My Masturbation Obsession Ch. 05

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MMO — Chapter 5 — In the Park

It was lunch time. And I wasn’t hungry. What I was was horny. My work was taking less of my brain, as more of it focused on surreptitiously touching my penis under my desk. My afternoon was shot if I didn’t take of this, and it was Friday, which meant that anything I didn’t get done today, I’d have to do on Saturday. I better figure something out.

I head into the men’s room, grab the back stall, and try to quietly yank myself into submission, get my orgasm out so I can get some work done. It was lunchtime, though, so the place was busy. The stall next to me opened, someone sat down for its proper usage, and within seconds, I was gagging. This was no good. I zip up, and head to my desk, grab my car keys, and tell no one in particular, “I’m heading out for lunch today. Be back in an hour.”

I drive around to all the local spots I think will be unoccupied with no luck. I remember that a local park was known for its trees and private areas, and I drove around twice until I found a place off the main loop, just past the turnaround, where the only ones there were those who wanted to be there and those who were lost.

I parked the car in reverse so I had an easy exit if it came to that, and leaned back in my seat and reached down into my jeans as I started fantasizing. I was hard in no time, and started to rub my cock inside my jeans. After a minute or two, I glance around, and seeing no one in the area, I unbutton and start flogging my log, thinking about jacking off in front of Gina as she watches.

After a few minutes of this, I get really horny and worked up, and I look around again. Nothing coming or going on this little turn off. I push my jeans and boxers to the floor and start really stroking myself, hips thrust out as I proudly display my cock for myself to watch. I’m getting really close, and I am at the point of getting ready to star thrusting my fist when a minivan turns down this dead end spur and drives başakşehir escort past my parked car slowly. I drop my cock, grab my phone, and hunch over a bit, pretending I’m on a call. My pants are at my ankles, so there is nothing I can do about that.

The minivan drives by, looked like a middle aged woman, and I noticed she was driving super slow. I waited until she passed, and started stroking again, I don’t want it to go down! I see in the side mirror the same minivan driving really slow coming back from the dead end. They must have got lost, and turned this way instead of following the main loop around. She slowed almost to a stop next to my car, and I played the phone ruse once more, hoping she couldn’t see my erect cock sticking up from my naked crotch, and at the same time, hoping she would. I glance over, and she is looking directly into the car, and sees me looking at her, and she starts driving again. I see her turn at the main loop, and I get back to business.

It takes me a couple of minutes to get back to that super horny point, where I am ready to go for it, and stroke myself for two to three minutes in earnest and get my release. I start beginning to thrust into my hand, and that same minivan turns down the cutoff again. It drives straight towards me, and I grab the phone once again. She stops less than 2′ from my window. I ignore her, and finally look up from my fake conversation and see her motioning for me to roll down the window. I point to my ear, and then show her the phone and then put it back to my ear and act like I’m talking. She motions again to roll down my window.

I roll down my window, and say into the phone, “Hey hold on one second” and then say to minivan lady, “How can I help you?”

“Hey, yeah, I’m just trying to get back to the main entrance, can you help me with that? “

“Sure, just turn around, take a right, and follow that road right out. When you see the bayrampaşa escort main sign ,take another right, and you’ll be out, if you take the left, you’ll be right back here again!”

“That sounds really complicated. Go ahead and finish your call, I don’t want to interrupt you. When you’re done with “your call” (she actually did air quotes), then you can explain it? I’ll wait right here.”

I look at her, she’s pretty enough for a 40 or 50 something year old, blonde hair, but definitely dyed that way. Her hair isn’t long, maybe shoulder length, and I can tell she is just a wee bit overweight by the beginning of a double chin and chubby cheeks. She’s not some crazy knockout, just your regular overworked, underappreciated mom, the lady next door who would look like your average grandma in about 5-10 years. She’s just wearing an old sweatshirt, like she was running errands or dropping kids off at school . I take in what she is saying, and contemplate it. Does she know what I am doing? Was that an intentional sentence?

“Well, it was kind of a personal call” I stutter out.

“Oh, I’m not listening. Go ahead and finish.” She says, and I see her put the minivan in park, and she leans over and turns her head towards me.

“You sure? It may get a little risqué” I offer.

“Oh, I don’t mind at all” she counters. “I’m not listening.” She proves it by turning up her radio just a bit.

I’m still not sure, but I am super excited by the thought of a stranger watching me, so I give up on the phone ruse, and just put it down. I stop hunching over, and I lean back and reach down to my stiff member and start slow stroking it, big long exaggerated strokes, so it is clear what I am doing, just in case she really did just want directions.

After about 10 good long strokes, I look over, and she is not at all hiding the fact that she is staring at my cock and my hand. She doesn’t even notice that I looked beşiktaş escort over. I groan a bit, and I start stroking for her, strutting as it were, peacocking my cock. I lean the seat back a bit further, and I can now lift my pelvis higher off the seat, exposing my cock better to the window. I can also watch her through the back window this way.

I was already close, and now with an audience, I start fucking my hand, pushing my cock all the way up my hand, doing a full pump stroke up in the air. I start talking in generalities, but directed at her, “Oh, I love fucking you. Your blonde hair is so sexy.” I notice she turns her radio back down a bit when I start talking. “Damn, you look so hot in that sweatshirt. I love making you cum during the day. I love your sweet hairy pussy on my cock. Oh yeah.” I keep going, pumping harder and harder into my fist. “Fuck I am going to cum for you. This cock is going to cum for you.” I keep pumping, and I look over, and I see her leaning closer, watching me fuck my fist. “I would fuck you for hours, you are so gorgeous. God, I want to fill you with my cum.” The more I talk the more I am displaying myself. I am 20 strokes from blowing my load, and I have pushed my dick well above the window as I really get into it.

“Oh baby, here it comes. This cum is yours. I want you to have it!” I pump and pump and I finally erupt the first jet, “YES! Watch me cum, baby! You made me cum!” I send rope after thick rope onto my body as I stare at her staring at me. I just keep pumping out cum until it stops, and I still am stroking as my body starts to settle back down into the seat. “Oh, fuck, you made me cum so hard”, I say to her. “I have never cum that hard before.”

She finally breaks her gaze from my cock and my cum, and looks at me. “That was nice. Really nice. Thank you for the directions.” She starts rolling up her window and I say, “Hey wait!” but she puts the minivan in drive and pulls away. I clean up a bit and get my pants back on, and she drives past again after doing a U-turn at the dead end — and as she passes she yells out, “Thanks for the show! Be careful out here, be safe!”

I returned to that park every day for lunch for 3 weeks hoping to give an encore performance, but I never saw that minivan or its sexy mom driver ever again.

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