My Mother: An Introduction

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WARNING: – The following story is a fruit of my perverted imagination; it contains CUCKOLDRY, INCEST, BDSM, FACE-SITTING and CBT (a little bit). If you think this is not your type of thing, please do not read any further.


Hello, my name is Sean. You will not believe what I got for my 19th birthday.

Most people would be quite shocked to hear that my mother, a red-headed buxom whore, gifted me a CB-6000 chastity belt! But believe me, I was not.

I was disappointed. I was devastated. I was excited. But I was not shocked.

“It is for your own good honey, so that you don’t waste your time jerking off your pathetic little penis and concentrate more on your studies.” She had explained while locking me in that contraption on my 19th birthday.

Let me clarify.

My mom is a very attractive woman in her early 40s. She is a natural redhead; her skin is smooth, and baby soft with an ivory complexion. Her full lips were made for kissing and sucking dicks. Her 38DD breasts and 40″ heart-shaped ass are still perky and tight due to her vigorous exercise regimen.

But what I personally like about my vixen of a mother is her flat, smooth belly and her sculpted legs, which seems to go on forever. She usually dresses very conservatively, mostly tailored business suits, since most of her clients are all very well known businesspersons or corporate honchos, but underneath those tailored suits, she wears some of the sauciest lingerie known.

While my mom is sex on two legs, I am your regular guy. I am 5’5″ tall, skinny, nerdy and my dick is 4-1/2″ long when I am fully erect. I live with my mom in the suburbs, and we are pretty well off and happy. You may think that I am very disappointed with my physical attributes, and I must tell you that you are quite correct in your assumption.

My mother Claire Johnson (no pun intended) is a professional escort, and she has made me her personal submissive cunt and ass cleaner. Every day, after she comes back from her work she ties me to her huge four-poster bed and sits on my face, so that I can lick out the rich creamy deposits of cum from her well-used pussy or ass. While I am at it, she will slowly narrate how the load was deposited. This has been a great turn-on for her if the number of orgasms she gets while I am at it is any indication.

“I am just trying to give you a nutritious diet.” She tells me afterwards.

Well, it would be a lie if I told you that I don’t enjoy eating out my voluptuous sexy mom after she has been thoroughly fucked by a stranger. I eagerly wait the whole day for my mom to come back home and feed me my meal, although I show some reluctance since she gets off more quickly when I do so. If I do a good job, the next day she even lets me help her get dressed for work. Helping my mom getting ready for work was a real treat until I got locked in the chastity belt.

One morning after taking her bath, she called me in her room. As per her orders, I went to her room wearing only my chastity belt and knelt on the carpet waiting for her command. She came out from the bathroom in her full naked glory going towards the mirror to apply the lotion that keeps her skin glowing and baby-soft.

Finishing her hands, she took a generous amount of lotion and started to rub it on her big matronly boobs. Naturally, her nipples started to harden in no time. She lovingly and playfully tugged on each nipple while biting her lips. My penis started to respond to this highly erotic visual stimulation but the chastity device painfully disallowed any growth. Then she proceeded to apply lotion on her legs; bending at her waist perfectly, like a stripper in front of an audience. This gave me a clear view of her glistening pink pussy and slightly brown sphincter. Mom was getting turned on by teasing me!!

Having applied the lotion on her legs she straightened up and motioned me to come forward.

“Could you do my back please?” she asked throatily.

I was hesitant at first, not wanting to make the situation harder and more painful for myself than it already was. At the same time, I also wanted to touch mom, so I took a large amount of lotion from the bottle and started rubbing it on her smooth back. When I came to the small of her back I paused a little, should I go lower or not?

“Don’t be so afraid sweetie. Mommy knows how badly you want to do mommy’s ass. Mommy won’t get angry at you. Go ahead take some lotion and start rubbing it on mommy’s ass!” she said encouragingly.

I took another generous glob of lotion from the bottle and rubbed it on mom’s butt cheeks. They wobbled with each pass of my hand over them. The feeling of her soft and smooth bottom şişli elit escort was just indescribable. My penis fruitlessly and painfully tried to get erect but the chastity belt didn’t budge.

