My Italian Stallion

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This is a true story. Only my lover’s name has been changed.


O MY GOD! What a night! Even now several days after it happened I still feel the passion, the lust, the total fulfillment. Over the coming days and weeks the memory will fade which is why I have to write it down now.

I was raised a naïve Catholic where my mother (who STILL thinks I’m an innocent virgin) ruled both my older sister and myself. The control was so tight we weren’t even allowed to use tampons because our hymens had to remain intact until our wedding night. As far as I know my sister kept to that rule and went to her marriage bed a virgin. I, by contrast was deceived and tricked into bed when I was barely eighteen years old, but that’s a story I’ll share another day.

Since my deflowering I decided I had nothing to lose so I went on the pill and spent the next few years hunting down hot men without commitments, sharing their beds and enjoying a very active sex life. I joined the British Army as a nurse and whenever I’m home on leave the shagging begins and continues until I return to duty. I’m not alone in this, most single army girls straight or gay spend their leave lying in bed with their legs wide open.

I can honestly say that in nine cases out of every ten I get what I want, enjoy them and move on. If a man is exceptional I keep his number and if he is in town the next time I’m home and I’m lonely and horny I give him a call, meet him, fuck him and move on. Normally I’m in charge of the whole situation from start to finish.

But this night was different, very different. Marcus (not his real name) is a Captain in the Italian Army he’s 40 years old, tall, bahis firmaları fit, handsome and single. He’s served in NATO Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and although I didn’t meet him it seems we were both out there at the same time on at least two occasions. He was in the UK for a short training exercise and with a colleague he was at one of our bars where I met him. We talked and I practiced my Italian and gave him my mobile number and agreed to see him the next evening. When I got home to my digs he phoned me and invited me to a top Italian Restaurant and then on to a dance at his HQ where he has exclusive use of the officer’s apartment.

I discussed with a colleague and we agreed I shouldn’t go in my usual ‘Tomboy’ clothes of jumper and trousers but dress sophisticated. Eventually I settled for my Graduation dress, stockings and heels. At 1930 hours on the dot a car collected me and took me to the restaurant.

As soon as I saw him sitting there I was no longer the hunter. I was the prey. His look undressed me and I felt my legs tremble. He rose for me, sat me down and began small talk and all the while my cheeks were burning and I’m sure I was blushing.

The meal went well and then his car took us to the dance. We both sat down in the back of the car and I must have struggled to get in giving him a sight of my white panties because after he helped me in he said he liked girls who wore stockings. I think my whole body trembled. The dance was wonderful and I’m sure everyone was looking at us. In the close dances I could feel him pressing against me and a thrill went down my back knowing I’d made this senior soldier hard.

When the dancing ended kaçak iddaa I played my ‘old trick’. I told him I’d left my keys to my digs in my other handbag. He saw through me, smiled and said he was going to ask me back to his apartment for coffee anyway. His car took us across the courtyard and when we arrived he told his housekeeper she could go home. We sat together on the settee and our eyes just locked before he drew me into a kiss. My nipples hardened, my pussy started to get moist and then his tongue was exploring my mouth.

Without saying a word he helped me up and led me into the bedroom, a huge king size bed dominated the room and the soft music made the atmosphere right. Slowly he began to unbutton the top to my dress and encouraged me to unbutton his shirt. His magnificent torso almost made me orgasm there and then. Next my bra was unfastened and he was kissing and biting my nipples as I was moaning.

I reached down and undid his trousers, then his underpants and I helped him off with his shoes leaving him standing completely naked. We both smiled and then without a word I was down on my knees and I took his magnificent cock on to my lips and I kissed it. Already it was leaking precum which I licked, mixed with my saliva and swallowed. Next I opened my lips and took him in to my mouth and allowed the underbelly of his manhood to nestle onto the fold of my tongue. Using my tongue I brought him to the boil feeling him harden before releasing his sperm into my mouth. That wonderful hot sweet salty creamy texture slid down my throat and he said afterwards I was the first girl who had ever swallowed his seed. And I told him truthfully that he was the first man kaçak bahis I had ever given oral sex without being asked for it!

After he came I stood up and was getting ready to go to the bathroom when he stopped me. He told me he wanted to please me but he liked fucking women who still had their dresses partly on. I found myself on the bed with his hands removing my white panties and then his mouth, his tongue was assaulting my pussy as I screamed in pleasure before cumming hard releasing a tsunami of love juice onto his tongue. I am a loud lover and I’m sure many of his colleagues in the complex must have known what was happening.

By now he was rock hard again and he stood up, lifted the hem of my dress, opened my legs, entered me and fucked me hard. He really knows a woman’s body because he sensed when I was climaxing and only then did he explode himself. My orgasm was accompanied by that wonderful hot splash and I screamed as I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

We lay there in each other’s arms and soon he was hard again. This time I guided him by placing his manhood in my cleavage and we enjoyed a tit fuck (one of my favourite activities). After he came I asked him to rub his seed into my nipples and I was so excited I came again!

Neither of us slept that night. Instead we fucked each other another three or four times which shows how remarkably fit he is. In the morning we showered and before we were dry we were back in bed. I’ve never ever met a man with so much energy. Normally my men beg for mercy but not him. This time I met my Waterloo and like Napoleon I surrendered.

Eventually we dressed and he then said he was sure I’d find my keys. We both laughed. His driver took me home and 20 minutes after I arrived a delivery guy came with a bouquet and a note that read ‘We must do this again! – Next time in Rome!’ I’m already planning my summer leave.

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