My Husband’s Best Friend

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I have always loved sex. From my very first time, as a nervous and awkward eighteen-year-old, I’ve loved how a man’s erect penis feels inside me, so solid and warm, filling me up with himself, and joining our bodies together. I love the warm, intimate sensation when he comes inside me, his manly, bodily essence flowing inside me, filling me up. I love how, even hours after we’ve made love, his cum will sometimes leak out of me, leaving a slippery film on my thighs so they slide against each other, lubricated by his cum, reminding me sensually of the time we spent together. I just love everything about sex!

Dan and I have been married for twelve years. From the first day we met, sex between us has always been. . . amazing. Incredible, cosmic. . . something. It’s like we have an amazing sexual resonance with each other. We just instinctively know how to give each other pleasure; the things that just blow my mind are the things he most loves doing to me, and vice versa. We both knew, from the very beginning, that we wanted to spend our lives together, learning to know and love each other in the deepest, most intimate ways.

Dan is an incredible lover. His cock is big and long and hard. It might not be the biggest I’ve ever had, but it’s one of the biggest. He just fills me completely, stretching my vagina and scrubbing my inner walls with his thick, wonderful pole. And he has incredible sexual stamina. He can stay hard for hours, it seems, and when he comes, he can be hard again in minutes, especially if I suck his cock. Sometimes when we make love, it lasts for hours, both of us coming again and again, losing ourselves in the wonder of our sex. I can confidently say that, in our entire married life, we’ve made love every single day we’ve been together; more often than not, twice, or even more.

Dan has always loved my body, and he loves to look at me. He makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, the way he looks at me, and he always tells me how beautiful I am.

He’s especially fond of my breasts. “You’ve got the most beautiful tits of any woman in the world,” he says, and it just makes me feel incredibly special, knowing how much my body pleases my man.

To tell the truth, I’ve always been proud of my breasts. I was one of the first girls in school to wear a bra — or to need to! — and I loved the way the boys would try to sneak looks at them, especially if I wore a shirt that was just a little too tight.

When I met Dan, he looked at my breasts like they were two of the seven wonders of the world, and he told me so. When I showed them to him for the first time, and let him feel them, it was almost like a religious experience for both of us. “Thank you, God!” he said, and I’m pretty sure he meant it.

It’s not just my breasts, either. I’ve never been fat, but I do have some nice curves. Dan always tells me how much he likes the shape of my butt. And the way my pubic hair adorns my pussy. And the way my pussy feels on his dick. When he’s inside me and I clamp down on his cock with my pussy-muscles, he groans like he’s died and gone to heaven. I feel like the most feminine, most desirable woman in the world.

When we were first married, we used to just go naked around the house, so whenever one of us felt horny and wanted sex (which was most of the time), we didn’t have to waste a bunch of time getting our clothes off. I loved watching Dan’s semi-erect cock bobbing and waving around, and he loved watching my breasts bounce and jiggle. And he loved the scent of my aroused pussy, filling the air wherever I went.

Eventually, we started wearing clothes around the house again; I forget exactly why. Even still, though, Dan asked me if I’d mind going without underwear around the house, just so he could enjoy looking at my body in the privacy of our home. I love the way he enjoys looking at me. It makes me feel so womanly, so desired, so desirable, that I don’t mind at all. In fact, we like to play little ‘flashing’ games where I’ll give him a peek at my breasts, or my pussy, just to tease him. Often as not, when I do that, we’ll just run straight to bed and make passionate love.


One Saturday morning a few weeks ago, Dan and I were having coffee together. “Larry’s coming over today,” he said. “He’s going to help me with some of the projects I’m behind on.”

“Oh, okay,” I said. “I’ll go put on some underwear.”

“Why?” he replied. “It’s just Larry.”

Larry has been Dan’s best friend since their school days. They’ve been best friends ever since before I even knew Dan. They just ‘get’ each other in ways that sometimes I don’t even understand. Some shared-testosterone thing, I guess. I knew what Dan meant by ‘just Larry’; he was just a comfortable guy to be around, easy-going and carefree, with a laid-back manner and a subtle sense of humor.

Poor Larry could just never seem to figure out women, though. They seemed to just mystify him. It seemed clear enough to me that he was a great guy that any woman bahis firmaları would be lucky to have, but somehow it just never worked out for him. Just a few weeks earlier, his most recent girlfriend had dumped him, and it seemed to devastate him, sending him into a deep funk. So I’m sure Dan was partly just reaching out to his friend to cheer him up and take his mind off his troubles.

