My Name is Dave Ch. 06

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I had been GreedySteve’s personal gay sex slave for just over a month now. It seemed like a lifetime ago since I had made the online agreement to have him fuck me for the first time. The day I fell, mashed the kyes on my laptop and accidentally agreed to what was, in effect, a three-month contract to be his sex slave. It had been a very intense month. Since he had added fucking me at work to our activities, I knew it was a matter of time before I got caught and fired. I really did not want to have to explain that as the reason I left my last job, so I seriously considered quitting. I really did not like the job and was not too big of a fan of working anyway. Work, not getting my ass pounded frequently, was the bad part of my life.

My job was secondary, anyway. My primary purpose in life right now was providing oral or anal sex on demand to one GreedySteve. And GreedySteve greedily demanded a lot. His lust and desire for me had come on like a hurricane and I was still reeling from it, trying to figure out my new world.

GreedySteve liked to fuck and since I was available 24/7, he got to spend a lot of time doing his favorite activity. I could usually count on taking it in the ass or mouth once or twice in a day and more on some. If he stayed over, I could count on it all night. For the first couple of weeks, he had let Jim use me, too. But apparently they had some sort of falling out and I had not seen (or been fucked by) Jim in a while. I didn’t mind, I really had not liked him that much.

I was still trying to figure it all out. I had some very conflicted feelings about things. I had basically lost control of my life and my body to someone about whom I still knew absolutely nothing. I knew I should be finding a way out of my remaining five months.

But, I was happier than I had ever been in my short adult life. I really liked getting fucked by GreedySteve. He made me aware of my body like I never had been before. He was big, he was good looking and had a nice body. More importantly, he knew what he was doing and each time it hurt enough to remind me who was in charge. I could not wait to feel his hands on me and his cock seeking its pleasure in my body.

I loved getting fucked in the ass. Ever since GreedySteve’s hard cock had first penetrated me, I knew this was something I had to have in my life. I loved the sensation of his dick stretching and filling me, that lovely lubricated friction as he thrust in and out of me. The feeling inside as he hit my pleasure point, the initial contact still made me jump.

That was just the just the physical aspect of it. I had never been too comfortable with my physical attractiveness. I seemed to be decent looking, but the results of my sex life previous to GreedySteve, said otherwise. I had constantly struck out while trying to get some in college and that took a toll on my self-esteem. GreedySteve had put an end to that. The desire and lust in his eyes each time he looked at me, the intensity with which he used me, and even the occasional softly whispered compliment after he came in me; proved my desirability.

I even enjoyed being his slave, how he owned my body and wanted to use it over and over. He desired me in a way I did not know was possible and I was becoming increasingly devoted to this man. Somehow, I felt that he enjoyed forcing me. And I enjoyed being forced. If I let him know how much I enjoyed it, it might ruin some of the mystique.

I was in a constant state of arousal and seemed to have a perpetual erection. Before I started this with GreedySteve, I used to jerk off at least twice a day, which barely kept me sane. That was with low levels of sexual stimulation. Now I was constantly stimulated and only being cumming when GreedySteve allowed it, which was three or four times a week, if I was lucky. I know he liked keeping me wound up because I was more responsive, but it was borderline torture. And I loved it.

I sat at the table, sipping my coffee and dreading going to work in an hour. I thought about just no-showing and quitting. But I still needed some money to pay the rent. Ideally, I’d get GreedySteve to make up the difference, but wasn’t sure how to approach him about it.

I was tired. GreedySteve had come over and used me until 3 or 4 am. It had been another rough and amazing night, but he had not let me cum once, so I was extremely wound up, too. The combination of lack of sleep, a bulging aching erection that had no hope of coming down any time soon (hello to distance urination!), crankiness from not getting off recently, and a slight hangover from the schnapps I had before GreedySteve got there; and I was in no shape to deal with the public.

“Fuck it,” I said. I picked up my phone and sent a quick “not feeling well, taking a sick day” text to my manager, hoping it would be enough to get me fired.

Instead he sent me back a text saying: “feel better. I’ll put you on a double tomorrow to make up the hours.”

“Yeah, right,” I muttered, already planning to skip work tomorrow. It was now a game. kağıthane escort I did not want to work, and he did not want to fire me.

