My Private Christmas Party

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I have a big night to prepare for. It’s the big company Christmas party and I’m hoping for a great night. I’ve been looking forward to this night for about a year. I’ve picked out my outfit already, it’s a one piece pant suit in black, with a shiny top that closes like a bath robe, no buttons. I must depend on my cleavage to keep it closed. I do hope I look sexy in my new outfit, for I’m hoping to catch some attention. I shave my legs and my crotch, just as I always do. I apply some lotion to make my skin soft and smooth. As my fingers glide over my flesh, I get the tingles. All the nerve endings under my skin swell, exaggerating every touch, every feel, every glide of my fingertips. My body is screaming for attention, but I am still alone. Tonight, I promise myself, just wait until tonight!

I hope to finally capitalize on an opportunity to spend the night with a man I know from work. For about a year now, we talk frequently, flirt often, and talk openly about sex. I’ve shared stories with him, I’ve told him about the things I want to do to him, I’ve told him about the things I want him to do to me, we’ve spoken of desires, past experiences, and hopes for the future. He has told me about things he thinks about, about feelings I bring out in him, about new things he’d like to explore with me. We talk about getting naked, about sucking cock, about rubbing bodies together. Now, the time has come to make some of those fantasies and stories come to life, to turn them into memories.

I arrive at the party early, so I could find my table and watch the other guests arrive. I grab a beer and wait for my friends to come in. After only one beer, my dearest and closest female friend arrives. She knows all about my plans for the evening. She is just as sexual as I am. In fact, she knows me like no other woman does. We sit together, drinking out beer, watching others walk in on the arms of their dates. The place is filling up quickly and the socializing begins.

As the night goes on, I become more determined to see my plans through. I’ve had my dinner, I’ve had my share of beer and wine, and now it’s time to start the show. The dinner dishes are cleared away, the speech is given, and the band begins. Now it’s time to dance, to move my body and sway my hips to the beat of the drums. The floor is crowded and my friend is dancing with me. We have no choice but to dance close to each other, our bodies moving together with the rhythm haramidere escort of the music. As one song ends and another begins, our bodies still swaying, she lightly brushes a kiss across my lips. We know we are being watched, and this only adds intensity, turning an innocent peck into a lingered kiss. With that, we both leave the floor, the eyes of the surrounding men glaring at us as we walk by. Shortly after we reach our table, we are approached by the same man who knows my every desire.

“There will be a party in my room later, would you two like to come? It will be in room 524. There is plenty of beer and it should be a great time!” He said.

How could we resist? This is the golden opportunity. This is the moment I’ve been thinking about for what seems like forever.

“We accept your invitation, thank you!” we both replied.

Now, all I can do is look at him, stare into his eyes and tell him that he will get lucky tonight! He can read my intentions and I can tell he is looking forward to our gathering as much as I am. Finally, I will feel his touch on my flesh, I will feel his breath on my skin, and I will feel his sweat dripping on my body. I am getting so excited, my skin is hot to the touch, my pulse races every time he looks at me, and my crotch is getting damp. I’m ready!

We went to get the key to let ourselves into his room and let him know we would be waiting. We grab a beer and proceed into the bathroom to fix our hair and makeup. Our eyes catch in the mirror.

“You look beautiful tonight, you know!” I told her.

“Oh, if only I could look as great as you.” She replied. “I’ve been hoping to catch a glimpse of your tits under that top all night. Can you show them to me?”

“Of course I can, it’s not like you haven’t seen them before.” I removed my top and she just stared. Suddenly, her lips were covering my areolas. She had one hand on my back and one hand on my tit, holding it for her mouth to explore. Her tongue circled my nipple and my head went back with a gasp.

“Oh, don’t stop. That feels wonderful. I love the way your tongue feels on my tits.”

We both removed what was left of our clothes and hurried to the bed. I wanted to feel her tongue on my body again. She began to lick my other nipple and twirl the wet one between her fingers. She was nibbling on one and squeezing the other. It was like an electrical ikitelli escort bolt struck my pussy, and I instantly began to throb. Her tongue came to rest between my mounds and I whimpered. Then she sat up, ran the tip of her finger down the center of my belly, and stopped right at my clit.

“You want me to lick you there?” she asked?

