My Husband’s Uncle Ch. 02

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My legs clasped on Uncle Luke’s ear. Burying his face in between my legs, which made him more eager to play with my folds.

“Just imagine me doing all those things to you…” My husband, Adrian, said.

“What the heck, Adrian!” I sounded mad which made Uncle Luke stop for a while to catch his breath and play with my clit again.

“Who in their right minds, would let their uncle fuck their wife?” I was supposed to feel guilty but how? If my husband wants me to be fucked by another guy for a fantasy and his uncle is in between my legs now, then this probably is a set up.

“Okay, babe. I’m sorry. I know that you love me and I love you too. I won’t fuck any girl here but I want the three of us to cum.”

“No! Adrian… He’s your uncle.” I hang up the phone.

When he called me on Skype, I answered it in my room. I answered him on call because I’m afraid that he might see his uncle join me in the room.

“Babe, my uncle lusts for you since he met you. We’ve been talking and he confessed about how he wants to satisfy you. He said he always hears your moans. He told me how he wants to smell you and taste you. He even smells your used panties after you take a shower. And when you’re in deep sleep he smells your cunt while you’re sleeping. “

“Baaaabeeeee..” I couldn’t contain my moan when I came. That was probably the reason why Uncle Luke was always touchy. He desires me.

“I know that you disagree but I want you to open your cam and show me how wet you have been.” I opened my cam and showed him my glistening pussy. “Damn, baby. I’d fuck you senseless if I were there. But we both know I can’t. So, seduce my uncle right now and ride him. Please, baby? For me?”

I never had the chance to reply right away because Uncle Luke placed a scented handkerchief on me, as an effect to the show. He showed my husband that he’s taking me without my consent.

He started kissing me and playing with my tits and pussy. “I’m gonna fuck your wife, Adrian. Don’t worry because she’ll fucking enjoy every thrust and every beşiktaş masöz escort lick she’ll get from me. I’m gonna show you what you’re missing.”


I pretended to be asleep as Uncle Luke took off my nighties.

He adored my body and showed Adrian how much he likes what he’s seeing.

“I’m gonna make sure she won’t miss you anymore, A. Who knows? Maybe she will get used to my size and regret that she settled with you.”

What does he mean? Adrian is big. That I can assure you. He always satisfies me. All the teasing is worth it ’cause he really makes me beg.

Uncle Luke has a longer and thicker cock. If I am not pretending to be asleep, I might have told him to fuck me slow. But that would blow us off. My husband might get a hint of what we’re already doing.

So I let Uncle Luke make me glistening with my own juices. And when I got so wet… He slapped me on the face.

“No! Stop! Uncle Luke please don’t!!” I started acting. Uncle Luke on the other hand used his cock to trace my small cunt.

He kissed me while he keeps on playing with his dickhead and my folds.

“Sorry, Adrian. I think your wife already likes this. You don’t mind me cumming inside her, do you?”

“I do mind, Luke. I wanna see her bathing with your cum. So don’t cum inside her.” I somewhat felt relieved. But he undressed and showed his cock on cam. He was stroking as if he was watching porn.

When Uncle Luke started kissing my whole body, my husband told him what to do next.

He knows what I want and he told his uncle how to do it. His uncle was more skillful than him. I’m really enjoying what he’s doing.

“I wouldn’t mind sharing her with you. She seems to like this. She never moaned for me like that.” Adrian told his uncle.


I became my husband’s favorite porn. His uncle on the other hand, has taken his place in our bed. Sometimes we would give my husband a show and we would cum together.

His uncle has taught me a lot when it comes to sex. beşiktaş otele gelen escort He even exposed me to different scenarios that an average person would only watch on pornsites. He has explored my body better than my husband have. And he may be right, that by the time my husband comes back, I may find his performance inadequate already.

By the third month that we’re doing it, Adrian has given Uncle Luke permission to cum inside me. I was shocked at first and I definitely said no. I was against it because I don’t want to be impregnated by his uncle. So, I told Adrian that I will take a pill if he wants his uncle to fuck me senseless.


Uncle Luke and I have become close ever since the cam show. I’ve agreed on several sexual and non-sexual things with him since my husband has been away for a while.

We would often go out as my husband requested and he would buy me things as a thank-you gift for agreeing. He’d bought me clothes that are too revealing for Adrian’s taste. But then, he’d argue that Adrian won’t get mad because he bought it for me.

“Adrian won’t mind if other guys will lust for his wife.” he says. “If he does, he wouldn’t let me do this to you.”

It’s 7 AM. We are stuck in traffic and his right hand is playing with my pussy. His tinted car doesn’t add to the thrill even when it should. We are five to ten minutes away from where he is working and anyone can see us.

“Suck my dick.” He commanded me to suck on his dick while he is driving. He also commanded me not to wear any undies this week. My ass is facing the window as I began bobbing my head to his stiff cock.

I only stopped sucking him when he was about to fuck me in his parking slot. We arrived in his office 30 minutes in advance so we have ample time to fool around.

He would often bring me to his company to show me off to his male colleagues. He really assumed the position of my husband as he introduces me to them as his girlfriend. Because of that, his friends think beşiktaş rus escort they can tease us about subtle sexual things.

I find it strange. How Adrian allowed Uncle Luke to be a part of our lives and do this to me.

Some would even joke about how big my tits are and how they’d love to grope me if Luke wasn’t looking. The thing is, they aren’t drunk. They aren’t high. And I can feel their hard on inside the elevator. I couldn’t move. If Uncle Luke saw this he might get turned on and he might ask this maniacs to fuck me in his office.

But, I’m slowly getting uncomfortable. I’m not wearing any undies and his friends are really hard. One of his colleagues slipped a finger inside me and I stifled a moan. While, another man was subtly rubbing my nipples using his elbows. It was the longest elevator ride. I know the camera is on and someone is watching us on the CCTV.

When we arrived at his office, the men stopped teasing me verbally and physically. When we arrived on their floor, everyone went to their own office and Uncle Luke and I were left alone.

It was already lunch time. I closed the door of his office and locked it. He dimmed the blinds as I kissed him hurriedly.

He was caught off guard. This was the first time I initiated and it drove him crazier.

He kissed me with so much passion. He knew it would work. I made him sat on his chair as I pull his pants and briefs down. I lifted my skirt, grabbed his right hand on my clit and kissed his neck.

I rode him while he’s playing with my clit.

“Don’t moan or I’ll stop.” he threatened me.

I tried but I can only stifle my moan. He stopped playing with me and disengaged.

“No… please…” I begged.

Something in him clicked. I don’t beg. I don’t initiate. I was so horny.

“Let me watch you enjoy yourself but don’t cum. If you cum, I won’t touch you.”

It was like I was under his spell. I put on a show, danced sexily and seductively stripped for him. I sat on his desk for his full viewing pleasure. Facing him, I started touching myself. Tried my best not to cum but when I couldn’t control it he placed his mouth at my folds and started drinking my juice.

“Fucking horny whore.” We returned to our senses upon hearing my husband say it. He was watching us. He saw everything live.

I felt confused. He wanted this. Yet, I can see anger burning in his eyes.

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