My Sister Anthi Ch. 1

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This story is absolutely true. It refers to actual incidents which happened a few days ago.

My name is Mike and I am 36 years old. I was at home one day when the phone rang and it was my mother-in-law who wanted to speak with my wife. When they finished, my wife, very upset, told me that she had to fly to her hometown to take care of a family/inheritance matter. The next morning I drove her to the airport and she promised she would be back in no more than a week. When I went to work Anthi, my sister, had left me a message to call her back. I did and she told me that her husband was out of town on a business trip and if me and my wife wanted to visit her and spend the weekend there, since she felt a bit lonely. Her 12-year-old daughter was already at our parents’ and she only had her 3-month-old baby son with her. I told her that my wife had left already, but I wouldn’t mind going to keep her company. She agreed and I said I would be there on Saturday morning.

Anthi is 34 years old, divorced and re-married. When we were kids we had fooled around a lot and experimented with sex since I was 12 (she 10) until I was 19 (she 17). We had never had actual intercourse, but I had given her oral sex many times (she hadn’t), seen each other fully naked and played with each other’s private parts for years. It was quite convenient since our house was small so we were sharing the same room. When we stopped it was because we were getting too embarrassed to ask each other and because we had left for different universities. There was a standard procedure we used to follow: one of the two would tell the other “Show!”, the other would show (I was showing her my cock and she was usually showing me her pussy), and then the person who initiated the game would show back. Then I would usually go over to her bed, looking through the door’s keyhole first to make sure that our parents had their bedroom door closed, and the real fun would start. Our favorite position was my sister lying face down, supported by her knees, and me behind her, fingering her cunt and eventually eating her. She loved it when my tongue was buried deep up inside her and she used to push and grind her dripping-wet pussy against my face so that my tongue would go even deeper. Even then Anthi had really big and heavy tits, a lot bigger and heavier than most girls her age and over, although she was never overweight.

I think the fetish I have for big and heavy breasts comes from that. Now, 17 years later, my sister’s tits were even bigger and I would love to feel them and suck them again!!! I was thinking all these as I was driving to Anthi’s town on Saturday morning and I had a massive hard-on!! I thought, who knows, maybe I ‘d get my chance now, the one I had been expecting for years, to actually fuck my own sister!! When I arrived at my sister’s she greeted me with a hug and a kiss on the cheek and then we went to see the baby. He was sleeping and Anthi asked me to keep an eye on him while she was going out to get some cigarettes. She told me to make myself at home and to pour some coffee from the coffee maker. Off she was and then I had an idea: I went to her dresser and opened the drawer to check her bras: 40DD!!! Wow, amazing! Then I went to the hamper and checked for her panties. I found some and I brought them to my face to smell her rich, feminine, musky aroma. I put them back and went for some coffee just as she was coming back in.

We spent most of the day slobbing around, talking, drinking coffee, laughing and playing with the baby. We had lunch and a little siesta and in the afternoon we watched some television. We couldn’t go out because of the baby so I offered to cook. I went out to buy some stuff, meat and some bottles of wine. When I came back I prepared the meat and put it in the oven with roast potatoes, cut and prepared the salad and opened a bottle of wine. The bottle was finished when dinner was ready so we opened a second one. I served and we sat down to eat. I could already feel my head getting light and I assumed that Anthi was the same. We were talking and giggling a lot as we ate having a very good time. After dinner we changed to our pyjamas, I had a T-shirt and boxers and she had a nightie down to her knees, went to the living room, put some music on and started talking about the past. After a few good laughs and some dirty jokes I smoothly directed the conversation towards our childhood. In a while, şişli elit escort as we were exchanging memories, I asked her straightforward if she remembered our old games: of course she remembered them, she said as she was laughing but I saw her blushing as well. Then it was the time to act: I gathered up all my courage and told her: “Show!!!”.

It took my sister a few seconds to comprehend what I had said and when she did she almost froze and stopped laughing. Then, undecided, she tried to smile and asked: “You are kidding, right?”. I said: “No, I’m serious!”, enjoying myself with her embarrassment. She saw the sly smile on my face and she said: “Forget it!!!”. Disappointed, I tried to laugh it off: “Come on, Anthi, why not? It will be fun! It’s not like we haven’t done this before, we ‘ve seen each other naked many times in the past. No one is here, it will be between me and you as always. Besides, don’t you want to see me after the circumcision? (I was circumcised five years ago and she knew about it)”. I could see she had started giving in and boy, was I thrilled! Hesitantly, she mumbled “Well, O.K. then, but don’t get any ideas, we will only see each other and that’s it!!”.

I should say here that probably nothing like that would have happened if it wasn’t for the wine. It was definitely the alcohol that helped me find the nerve to ask my sister such a thing and also my sister react positively to my proposal instead of throwing me out of the house!! Before she could say anything else or change her mind, I opened the two buttons of my boxers and with my right hand I pulled out my swollen prick, which by then had grown to all its 9-inch length!! My sister’s eyes opened wide and her jaw almost fell to the floor!! She was watching transfixed at my huge meat (I didn’t remember it being so long and thick before), my big purple cock head and my sperm-filled hairy balls. “Well, Anthi, what do you think?” “Well, big brother, I ‘d say they have done a very good job with your circumcision”, she answered, when she eventually found her voice again. “Your turn now, sis”, I said, leaving my fat cock out for my sister to see.

