My Job as a Tester Ch. 04

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When we get to the pub we sit down and talk quietly among ourselves. David and Lisa are there with us. When Kim comes by and takes our orders, she tells us that we are always the most relaxed and happy group that ever comes there.

She leaves to get our drinks and we continue talking. David speaks up, “So far we have gotten two of the four busts poured and dried and by tomorrow we’ll have the other two. Then we can start creating the ah, let’s say the prosthetics!” he smiles at Kim as she returns with our drinks.

“It must be nice to work where sexual harassment isn’t a problem!” Kim says.

We all laugh then Denise looks at me. Denise, Rosa, Rachael and I say in unison, “It’s a benefit!”

“I’m not exactly sure about that statement but I’ve got an idea.” Kim replies before she walks away.

“If she only knew the whole truth.” Carla says as she pats me and Denise on the legs.

“She would most likely run away screaming!” Denise says than stops and thinks for a moment. “Or she may decide she wants a career change.” She adds.

“David if she does I’m going to need some help so you and Carla are it!” I state.

“If he can’t handle it I’ll be happy to try to help!” Lisa says.

“I bet you would you little nympho!” David says. “Now getting back to what I was saying. Mac I’d like you to stop by when you get a chance in the afternoon if you can?” he asks. “That is providing Lisa my nympho assistant can do her job and get the first two created for you and Denise to look at!”

“It seems to me that is all I’ve heard about is my costume. Is anyone else going to be dressing up or am I alone in this?” I ask.

“Debbie, Sarah and Rachael went shopping today for their costumes. Cindy and Rosa are going the day after tomorrow. That leaves Carla, you and me for tomorrow!” Denise says. “I know a couple of places we are definitely going to need to go!” She says.

“Let the embarrassment begin!” I say. “I can just imagine what people are going to be saying!”

“No, we are going to several businesses of friends of mine! Who know how to be polite and discreet!” Denise states. “If you start to feel embarrassed just tell me and we’ll leave. I don’t want you to be embarrassed while we’re shopping!”

“Well it should prove to be interesting to say the least.” I reply. Then as an afterthought I ask, “Is there any decisions I need to make before we get started or have those already been made?”

“There really only two that would help before we get started tomorrow!” Denise says. “What hair color would you like to be and should it be short, medium or long in length?”

“I don’t think you should be a platinum blonde.” Rosa says. “Your skin tone is wrong for that.”

Sarah says, “I think you’d look good as a brunette or maybe even a really black hair color!”

“Well I can tell you I would prefer it be long rather than short!” I say. “I guess medium length may be good if it is long enough.”

“I think it would look better if it cascaded over your shoulders little brother.” Carla says.

“Over the shoulders would be good for us as well.” David says. “It will help sale the illusion of your costume.”

As we sit there and continue to talk about the different costumes everyone is going to wear Kim walks up and asks us if we want refills. We all agree one more round and then we have got to go our respective directions.

She returns with our drinks and stay to talk for a few moments. She goes around the table trying to find out what everyone is wearing to the party. Four of us don’t give her the answer she’s looking for instead we just say she’ll just have to wait and see. “Well it will be fun trying to figure out who is who!” Kim says.

When she leaves because some more people arrive we continue talking until we finish our drinks. We pay our tab and head back to the store. We reach the parking lot and get in our cars.

“Remember to dress comfortably tomorrow Carla and Mac, We are going shopping!” Denise says.

As we drive off I see David, Denise and Lisa go back into the store in my rearview mirror.

When I show up in the morning Denise is getting out of her car and so is Rachael. “Good morning.” I tell them.

“I’m glad to see you decided to show up today.” Denise says jokingly. “I’d hate to drive to your house and get you!”

I jokingly reply, “Well I figured it was better than having you drag me out into the street, kicking and screaming! The neighbors have enough to talk about as it is!”

“Yeah that would bring them to the windows alright!” Rachael says. “Maybe you should go home and we’ll come and get you that way they’ll not know what’s going on!”

“Yeah two beautiful ladies showing up in my neighborhood would cause a lot of the little old ladies to talking.” I say as I step into the building. “Well it could be worse I guess, you could bring everyone to get me!”

“No worse would be bringing everyone and carrying you out in your underwear!” Denise says with a smile laughing.

