My Parents were Out of Town

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My Senior Year in high school and I just turned 18 years old. It is Spring Break and I have the house to myself. I put an ad in Craigslist that I have my private gloryhole open. The responses are swift an immediate. I have a nice variety of cocks to choose from. However, one takes my breath away as it is from a man in town on business who sent a pic of his 8 inch cock. In the pic his cock is flaccid but the curve of the uncut cock I like a horse. He says he can be right over.

I am waiting in my private gloryhole vestibule which is really my bathroom door with a sheet hung over the frame. A large hole is cut at waist level and I can see my front door. When I have a man over, I have porn playing on my tv. They can watch the porn as I suck their cock because of a full length mirror I have strategically placed.

While I wait for the stranger to come over, I fuck myself with a huge dildo which is suctioned to the floor. I watch porn on my tablet and inhale deeply from my bottle of poppers.

I hear the front door open and I watch with a beating heart as the stranger comes in. He takes in the darkened house lit by only the tv. I have positioned my coffee table to block access to the living room and guide them to the hallway where I wait. I have placed a box of tissues and a small trash can on a side table for them to clean up afterwards.

The stranger sees my hole and walks to it. He is wearing black trousers and immediately undoes them and drops them to the floor. He is wearing white jockeys and pulls them down.

His cock is more magnificent than the picture. One thick vein curves off center from the left up from the base to the edge of that huge slab of meat before it slimmed out just kurtköy escort before then edge of his fore-skin. It branched out in irregular directions that crisscrossed with those stemming from another large vein that angled up from just under the other side of the big cock’s proud width. Like the heavy hood of foreskin, those veins only made his cock look even more powerful and exciting. It was darker than the rest of the tall burly and muscular man in front of me.

Everything about the big man’s big cock enthralled me…the slightly darker color, the over 8 inch length, the tremendous girth, the slight upward curve, and the strong branching veins roadmapping mighty male meat. I squeezed it with my hand, marveling in the three inch distance between my thumb meeting my fingers. It jerked and bobbed inches from my face. I let go and curved my fingers to “pet” it along it’s thick 8 inch underside, a thick tube the size of my middle finger ran from base to tip. The wide meat jumped and bobbed again as a rumbling grunt came from above me and thick pearly white fluid pulsed from the tip and drooled down toward the floor.

I put my mouth to the gloryhole. The broad drooling head reached my lips, wetness spread across them and dribbled down my chin. The thick head pushed at the same time as the big cock lurched upward and precum thick and salty with a slightly tangy flavor flowed inside.

My lips stretched as far as they could go around the big man’s extreme girth. I had to strain my jaw uncomfortably, but the discomfort held no comparison to the excitement of having the big man’s cock inside my mouth. I only had my tongue to use and, I slid and lapped it against the prominent maltepe escort tube running along the underside until I was rewarded with another thick flow of salty fluid into my mouth. The stranger moaned and pressed farther and sank more of his muscular cock inside until it hit the back of my throat. He still pushed further and I had to reach up through the sides of the curtain and around his wide hairy thighs for balance.

A soft quiet groan met my ears and he eased that thick meat back out to the head before sliding back inside as far as it would go. His legs bent and then straightened as he pulled back out and then pushed back in again. My jaw still ached from keeping my teeth away while my tongue kept at its lapping and slurping of the thick hooded head inside.

The stranger mimicked me by putting his hands around the sides of the sheet curtain to grasp my head. The hand on my head slid to the back and became an immovable wall when he suddenly thrust against the back of my throat and slid past.

I fought against the hand holding me in place as that huge cock shoved its way down into my throat and toward my stomach. I swallowed hard against it, trying to f***e it back out while unable to breath. That only seemed to incite him more, and he hunched his hips to bury himself more deeply into my throat.

“AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH AHHH!” The ragged sounds came from above me in short quiet ejections.

He pulled back out and left me with only a second to draw in a deep quick breath before cutting it off by thrusting back deep into my throat.

Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve times he shoved that huge thick cock down my throat. pendik escort Something happened to me in that time. Something deep within me changed. My world shifted and blurred. Thoughts about my own excitement fell away and I became left completely absorbed in the huge fat cock thrusting down my throat and filling my body as well as the big strong older hairy man behind it. The humongous cock shoving down my throat. That incredibly long, incredibly fat cock being hauled back out. Shoving inside. Puling out. Shoving in. Pulling out. The hand at the back of my head holding me in a steel grip. The warm humid scent of sweating cock and balls flooding my lungs. Huge cock thrusting downward into me. Pulling back out. Thrusting in. Stretching. Plunging.

His hairy legs locked rigidly and shuddered under my hands as the big man in front of me pulled his cock back out to the broad flaring head. Through the tears filling my oxygen deprived eyes, I caught his large hairy balls pulling up tight against his groin at the same time as his other hand reached down to join the other in clasping my head in front of him.

Cum blasted inside my mouth…more cum than I thought humanly possible. No sooner had I swallowed the first mouthful of cum, than that huge cock erupted another gallon of cum across my tongue. I swallowed fast this time and was ready when the next bucket splashed inside.

Over and over that big adult cock exploded thick hot cum in my mouth and over and over I hungrily swallowed the new taste to which I was becoming instantly addicted.

The huge cock was still slobbering heavy streams of salty thickness into my mouth when he pulled completely back. I thrust my tongue out in fast lapping action while he began using his hips to trace the line of my lips with the huge head of his copiously drooling cock.

The stranger croaked thanks and quickly pulled up his pants and left.

This has been a great start to Spring Break! I cant wait to go check my email and see who is next!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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