“Yeah, okay,” I agreed. “You’re right — it’s just Larry.”

Still, before Larry arrived, I ducked into the bathroom to check myself in the mirror. My top was a light, stretchy sweater that hugged my breasts tightly. I rocked on my heels, to see if they bounced. They did; not wildly or floppily, but just a bit jiggly. I smiled, pleased with what I saw. As I did, I noticed my nipples beginning to stand up, making little bumps in the fabric. The sweater stopped just above the waist of my shorts, leaving my belly-button peeking out. Yes, this was exactly the kind of outfit Dan loved to see me in. Funny, I never really gave a thought to how it might affect Larry.

Larry arrived, and I greeted him with a warm hug and a kiss on his cheek. Then I left him and Dan to work on whatever projects they had planned, and didn’t give it another thought. All through the morning, and into the afternoon, our paths crossed here and there throughout the house, the garage and the yard. Whenever I encountered Dan, I would give him a sly wink, and give my boobs a subtle bounce, causing him to grin leeringly.

When the guys broke for lunch, I had a plate of sandwiches prepared. I brought them to the table where Dan and Larry were sitting, and bent over, giving Dan a look down my shirt at my cleavage. I didn’t really notice, but thinking about it, I suppose Larry got a pretty good look at my boobs, too.

Dan reached out and gave my tits a playful squeeze, right in front of Larry. “You’ve got the best tits in the world,” he laughed, “and they’re all mine!”. He turned to Larry, whose eyes were wide at seeing Dan grope my boobs right in front of him. “Don’t you think so, Larry? Doesn’t my wife have amazing tits?” I could feel my face flushing, and my nipples getting hard and poking out against my sweater.

Larry tried hard to look away, but he couldn’t. His eyes were riveted to Dan’s hands fondling my breasts. He mumbled something which I couldn’t make out, then gathered his dirty dishes and took them to the sink. As he walked, the bulge in the front of his shorts was obvious. Dan’s-and-my little groping game had given Larry a really nice erection. “We should get back to work,” he muttered, which drew another lusty laugh from Dan, and the two of them went back to their projects.

I was intrigued and a little excited to see Larry responding to the sight of my body like he had. So after lunch, I probably went out of my way more than I had in the morning, to wander by wherever Dan and Larry were working, trying to make sure to subtly give my boobs a good bounce or jiggle for the guys’ benefit. And whenever I did, Dan would wink and chuckle, and Larry would blush, and get a hard-on.

It was mid-afternoon when they finally finished their work. They flopped onto chairs on the patio, and I brought beers for both of them, jiggling my boobs as I walked. The three of us relaxed together for a while, with Larry constantly trying to sneak furtive glances at my breasts. After a half-hour or so, Larry got up and excused himself. “I should be going, Dan,” he said. Turning toward me, he gave a flustered smile and said, “Kristine, thanks for your wonderful hospitality. It was a pleasure.” I smiled and blushed as I thanked him. Then he was out the door and drove away.

As soon as Larry drove off, Dan came over and stood behind me. Running his hands over my torso, he again lingered to squeeze and caress my breasts, reaching down to the hem of my top, and stripping it off over my head, exposing my naked breasts to his appreciative gaze.

“You, my dear, are the hottest, most exciting, most desirable woman in the world!” he gushed. “Poor Larry didn’t know what to do, except get a hard-on. God, did you see how he looked at you?”

I grinned, giggling, “Mmm-hmm!”

Bending down, my husband lifted me off my chair and into his arms, licking and kissing my breasts as he carried me toward the bedroom. “I’m gonna fuck you like you haven’t been fucked in a long, long time,” he growled.

When we arrived in the bedroom, Dan laid me on the bed, with my ass on the edge of the bed. Quickly, he unbuttoned my shorts and stripped them off me, leaving me utterly naked before his hungry eyes. I could smell the scent of my own arousal rising from between my legs.

Dan stripped his own clothes off, so he was as naked as I was. His erection was as big and hard and thick as I’d ever seen it, and there was fire in his eyes as he moved to stand between my legs. Gently, he spread my legs into a ‘V’ shape, aligned his cock with my opening, and buried himself in my cunt in one slow, sensual stroke.