Anthi reluctantly spread her legs as she was sat in the sofa opposite me and lifted her nightgown. Her panties were black and very sexy. She slowly held the left seam with her fingers, exactly like she used to do in the “old days”, and moved it to the side. I almost came then: her thick, black bush was neatly trimmed and her big, fat cunt lips were clearly showing. They looked wet and swollen and I knew she was as excited as me because this is how I remembered them to be when I had just fingered her as kids and I was going to go down on her. I thought “I have to fuck my sister tonight!!!”. Slowly, I got up and walked to her. “Do you want to touch me, Anthi?”. I asked, almost whispering. She looked at me with panic in her eyes as she said: “No, Mike, no, it’s not right, we are not kids any more, we are both married, and you promised me we would only show!”, but her eyes were glued to my manhood as she spoke. I approached her a bit more until my cock was about 2 feet away from her face. “Come on, sis, tell me, is it bigger than your husbands?” “Yes…” “Is it thicker?” “Yes…” “Does your husband eat you out?” “No, never…” “Come on, Anthi, touch your brother’s big cock, I know you want it, you know you want it.”. Very slowly, my sister extended her hand and her fingers touched my burning flesh: I had to grind my teeth and concentrate so I wouldn’t come right there! Anthi’s hand had gripped my manhood and was going slowly up and down, masturbating me! She whispered “Oh, God, this is so wrong, Mike”, but she didn’t stop for a second.

I could clearly see her erect nipples pushing the fabric of her nightie. Obviously she had no bra on. My hand, almost on its own, went slowly forward and grabbed my sister’s left breast: Gush, it was huge! Anthi moaned softly as I started massaging her massive, heavy tit, paying special attention to her sensitive nipple. She made a weak effort to push my hand away, but I insisted and she eventually let me massage both her boobs. I sat on the sofa next to her and my left hand went straight away between her legs while the right hand kept squeezing her ample breasts. My sister kept stroking my meat but she tried to close her thighs: too late, my hand was already touching her underwear, and as soon as şişli escort my fingers started caressing the satin outside she stopped trying. I told her: “Open up, Anthi”, like I used to do in our “games”, and she obliged, spreading her legs wide and giving me full access to her pussy. Then she said, trying to be firm:”Mike, you have to promise me something”. “Anything, sis”. “We will fool around awhile, but we will NOT have sex!!!” “O.K., sis, I promise”, I said, hoping I wouldn’t have to keep that promise!

“My God, Anthi, you are so hot, your body is fucking amazing!”, I whispered in her ear, licking it, while my left hand found the seam of her tight panties and slipped inside. My sister’s cunt lips were on fire!! Huge, red-hot and so wet that they were making funny wet noises. I could feel her pussy juices stream down on the sofa! I put two fingers inside Anthi’s cunt and started finger-fucking her, while my other hand lifted the hem of her nightgown and exposed her huge, white breasts: I looked stunned and amazed at my sister’s assets! Her nipples were erect, almost an inch! I grabbed her left breast with my right hand, brought it to my mouth and started licking and biting it, sucking the nipple like a baby! Anthi bit her lips hard to muffle her screams: she started coming uncontrollably shaking at the same time and as she kept pumping my massive, swollen cock I started coming myself, violently, spraying jets of hot, thick, sticky come all over her tits, stomach and thighs! It was my most intense orgasm in years! Exhausted, I kept finger-fucking my sister and she had another powerful orgasm. While she was still shaking I lifted her in my arms and placed her down on the thick carpet. I quickly slipped her panties down her thighs, spread her legs and dived for her hairy mound: I started licking slowly the delicate area between Anthi’s legs and her cunt and that drove her wild. When my tongue touched her big, wet, red-hot cunt lips and started playing with them she jumped and grabbing my hair with both hands she pulled my face closer until it was literally inside her pussy! My sister was moaning heavily now, coming close to another orgasm. I stopped then and I whispered: “Sis, turn around”.

Anthi looked me in the eyes and said: “Please, Mike, remember your promise, don’t fuck me!”, but I could see that her body was begging me to fuck her! I didn’t say anything and as she turned around laying face down on the carpet I took my boxers off and knelt between my sister’s legs. She took the ususal position, face down, thighs spread wide, on her knees and her ass in the air. I reached with both hands and with my fingers slowly opened Anthi’s amazing cunt. I started flicking my tongue all over her flooded pussy lips, caressing them with my fingers at the same time. My sister started moaning again in seconds and when my tongue found her cunt hole and went in as deep as it would go, she started coming in waves, biting her fingers to hide her screaming! I replaced my tongue with my hand and I slipped three fingers inside her pussy. I started fucking her really hard and when she started coming again screaming I quickly pulled out my fingers and grabbing my huge prick with my hand I guided it between my sister’s wide open cunt lips: I pushed and with no effort at all it slipped all the way inside her!!

