My Name is Dave Ch. 02

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GreedySteve Returns

It had been a long two weeks. When GreedySteve sent me the message saying he was exercising his option on me for a second night of rapist-burglar, I thought it would be in a few days. Then I read the date, it was in two weeks. He sent me a quick message saying he was going on vacation and would see me when he got back.

Two weeks. I was all wound up and ready to continue my voyage into the world of submissive homosexual sex. Now I was all ready to go and no one to blow. I made myself keep the same rules: no wanking and naked in the house until Steve fucked me again. Since I was already under an agreement, I couldn’t set anything up with any other predators either. It was a long and sexually tense two weeks.

It did encourage me to work more and generally spend more time doing things rather than sitting around thinking of the next time I was going to be ass-raped. Aside from work, I drove over to the Smokey Mountains for some hiking, went to a few bars, saw some live music and even hung out in the library. But all that only blunted the tension, I still had too much time to think.

I began working on the basement bedroom. It was a long-term project, but for now, I just found the joists and studs and mounted a few loops. Eventually, it was going to be my fuck chamber, but it had a long way to go.

No matter how many projects I put work into, the weeks seemed to drag on. I ached to cum and ached to be used like that again. That first time with GreedySteve or, as I came to think of him, just Steve, was never far from my mind.

The first eligible night rolled around and I got ready for bed happily. I knew it would be soon, but not tonight. He wouldn’t come on the first night, would he? Of course he wouldn’t.

I was finishing my shower, making myself ready for him. I even shaved. I rarely shaved before work, but would before going to bed for my rapist. It was about eight at night and I thought if he came tonight, it would be later, like last time. Sometimes, I get tired of being wrong.

I hung my towel up and a cloud of steam followed me out of the bathroom. I scratched my balls, careful to avoid any contact with their perpetually erect and sensitive upstairs neighbor. I had not made any contingent plans for a wet dream, but now I had to start thinking about it. Lick my cum off the sheets? Maybe not.

I was going to go get a beer from the kitchen, but decided to go ahead and see how much sleep I could wring out of what promised to be a tension-filled week. Maybe I could see if that guy at work had any weed, or would that be cheating?

I was just going to hop in bed, so I didn’t even bother turning on the light. As soon as I entered my room, the door closed behind me. I turned to look, maybe see the face of my would-be rapist, but not tonight. As I turned to him, he shone a bright flashlight in my eyes; all I saw was spots.

While I was trying to clear my eyes, his strong calloused hands grabbed and tied my wrists together. Once thusly secured, he tied a cloth around my eyes as a blindfold and another around my mouth as a gag. I was very quickly subdued before I could put up a fight… again.

He pulled me to the bed and guided me up and onto my stomach. His hands were on my ass: caressing it, kneading the flesh. I felt a squirt of lube in my tight brown hole and he slid in a finger to get me ready. I was wound up and jumped when his finger entered me. He grabbed the back of my neck and held me down while he readied me for his use.

So much for foreplay.

He worked in a little more lube, then I heard the tearing of a condom wrapper. I waited in anticipation, heart racing, for the painful penetration. He climbed on top of me and kicked my legs apart. He guided his hard cock to my back door and pressed, but held it there for a moment without penetrating me. I took a deep breath and had it knocked out of me as he forced his way into me. It hurt, but the right amount of hurt. Well, maybe a little more than bahis firmaları the right amount, but I could deal with it. The burning, stretching feeling I got from my ass was there along with the simultaneous urges to shit, piss and fart as my body was filled. This was the beginning of what promised to be a fine night of getting my ass reamed.

“Tonight,” he said, “this ass is mine.” I nodded. It wasn’t like I could answer. He pulled back and started to work his way slowly back into me.

“I spent two weeks waiting to get my cock back up your ass again.” he said. “Waiting to have you tied up and helpless for me.”

He started out slowly, stretching me, filling me. Once he realized I was not going to fight anymore, he let go of my neck. I sighed, it felt like such a release to have his cock back in my ass. After two weeks of waiting and thinking about it, the moment was here. I loved the feel of him sliding in and out of me, the pain, and the complete helplessness as he took his pleasure from me.

“You have such a great body,” he told me. “It was meant to be fucked. And I am going to take every chance I get to fuck it.”

He slid out and pulled me up on my knees before resuming his assault on my subdued body. I bit down on the gag and let out the occasional yell or moan depending on the moment. He was hard and rough. It seemed like he wanted to drive me into the bed with his cock.

