My Mother’s Daughter Ch. 04

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I woke up late, sleeping through my blaring alarm since I was so exhausted. When I moved to turn it off my body screamed in defiance, I was sore everywhere. I finally rolled out of bed, feeling crusty and dirty, grabbed my robe and went to take a shower. The hot water felt great as I washed away the remains of my adventures the day before. Reaching for my razor reminded me I wanted to shave my pubic hair away and thought about how to exactly do that. It was thick, coarse and took a lot of time and effort to remove it without having trimmed it before with something. It was also hard to see, especially between my lips and around the sensitive folds. As I shaved I noticed rather quickly that my poor little pussy was sore from the brutal fuck last night. I had to be gentle and that took longer along with having to clean the razor over and over, but as the water started going cold I finished up, inspecting my work with my hands. It was smooth, sensitive and I like it.

Getting out I admired my new look in the mirror after wiping the fog away. It looked good, really good. The only hair left on my body was eyebrows and the top of my head. I couldn’t take long admiring myself, I was running really late now since I took extra time in the shower, but I liked what I saw and seemed to gain more confidence from the small change. After I dressed and prepared for school I found Mom in the kitchen drinking coffee alone. Drake still hadn’t made an appearance which was okay by me. I think he was smart enough not to let on about us, not that it mattered. I didn’t particularly want the guy back and if Mom found out what I did with him last night she would never take him back. I almost told her then and there but changed my mind at the last second. I only had time enough to grab a banana and juice box before the horn honked for me outside. I said bye to Mom and left the house for school.

I got in the backseat of the car since I was the last to be picked up and quickly said hi to my three friends. I was starving and began peeling the banana and that’s when it happened. The phallic shape triggered my condition and without caring who was watching, I deep throated the banana before actually biting it.

“Holy shit! Did you guys see that? Did you see what Suzy just did to that banana?” Rebecca screamed from the front driver’s seat.

She must have seen me in the rear view mirror. None of the others had seen it, since they were messing with their phones. Rebecca didn’t waste any time telling them how I had just given the lucky fruit a blowjob. Vicky and Tina of course wanted a demonstration, which I was glad to accommodate with the rest of the banana I hadn’t eaten.

“Damn, I didn’t know you could do that,” Tina said.

“Yeah, well there’s probably a lot you don’t know about me,” I responded, biting the banana and swallowing.

“You ever done it to a guy?” Vicky asked.

“Maybe, wouldn’t ortaköy escort you like to know?” I said, grinning.

“She has, she totally has, I can tell!” screamed Rebecca.

“You’ve got to tell us who and when?” Vicky added.

“No I don’t.”

“So much for being a lesbo!” Tina hollered.

They tried the rest of the drive to school to get me to tell them who and the details but I didn’t share the truth or even make something up. It was better for them to just wonder. Once at school they dropped it and we went our separate ways. I was in trouble early. The damn banana had already caused my mind to wander to all things cock. I didn’t get it. I should be content and good for weeks after the pounding I took last night but I wasn’t.

Walking down the halls I checked out all the guys I passed, looking at their crotches to see if I could tell how big they were. In class, objects around me I’d never thought about before as phalluses became such, making my mind think about what they might feel like inside of me. I knew I was sick, that I had a serious problem, but try as I might I could not stop. I found cocks in the carpet, on the walls, ceiling tiles anything with a pattern in it I found something that resembled a penis. Each class got worse; it was like something building inside of me. I just wanted it more and more and couldn’t wait until school was out so I could go home and at least play with my toy.

In math class I ignored Mr. Gilles looks, watching the clock slowly tick away more than paying attention to class. As soon as the bell rang I was up and on my way out of class when I heard him call my name. I stopped, turning around perturbed.

“Ms. Gilbert may I have a word?” he said as everyone else got to leave.

I reluctantly walked to his desk, dreading what he was going to say. I was sure it was about what we did the day before.

“What’s up?” I asked.

“It’s about our little arrangement. I’m afraid that even if yesterday’s test is not factored into your grade you still won’t pass.”

“What are you saying?”

“I’m saying… unless we figure something else out I will be forced to fail you and you won’t graduate.”

I narrowed my eyes at him. I knew where this was going and it pissed me off, “What do you have in mind?” I asked.

“I happened to pull your file from the office and noticed you are already eighteen.”

“Yeah, so?”

“So what we did wasn’t illegal, still wrong, but not really illegal,” he said and I could see the wheels turning in his little bald head.

“Okay, so what’s your point?”

“Fine, I’ll spell it out for you. If you want to pass my class I’m going to need a lot more ‘extra credit’ work from you,” he said using his fingers to emphasize the extra credit.

“I see,” I said pausing to think. “Fine, drop your pants, I’ll suck you off again,” I said.

“Not otele gelen escort what I had in mind,” he said, shocking me.

“Oh really? What kind of ‘extra credit’ did you have in mind?” I asked. “Did you want to fuck me, Mr. Gilles?”