It took Anthi a few seconds to realise that she didn’t have my fingers inside her pussy, but my dick! She lifted her head, turned to look at me and said: “NO!”, trying to be angry, but she didn’t try to escape. I had grabbed both her thighs and my steel-hard cock was pumping her like there was no tomorrow! It didn’t take long: first she came and then I followed, grinding my teeth and spilling a load of red-hot sperm deep inside my sister’s womb! I stayed inside her for a few minutes while we both tried to catch our breath. I started stroking her sexy, white ass cheeks and slowly pulled my limp dick out of Anthi’s pussy. She had fallen asleep, obviously exhausted; I lifted her and took her to her bed. I had a quick shower, went to the sofa-bed she had made for me and, literally, passed out.

The next morning I woke up late and, putting some boxers on, went to the kitchen. Anthi was making breakfast with her back turned to me. She said “good morning” when I said it, but didn’t turn around. I went behind her and I lined up my already rock-hard prick with her ass: I put şişli eve gelen escort my arms around her, grabbed both her tits over the robe she was wearing and put my dick in between her ass ckeeks! She tried to pull away: “No, Mike, please, stop it, God, this is so wrong, we already made a big mistake last night!”, but I wasn’t listening. My mouth found her smooth neck and started kissing it while I was opening her robe, letting it fall to the floor. My sister just stood there, completely naked, while I was fondling her big breasts. I undid my boxers’ buttons and let it fall to the floor; then I turned Anthi around to face me. I looked deep inside her eyes and my face approached hers. Our lips met and my tongue slipped inside my sister’s mouth for the first time ever. We started kissing like lovers while our hands were exploring each other’s body.

“Do you want me to fuck you again, sis? Say it!” I asked her in her ear, biting it, whispering. “Yes!!”, she said, and this time her hand found my swollen member and guided it between the soft, tender folds of her pussy. I pushed her against the sink and my fat cock got buried deep inside my sister’s vagina. She sighed with pleasure as we made wild, passionate love once again. I was fucking Anthi, kissing her and my hands never left those immense tits. Finally she came with a long, loud scream and I pulled out: “Come on, baby, kneel down and take your big brother’s cock in your mouth”, I said. She did and for the first time ever my sister was giving me a blowjob! I guided my massive cock inside her mouth while she had started fondling her own breasts (PICTURE ONE)! Oh, God, this was heaven!! Anthi’s mouth was making wet slurpy noises as she had almost swallowed my huge dick. I was holding her head with both hands, moving it back and forth in rhythm with her motion, caressing her hair as well. I didn’t las long: soon my prick erupted like a volcano, spilling scorching hot sperm like lava, filling my sister’s mouth. She swallowed as much as she could and the rest dribbled down her chin and on her humongous breasts.

When we caught our breath back we had breakfast and then we were ready to start again. This time we used a position we both loved: I was lying down on my back and Anthi was lying on her back on top of me (PICTURE TWO). When we were kids my dick was ususally between her thighs or on her pubic hair, but this time it was buried to the hilt inside my sister’s vagina! My hands had gripped her tits once again and with every thrust my cock would almost hit her womb. Anthi was screaming with pleasure until she came with multiple orgasms. Then I started coming: my cock pumped one more load of my seed deep inside my sister. When I finished I stayed there stroking Anthi’s body. I thought about fucking her asshole, but I decided to save that for later.

Then the phone rang; Anthi managed to get up, fully naked and with come all over her body, and answered it. It was her husband. I creeped up behind her and as she was talking to him my dick was between her buttocks and my hands on her boobs again. She tried to push me away, but I wouldn’t go. Then she gave up and just stood there talking on the phone as I was savouring her beauty. Then my cell phone rang. I quickly ran to the other room to answer it: it was my wife. She asked where I was since she called home and there was no answer. I told her what happened – I mean, that I had to come to Anthi’s house, not the rest! – and she agreed. She would be back in two days. Then the baby started crying and my sister had to go and check it out.

Later we had lunch with Anthi. She was quiet and I could tell that after her husband calling guilt and remorse had replaced the lust and pleasure she was feeling before. I wasn’t feeling very comfortable either with my wife’s call but I still had a massive hard-on with my sister’s name on it just the same!! I got up and went to the fridge to get some water. On the way back I stopped behind my sister and my hands found her shoulders. Anthi jumped but I told her to relax. I gave her a massage all over her neck, shoulders and spine. She had started melting when I stopped and picked her up in my arms. My mouth found hers and we were kissing as I took her to the bedroom. I put her down on the bed and very slowly undressed her despite her weak efforts to protest and stop me. Then we made love until late in the afternoon.

I left later that evening, promising my sister that we would have a big talk after a few days when she would come to my town. That’s another story, chapter 2 of this one. I came home with one million things running through my mind and the best sex I had had in years! God, my sister really turns me on!!!

To Be Continued…

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