“That would cause a few heart attacks!” I tekirdağ escort reply laughing as we head to the break room and start the coffee pot going. “I should check on our backup of the system and make sure it went okay.”

“You can relax a minute or two!” Denise says as we hear voices coming into the building.

David steps into the break room. “So I guess this is the early crew!” he says as he gets a cup of coffee. “We managed to get two of the busts done and the other two should be ready to unmold so Lisa can start creating those!”

“Would you like us to step back there and take a look before we head out?” Denise asks.

“No rush, but it would be helpful to get your approval so we can do a vacuform and get ready to pour the latex.” David says as he sits down. “I want you to know that I plan on this being some of our best work! We are going to use every trick we know to make them look and behave as real as possible. So we may need to borrow you a few times so they look right on your body!”

“If Denise doesn’t have a problem with it I’ll be happy to help you out!” I tell him.

“David, you and Lisa need to take a moment to go see Rachael!” Denise says. “Seeing how you work here now! You get the same thing everyone else does and the same rules apply.” She adds.

Lisa steps into the break room right then. “What rules are those?” she asks.

“It’s simple Rachael will create a set of custom diapers for each of you, you can wear them and use them when you have to pee but if you need to do the other please use the bathroom. If you wet them anyone who works here will be happy to change you!” Denise says.

“Does everyone wear them?” Lisa asks as she looks at Rachael and me.

“Normally everyone wears them in except Mac, there are good reasons why he doesn’t so one of us always diapers him before we start work. ” Denise says. “Today Mac, Carla and I won’t be wearing them because we’re going shopping.”

“You were hoping weren’t you?” I ask. “When I do I’ll let you either do it or watch if you want!”

“You got a deal!” Lisa says with a wicked grin.

“Mac, when you finish your coffee go and check on the backup of the system. Then when everyone is here we’ll go take a look at what David and Lisa has created!” Denise says. “Then the three of us will head out for our shopping trip!”

“I’ll go do that right after this cup.” I say as Carla walks in. “Hey little sister, how are you doing today?” I ask.

“I’m doing real good so far, little brother.” Carla replies. “Now that Ben has left does that make David here my new big brother?” she asks.

“I guess it would.” Denise says. “Seeing how he’s taller than Mac is.”

“Well then, good morning big brother.” Carla says with a laugh.

“Good morning,” David pauses for a moment then adds, “little sister. You know I never had any sisters when I was growing up this may prove interesting!”

“Interesting is an understatement around here!” I say as I take a drink of coffee.

“I have a feeling your right!” David says as he stands up. “Rachael, I don’t really mean to rush your morning coffee but I need to get to work unmolding those busts! Would it be possible for me to stop by after I get them done?”

“Of course sweetheart, I’ll be here all day.” Rachael says. “I can take care of Lisa’s measurements first when I’ve had my coffee if you don’t need her right away?”

“That will work out just fine. She can’t get started until they are out of the molds anyway.” David says as he heads for the door.

“Mac, I created an A cup and a D cup last night for you and Denise to look at!” Lisa says. “Today I’ll work on the B and C cups but I think you’ll like what I’ve got done so far. I managed to incorporate the way your chest is shaped into the breasts.”

“I’m sure I’ll like them.” I reply. “As for Denise I’m sure she will as well but we’ll just have to wait and see!”

“I’m sure I will also Lisa.” Denise says as she gets up. “I’ve got a few things to do before we go so if you’ll excuse me?” She meets everyone else as they pass in the hallway on their way into the break room.

“So are you ready to go shopping today for your new outfits?” Sarah asks.

“Outfits?” I ask.

“Denise can never buy just one thing. She tends to like an assortment of options! You know just in case.” Debbie replies before Sarah has a chance to. “Denise really enjoys Halloween! Every year we are allowed to go shopping for our costume and we get paid to do it! Not only that but she flips the bill for it, even though we offer to pay for it ourselves!”

“She feels it is the one holiday adults don’t have much fun during so, she has made it her duty to promote it as much as possible!” Rachael says with a smile. “Personally I think it’s her time to become a little girl again!”

“Well that would explain her eagerness for us to go shopping!” I say as I get up and refill my cup. “Does anyone know where all she is going to be taking me to today?” I ask.