I did send a quick text to GreedySteve, letting him know I was taking the day off in case he came in to see/fuck me at work. Then I slept, thinking of cocks in my ass and mouth.

I awoke in the afternoon with GreedySteve shaking my shoulder.

“Come on, Dave, let’s talk,” he said. He rarely used my name, it seemed a little magical to hear it.

I arose from bed, naked and erect (as always) and followed him into my kitchen. He motioned for me to sit across from him. My laptop was open to the Predator and Prey site. I had been locked out since my agreement had been extended, but one page was open. There was a lot of text and a place at the bottom for me to e-sign. I had to be very careful here, I had not had much luck on the site so far. There was a real possibility I could try to check the weather and wind up accidentally donating a kidney.

“You’ve been a good little piece of ass, so I am going to give you a choice,” he said. “I’ll let you out of the agreement right now. You’d be free. But, you would never see me again or be allowed back on Predator and Prey.”

I froze for a second, was he really offering me a chance out? I had adjusted my thinking to the long term, and had to consider it. I might renegotiate the agreement, but I had grown used to the feeling of being owned. I certainly did not want to go from lots of getting fucked to zero. That was the biggest thing. I had no idea how to get sex like this outside of Predator & Prey and banned from that? I could, conceivably, hang out in a bar and get picked up and fucked, but given my social skills, not even that was a given.

And what were the odds I could get someone who fucked me like GreedySteve did?

This was my chance to get out, but was I ready? Would there be another chance? What would happen if the rules changed to make it permanent?

Getting out of the agreement would also mean going to work tomorrow. I’d rather take it in the ass all day than work a double at the café. Being a sex slave seemed about as good as any other option I had for the next six months of my life.

I really wished he would let me go and jack-off first so I could get some blood back to my brain.

“I think I’ll finish the agreement,” I heard myself say.

He pushed the laptop to me. On the screen was a page that had an agreement, everything he had just offered. I read it carefully, twice. It was all legitimate, or at least seemed so to me. But I was the guy who had accidentally signed his life away. I could opt out of the current agreement, but never be allowed back on the site. All I had to do was e-sign it. I thought about it for a moment more, then clicked the decline option and e-signed that instead. I would stay GreedySteve’s fuck toy.

“I thought so. I decided to make some changes. I talked to your landlady, and your lease is now in my name. I’ll take care of that. You’re done at the café, too. Don’t go back in. You can handle that.”

He rose from the table. I was expecting to be fucked or at least have to suck his cock, but he gave me a pat on the cheek instead.

“I’m going to be gone for a few days,” he said. “Jerk off and I’ll punish you. Your body is mine.”

He left, and I wondered what to do next. I was done with work, and my usual pastime of getting a cock up my ass was off the table. I decided to go for a run.


I was sleeping, or trying to. I had not seen GreedySteve in days and my body was suffering from cock withdrawal. More than that, though, it had been well over a week since he had let me cum. This was the worst part of it, wound up and no hope of release.

My phone chimed, letting me know I had a text. I looked at my clock, 1am. It had to be GreedySteve, who else would it be at this hour? My perpetual erection twitched at the thought of my owner having his way with me again.

“Come to this address. Naked. Now.”

I took a deep breath and ran the address through my phone. It was way out in the country, at least an hour away. Well, this was why I tried to keep a full tank of gas in the car. If I was going naked, I was going to get fucked. I hopped in my car in the garage, backed out and hit the road.

At 1 am most of the cars on the road were cabs or cops. The cabs did not bother me, but the last thing I wanted was to have to explain to a cop why I was naked with a raging boner. I obeyed every speed limit, every sign and stoplight. I checked my mirrors, signaled for each turn and lane change. One police car trailed me for a few miles, probably running my plates and waiting to see if I was drunk. A car sped by in the other direction and drifted into our lane, making me swerve to avoid the collision. He barely missed hitting the cop, too. The cruiser did a quick U-turn, and I saw him flip on his lights as he pursued the speeding car.

I relaxed a little and turned off kartal escort the main road onto a winding country road shortly after that. I passed a few housing developments, but mostly farms and singlewides, some of them quite rundown. My phone told me to make a left on even smaller road, barely a lane wide and gravel. My headlights startled a couple of wild turkeys. I really hoped that this was the right place, I was not about to get out and ask directions.

