My Own Son Ch. 03

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Chapter 3
“Mother of the Year?”

Ellen would never win a ‘Mother of the Year’ award from anyone with the exception of her two sons, Jake and Danny. She had come to visit all three of her children at Jake’s apartment and had wound up ‘sleeping’ with both of her sons. Well, one at a time. It all started with her nursing both boys (separately) most of their life, off and on. Neither boy had ever married but then they were young yet. Jake was 25 and Danny was 22. In between was their sister Annie, age 23.

Annie was supposed to be coming in tomorrow. She didn’t live very far away but tended to lead her own life, her own way and on her own terms. She loved her mother and two brothers but…well…her mother was really wimpish and her two brothers were ‘mama’s boys’. Her mother had babied the boys their whole life. Annie wasn’t jealous, just a little envious of their easiness around each other. The two boys were always loving on mom and she just always felt a little like an outsider.

Jake was kinda different from her and Danny. He was stronger, meaner and mouthier. He had tried messing with her when she was younger but she had let him know in no uncertain terms that he was her brother, not her boyfriend. Danny was a love. He was gentle and kind and everything that Jake wasn’t. It was as if they had two different dads but, of course, they didn’t.

Ellen went in and showered and put on fresh clothes. She had just had sex with her youngest son and had to get a grip on all that had happened today. First Jake, now Danny. When she came out of the bathroom, Danny had left and gone to the other guest room to clean up. They had all thought Annie was coming in tonight but she called and said she’d be here tomorrow and lunch was on her.

Ellen took a deep breathe and opened the bedroom door and went down the hall into the living room. She smiled and as she entered the room and said, “Good evening boys.”

Jake was sitting on the couch, talking on his cell phone and nodded at her to come sit down by him. It was getting dark out and the lights of the city were on. It was a beautiful view and Jake had arranged the living room so you could have the view of the fireplace and the city all at the same time.

“What an incredible view” she complimented. Jake had just recently moved into this apartment. He was a Corporate Attorney and had gotten an incredible raise with the firm he was associated with. She was very proud of his accomplishments. As is usual in families when one sibling hits the jackpot in life, the other seems to do the opposite. Danny was accomplished in his own right but not according to Jake. Danny had gone the other direction and chose to help humanity as opposed to his bank account. He was director of the Domestic Violence Service in Springfield. It was a non profit business who assisted battered women.

His easy going, bright, istanbul escort compassionate personality had taken him more into fame than fortune. He had managed to bring the service into the 21st Century by updating their computer systems, ramrodding the building of a new 80 bed shelter for battered women and their children, and he was comfortably living his dream in a small apartment on the south side of Springfield . In his eyes, he was doing as well as (or better than) his brother.

Danny called his mother once a week to check on her and always remembered on the important days, such as her birthday, mother’s day, Christmas, etc. In other words, the basics.

Jake on the other hand remembered Christmas.

Jake yawned and said, “what do you want to do about supper you two?” How about pizza in? Or would you rather eat out?” Ellen smiled at her firstborn and remembering her sore bottom, said “I think pizza is fine. What about you Danny?”

Danny shrugged and said “that’s fine.” He walked over and sat on the other side of his mo

They ordered the pizza and bread sticks and a couple of liters of Coke. When it arrived, it was delivered by a girl not more than 20 years old by the name of Sarah.

Jake flipped off as he gave her a healthy $10.00 tip, “what time do you get off, Honey?”

“About nine,” Sarah answered realizing that Jake didn’t even remember her from their college days.

Well, she mused, two kids and a divorce had probably changed her a little. She had filled out in all the right places. 38C-24-38 as opposed to her 32B-24-34 days of college. She thanked him for the tip and turned to leave.

“Come back over when you get off , Sarah. We’ll catch up a little.”

She was blown away. He had remembered her. Oh wow!!! She was walking on air as she swung the pizza pack by the strap and a little dance in her step. “Jake actually wanted to see her, Wouldn’t he be surprised to know that she owned the string of Pizza parlors and was just helping out because they were short of help at this franchise.

She loved delivering because you met such interesting people…Like Jake Hamilton. Easily the best looking boy on campus. Of course that was 3 years past. She wondered what he was up to now. But right now she had pizza’s to deliver while they were hot…like her, she giggled.

Jake passed out the napkins and paper plates and they filled up their plates from the pizza boxes on the bar. Jake had put on a CD of Don Williams crooning “Amanda”. She loved country music and he had such a deep sexy voice.

She looked around at the apartment and ask Jake, “what’s the small door to the left of your bedroom door?”

He chuckled and lied, “Its just a closet that is like a home safe, Mom. I can put my valuables in there and not worry about anyone walking off with them when I have a party of dinner.” kabataş escort

The closet actually held a camera and film aimed at a 2 way mirror in his bedroom. He had earned a lot…a lot…of money from some of those films. It’s amazing how much some of those rich bitches would pay for the original film…of course he always kept a backup.