I groaned kaçak iddaa at the pleasure of having my lover filling me completely, the solid warmth of his meat touching every part of my vagina at once. Looking into his eyes, I clenched my pussy-muscles on his thick shaft, drawing a groan of pleasure from him.

Still looking deeply into my eyes, Dan slowly pulled back, and when I was just about to whine that he was pulling out of me, he reversed himself and slowly thrust back into me.

“You are so fucking hot,” he growled, as he slowly pumped his cock in and out of me. “Hundreds of guys wish they could be fucking you right now, but I’m the only one who is. God, it feels so good to be inside you. You are an incredible woman,”

“And you’re an amazing lover,” I answered. “No one could ever give me pleasure like you do. God, you fill me up. Fuck me, baby. Make me come again and again.”

“You asked for it,” he snarled, as he adopted a rapid rhythm, jamming his cock into me, then withdrawing and jamming himself back into me, over and over. It wasn’t long before the sensations in my vagina reached their boiling point. When my orgasm hit, it was like an explosion. My whole body quivered and trembled uncontrollably as wave after wave of pleasure washed over me, each one seemingly more intense than the last. All the while, Dan continued thrusting his cock into me, reaching for the very depth of my body. Even after my climax subsided, Dan kept fucking me, and soon I was right back at my orgasmic peak, erupting in climax once again. And then again. And again. Dan had always been an incredible lover, with unbelievable stamina, able to bring me to orgasm after orgasm. But I had never experienced anything like this.

Finally, after who knows how many orgasms, I begged Dan to come inside me. “Please,” I gasped. “I’m exhausted. Just let me feel your cum flowing into me, filling me up.”

“As you wish,” Dan said, and in a couple more strokes, he held himself tightly at the deepest penetration, and I could feel his cock jerking and twitching inside me, the warm spurts of his semen surging into me, one after another. At last, his member stopped spasming inside me, and I began to feel the slick flow of his cum as it leaked out of me, flowing around his softening cock.

For a long time, we lay in silence together, gently caressing each other, basking in the afterglow of what might have been the best sex we’d ever had.

Finally, I spoke. “God, Dan,” I drawled dreamily, almost from an alternate plane of existence. “That was amazing. . . It’s never been that intense before. . .”

“You are so hot,” Dan responded. “I can’t explain it. You saw Larry’s hard-on. He wanted you so bad. But he couldn’t have you; I’m the only one who can have you. I guess it just made me realize what a wonderful woman I have, seeing another man desire you like that. And that wonderful woman loves me, and gives her body to me. . .”


The following weekend, Dan told me that Larry was coming over again. This time, I wanted to be ready for him. I chose a filmy see-through blouse that left very little to the imagination. The dark circles of my areolae, and my nipples, which were already standing up with excitement, were clearly visible when I checked myself in the mirror. The idea of exposing my breasts to Larry was turning me on, especially after my experience of the previous week.

When Larry arrived, he couldn’t help himself. He tried to play the gentleman, but within seconds, his eyes were fixed on my boobs. “Ummm. . . uh. . . Hi, Kris,” he stammered, taking his eyes off my tits just long enough to greet me.

“Hi, Larry,” I smiled, leaning in to kiss him on the cheek.

The rest of the day played out similarly to the previous Saturday. Dan and Larry moved from project to project around the house, and from time to time, my path would cross theirs. Whenever it did, Dan would openly leer at my body, while Larry would try not to fixate on my breasts, but without success. And every time, Larry would pop an erection in his shorts.

And again, when Larry finally left in the afternoon, Dan hustled me off to bed and made passionate love to me for the rest of the day.


It became a kind of game, from one Saturday to the next, to think up what I could wear that would excite Larry, and drive my husband to ever-greater levels of erotic zeal.

One week, I wore a skimpy bathing suit that I had only ever worn for Dan’s eyes before, to clean our pool while the guys worked around the yard. I knew that the material would become semi-transparent when it was wet, showing my breasts and nipples quite clearly. And also the trimmed bush of my pubic hair. I became more and more aroused as I saw the guys looking at me with appreciative desire in their eyes, and when I climbed out of the pool, I had a nice camel-toe, as the damp fabric clung to my aroused pussy-lips.

Another time, I got out of bed in the morning and just slipped into my favorite sheer nightgown. kaçak bahis It covered the entire length of my body, but the diaphanous material left my body clearly visible, especially the shape of my breasts, the dark circles of my areolae, and the triangle of my pubic bush.

