My Old Guy Ch. 04

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Chapter 04

Lusty, loving, little Tasty Tasha.

“Dear Mister Old Guy,

I just want to remember it forever … my first real fuck … with YOU!

And giving me the Teddy Bear was a nice touch. It made me giggle and took me back in time to when I was a tiny teeny. I know you adore your sweet little girl. I can see it in your face every time you look at me. Miss Lola is sweet too and it will be fun fucking with her in the future but right now all I want is your big old hard randy cock shoved up my cunt the way it was last night.

When you touched my neck with your finger that was all it took to turn me on to you. I felt the goose-bumps trickling down my arms and my back and the way your hands followed them down to my butt was perfect. And then you pulled me up to you for that first kiss with your hands on my little butt cheeks so I could feel your cock already huge under your fly rubbing my sex, and when our tongues tangled I knew I was really ready for whatever you wanted to do to me.

And that lovely motel room was a lot better than the backseat of your car cause what I wanted was a nice big bed to romp around in all afternoon with you. I loved the foreplay and the way you ogled my naked bod when I stood there after you stripped me. I started to develop when I was ten and stopped when I was fourteen and haven’t changed that much since then. I’m a little more curvy now and my butt is cute and I could tell you really appreciated it from the way you touched my tiny tits, nibbled my puffy nipples, cupped my baby butt cheeks, stroked your fingers over my teeny twat, and turned me around and began kissing my back all the way down to my butt.

I could see us in the big mirror with you sitting on the bed and me all bare-naked standing between your legs with my arm around your neck and I did look like your little granddaughter with my teddy bear in my arms.

Then when you curled your finger up between my buttocks to find my sex and slid it in between my pussy lips to explore my vaginal opening I had to spread my legs and tilt my butt up so I could watch you finger-fucking me and it just felt marvelously good.

My pussy is all healed up from last bahis firmaları Saturday when you split my hymen with your cock so now I could take your finger all the way up into my virgin vagina and let you discover what I’ve been waiting all my nineteen years to give you.

And now it’s all there in my tight little twat just behind where my cherry was and it feels absolutely exquisite when you swirl your finger around my opening and my juices soak your hand so your finger can slide way up inside me.

What I didn’t know is how long my virgin vagina is and that’s what I discovered with Miss Lola when we fucked on her dildo. I wondered how I was going to handle that huge old cock of yours but then I knew I’ve got a woman’s cunt in my teeny twat.

It was so sexy to watch myself in the mirror when you pulled me back onto your lap and your cock poked up between my thighs. It was so long, all the way up over my belly and I am such a tiny teeny that all I had to do was bend my mouth down to it and give it a nice long kiss before I tickled my nipples with it. And then we both watched in the mirror when I squeezed my tiny tits around your shaft and let you masturbate your cock on my boobs and into my mouth.

At the same time I knew all I would have to do is lift my little ass and plant my pucker on your prick and I would have you all the way up in my rectum the way you fucked it the first time. But my twat was really craving your cock and I wanted to cum on it so bad and have you unload your whole wad in my vagina, and then maybe you could do my asshole too.

So I squirmed around and pushed my little hands against your hairy chest and you flopped back on the bed with your organ quivering in the air. I hopped up on the bed, straddled your legs with my thighs, grabbed your cock and pulled it to my pussy. I looked so little in the mirror that I had to get up on my knees to get my cunt on top of your cock, and then I used both my little hands to aim it into my tingling twat.

Your erection is not only long it is really thick too! It more than filled my hands wrapped round it when I began working it into my vagina, but then I felt my teeny twat opening around the head of kaçak iddaa your cock, like I was welcoming you into my cunt.

My vagina felt as eager for your erection as my mouth had and it began caressing every inch of your big old guy cock and snuggled all around it so when you really began to fuck my virgin vagina was massaging the whole length of your erection and sending the most sensational sensations all through me.

I glanced in the mirror and I looked like a fairy fucking your cock you are so much taller than I am. But as you now know I have a huge amount of energy in me and it was like my virgin vagina had finally got what it had craved for my whole nineteen years. I was famished for the fucking I had been dreaming about for as long as I can remember.

We were doing horsy and posting on your prick like that was just what I had always wanted. Looking into your face I could see it was just what you wanted too. You were awed at how wild I was on your cock, at how my tiny tits were flopping with my excitement, at how my whole body was wet with sweat and shining in the light.

I swiveled around on your cock then and let you look at my little ass while I pounded your prick with my pussy until my first orgasm began convulsing on your cock and I could feel my vagina massaging the whole length of your erection.

At any instant I thought you would cum in my cunt and go soft on me. But you didn’t. My first orgasm climaxed fantastically and your cock was still there for the next one. I can cum on my fingers as many times as I want to and I kept cumming on Miss Lola’s dildo with her until we were both drained of energy and collapsed together.

Then I knew that your cock was so much better than her toy; that it would always be there for me to fuck, and to fuck me. You took your turn on me then with my ass lifted to your dick and we did doggie while I crouched before you.

Your hands handled my hips pumping my cunt on your cock so wildly that my next orgasm crested on your cock and surged on and on like waves over a stormy sea and when it began to fade at last I reached back and aimed your prick at my anal pucker.

Never had my cunt cum like that before. kaçak bahis It was still aching for satisfaction when I aimed your cock at my asshole and it slid in just like it had the last time you fucked it. And then you took turns fucking my butt and my cunt until my orgasms were cumming together.

I don’t know how long you did me like that. I only know it went on and on and I loved every second of it until at last your cock began spurting cum into my cunt and my butt and I was soaked and dripping with your load and my own orgasms were sucking every drop out of your dick and I finally collapsed in utter satisfaction. That was the fuck I had been dreaming about ever since I was ten and started Chastity Class.

You cuddled me in your arms then, whispering such sweet things in my ears and kissing my lips until we had a nice little nap together. When I woke up I was ready to fuck all over again but I knew I had to get back to the Mall, pick up my car and go home before mom began to wonder where I was, though she knows I am a Mall Rat and can shop for the whole day.

Well when we got to the Mall we were both famished for food and we ended up at the Sesame Wok and ordered Chow Mein with egg rolls again. Only this time I devoured my egg roll I was so hungry. And then there was a movement beside our table and when I glanced up Miss Lola was standing there with a tray in her hands looking down at us.

“Well Tasha, how nice to see you here!” she exclaimed.

“Oh! This is Miss Lola, my chastity teacher. This is …my grandfather!” I gasped cause I never did know your real name.”

“How nice to meet you,” Miss Lola said extending her hand and you took it in your fingers for a long moment.

“Won’t you join us?” you said and I just had to smile because she knew all the details about how you had fucked me and split my cherry a week ago, and you knew all about how she had fucked me with her dildo and her tongue this week.

“I would love to. May I Tasha?” she smiled down at me.

“Please,” I giggled happily up at her as she slid onto the bench beside me, laid her tray down and I stared at the Egg Roll on the plate.

And then you said: “I see you share Tasha’s taste for Egg Roll.”

“YUM!” Miss Lola murmured.

And you know all the rest of what happened after that My Dear Mister Old Guy.

Your lusty loving little

Tasty Tasha.”


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