He slammed hard into me then let out that now familiar sigh to let me know he had cum. I let out a deep breath of my own, I made it through another one.

Steve slid out of me and I rolled onto my side facing the door. I rubbed my face on the sheets to wipe the tears from my cheeks. He walked out, out to plunder my fridge like he plundered my body. What was he doing to me? Why was I letting him? More than that, why did I want him, need him, to do it? He had tapped into some deep need that only my submission to him could ensure. A few minutes later I heard him come back in. He helped me off the bed and led me, still blindfolded, into the living room.

“On your knees,” he told me.

I knelt on the carpet, my mental map of the house had me in front of the couch. He took the gag out of my mouth and patted my cheek.

“Good time so far?” he asked. I nodded.

“Good. Now suck my dick.”

I opened my mouth and he guided me to his cock. I began to lick it, trying to get a different perspective on this hard piece of flesh that had changed my life so much. I wish I could have seen it, but I licked and kissed from top to bottom, trying to learn every detail with my lips and tongue. A gentle pull on my hair and I took his shaft in my mouth.

“Nice and slow,” he said as he turned on Sportscenter. He gave my head a shove with both hands and his phallus filled my throat. I heard the distinctive sound of a beer being opened.

Hands tied, ass sore and dick hard, I sucked Steve’s cock. I alternated between mouth and throat, tasting his precum and savoring the feel of his hard flesh. He controlled my pace with his hand in my hair. I wondered if he would cum in my mouth this time. I wanted to taste his cum, to swallow it. I’m sure my ass would see enough action before tonight was done.

I lifted my head off his cock for one second and managed to say “Make me swallow,” then resumed fellatiating him. I was thinking how well things had worked out with GreedySteve. He seemed to do what I needed done to me. I had no delusions he was a nice guy or good person, but he liked fucking me. And that was all I was after for the moment.

Suddenly, he began cumming in my mouth. The sticky, salty semen shot out of him and I did my best to swallow every bit of it. It was as grossly good as I remembered from my time back in college. When he finished, he sighed then stood. He helped me to my feet then down the stairs to the basement. It would have been a whole lot easier and safer had he just taken off the blindfold and let me do it on my own, but we made it. He led me to kaçak iddaa the garage bedroom with the cement cool beneath my bare feet. In there, I heard him rummaging through bags, which I assumed he brought, then *putting a rope around my neck. A short length of rope tied my bound hands to the neck loop and both to one of the hoops I had installed earlier in the wall. I was bent over slightly, my butt sticking out.

He cupped my butt cheek and spoke in my ear. “I’ll be back soon. Don’t go anywhere. I like what you’ve done with this room, it is a nice start.” He tied the gag back on. He stood behind me, grabbing my butt with both hands and squeezing it.

“I can’t get enough of this,” he said. He squirted some fresh lube into my already used anus and left. I heard him shut the door then climb the stairs before settling in to watch some tv. I took a deep breath, shifted positions and tried to get comfortable. I had no idea how long it would be until he was ready for me again. From what I had seen in our two nights together, I did not think long.

I had some time to think. I thought beyond this night for a minute to what would come next with Steve and me. I wanted to do this again and while I could try out a different predator, things were going well with Steve. I just needed to be more careful about reading fine print. I still wanted him doing things to me, but with a little more control from me. A little more control was a laughable concept considering I was gagged, blindfolded, tied up and looped to the wall. But I guess I wanted a say in the overall direction.

It was hard to keep track of time like this, but it did not seem like it was much longer before he descended the stairs. The door to the basement bedroom opened then closed. I waited, trying to pick up where he was in the room. I wanted to ask him, to beg him, to fuck me again. I needed it.

His hand was on my ass then I felt him stand behind me and push his cock against my violated anus. I remembered he had already lubed me right as he grabbed my hips with both hands and pulled his shaft into me. I bit down hard on the gag and yelled out as the pain shot through me as he filled me. I barely had time to catch my breath as he began to roughly use me.

“Do you know why they call me GreedySteve?” he asked. Since I was gagged, I assumed this was a rhetorical question.

He slid in and out of me. “They call me GreedySteve because I always try to get more than my share of what I want. What I want is you: your body, your ass, your everything. I am going to try to get more than my share of you and I will always try. I’ll try to trick you or slip something past you every time. And you’ll let me do it because you want it.” I held on for dear life as he defiled my ass.