Yet another time, I just wore one of Dan’s T-shirts. It covered my ass and my pussy, but when I reached for something on a high shelf, my crotch and ass were exposed. And when I served lunch, they could look straight down the neck and watch my boobs swaying as I moved.

As the weeks passed, I became more and more aroused by the response of the two men to the sight of my body. My pussy would get wet every time I saw Larry get a hard-on. I began to wonder if Dan didn’t want me to fuck Larry. But after weeks of watching Larry get erection after erection responding to the sight of my body, I knew that if it came to that, I was more than willing.


The following Friday night, Dan and I were laying in bed cuddling, basking in the afterglow of our wonderful love. My pussy was still glowing, buzzing with the sensations of Dan’s cock sliding in and out of me. I could feel the warm pool of his cum in the depths of my satisfied womanhood. I was idly playing with his limp penis as he held me close to himself.

“Oh, Kris,” he said abruptly, raising his finger as if he’d just remembered something.

“What is it, Sweetheart?”

“Larry and I are going fishing tomorrow.”

“Mmmmm, sounds fun,” I purred. “What does that mean for me?”

“Mostly that we’ll be leaving really early — before sunrise. I didn’t want you to be surprised if you woke up and I was gone.”

“So Larry won’t be coming tomorrow?”

“Maybe later, after we’re done fishing. But that won’t be until afternoon, at the earliest.”

“But you’ll still make love to me, even if I don’t give Larry a hard-on, won’t you?”

“Baby, I would make love to you every minute of my life, if I could.”

“Mmmmm, good,” I purred. I slid myself down, took his soft cock in my mouth, and began to suck it. In a few minutes, it wasn’t soft any more. A few minutes after that, I climbed on top of him. I groaned with deep pleasure as I lowered myself onto his thick pole, savoring the sensations of being filled with my lover’s manhood yet again.

“God,” I breathed, “I can never get enough of you.”

“Me either,” he moaned.

And soon we were lost in the splendor of our union, mating on and on into the night.


I awoke in the morning, later than I usually do, partly because Dan was gone, and he didn’t wake me with sex like he often does, especially on Saturdays. The blankets on his side of the bed were thrown back.

I savored the moment. I’m not really a solitary person, but I don’t get much solitude in my life, and I appreciate it when it comes my way. I smiled, thinking of the previous night and the rich, wonderful loving that Dan and I had shared. God, it just never got old with him. I ran a finger along my pussy-lips; they were still sensitive from the fucking Dan had given them. I smiled, shuddering at the pleasurable sensation.

I got out of bed and into the shower. I found myself in the mood for a lazy, luxuriant morning alone, and a shower was just the thing to get my day started. I savored the sensation of the warm water running onto my body, flowing over me, bathing me in its cleansing, refreshing warmth. Sensually, I ran my hands over my body, self-lovingly stroking my hips and my breasts. Slyly, I pinched my own nipples, cooing at the pleasure-pain I was giving myself.

I ran my hands down over my belly, running my fingers through my own pubic hair. Finding my clitoris, I brushed it with the tip of my finger. I winced, gasping at the sudden stab of pleasure I was giving myself. Damn, I thought, my whole sex still remembers last night.

My clit was so sensitive that it was only a few seconds before my entire body trembled and shook in an intense orgasm. I had to grab the bar in the shower to keep from falling. I bent over, gasping and panting, remembering once more the transcendent night of loving I’d just had with my husband. And a little sad that I wasn’t going to watch Larry get hard for me this morning.

Once I’d dried off, I wrapped my hair in a towel and wandered to the kitchen, stretching my arms and shoulders as I walked. I smiled, recalling the bygone days when Dan and I would routinely walk around the house naked, enjoying the sensation of my boobs bouncing and jiggling freely as I walked.

I set up the coffee-pot and waited while it brewed. I poured a cup, savoring the warmth of the cup in my hands, inhaling the rich, caffeinous aroma, and gingerly sipping the hot liquid. I thought of Dan and Larry, and whatever stream or fishing hole they were at. I looked out the window. The sky was overcast and gray, but it didn’t look to be raining. Good, I thought. At least they won’t come home wet and grumpy. I finished my coffee, rinsed the cup and put it in the drainer, then turned to walk back to the bedroom, unsure of what I would do next on my lazy Saturday morning. I didn’t really want to put clothes on, just yet. Maybe I’d just find something to read in bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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