Mom then commanded me to bring the black lace-front garter belt and a pair of black-seamed stockings from her wardrobe. I brought the items and helped mom put them on.

“Give me a hand in fastening these stocking tops to the garter honey.” She told me sweetly.

This was my favorite part because I loved how the silk stockings glided over her smooth skin. I held the bunched up stockings so that mom can put her feet in it, afterwards I adjusted the seams, and then I clipped the top of the stockings to the straps of the garter belt. I could see her glistening, pouty pussy lips clearly in her red lacy crotchless panties; she put on a matching peek-a-boo bra next. After that, she put on a white blouse that showed just the right amount of cleavage to hint at the treasures beneath while at the same time being classy. Lastly, she put on a grey pencil skirt that hugged her shapely bottom.

Then she turned around to face me and asked me in a sweet voice, “How do I look honey, will Mr. Rudolph like my blouse?” with that she adjusted her heavy tits and pulled on her nipples a little. I was fascinated to see the outlines of her large nipples clearly visible.

She gave sly grin and said, “Looks like mommy will be the center of attention today, what do you say sweetheart?”

I just couldn’t agree more.

I used to get so turned on seeing her get ready for work, her hair tied in a professional bun. The tailored business suit hugging her luscious body tightly and showing her womanly assets to perfection; but when she used to put on her stockings and make me fasten the tops to her garters it was just unbearable. After she left, I would go to my room and fiercely masturbate to the image of my mom. Of course, that was before she trapped my penis in that disgusting chastity belt.

She once told me that although she owns the agency still she likes to work, not only for the money but also for the sex. The feeling of a strangers’ cock ravishing her juicy pussy or sweet ass made her feel alive. She liked getting her pussy and ass being ravaged by HUGE dicks. As a result, a large number of her clients were black men.

Last Friday after coming back from work she called me in to her room in a sweet voice, when I entered she ordered me to lie down on her bed spread eagle. She tied my hands and legs to the posts of the bed. She unlocked my penis and gave it a good rub but stopped just in time to keep me on the edge.

“I have a huge load of creamy seed in my ass today for you to lick sweetie, and if you do a good job Mommy is going to let you come.

Would you like to come tonight honey?” she asked saucily.

I just nodded my head, yes.

“Let me assure you honey Mr. Steele’s cum tastes absolutely heavenly and you are really going to like it. He is a black man and has the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life. His cock is over 10 inches long!! Can you believe it?

What a pounding he has given your mother today, my ass is soooooo sore!!!”

Mom peeled the ankle length pencil slacks from her long legs, the absence of underwear didn’t surprise me at all, but what surprised me was the BUTT PLUG.

She noticed that my eyes had strayed to where it was protruding from her lush cheeks.

“Oh honey, Mr. Steele came so much in me that I had to ask him to insert this butt plug in me. I didn’t want to lose a single drop. Mommy knows how much her little cunt-cleaner loves to eat cum from his mother’s poop-hole.”

She climbed over my head and slowly and expertly removed the little pink butt plug. A thick, steady stream of creamy white cum flowed in my mouth. There was so much cum that it overflowed from my mouth but mom was true to her word and the cum was really tasty. I was having a hard time swallowing it but mom’s continuous encouragements and threats helped me to swallow the load completely.

“Come on now sweetheart swallow it all, don’t spill any. Isn’t it tasty darling?” She coaxed me sweetly.

“Do you want to come tonight or not? If mommy sees even a single drop of cum left, I will lock you back in that chastity belt with out your release. Then I am going to give you a severe spanking.”

I swallowed hard and then extended my tongue to lick my mother’s anus completely clean.

“UMM!!!!! Oh yessss!!!!”

“That’s the spot sweetheart, lick it clean. Lick all that tasty, gooey, hot spunk from your mothers’ asshole. Mommy is going to come if you keep doing that.”


I was amazed to find more cum in moms’ ass. The black man must really have balls the size of coconuts, and he must have fucked my mom’s ass at least three times. While I was licking her asshole şişli escort mom started to narrate her day with Mr. Steele. No wonder she was complaining of being sore.

