My Latina Daughter-In-Law

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My name is Tom and I live alone in a Midwestern Suburb. I lost my wife to Cancer several years back and just never saw the point in trying to start over again with someone else. I was married for over 25 years and got pretty much set in my ways and didn’t figure to find someone who could be comfortable with me, and frankly someone I would want to be around all the time.

I just turned 50, and was partially retired. I had worked most of my adult life, but in the last 10 years I had started a little company that grew very quickly, and instead of taking to the next level, sold it to large conglomerate, and made more than enough money to live out the rest of my life. I did a couple days a week as a consultant to my old customers, just to keep my hand in the business.

We had one son, Danny, who we put through school until he graduated with a science degree, but as is the way of this younger generation, when he went looking for a job, they were hard to come by, and ones that were available he wasn’t interested in.

He met a young woman at the university and got married, against us and her parents approval. We felt it would have been better to wait until after graduation and getting a job, of course they knew better and rushed in.

Since graduating 3 years ago, and living in some small low rent apartments, and scraping by, my son has started working as a long haul trucker. Some use of his science degree. But in the mean time he and our Daughter in law got pregnant and gave us our first grand child, a boy named Chad.

My Daughter in law Camila, didn’t finish her degree as she left after she and my son got married. Her Parents lived about 200 miles away, so they didn’t get to visit all that often, and since they were not in favor of the marriage didn’t see the need to support them.

During this time unknown by us, my wife was getting sick and she eventually died from Breast Cancer only 6 months after she first found a lump. It was a very hard time for me, and I couldn’t be emotionally available to my son and his family for a couple of years.

One night I was up reading late as I normally do, and my phone rang.

Camila: in a whisper “Papa, (she called me Papa) I am sorry to be calling so late, but Danny is on the road and I heard a noise and I am afraid someone might be breaking in.”

I immediately put my kindle down and got out of bed.

Tom: “Cami just to be safe, go get Chad and get in the bathroom and lock the door. I will be over there in 20 minutes. Take your phone with you and we can talk while I come over.”

Camila: “OK, Thanks Papa. I have got Chad, but I still hear something at my door, I am going to my bathroom now and I have the door Locked.”

I got dressed as quick as possible and reached in my night stand and opened my gun safe and took out my 9 just in case.

Tom: “You are doing great, stay calm, keep Chad quiet, and stay down in your tub. This will be the safest place.”

I was breaking every speed limit, but the gods were with me, as I didn’t get pulled over. I arrived in 18 minutes and raced up the three flights of stairs. When I got to their door, there was no one there, but I did see marks on their lock like someone had tried to pick them. I had made them put in a deadbolt when they moved in, which of course meant I put in the deadbolt for them.

Since I still had Camila on the phone I told Her I was at the front door.

Tom: “Cami I am here and there is no one at the door.”

I heard the lock being thrown and saw Camila peeking out around the frame. The Door swung open and Camila with Chad in her arms rushed to me and were pressed tightly against my chest.

I held on to her tightly, trying best to calm her down. Chad must have felt her stress as he was getting very fidgety and looking like he was going to cry. Even though he wasn’t quite one yet, he seemed to understand that Mom was scared and very tense.

I took him from Camila’s arms and held him high, and brought him back for a Furbert which I knew would make him laugh. (A furbert is like a Raspberry blown against a Cheek or Stomach). With Chad now relaxed in Grandpapa’s arms, Cami still held tightly to me as we went back into her apartment.

We sat down and I tried to get Camila to talk about what was going on.

Camila: “Danny is on the road every week and since I didn’t finish school I can’t get aqjob, because any job I get will cost more in daycare than I would make. Plus, Danny doesn’t want me to work, and I am not comfortable leaving Chad with strangers.”

Tom: “Trust me I understand, we were in the same situation when we had Dan, twenty-five years ago. We were often broke living paycheck to paycheck, and felt like all our salary was going to a mortgage and daycare. It is absolutely not easy, but we survived.”

Camila: “I know we can do it, but with Dan gone all the time and living in this neighborhood is very scary. I rarely leave the apartment and even then I am worried where ever I go.”