“That’s smart” she said and gave him a pat on the back for being so successful.

Danny wondered if she was as proud of him but didn’t say anything. Jake looked over at him and ask him if he’d like to see his part of the apartment and winked. Danny laughed and said sure. “

“Come on mom, I’ll show you my room of ill repute”, and laughed, but his laugh seemed to have a hidden meaning.

They all got up and sauntered over to the door that led to Jake’s suite. He opened the door and allowed the other two to go in before him. He walked in behind them and shut the door. Shutting the door automatically started the camera in the “safe” room.

“Try out the bed, Mom. It’s awesome.”

Ellen walked over and sat down on the bed and bounced up and down on it and said, “It sure is solid,” I’m happy with the one you have in the guest room. I like a soft bed.”

Not missing a beat, Jake walked over to her and said, “I know that, Mom. That’s why I bought it.”

She smiled up and him and said “how thoughtful of you, Jake.”

He sat down beside her and she could feel the heat from his thigh through her slacks. She started to move over but Jake put his arm around her and drew her closer to him. He tilted her head back with his left hand and bent down to take possession of her mouth, sucking on her lower lip and nipping her top lip,She moaned a little and he knew she felt it too.

Danny sat down on the overstuffed chair by the table next to the patio.

Ellen seemed mesmerized by Jake’s kiss. She felt a little dizzy with the feelings and sensations she was having. She wondered where Danny was, but it didn’t really matter. She felt Jake’s hand on her breast and then he was lifting her shirt over her head. She wasn’t wearing a bra. Possibly a mistake. Jake bent over and took one breast in his hand and guided it to his eager mouth. He licked the nipple, feeling it grow and extend to seek his mouth.

His mouth accepted it willingly and he began to nurse his mother’s breast, tasting the milk and feeling her hands in his hair, he knew this was exciting her. He reached up and taking her hair and wrapping his fingers in it, he let go of her breast and drew her head down to his lap where his seeping, swollen cock was seeping through his pants. She reached over and unzipped his pants and opened them releasing his throbbing member and taking it into her mouth. Danny sat in the corner, watching his mom and brother have sex.

It wasn’t making love, it was definitely just kadıköy escort raw sex.

Ellen was moaning sucking on Jake’s sloppy shaft, taking him deeper and deeper into her throat. She could taste his pre-cum as she had earlier that afternoon. It was awesome. Silky, thick…she lapped at it as if it were warm ice cream.

She heard him say, “Danny, come over here and pull her slacks off. And then get you some. Make her nice and wet.”

She had been sitting on the bed and leaning over Jake’s lap in an uncomfortable position. Danny came over and lifted her legs onto the bed so he could pull her pants down. Her legs were so soft and shaven. Silky to the touch. She lifted her hips to help him a little and just kept lapping at Jake’s cock. Danny got her pants off and then her panties. They were lacy and skimpy. Her pussy was practically hairless.

Danny quickly disrobed and then pulled her legs apart and bent down to kiss her legs all the way up to her thighs. Licking and sucking his way to her forbidden lips. He pushed her legs farther apart and touched her pussy lips with his tongue, slowly running it up and down the vulva. Then teasing her clit with his tongue he pushed farther into her. She arched her back trying to draw him in. She was wet and getting wetter. Danny’s tongue flicked and fluttered on her clit and in her pussy. She couldn’t stand it anymore. There were electric shards running through her body and then she felt herself cumming.

She released Jake’s cock just as he came erupting into her mouth and over her chest. Jake never said a word. He moaned silently and then reached over and turned her over. Danny laid down on the bed and pulled her onto her side. She could feel him searching her pussy with his hand and then reached down and guided him in. Welcoming his throbbing manhood into her, fucking her, his own mom.

She felt Jake lay behind her and felt him creaming her asshole. In and out with one finger, then two, then three. She felt him put his cock up to the opening, take his fingers out and then gently push the head into her ass while Danny continued to fuck her pussy. Jake shoved when she wasn’t expecting it.

She screamed from the pain, and Jake leaned up to her ear and said, ;” Shhhh, mommy. It only hurts for a little bit. Now fuck us both like you love it.”

Ellen didn’t need any encouragement. She did love it. The feel of both her boys, pulling and pushing inside her making her sopping wet as they both fucked her was so sensational. She couldn’t explain it. They all three found their rhythm and as the sensations esculated.

Ellen screamed out “Fuck me! Harder! Faster!! AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh OOOOOOOOOHHH I’m cuuuuuumming”

And with that she rode the wave of orgasm all the way to the end. Her heart was beating so fast she couldn’t get enough air in her lungs. She exploded all over Danny’s shaft just as he went rigid and filled her pussy with his load, flooding her inside.

Then Jake filled her ass with his semen, filling her cunt cavity till it was running out of her onto the bed. They just lay there, breathing hard, holding each other, making love whispers to each other….The doorbell rang!

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