“Mr. Steele is huge and he just loves your mommy’s ass.”

“First, he fucked my pussy in the backseat of his car. Then he took mommy to a hotel. As soon as we entered the room, he lifted your mother and carried her to the bed. He is so romantic.” She sighed.

“Then he slowly unbuttoned my blouse. You should have seen his face when he saw my boobies encased in the red satin bra. He tore it in one swift movement. Then he took my nipples in his mouth and started to suck on them hungrily like a starved puppy. His hands strayed down to rub my pussy through my slacks.

Mommy was so turned on by his ministrations!! I just wanted his huge dark cock in my pussy, fucking me like a cheap slut again. But he told me he had other plans, that he wanted to fuck me in the ass. He tore my red bikini panties and inserted his thick fingers in my ass. Mommy was in heaven and came fiercely just from his fingers in her asshole.”

Mom had a dreamy look in her eyes from my ass licking as well as recounting her ordeal with Mr. Steele. I was doing a good job and at this rate, she would soon climax. Soon after that, I would get my long awaited release. While all this was going through my head mommy began to complete her tale.

“Then he slowly inserted his mushroom like cockhead inside mommy’s ass hole. It was so painful at first; I thought he was going to split my ass in two.

His massive cock stretched my ass to its limit but once I got accustomed to his length and breadth, I fell in to a steady in and out motion with Mr. Steele. It was really starting to feel good and I told him to go faster, to fuck me like a cheap-whore.

After that, he just sawed in and out of me in frenzy as if he was possessed. Mommy was so lost in pain and pleasure she forgot to count the number of orgasms she had. He only came twice but when he came, his cock swelled to even greater proportions.

Mommy was fully satiated and so sore after his heavy pounding she insisted him to use her pussy but he wanted to use mommy’s mouth. So I took his cock in my mouth and started to suck him earnestly. He took a handful of my hair and pushed his full length in roughly.

He was so big that his tip reached my throat. I gagged at first but mommy knows just how to pleasure a cock with her throat. Therefore, I took up the challenge and made him come from my techniques in a very short time. He came gallons inside my mouth but I swallowed the whole load, it was so delicious!!!”

Suddenly her whole body started to shake and with an ear-splitting moan, she fell on my face, covering my face with her huge ass.


Mommy is coming sweetheart. My sweet baby is making his mommy come. Just don’t fucking stop. Keep licking mommy’s sweet ass you dirty little bastard.”

She gave an ear-splitting cry of ecstasy and fell limply on top of me. It was quite some time before she recovered from her orgasm.

“That was one of the best orgasms of my life, sugar. You are getting better at this day by day, you really must enjoy eating cum from my holes you dirty little naughty boy.” Mom said naughtily.

However, I was not in any position to reply, mom’s huge butt smothered me. Nevertheless, I was not complaining. I was in absolute heaven. The soft cushions of my mom’s butt cheeks, their smell, and the lack of oxygen completely knocked me out.

When I came back to my senses, I saw mom lying beside me smiling and slowly playing with my penis.

“You got me scared for a minute there son, but I am so in love with your fucking tongue. You are the best cum-eating son a woman can get!!!!”

” And now for your reward…”

My whole body started to tingle with anticipation; I was locked up in that stupid chastity device too long without any relief, but finally I was going to get some relief today!

She slowly engulfed my tiny pecker with her juicy red lips all the while looking towards me lasciviously. Then she licked the underside of my penis where it’s most sensitive, my whole body shook, my balls tightened and I came as soon as her tongue met my skin. This had been my first blowjob and I couldn’t even enjoy it.

The feel of my mom’s tongue on my penis was just too much for me. After recovering, when my brain started to work again, I became very afraid. This was the first time mom had taken my penis in her mouth and I came straightaway in her mouth. The surprised and slightly pissed off look on her face indicated that I was in for trouble. She slowly inched towards my face and opened my mouth with her hand, then spat the whole load into my mouth.