Tom: “I know Dan wants to do everything beylikdüzü escort himself, but sometimes people need help, at least starting off. I tell you what, how about for tonight, you come home with me, and we will get you and Chad set up in the guest bedroom and make you a nice breakfast and discuss this in the daylight, what we can do about your family’s immediate future.”

Camila was so relieved that she again wrapped herself onto her Father in law.

Now I know I am not supposed to think these things, but Cami was very beautiful when she married my son. With Classic Latina features, Long Black shiny hair well past her shoulders. Dark Smoldering eyes, that I hated myself, because I found them so GodDamned Sexy. High Cheekbones, and a golden brown complexion. When she married, she was slim, with perky breasts and what is called a tight ass. She is not very tall, maybe 5’2″, but at the time probably weighed no more than 110.

Since she had her baby, Cami has rounded in many ways. She still has the same very beautiful Latina features, but she had gained some weight. Her Breasts were larger, she butt was rounder and she hadn’t lost all the baby weight around her waist. Now maybe it was because I hadn’t been with a woman in several years, but she was the epitome of womanhood. I felt extremely guilty as she wrapped herself in my arms and I felt her big beautiful breasts press tightly into my chest. I kissed her on the top of her head as I held her, but knowing I really wanted to strip her naked and devour her until she screamed.

Camila: “Yes, I would like that very much!” she whispered. Almost too choked up to talk.

So We packed up some clothes for Chad and she packed a bag for herself, while I played blocks with my grandson. Then we were off.

Upon arriving home, I brought them down to my basement and to the guest room.

I should tell you, My wife and I did very well for ourselves. We were not rich most of our lives and didn’t live in a Mansion but we had a comfortable house, that I designed and had built, and it was more than big enough for the two of us, and had room for guests. It was way too big for just me, but I was at home and brought in help to keep it clean.

I brought Cami and Chad down to my finished basement and shown them our guest room, where it would be quiet and had a big enough bed to let them get a good night sleep. I went to change the sheets, as it had been a long while since anyone had slept there. When I returned, Cami was sitting on the couch with her shirt open and her breasts freed from her bra, while Chad was slowly, sleepily suckling on her engorged nipple.

Stopping dead in my tracks, I couldn’t do anything but stare.

Cami looked up and while slightly embarrassed she found it very funny.

Camila: “What’s wrong, Papa. You lost in the sight of a couple of floppy boobs?”

I regained my composure somewhat and just shook my head.

Tom: “Cami you are even more beautiful than I imagined, and your magnificent breasts are worth starting wars over.” Ok it was late, and I was starting to get very horny, so I knew I had to leave.

I turned to the guest room and quickly changed the sheets, and when I turned as I finished, Camila came in and laid Chad down in the middle of the bed. She again came and held me tight as she thanked me for letting her stay.

Tom: “Sweet Dreams Cami. I love you both very much.”

She hugged me tighter for what felt like a long time and when she let go I was afraid she would feel something hard between my legs. As I left, I felt her eyes on me until their door was closed.

Now I am 50 years old, and I went to my bed extremely tired, but I did something I hadn’t done in a long time. I masturbated to thoughts of that large breasted Latina Daughter in Law one floor below me. When I came, it was with such force, that I hadn’t felt that since I was a teenager.

The next morning, I was up early as I normally am, with coffee and the paper, yes I am one of the last three people in the country still reading actual paper.

Camila walks into the kitchen with that just got out of bed look. She found one of my old button down shirts in the guest room closet, which she made look far better than I ever did. Hair in a messy but sexy look, with no makeup, and a baby on her hip, Michelangelo could have use her as a model.

She handed me my grandson and kissed the top of my head.

Camila: “Good Morning Papa”

Tom: “Morning Cami. Did you and my fine boy here have a good sleep?” I had Chad bouncing on my knee, while he was reaching for my bowl of Cheerios. I grabbed some dry ones from the box and laid them in front of him so he could work on his dexterity and I wouldn’t end up with wet cheerios in my lap.

I looked up and nearly gasped. Camila was reaching for a coffee cup on the second shelf, and while the shirt may have started on her mid thigh, now it had risen to just a titillating hint of her glorious butt cheeks. Cami heard me and looked beyoğlu escort in my direction and saw where I was looking.

Camila: “Papa are you checking out my ass?”