The road ended at an old farmhouse. My phone said that I was at my destination, and, much to my relief, I saw GreedySteve’s truck parked out front. I turned off my lights, switched off the ignition and took a deep breath. What did he have in store for me now? I unbuckled my seatbelt and opened the door, each little motion seeming to take an eternity. I left the keys in the center console, it wasn’t like I had any place to put them. I guess I could have hung them on my cock, or stuck them up my ass. I had a little laugh at those ideas.

Another deep breath, my heart racing in anticipation of what was going to happen to my body, I stepped out of the car onto the gravel driveway. The moon was bright as I gingerly stepped towards the house. It was one story, a little rundown, but at least it was clear of random trash in the yard.

The door opened and GreedySteve stood framed in the light of the house.

“About damn time,” he said. “I made the drive in ten minutes less.”

I could have mentioned that he did not have to worry about being stopped driving naked, but chose to keep my mouth shut.

He grabbed my chin and looked me in the eye. “Do as your told and don’t embarrass me. Got it?”

“Yes, sir,” I answered. I really needed to cum, I hoped I would get to.

“Good. Now let’s go in and you’ll be a good little fuck toy.”

GreedySteve had a firm grip on my shoulder as he guided me through the screen door. I was expecting some sort of hillbilly hell, but the inside was spartan and tidy. A round table was in the middle of the living room. I saw a bunch of empty beer bottles at every seat, except for the only one that was occupied. Sitting at that spot was a man. He looked to be about 5’8″ but stocky with arms that looked a little long for his body. His forearms were long and muscular with big grasping hands at the end. He was heavily tattooed with a shaved head and a neatly trimmed goatee. There was an edge of violence to him and I was instantly afraid. Only the presence of GreedySteve gave me any sense of safety. I reflexively leaned against him, but he pushed me forward.

“T-Bone,” GreedySteve said, “this is Dave.”

T-Bone looked me up and down slowly. I wished I wasn’t naked and I wished my perpetual boner would go down. I hated to think of what he thought of me.

“He’ll do,” T-Bone said. His voice had a bit of a southern accent, but it was the slow drawl of certainty that and power that hit me in my core.

“I had a run of bad luck tonight,” GreedySteve said. “I’m using you to take care of my debt. T-Bone isn’t the kind of man you want to owe.”

I looked at T-Bone, a wave of fear running through me.

“I’ll send him home after tomorrow,” T-Bone said.

“And we’re square?”

T-Bone looked me up and down again. “You’re kidding, right?” He snorted. “This keeps you current. That’s all. Interest starts again as soon as he leaves. You get time to figure out how to pay me.”

“Fine,” GreedySteve said. There was fatigue and relief in his voice and his shoulders slumped as he turned to go.

It was demoralizing to see my owner so obviously defeated. Any sense of being protected by him against T-Bone was gone. Even alone with Jim, I knew that if he did anything out of bounds with me, GreedySteve would take care of it. Jim was not going to piss of GreedySteve (until, apparently, he did). I sensed that GreedySteve was much more worried about pissing off T-Bone than the other way around.

Without saying another word, he left, and I was alone with T-Bone. Alone, naked and erect.

I was totally at T-Bone’s mercy.

“Steve says he owns you,” T-Bone said to me. Again, that low rumble stirred something in me. I wanted him to take me, even while I feared what he might do to me.

“For the next,” I did the quick mental math, “four months and three weeks, he does.”

T-Bone laughed, it was a chilling sound.

“Do you really think he’s going to let you go? No way. Hell, if he does, I’ll find you and make you my bitch. No, Dave,” there was a sneer in his voice, “you better get used to being a cockslave.”

I did not answer, I could not think of anything I could say.

“Let me tell you a little about me,” he said, I looked down and saw him stroking a bulge in his pants. “I just got done doing three years at Riverbend. I did a plea deal after nearly beating a man to death who owed me money over a card game, just like this one. I learned how to make young men do what I wanted in there. Got out, decided I still like buttfucking kozyatağı escort guys and joined Predator and Prey. I was surprised I passed the background check, but I guess they like my ‘type’. Mutual friends introduced me to your owner ‘GreedySteve’.

