My Sexy Mother-In-Law

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I met my mother-in-law when I was 19 and she was 43. I married her daughter and for 10 years we flirted with each other. Nothing more than that happened, until her husband left her for some younger bimbo and my wife died. Here is my story.

Let me describe my mother-in-law for you. To start, her name is Leona. She is now 53, medium length red hair, full lips, about 5’8″ tall and weight is good. Most of her height is made up of legs. Her most alluring feature. Let’s just say that for a woman of her age, her body is fantastic.

Another fetish she has that I share, is her love of lingerie. Most of the time she is in a dress and when she is, those great legs of hers are usually in nylons and held up by garters. She also loves to wear sheer pantyhose and other times crotchless panties. I will describe more as I go. One more quick feature of her lingerie is, she loves color.

When we would visit, she would always kiss me on the lips when we hugged. If no one was looking she would gyrate her hips against me also. She was a tease and I loved it. She also loved to give me beaver shots, when she thought it was safe. That is another way I knew she loved to wear sexy lingerie. The teasing would make me horny and I would need to relieve myself. I found when I used her bathroom that her hamper was loaded with used riches. I would find her used panties to sniff and taste, while I wrapped a pair of her nylons around my cock and jacked off, with fantasy’s of fucking her, until I exploded my cum into her nylon’s. Over the years, I can’t say how many times I did that.

After my wife died, things between us really got hotter. We would see a lot of each other and the flirting got more intense. I don’t know how we lasted so long without fucking. I wanted her so bad. On that faithful Friday night our lust would be satisfied.

She called and left a message on my machine that her bathroom sink was clogged and could I come over and fix it. I called when I got home and said I’d buca escort bayan be over after I cleaned up a little. When I got there she answered the door in her robe. To me that seemed a bit odd, but I could see she had nylons on, so I figured she was getting ready to go somewhere.

I got some tools and started to take the trap apart. I was lying on my back to get to it and mom was standing by watching me. She had to know, that by standing the way she was, she was giving me the best beavers I’ve ever had. It was hard to concentrate and my cock was hard. The way it filled my crotch area she had to notice. I hoped she did. I also noticed she had on sheer panties and I could see her pussy lips as they pressed against the material. The job took longer than it should of and when I was through my cock needed relief. I excused myself and said I needed to use the bathroom. When mom left I quickly searched the hamper and found a pair of panties that were really wet. I had said earlier I hoped she would see the stains I left on her nylons as I jacked off and maybe she did. Her panties smelled and tasted so good, I was soon lost in my fantasy as I jacked off with the nylons wrapped around my throbbing cock.

My mother-in-laws voice woke me from my trance: “Dave, I know what your doing in there. I’ve known for along time. I also know how much I want you to fuck me. I’ve fantasized about you, like I’m sure you have about me. I’m tired of pleasing myself and I need your cock and tongue to pleasure me. I’m going to the bedroom now and if you want me, leave your clothes on the floor and come to me. You won’t regret it.”

My dreams were going to come true, why was I so nervous. I was too excited and turned on that soon all nervousness was gone and so were the clothes. As I stepped out of the bathroom, there she was. What a sight. She had on red nylons and garter, sheer red panties and a sheer red matching nightie that hung down to the tops of her nylons. The escort buca sight of her made my cock even harder. We embraced, our lips came together and after all those years of flirting I was free to please her back. As our tongues felt each other and as my hands grabbed her ass and pulled her towards me my cock pressed between her legs and stroked her wet pussy.

I brought my hands up and cupped those beautiful tits of hers. I knew we wouldn’t make it to bed, but then who cared. All I wanted was to taste mom’s cunt with my tongue. I worked my way down, stopping to suck first one nipple, then the other through the material of her nightie. To me, the feel and look of a beautiful woman like mom, in lingerie, just heightens the sexual stimulation. “You better get down to my pussy soon. It’s been so long, the feel of a man will set me off soon.” As I lowered mom to the floor, I began to inch my way up her legs with my tongue. I love oral sex and I was in no hurry. One of my biggest pleasures is pleasing a woman orally. As I found my way to her pussy, we were separated only by the thickness of her sheer panties. I licked her pussy lips through the material, but as much as I love sexy panties, I needed to lick the real thing. As I removed her panties I was excited and pleased to see a hairless, smooth pussy. What a turn-on. My cock got even harder.

As I ran my tongue over her pussy and played with her clit with my tongue, my mother-in-law had her first oral climax ever. “Oh god Dave, don’t stop. It feels so fucking good. Keep licking momma’s clit, suck it baby, oh yea, that’s it, Oh shit that feels good, oh yea, here it cum’s, that’s it baby, it’s cumming. I’m cumming Dave, suck me baby. Oh Christ, suck my cunt. Oh yea, oh yea, what a feeling. I’ve never been sucked and tongue fucked like that. Were going to have sex all the time and neither one of us will ever have to masturbate again, unless it’s for our mutual enjoyment.

I eased myself up on her buca escort and she guided my cock to the lips of her pussy. As I buried my cock in her I knew I wouldn’t last long. I started to fuck faster and faster as my cum built. “oh mom your cunt is so tight and wet, it feels so fucking good to be buried deep inside your pussy. ‘”It feels good to me too baby. It’s been along time since I’ve been fucked so good. My ex never made me feel like you do. Your concern for my pleasure is special. I will do everything I need to also, to make you want to keep sucking and fucking my cunt always. “It’s time mom, I can’t hold off any longer. My body started to shake, I tensed up and shoved my cock into her cunt, up to my balls as I exploded into my mother-in-law’s hot waiting cunt. Oh mom take it, oh it feels so good. Oh shit yeah. All the while her lips were sucking and nipping at my nipples. Her hands were also doing amazing things to other parts of my body, especially how she caressed my balls and stroked my cock as we fucked.

Also the feel of her sheer lingerie against my skin was very stimulating. When she wrapped her nylon encased legs around my ass, it all added to the sexual pleasure of cumming. Leona added; “Don’t stop baby, oh no, don’t stop, momma going to cum with you. That’s it baby, momma’s cumming, fuck me Dave, fuck momma. What a feeling to know you and your partner are cumming together. We laid there in each others arms kissing and fondling. In the past, whenever I would cum, I would be done for the night. This night I never even got soft. We got up and I took mom in my arms and carried her to bed, where we spent the entire weekend, getting to know each others body.

We each have our own place, but we don’t spend much time away from each other. The sex life we share is the best I’ve ever experienced. Even as I finished this story, mom stopped over and as I am writing now, mom has those luscious lips of hers wrapped around my growing cock. Will have to come back later and finish.

Mom left a little while ago. What a day.

I’m no author and this is my first attempt at telling our hot story. Please let me know how I did, or if you even liked it, because I have many hot sexual incest stories to tell you about “My Sexy Mother-In-Law”.

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