Tom: “Well Cami you wear my shirt very nicely, but if you reach up like that again, I may have a heart attack.”

Camila: “You mean like this?” and she reached up even higher, going on tippy toes to expose more of her glorious ass, and even bounced a little causing her incredible tits to bounce with her.

My Hand goes to my chest in a mock attack, which causes Cami to laugh as she brings a bowl and her coffee to the table. This causes Chad to laugh and grin his mostly toothless grin with cheerios stuck to his face.

As we finish breakfast, I tell Cami I will clean up and she can take care of Chad. I hand him to her and kiss them both on the top of their heads and start putting stuff away and washing the dishes.

I walk into the living room hoping to watch a little TV, when I freeze in my tracks. On the couch Camila has completely unbuttoned my dress shirt and has both of her breasts out with Chad nursing on her left and laying across her lap. They seemed to be struggling a little as Chad was getting fussy and not wanting to eat, but Cami needed to release her milk as she was quite full.

Camila: “Papa can you sit down here.” I sat next to her, with Chads feet in my lap.

Camila: “Now that Chad is eating more solid food he wants to nurse less, which makes it painful for my breasts to be so full, and he tends to fall asleep too quickly.”

I look over and see Chad struggling to stay awake. I take Chad’s feet and tapped on his soles and he starts Nursing again.

Camila: “How did you do that?”

Tom: “Whenever Danny would fall asleep with my wife we would pat the bottom of his feet and it would keep him awake for a little longer.”

But as we talk, Chad has fallen fast asleep and wasn’t going to eat any more.

Camila: “Damn, I am still leaking here and he didn’t even touch this one.”

I could see white drips coming from her left breast, dripping down to Chads face. I picked him off Cami’s lap and laid him on the end of the couch. Cami was close to crying.

Tom: “What’s wrong Cami?”

Camila: “I feel like a failure as a Mother, Wife, Woman. I can’t feed my son fully, I can’t keep my Husband at Home and I can’t Org… Sorry TMI, I know.” Now she was crying with tears running down her cheeks.

Here was this beautiful young incredible woman mostly naked, crying into my shoulder.

As with most guys, I was a little uncomfortable, but I really wanted to ‘fix’ it.

Her breasts were now leaking quite a bit as happens when a woman cries. I lean over and lick up her right breast tasting her milk for the first time. Cami jumps a little, as she was startled by me licking her breast. I latch on to her nipple and suck hard and was rewarded with a solid stream of sweet tasty mothers milk. Her hands which started pushing my head away, moved to the back of head and held my mouth firmly attached to her breast.

As I look up at her face, Cami has her head back against the couch with her eyes closed and her mouth open into a soft moan. I am still sucking on her nipple but I also take my tongue and lightly lick around her areola. Her hands grab hand fulls of my hair and is nearly smothering me against her boob. My other hand reaches for her other tit and I feel it getting wet with Milk.

Cami isn’t quiet any longer, she is moaning constantly and her hand moves down to her small panties.

Her Right breast is done and I slide off the couch and try to go to her other side, but she sees what I am doing and instead opens her legs wide inviting me in. I move between her legs and start licking clean her left breast and move to sucking on this one to relieve the stress. Because of our size differences, my chest is resting on her pelvic region and I feel her hand sliding up and down her pussy.

I help her by moving my chest pushing into her pussy with her hand between us. I soon finish what Chad started, and could have stopped, but I remembered what she almost said earlier that she was having problems achieving an Orgasm.

I kiss down her stomach, loving every part of her, down to her furry center. I continue down to her smooth thighs and see she has slid her panties to the side as her hand is rubbing up through her pussy lips which are bare of any hair. She must have been shaved for the birth and kept it that way.

As I moved closer to her panty covered pussy, again her hands moved to push my head away, but not to be denied, my mouth press hard against her silky covering. Cami let out a soft shriek and her hands now moved from my head to fists resting on her thighs. I took this as permission and slid her panties to the side again, and started licking her entire gash.