“The thing is, GreedySteve posted your agreement. all agreements are posted. He was bragging about, six months of owning a hot piece of ass, and decided I had to get in on that. Your master isn’t very good at cards, but he thinks he is. I took all his cash, and a whole lot more. Boy, he liked talking you up. He kept saying what a great piece of ass he had, how great you were at sucking cock. Said you like it rough, like to be forced. Then he and I played one last double or nothing hand and he used you as a marker to cover the rest.”

“He lost?”

“Oh, yeah,” T-Bone smiled. “He’s in to me deep. And I’m going to be in you deep. Where are your keys?”

He asked the last part so out of the blue that I answered without thinking. “In the center console.”

He rose from his seat.

“Clean up in here,” he pointed to the table, “these idiots drank all night long. I can’t, I get piss tested as part of my parole. Besides, easier to take them for everything when you’re sober and they’re not.”

He opened the screen door and went outside. I found a trash can and began clearing the table. There were a lot of beer bottles at the other four seats and a neatly stacked pile of cash where T-Bone had been sitting. I filed that piece of information away for future use. Of course, he trusted me with his cash, where was I going to put it if I did take it? I could see a lot of hundreds in the stack, how much did GreedySteve owe him?

He was back in with my keys in a minute. He scooped up the cash from the table and took it and my keys into another room. I continued cleaning the table, I wasn’t that neat of a person, but had done this often enough at my job (when I still had it) that I did it well and quickly.

I was finishing when T-Bone came out of the other room. He was naked now and I could see that the tattoos on his arms were part of an overall black tribal pattern that wrapped around most of his body. His erect cock looked huge and I could not take my eyes off it. The rational part of me knew that since T-Bone was about six inches shorter than GreedySteve, the same sized cock on him would look bigger. The rest of me wondered what it was going to feel like plunging in and out of my ass.

“Here’s the deal,” he said as he stroked his big cock, “I like rules. I like making them, I like obeying them, and I like enforcing them. Kind of odd from a guy who went to prison, right? But I followed the rules, the guy who broke them got punished by me for breaking them. I wasn’t happy about doing time, but I understood. I broke the law to enforce the rules. But I guarantee you that son of a bitch will pay back his debts from now on. And so will anyone else who owes me.”

He walked up to me. I jumped when he put his hand on my bare bottom.

“I’ve read your agreement,” he said and squeezed my cheek, “I know what I can do to you, what I can make you do to me. Steve owns you, and until he pays me back, I own him.” His finger crept closer to my anus. “I’m looking at this as a test drive. If I like you, I’ll find a way to get you.”

He gave me a push towards the doorway and I took a hesitant step that way. What choice did I have? He could easily make me do what he wanted. I was naked, alone and he had my keys. I was a long way from any help. Then there was the minor point of my agreement with Predator and Prey that allowed him to do all this to me.

T-Bone had me walk first, guiding me by pushes and slaps on my butt. We wound up in a bedroom. There was a full-sized bed on an old wood frame. I noted how sturdy it looked, and how there were loops, whose metallic newness contrasted with the need of a new coat of stain look to the wood. There was a nightstand next to the bed, a length of rope and a tube of lube were the only things on it.

His strong hands pushed me into the room.

“Close the door,” he said over his shoulder as he walked to the bed.

“Yes, sir,” I said automatically then closed the door. We were in his bedroom. He was going to fuck me. My heart raced with anticipation.

“I could break you in half if I wanted to,” T-Bone said, turning towards me with the loop of rope from the nightstand in his hand. “Hurt you in ways you don’t know. Or just go for simple brutality. You know about Riverbend. Worst of the worst that the state of Tennessee has to offer.” He took my wrists. I did not offer any resistance. “I didn’t run things, but I got left alone. And I never lacked for company.”

He tied my wrists together, leaving enough rope to dangle down to the floor.

“Sometimes I like a little fight,” he gave the rope a tug to make sure they were secure. “But not tonight. And you’re far too pretty for me to want to damage.” T-Bone smiled. He reached down and stroked my hard cock, now glistening with precum in anticipation. “And I don’t think you want to fight.”

His touch was electric. I let out a low moan and pushed into his hand. He wiped the tip of my cock with his finger, coating it with my watery pre-cum then slid his finger into my mouth. I eagerly licked it clean, need release, needing him to take me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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