“That was very bad of you Sean. I let you come tonight, and instead of being grateful you came right in my mouth? You could have şişli eve gelen escort at least warned your poor mother that you are going to come. I am afraid I am going to have to punish you for this.

I will not tolerate this sort of behavior from you. I work hard day and night to provide you with three square meals a day and a good education and this is how you repay me?

I am going to make sure you learn to fear and obey me, to respect me. But most of all you need to learn to be grateful. Don’t let this happen again in the future.”

She untied my bonds and made me kneel in front of her bed, and then she went to retrieve her box of toys from the large walk-in closet. I started praying earnestly to the God Almighty.

First, she cuffed my hands and then out came what I was most afraid of, “THE HUMBLER.” (For those of you who don’t know what a humbler is, the humbler consists of a testicle cuff mounted in the centre of a bar that passes behind the thighs at the base of the buttocks; this forces the wearer to keep his legs folded forward.) I had previous experience with this device and let me tell you, it’s very painful. You have to maintain a straight posture, for the slightest movement causes immense pain in the scrotum. It also exposes your balls to the punisher.

“Mommy is going to punish you now sweetheart, 5 strokes on each butt cheek, and 5 lashes on your balls since they are the real culprit. You are going to count each stroke. For every mistake there will be an additional 5 strokes, so be careful.”


The paddle came down hard on my right cheek, tears welled up in my eyes but instead of crying I counted “ONE!!!”


The next three consecutive strokes fell very quickly and on the same place as the first one. My head started to buzz with pain.

After giving five strokes on my right cheek, she started to impart the same to my left cheek. By the end of strokes, I could hardly kneel upright but the humbler kept me straight. What amazed both mom and me was that, my penis was fully erect, twitching, and dripping pre-cum.

“Looks like someone is enjoying his punishment rather than lamenting on his misdeeds! Let’s see if you also enjoy the next part of your punishment…”

She took out the little bull whip and waved it nastily in front of my face. I was terrified and I started begging for mercy. To my amazement, my penis instead of being flaccid became harder.

“Please mom not that, I promise I will never do that again.” I started crying like a baby.

“I know you will not do that again, but if you don’t take your punishment now like a good boy I am never going to let you cum again. I will lock you in that chastity belt and throw away the key.

From the looks of your penis it doesn’t look like you are afraid of the punishment. If anything, it looks more like you are enjoying it. Nevertheless, I promise you, you will not enjoy the next part.”


She shoved a ball gag in my mouth so I stopped crying and braced myself for the punishment.

She swung the little bull whip.


It came down hard on my scrotum leaving a nasty looking red mark. The pain was intense but I could not scream due to the presence of the ball gag in my mouth. The next lashes fell on the same place.

If I had not been reeling from the pain I would have wondered how my mom had such precise aim. But sadly I had no such luck. When the last lash fell, I cursed god for the first time in my life for giving me a pair of balls.

When my punishment was finally over, Mom uncuffed my hands and then lovingly removed the drool covered ball gag from my mouth. The humbler was taken off of me; I tried to stand but I was shaky. Mom led me to her bed and told me to lie down on my face. She applied some ointment on my butt cheeks and the stinging pain lessened a bit. Then she started to apply the same stuff on my balls I squirmed with pain and tried to get away from her hands.

“Stop that baby. Do you want Mommy to bind your hands and legs again? This is a special ointment and it will reduce the pain. You can never understand how much it hurts me to punish you. Mommy loves you but it’s also her duty to discipline you for your mistakes. I hope you have learned your lesson.”

After applying the ointment on my balls and rubbing them a little the pain reduced to just being bearable. It’s useless to mention that my penis again stood at full mast due to her rubbing and caresses. Mom then told me to lie down on her bed quietly for some time while she took a bath.

She tied my hands before she went to the bathroom.

“Now, I don’t want you to make a mess on my bed.” She conveyed with a naughty smile.

Mom made me sleep in her bed that night after locking my cock in the chastity belt and firmly binding my hands and feet. However, lying there beside the pink teddy encased luscious body of my mom I knew it would be long before sleep would finally claim me.


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