I started at her leaking Vagina, with its musky liquor, slowly working my way north to her sensitive bud. I stayed here and held on while she moaned and twitched bomonti escort from pleasure unimaginable. I moved back down and stuck my tongue as far into her as I could. Again she shrieked and I was afraid Chad would wake before Cami could cum. As I felt her getting close, I moved back to her clit and stuck first one, then two fingers into her pussy. As I lapped at her clitoris and finger fucked her, it was less than a minute before her body went completely rigid. I stopped and held my fingers in place and let her cum. She was silent for almost a full minute, with her body nearly fully off the couch, then she collapsed.

I slowly pulled my fingers out and licked them clean, then I wiped my face with my tee shirt and sat down again next to my Daughter in law. She looked up at me and then really started crying. I held on to her tight, and let her finish. I know it can be very emotional after a hard orgasm, so I waited.

Camila: “My first true orgasm and it comes from my Father in law. How sad is that.”

Tom: “I am sorry Cami, but you seem to be stressed, with the munchkin not finishing his breakfast, and I think it just led to other issues, Loneliness, and maybe even direction in life. Lets get cleaned up and we have all day to discuss what we can do moving forward. OK?”

Camila: “OK. This guys needs changing anyway, it is getting ripe in here and not just from me!” Cami giggled.

When Chad was put down, and Cami brought back the baby monitor we sat down for a long overdue discussion. I had brought in coffee for both of us.

Tom: “Cami, as you said before right now you are stuck in a low rent apartment, where you are afraid to leave. You have no transportation and your husband is on the road week after week. You have had limited support from both me and your parents, which I sincerely apologize. Now it seems you can keep the current situation, but it doesn’t appear like it will change anytime soon…OR… You can move in here for the time being. There are a lot of advantages, one being this house is far safer than where you currently live. Two is you don’t have to worry about rent, your other bills, and living day to day, paycheck to paycheck.”

I let that sink in for a minute, then continued.

Tom: “I would have some expectations. I know raising a baby will include a lot of clutter, but I have gotten used to a fairly clean and organized house, so I would want you to help keep the house neat, and help with cooking, shopping, etc.

What I am offering is that you will get a live in babysitter, me, and I would expect you to investigate where you can go back to school to finish your degree. Long term without your degree, your life situation will not change for the better. What do you think, of these terms.”

Camila: “I can live with that, but I am not sure Danny will be as easy, he is pretty stubborn and may see this as a strike against his manhood. Also what do you get out of this? What Happened earlier, can’t happen again, I am your Son’s wife.”

Tom: “I totally understand. I saw you were struggling with many emotions and just wanted to help. I am sure I went too far, but at least we know one thing.”

Camila: “What is that?”

Tom: “We know that not having an Orgasm is not your fault!”

Camila laughed, “Yeah that is right, it was the best O that I ever had, and first one from another person.”

Tom: “Really, Can’t you guide my Son to what makes you feel good?”

Camila: “Well now we are getting into kind of personal part of my relationship with him, but no, he is frankly a little selfish in bed. He gets his pleasure and is often done fast and asleep, before I am even close. Sorry, I shouldn’t be talking about this. Tom, ever since I got Pregnant Danny hasn’t been too comfortable being with me, if you know what I mean. After Chad was born, my body changed a lot, my Breasts are bigger, my hips are wider and I haven’t been able to lose all my baby weight, and it just feels like Danny is disgusted to be around me.”

I was flabbergasted, here was one of the sexiest women I have ever known and my son couldn’t look past what he deemed imperfections. What an idiot.

Tom: “First of all, you are a truly beautiful woman, what you see in the mirror is not what I see. I see a woman, a mother. Your breasts and butt are, if I may be so bold, far sexier today than when you got married. I kind of thought you were a little skinny. But beyond all that, you are smart, brave and totally dedicated to your son. All of these attributes, again, make you a truly beautiful woman.”

Camila: “I wished Danny felt that way.”

Tom: “That’s OK. I would have expected better from him, but you also have to be strong. A good relationship requires you to tell him, what you like, and what you need, even if you think it may be different from what he wants.

OK, so from now on, we will make the move permanent, and when Danny comes home, he can move in downstairs. Chad can use the storage room as the nursery, which means next week, we will have some work to do. We will have to convert it from an unfinished space to a Nursery. You will also have to help keep the house clean, I can help set up menus for the week, and give you money for groceries, and you have to investigate where you can transfer your credits and get accepted to finish your degree.

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