“I’ve got a few ideas but I’m not telling!” Rachael says as she steps over holding out her coffee cup for me to refill it. She grins at me then turns, “Lisa, dearie are you ready to let me get your measurements?”

“Ready when you are.” Lisa replies.

“Since no one is going to tell me I might as well go and check on the backup.” I say to a room full of smiling faces. As I step into the hall Carla tells me she has got a couple of things to do in the warehouse and when she’s done she’ll come to my room and wait with me for Denise. “Alright, I’ll see you in a little bit.” I say as I step into the server room.

Sitting on my desk are several of the products we still need to test along with a note from Rosa. “I wonder what this says.” I say as I pick up the note and open it.

“Little one, I left the products here so you could get a little more comfortable with them. As for this note I left it so that you would know that I really enjoyed yesterday! Thank you for letting me helping you get past the bad experience you had was a pleasure for me! With Care, Your Momma Rosa.”

I smile and say out loud, “Only Rosa would be so polite as to leave me a note thanking me for something like that.” I sit down my coffee cup because I hear Rosa is still in the break room. So I take the note and walk back in and stand at the door for a moment and look at her. Then I walk over and kiss her on the cheek. “You’re welcome, Momma Rosa.” I say with a smile then I return to the server room to check on the backup smiling.

I check the backup and everything went just the way I set it up. I pull the tapes and put in a clean set then mark the ones I just removed. Which is a little difficult for a moment because of the products on my desk? So I move them out of the way. When I get done labeling them. I pick up the latex sheath that’s similar to the one Rosa put on me the other day.

There’s a knock on the door. “Come in.” I say.

Carla steps inside, “So you find something of interest to play with?” she asks with a grin. “That looks very interesting.” She says.

I look at her and then to the latex sheath in my hands. “Oh it can be very interesting! Denise and Rosa put one of these that was not quite so stiff on me a few days ago.” I say. “At the time I had to pee so badly I was having problems holding it!”

“I wish I had been here to see that!” Carla says. “Did they have to wrestle with you to get it on?” she asks.

“Actually I couldn’t do anything to stop them! I was restrained in a stroller Denise had designed.” I tell her.

“A stroller! Wow that must have been something to see in the training room.” Carla says.

“We were using the break room at the time and it just happened to be lunch time right then and I couldn’t have stopped peeing if I wanted to.” I explain. “So they had me sitting there with my legs restrain wide open and one of these connected to a bottle below me! Everyone who was working got a real good view during lunch!” I state.

“Now I’m really sorry I missed it!” Carla says. “Is this one of the products you’re going to test?”

“Actually all of these on my desk are ones Denise and Rosa would like me and Carol to test.” I reply. “So, do you know where we are going shopping today?” I ask.

“No I don’t but I think one place will be the wig shop Denise took me to. They have a great selection there so finding one for you shouldn’t be a problem!” Carla says.

There is a knock on the door and Denise steps in. “Are you ready to go see what David and Lisa have done?” Denise asks. I tell her ‘sure I’ve got everything done that I needed to do’.

We head back to where they had setup shop. When we get there two of the busts are covered and Lisa is working on the third. “We’re here, so now you guys can show us what you got!” Denise says.

They walk over and remove the cover from one of the busts. It’s the one with the A cup. Denise and I look at it and agree it is very well done and looks as realistic as it can on a plaster bust. “So this one is good and we can proceed with it.” David says as we move down to the second one. He removes the cover and I’m amazed.

“That looks like that is going to be a little heavy to wear, don’t you think?” I say.

David laughs. “These are almost a perfect D cup! I say almost because there is no such thing as a perfect D cup breast. We made these just a bit larger than a D cup!” he says. “If you look you’ll notice we placed a small mole between the breasts where it would add character and make them appear more natural! I assure you Mac they will not be that heavy when we are done!” David states.

“Great go ahead with this one as well!” Denise says. “They both look great! Let us know when you’re ready for a test fitting!” she adds.

David and Lisa move the busts closer to a machine that they use for vacuum forming. Then Lisa gets a sheet of plastic and places it in a frame. Denise says we need to go so we don’t get to watch the rest of what they were doing. She gets us out to the parking lot and has us get into her car. Then we’re off for a shopping trip. Our first stop is the wig shop.

When we arrive we get out and go inside where Denise leads us towards the rear of the shop and her friend is waiting. “Hey Denise, so are you here about what we discussed last night?” she asks.

