her.

I started to kiss her neck as she kept caressing my back.

Then I threw caution to the wind and kissed her right breast over her pink t-shirt.

She pulled me towards her, and that was all I şişli türbanlı escort needed: She wanted it too.

I started to kiss and softly bite her breasts still over her shirt.

Then she surprised me as I felt her right hand rest on my erect penis. She started to caress it over my jeans as I now lifted her shirt and kissed her hard nipples through her bra.

She softly moaned while rubbing my dick harder and grabbing it through my pants. It became as hard as it can while being trapped in my pants! And she clearly wanted it.

And I wanted her too.

I finally undid her bra and started to lick her left nipple. It tasted great!

She had light, medium size nipples, and they were as hard as can be.

Then she surprised me again by trying to undo my pants. I had to stop for a moment to help her, but once I unbuttoned them she pulled down the zipper and stuck her hand inside, grabbing my throbbing dick—though over my underwear.

She caressed and grabbed it hard.

I bit her right nipple, then the left one, and licked it and sucked it. In response she rubbed my dick even harder and pressed on its head like she was milking it.

I sucked hard on her left nipple, and then bit it as I tried to get as much of her small breast inside my hungry mouth.

A few moments went by until she responded by finally going inside my underwear. I had never been this aroused!

I moved up to her lips and kissed her passionately and our tongues met once again with more passion than before. This time she sucked on my tongue as she held onto my dick and moved her hand up and down as much as she could, since it was still in my pants.

I finally couldn’t stand it anymore so with my right hand I grabbed my dick and let it free once and for all.

She stopped kissing me for a moment, and with her forehead against mine, and breathing heavily, she looked at my dick for the first time.

She immediately kissed me with more passion than before and started to move her hand up and down my shaft while squeezing it a bit.

I bit her lower lip and sucked on it as she responded by sucking my upper lip and squeezing the head of my dick. It was great!

I kissed her neck, and softly bit her cheek. Then I whispered in her ear: “I want you! I really want you!”

This seemed to get her more aroused and she started to go faster up and down my shaft. “I want you too! I love touching you!”

“You gonna make me cum,” I said with my lips pressed against hers.

“That’s what I want,” She responded, getting me even more aroused! And as if her permission was all I needed, I came like I hadn’t in a long, long time (if ever).

I bit her lip, and she let her tongue out, which I caressed with mine. All this while she continued to pump my dick as if she wanted every single drop of my cum out of there.

She finally slowed down, and started to kiss my neck and to kiss my chest.

I had cummed, but she still was clearly very, very aroused.

She pulled up my shirt and kissed my bare chest, and started to lick and bite my nipple.

Then I pushed her back and made her lay on the couch as I kissed her.

Then I sat up straight and said:

“Stay there.” The sun from the window fell on her face and made her look great.

I started to kiss her abdomen, and to caress şişli ucuz escort her right leg, then her left leg as I kissed her very hard nipples.

Then I put my hand on her crotch, over her shorts, and pressed gently as I bit her right nipple and then licked it. I pressed long and hard on her clit, and then moved my hand up and down as I licked her breast all around.

“Do you like it,” I asked.

“Mmhuh,” She said approvingly.

Then I put my hand down her shorts and continued to press against her clit, now just over her very wet panties.

I pressed in such a way that my finger was right inside her crotch and over her clit. She moaned approvingly.

I kissed her flat though not very muscular belly and licked it.

Then I moved her panty to the side feeling her pubic hair, and slowly started feeling around the opening of her vagina.

I inserted my middle finger slowly. I didn’t know if she had ever had sex before. (According to my wife, she was a virgin).

I inserted my finger about ¾ of an inch, and moved it in a circular motion.

She moaned with great pleasure.

I then started to move my finger in and out at a slow to medium speed while also rubbing my thumb against her clit. This seemed to really hit the spot for her!

I then inserted my finger about 1 ½ inches inside her pussy and kept the exact same speed as I moved it in and out of her and kept rubbing against her engorged, wet clit.

As I did all this I kissed her right breast, then her left breast. Then, I just started to suck on her left breast and to bite it softly. She loved the combination of my hand in her pussy and my tongue on her nipples.

She started to moan more and more.

I knew I had to keep going even though my hand was very tired by now.

I bit softly on her nipple and increased the speed as I went in and out, in and out of her.

She responded by moaning as she kept her eyes closed.

I increased the speed even more as I kept biting and licking her left nipple (my forearm was burning with pain I was so tired!) She started to moan more and more loudly.

I knew we were almost there.

I increased the speed of my hand movement full force as I put as much of her breast as I could inside my mouth.

She started to moan louder and louder: “I like it… Mmmm… Don’t stop…. Mmmm…”—until she suddenly started to convulse with pleasure.

“That was amazing…” She managed to whisper as I kept going in and out, in and out, in and out of her, now in decreasing speed, and she continued to convulse with her eyes tightly shut.

Finally I just pressed my hand against her much engorged clit, and kissed her hard nipple, and her belly.

Then as I caressed the outside of her very wet pussy over her pubic hair (she had a medium amount of hair) I kissed her left leg and licked it a bit, to which she replied with a purposeful moan of approval.

“Something tells me we’re going to feel terrible about this tomorrow,” I said to her.

“Yes, but right now it couldn’t feel better,” she replied with a very tired voice.

I took my hand out of her shorts and put it in front of my nose. It smelled like heaven! I touched my nose just to make sure her juices stayed there so I could continue to smell her for a while.

She saw me and smiled with satisfaction.

“Well, needles to say,” I said, “I guess this means you’re no longer banned from my house.”

She chuckled.

After that, things went back to “normal.”

We have never talked about the “incident” again, and we haven’t had any other “encounter.”

But I swear I can still smell her juices on my nose whenever I think of that day.

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