This took him back, hearing me talk like that and lean over his desk so he could see down my shirt. He hesitated but got the courage up to continue, trying to be the dominate one.

“That’s exactly what I had in mind. It’s that or you fail?” he said, with only a slight waver to his voice.

“Fine, you can have me right on your desk now if you’d like,” I said setting down my backpack and undoing my first button.

“No! Not here! Are you crazy?” he shouted, looking at his door for people in the hall.

“Where then?”

He looked nervous now, almost like he didn’t think I would go along with this but if he only knew how horny I was and wet he wouldn’t have been surprised.

“Do you know where the stairs are to the basement?” he asked.

“Yes, but isn’t it locked?” I asked.

“I can get down there, I’ve unlocked it. Go now, I’ll follow you in about ten minutes,” he said with sweat beading on his forehead.

I could tell he was already worked up and stressing out. I picked up my backpack and left his room without saying another word. The halls were mostly empty as I walked toward the door to the basement. No one I knew had ever been down there, or cared to. Before I tried the door I texted Rebecca to tell her to leave without me. When I turned the knob it opened and I quickly closed the door behind me. A single light above the stairs was on and another one at the bottom. Mr. Gilles had planned ahead. This was an interesting side of him I never expected. I walked down to the basement, following the lights he had left on until I found an old mattress on the floor next to some large pipes. It was hot and humid and I figured it was from the boiler and hot water heater in the next room with the pipes coming through to where I was. I set my backpack on the floor and waited for him to show up.

I figured it wouldn’t take more than five minutes before he ejaculated, I’d be out of there soon enough. I heard the door open and his footsteps coming down the stairs before the ten minutes. He was eager, and it made me smile. He found me standing next to the mattress with my shirt off but bra still on. The look on his face was priceless. I think he might have dropped his load already. He didn’t know what to do, standing there speechless and wide eyed.

“Are we going to do this or not?” I asked, messing with him.

He jumped but still didn’t move to touch me or take of any of his clothes. I don’t think he ever thought this would happen and now didn’t know what to do. I shook my head at him and undid my jeans, pulling them down around my ankles. He was staring at me still, mouth otele gelen escort open and the small bulge in his pants was sticking straight out. I approached the mattress and bent over looking back at him while pulling my panties down to my knees. I knelt onto the mattress and with my hand reached between my legs and spread my wet lips apart while watching his expression.

“Do you like my shaved pussy, Mr. Gilles. I did it this morning; you get to be the first to try it. Come on Mr. Gilles, my little wet pussy wants you. I’m ready, give it to me.”

I stuck a finger into my hole, stabbed it deeper a few times before bringing it to my mouth and licking my juice off. I think the old man was going to have a heart attack. His face was red, his breathing sounded labored and he hadn’t moved. Finally, after what seemed like a long time and me playing with myself continually he finally did something. Unbuckling his belt his pants dropped and next came his boxers. His little cock was rock hard and glistening from his pre-cum. Thankfully he left his shirt on and just hobbled over to me with his pants around his ankles. I still had my bra on and didn’t plan on taking it off, he’d be done soon anyway.

Before he did anything else he ripped open a condom, he must have had in his hand, and unrolled it onto his small penis. He knelt behind me on the mattress, grabbed his cock with one hand and bent it down. I felt the rubbers tip slide over my bum and spread my lips but he didn’t slide in yet. I looked back at him, biting my lip and pressed my ass toward him, urging him to fuck me. Finally his small cock slid into my very wet tunnel and I heard him gasp.

Compared to Drake he was nothing, Mr. Gilles barely reached deep enough to brush the spot I liked and didn’t spread me very much at all. I didn’t like the condom either, it felt weird, artificial and bunched up around his small penis like it didn’t fit tight enough. He finally got the nerve to touch me, placing his hands on my hips and sliding back out and thrusting in again.

“That’s it, Mr. Gilles, fuck me! Fuck me hard. Give me that cock!”

I urged him on, knowing it would help him cum faster. He started grunting with each small thrust, slapping his body against my bum and holding tightly to my hips. It really didn’t do much for me. I mean it felt alright but compared to Drake the experience was very insignificant.

Mr. Gilles got louder. Just as I suspected he didn’t last very long. His hands gripped me harder and with one final thrust he held himself inside and climaxed. I felt his small penis convulse slightly and fill the condom with his load as he breathed heavily. When he was finished he let me go and backed out. I turned and looked at him. His cock was still hard and the condom was full, hanging partly off the end of his penis.

“That should about do it, don’t you think?” I asked.

“Umm… yes, fine you’ll have your passing grade,” he stammered.

“Great, I’ll be going now.”

He watched me dress as his penis shrunk and he pulled the full condom off and tied it shut.

“See you tomorrow, Mr. Gilles,” I said waving goodbye and heading back to the main floor leaving him to his thoughts.

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