“Oh God, yes! Please lick me. YES! OHH, that feels so good!”

She has both my legs in the air. Her tongue is tasting my clit, licking my hot and moist flesh, fucking my hole. Her tongue is so delicate, so soft, different from a man’s tongue. She sends rockets of impulses up and down my body.

“Oh, it feels so good when you munch on me baby, please, eat me! Please, eat me good! I feel it coming, I’m close to cumming!”

She stuffed her fingers into my hole and began to finger fuck me. I could feel her knuckles assault my clit with every thrust. I could feel her other hand on my ass, pulling my cheeks apart so she could watch my muscles quiver. She took her fingers out of my hole and rubbed my ass with my own juices. She reached down to lick me again, her tongue on my hot flesh, her finger up my ass.

“Oh, YES baby! Finger fuck my ass! Tongue my hole! AAAAH! Here is comes, I’m cumming! Ohhh! Fuck!”

“Now!” she says, “It’s my turn!” She laid down on the bed and I started to lick her. She was wet and ready. I rubbed her clit with my tongue and sucked on her snatch. As I was licking her, I heard the door. She begged me not to stop, so I kept going. My tongue parted her pink flesh and she squirmed on the bed. Suddenly, there he was, standing naked behind me. My ass was already in the air as I was licking her clit, so with a nod of approval, he entered me from behind. He felt so big and I was so ready for it. He began to slam me and I loved it. I could feel his balls bouncing off my flesh. With every thrust, he drove me deeper into the pussy I was eating. She was loving it too, moaning and gasping for breath.

When I looked up at her, I saw that she had another cock in her mouth. There was 4 of us there, naked, and fucking! I want it slammed into me hard, fast and deep. I want to get fucked! As his cock was plummeting into my hot wet hole, his finger was working my asshole. I could feel his finger moving in and out of my ass. Just when my muscle relaxed enough to take it comfortably, I felt him enter a 2nd finger. Now I istanbul escort have 2 fingers in my ass rocking in and out and stretching me, along with his rock hard cock buried in my pussy, my tongue buried in pussy! This is what I had been waiting for, and I am loving every second of it. I still want more! I want to feel consumed! I want one cock in my cunt and one cock in my ass.

I moved into position on the bed. I laid down on my side, propped up on my elbow toward the end of the bed. I had one cock fucking my pussy as another was looking for entrance into my ass. I pulled my cheeks apart giving him a good look at my stretched ass hole. Then I felt that woman tongue again, back on my tits. She was holding up my leg and sucking my nipples. What a woman! There was so much activity, all I could do was let them all assault me, fuck me, spank me, suck me, and I was going over the edge.

“YES!” I screamed. “Oh fuck, yes! Harder, faster!” I kept chanting, to everyone! “This is fucking great! Oh yes, AHHH! AHHH!!” I could hear them panting too. I could hear them grunting. This is so tight, having both holes fucked at once. I can hear both those guys, struggling to hold back, not wanting this to end, not being able to stop. I could feel the cum squirt into my pussy with a final thrust. He pulled out, cum dripping out of my cunt as my ass hole is still being rocked. Then my girl hungrily sucked away the cum as it dripped out of my hole. She still needed a good fucking and I was going to make sure she got it.

She licked up the remaining cum and I grabbed her face. I gave her a big kiss, sticking my tongue down her throat, and told her to get ready for the fucking of her life. The guys took my queue. The one that was in my ass still had not blown his load, so he was ready to rip into her. I told her to sit on his cock and ride him with the intensity she felt inside. I began to suck on the other cock to get it hard again and ready for more action. As she bounced on him, her tits jiggling over his face, I sucked his cock hard.

When I could tell that he was ready to join the fun, guided him to her ass hole. Treat her like a piece of meat between a sandwich. There she was, on her hands and knees, one cock under her, one behind her, both fucking her frantically, and she was in her glory. I stood there and watched them ravage her, fuck her, slap her ass, pinch her nipples, and her body began to convulse.

She was cumming hard, her screams of pleasure were long and ferocious. She gasps to catch her breath as the guys finished with her. Then there we were, the 4 of us, utterly exhausted from our own private Christmas party. I will never be able to forget this Christmas, and I don’t think I’ll ever have another one so fulfilling!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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