“Yes we are Laura and here is the gentleman I told you about!” Denise says. “Mac I would like you to meet Laura! She is a wizard when it comes to wigs!”

“Mac I’m please to meet you!” Laura says. “If you’ll come with me, Denise has told me about your preferences.” She leads me to a chair in front of a set of mirrors.

“Oh great I get to have a look at myself in three mirrors! Triple the ugliness; I hope I don’t break these mirrors!” I say jokingly.

“Mac, you can be so mean to yourself. You’re not ugly!” Denise says. “I don’t want you to say that again please!”

“I agree with Denise, Mac you’re now my little brother and I won’t put up with hearing you say that!” Carla says as she playfully swats me on the shoulder.

Laura walks up carrying several wigs of different lengths and ranging from brunette to jet black. “I agree with them you’re not ugly but even with these wigs in order to pull this off the beard and mustache are going to have to go.” She says. “In the meantime let’s see what we can do!”

“Alright I get the message I won’t say that again! So which one are we going to try first?” I ask. She helps me try a brunette wig with shoulder length hair. We all agree that it doesn’t look quite right. We try another that has hair down to the middle of my back that we can bring over my shoulders. We agree that the length is good and the hair color is good.

“I want you to try this one.” Laura says as she holds up a jet black wig with the same length. She helps me put it on and I look in the mirror. “This one looks great on you! It will have every man drooling when they see you!”

“I don’t know if I want men drooling after me, you know they might call it false advertising!” I say. “But you’re right I do like this one! I really don’t know which one I like better they are both great!” I state.

“Then it’s settled we’ll take them both!” Denise says.

“Wait a minute Denise we don’t need both of them!” I say.

“Mac, today you’re going to shop like a woman and this is how we do it!” Denise says. “If you can’t decide which one you like better we’ll get both of them and don’t you dare argue about it or I’ll have Carla straighten you out!” She says as Carla smiles.

“I get to choose how to ‘straighten you out’ and I promise it will be interesting!” Carla says.

“That sound interesting and may be fun but I’ll try it your way Denise. Just remember I’m a man so I don’t do a lot of shopping as a ‘woman’!” I say.

“Alright, I’ll cut you some slack but not too much.” Denise says as she smiles. “Next stop, we’re going clothes shopping for both of you!” she says as she pays for the wigs.

We get them and get back in the car. I tell them that we just spent an hour and a half looking at wigs. They tell me not to worry about the time we spend shopping and I’m to have fun just doing it! I agree to try to enjoy myself but what we’re going to next will feel a little strange. They tell me to relax as we pull up to a clothing store.

“This place is great the owner Catharine caters to hard to fit clients!” Denise says as we walk in. The sales girl tells Denise that she’ll go get Catharine for her! “She handles all of my shopping. I promise this will be enjoyable for you!” she says.

Catharine walks up, “Denise, it’s good to see you! How can I help you today?”

“We need to use your special fitting area for my two friends here!” Denise says. “This is Carla and Mac, we are here for them! I should warn you this is Mac’s first time shopping like this and I’d like him to be as comfortable as possible while we look for his costume for a Halloween party we’ve been invited to, we’d like him to be able to pass as a woman!” she says.

Catharine walks over between Carla and I. She takes our arms, “Sweethearts you’re going to have the time of your lives here!” She says as she leads us to a fitting area with a sofa, chairs and several end tables. A young lady comes in and asks what we’d like to drink and if we are hungry. When she comes back she has our drinks and some small sandwiches.

After a few moments sitting there Catharine starts talking to us asking what we’d like to try on! Carla tells her a few dresses she would like to try. When she looks at me, I just sit there and tell her that I’ve never done this before. She smiles, “Honey, do you know what tucking is?” she asks.

“I understand the concept but I’ve never done it before!” I say. “I’m not even sure how to do it!”

Carla smiles and says, “I show you how little brother but you’re going to need a gaff!” then she looks at Catharine. “Do you by any chance carry one?” she asks.

“Yes we do sweetheart give me a second and I’ll get a nice selection for you two to choose from!” Catharine says as she stands up then she turns to me, “Honey I know this is new to you! I hope you’ll trust me on my selection they will feel really nice on your skin.” She states as she steps out to get them.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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