“I’ve never fucked an ass like this on a body like this,” he moaned. “You are a perfect fuck toy and I’m going to give you what you need. And you are going to give me what I want.”

He stopped talking and fucked me hard until he came in me again. He gave my ass a slap and pulled out of my aching hole. I sighed and relaxed as he left, shutting the door behind him. He climbed the stairs, did a couple of things up there then came back down, this time boots on the stairs rather than bare feet. The door opened and he came back in. That was quick, even for him. He tugged at the rope under my chin then rubbed his hand up and down my back, thighs and ass one more time.

“See you next time,” he said and walked away.

Only after I heard the truck leave did I try my hands. Surprisingly, they came free. With my hands free, there was only one thing to do: spank it like a mad man.

Still tied to the wall, still blindfolded and gagged, lube dripping down from my violated butthole, I furiously masturbated. I torqued the old lug nuts, choked my chicken, polished the rocket and a dozen other terms, thinking of this night: To everything he had done to me, what it had felt like. And only after I sprayed the wall with one of the biggest kaçak bahis cum loads I’ve produced (two weeks worth!) did I worry about other details like the gag and blindfold. And getting untied from the wall. It took a few minutes, but I made it up the stairs to collapse in bed.

After sex

I slept in late and rubbed out another one before getting out of bed. After my first two sessions with GreedySteve, I was feeling pretty good. Well, my ass was sore, but in a good way. I certainly had gotten what I was after from those two nights. I was more aware of my body and myself than ever before. I had to decide what to do next. I certainly was not going to stop. I just found this world and was not about to give it up so soon.

I was already eager to start another scenario, especially from GreedySteve. I wanted to keep this going and not have too much downtime this time around. Maybe we could get together once a week if things went well, that would be great.

I sat naked in front of the laptop and opened my profile. I had taken the “virgin” title off of it after my first time with GreedySteve. I scanned down, I had two positive reviews, but only one agreement fulfilled. I checked my messages and there was one from site administration. It said that while I had two sessions with GreedySteve, they were part of the same agreement and only counted as one. I still had two more to go until I could start submitting my own.

What to do now?

I could find another predator, but I really liked what GreedySteve was doing to me. But it might be nice to see what another man had to offer.

I looked at a few other profiles/scenarios, but I think I always knew I would come back to him. He did something to me and I wanted him to do it to me again. I wasn’t done seeing where things could go with him. I don’t think I had romantic feelings, but what he was doing to me was like a drug and I wanted more. Hell, I was addicted!

None of the others really did anything for me. Some looked okay, but I didn’t like the scenarios. Others had great ideas, but there was something about their appearance or age or what they were into that pretty much limited it to GreedySteve. And I was fine with that.

I checked my messages. There was a new agreement offer from GreedySteve. In retrospection, I probably should have had my coffee first, but I clicked on the message and stretched while I waited for it to open. I leaned back, saw that there was very little wording, tried to squint to read and the chair started to tip backward. I flailed my arms, totally failed to keep my balance, over compensated and tumbled forward. When the chair tipped forward, I smacked my laptop with my face and hand as I fell from the chair and got in one more rake of my hand across the keyboard on my way to the ground.

I collected myself up off the floor and looked over my arms and legs. There did not seem to be any damage. A little drop of blood came from my nose, but nothing too bad. I looked at the computer and felt my stomach drop. Without reading it, without negotiating anything, I had accepted GreedySteve’s scenario offer. I apparently had hit the accept button and since I left the “remember password” option on it autopopulated and then I hit enter, probably on the last rake across the keyboard. It was a sequence of events I doubt I could have done even if I tried.

Well, it was done. Time to assess the damage and decide if it was going to be worth a six-month ban to get out of it. I opened the file again and looked it over. The scenario description was very brief: “Scenario to be determined by predator. Scenario can be changed at predator’s discretion.” I went to page two, to see all the details and rules. He kept in all my no’s (except he lifted my restriction on multiple predators) which was a slight relief. But he added a requirement for me to get certified and all access to P&P had to go through him. Then I saw the length of the scenario and I realized how deep I was in. He had made it the maximum allowable of three months.

He could make up any rules or scenario he wanted. He could change them as he wanted for three months. Basically, I just signed myself away to GreedySteve.

That was a hell of a spill.

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