My Personal Alarm Clock Ch. 04

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Nothing like a gap of four years between chapters, huh? Well, I’m back and I hope that folks continue to enjoy my series and to make up for the long gap, I’m posting 2 chapters back to back. If you need a refresher or haven’t read before, I encourage you to read the first 3 chapters as this is kind of an on-going storyline of a loving, close-knit family.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


I obviously can’t have my father ahead of me in orgasms. I say out loud… “Can’t have some old guy out do me.” *wink*

“Well Son, then do something about it and show us what you’ve got.”

Mom enjoys the banter, the testosterone and ego talking men. She knows she’ll be the benefactor and she can’t wait for more. She’s insatiable and loves pleasing her men.

Mom is back on all fours now, looking at me and wiggling her ass back and forth… “Well, you young whippersnapper, what’s next? What hole are you going to use now?”

Fuck, I love when she talks like that… talking about her “holes” as nothing but something to be used and abused…

“You know what I want… I need to see that gaping asshole that Dad just ravaged…”

She lowers her chest, raises her ass and I’m on my knees behind her spreading her cheeks wide. She relaxes and lets her shithole slowly open on its own… what a sight that is. She makes it wink at me once and then lets it open again… wider… wider… I lean down and poke my tongue deep in her ass. Feeling my face pressed against her, Mom pushes back and my tongue goes in deeper, flicking deep inside her… It can’t be put into words how that feels… and tastes… musky but not in a bad way… I can taste Dad’s cum at the same time which is always a good thing. I tongue fuck her hole a few times, lapping, licking, flicking, sucking… I bury my face in her ass, I can’t get enough of her and she knows it.

I kağıthane escort work myself into a slight frenzy licking and tongue fucking her shithole and my cock is as hard as it gets and I sit up and in one motion I ram my cock in the gaping hole I was just licking. Mom is so wide open there’s virtually no resistance and I bury myself to the hilt. Pressed up against her and I grind up against her. I absolutely love the feeling of an open hole, just barely touching on all sides… there’s just something about it for me.

Mom grunts and says “That’s my baby boy, show me you’re the stud of the house. Show me! Don’t hold back, use your whore, take her the way you’ve always wanted!”

Oh, I’m going to take her… I can’t get the leverage I want while on my knees, so I pull out of her and Mom lets out a sigh of disappointment, but before she can turn around to see what I’m doing, I’m on my feet, leaning over, grabbing her by her hair and pulling her up to her feet. She lets out a slight yelp, surprised by the suddenness of it, but she doesn’t resist and lets me guide her to the arm of the sofa where I push her forward across it. I kick her legs apart… “Wider bitch, spread wider. Now.”

Mom does as she’s told. I tell her to reach back now and spread her cheeks. She does as commanded.

“Show me where you want this cock. Show me where you want your baby boy’s massive meat.”

I smack her ass and she spreads her cheeks wider.

“Now tell me… tell me where you want it. Tell me which of your holes you want used this time.”

“My ass, Master… please use my ass for your pleasure.”

I love it when she calls me Master, it means she is ready to be completely used and wants everything we can give her.

Mom is bent over the arm of the couch, her hands reaching back spreading her cheeks and I’m standing behind her eyeing the hole my tongue kartal escort was just buried in. She’s panting with anticipation as I stroke my cock keeping it rock hard.

“Please Master… I want it, I need it… Don’t make me wait any longer.”

I smile, take a step forward and in one fluid motion, I once again slam my cock in her gaping, used hole. Mom screams out in pure pleasure as she feels herself filled up.

I grind against her as I’m buried as far as possible. I start to pull out slowly… I love watching my cock leave her asshole an inch at a time. She’s wide open but still tight enough to see her asshole pull out a little with my cock… what a sight… what a beautiful, erotic, sexy sight… My cock. My mother’s asshole. What a combination.

I start fucking her slowly at first… I want to enjoy the sensation, the vision, the beauty of it all. As I’m stroking in and out of my mom’s ass, Dad has been watching and wants in on things again and he gets up on the couch in front of Mom, he turns around, gets on all fours and puts his ass right in front of her… Hell yes Dad! HELL YES!… Dad reaches back and spreads his cheeks just as I had Mom do, and I smack Mom on the ass and I say “Lick it… Lick Dad’s ass as I fuck yours.”

Mom looks up and moans as she sees Dad’s tight puckered, hairy hole in front of her and she immediately presses her face against his crack and starts lapping at it.

As I continue stroking in and out of Mom’s asshole, she’s tongue fucking Dad’s hole. I hear Dad moaning and see him pushing back and forth helping the fucking motion of Mom’s tongue.

Holy fuck, what a sight… I’m now pounding Mom’s ass and with each stroke it pushes her tongue deep into Dad’s ass… A beautiful chain reaction. The three of us are moaning and grunting as we enjoy our respective pleasures. My parents are so amazing… No other küçükçekmece escort family could possibly be as sensual and intimate as us… or as naughty and taboo…

Dad isn’t even bothering to stroke himself, he’s simply enjoying the rimming he’s getting and Mom is purely enjoying everything she’s getting and giving. I’m a bit envious as I truly love when Mom rims me, she’s a master at it.

I have hold of Mom’s ample hips and I’m picking up my pace as I fuck her harder and faster… ramming into her, my balls slapping against her shaved cunt. Harder. Faster. Faster. Harder. I’m starting to pant as I absolutely pound her asshole. Mom can take everything we throw at her… Wonderfully amazing.

As my tempo builds, I feel my balls start to tighten and the sensation of my orgasm beginning to burst. Mom senses it and starts fucking me back harder. She takes a quick break from her oral task and screams out “FUCK MY ASS LIKE YOU’VE NEVER FUCKED IT YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!”

That’s exactly what I am… a Mother Fucker… and she’s taking it like the total whore that she is… I can’t hold back any longer and I explode in her bowels, cumming harder than I’ve come in a long time as I’ve watched her eat Dad’s ass.

I shoot over and over into her ass and when I’m done I truly collapse on the floor behind her, panting hard, trying to catch my breath, my eyes closed, my arm over my forehead. “Holy FUCK Mom, you’re unreal.”

I hear her giggle as she forces herself upright after being bent over during the intense pounding she took.

Next thing I feel is Mom’s mouth on my cock… the perfect cock whore as usual, cleaning things up.

As we all start to come down from our sensual and erotic highs, we quickly shower and are crashed on the couch when little sis Susan gets home from volleyball practice.

“Wow, you guys look beat, what did you do tonight? Every Tuesday night you guys look like you’ve run a marathon when I get home.”

“Hi honey.” Mom says, “We’ve told you, you inspire us with your volleyball practice so we do our own workout Tuesday nights. Nothing like getting the heart pounding with some physical exertion, right?”…

… to be continued…

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