My Hot Uni Roommate Ch. 09

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Previously in Chapter 08:

Were we going to fuck soon? Was he going to fuck me tonight? Maybe the plug was intended to help ensure I was super stretched by the time we got home. That made sense.

My mind was racing with possibilities. I finally snapped out of it when the waitress returned with the credit card and Michael scrawled a tip amount onto the receipt.

“Let’s blow this joint,” he said.

“Yeah, give me a second though,” I said. I began a careful process of extricating myself from the bench without causing my plug to jostle around too much. Then we were walking out of the restaurant, leftovers in hand, and sliding into his car.


Once we got home, I put the potato in the fridge and went to pee. Once I exited the bathroom, I saw Michael in the process of disrobing in his bedroom. His shirt was off and he was removing his belt too.

“Like what you see?” he asked playfully.

“Maybe,” I said in what I hoped was a seductive whisper.

“Good to know. How about you get naked and go wait in your bed?”

“For what?” I asked as excitement raced through me.

“Guess you’ll see.”

I hopped over to my bedroom and quickly removed all of my clothes. I tried to figure out what position on the bed would turn Michael the most to find me in. I thought about getting on my hands and knees with my plug pointing towards the foot of the bed would be the hottest, but it was also a bit too bold I thought.

I ended up settling on lying on my stomach in a prone position. A few minutes later, Michael entered the room and jumped onto the bed. I twisted my head around and saw that he was naked and was pulling a condom onto his cock. Fuck yeah!

“A condom huh?” I asked slowly “Are we going to fuck?”

“Hell yeah. As long as you’re okay with it. I just kind of assumed you would be.”

“I’ve had this plug in me for almost two hours and you made me drench my boxer briefs with precum the entire time we were seated. I need it really bad,” I grunted. I shook my ass back and forth at him.

“That’s what I like to hear. Let’s see how good anal feels for both of us,” said Michael in a lustful tone of voice as he slowly lubed up his dick. He crawled onto the bed behind me and slowly eased the toy out and put it on a tissue on the floor. “Bet you’re nice and stretched out now. This is a great view but I want you to roll over.”

I flipped onto my back and stared at him hungrily.

“L-like this?” I asked, suddenly feeling like the nervous virgin I was.

“Yeah. I figure for illegal bahis our first time we should at least be able to see each other. I want to see your facial expressions while I fuck your brains out.”

He slid closer to me and spread my knees wide for himself and lifted them up off the bed.

“I’m going in. Tap me or say something if you need me to stop or slow down or whatever. I know this is your first time getting fucked by a real dick.”

“Okay. Be gentle at first,” I said.


He carefully lined himself up and managed to get the tip in after a few attempts. I grabbed the pillow above my head and groaned at the feeling. It felt better than the dildo or plug with all of its fleshy goodness.

“Good?” he asked.

“Yeah. You can probably start fucking me since I’m so warmed up already.”

“Okay. Here it goes.”

I whimpered in pleasure as he pushed himself all the way inside of me. He wasn’t as fat as the plug but he was nice and long like my dildos.

“All nice and filled up like you should be,” he grunted in a deep, breathy voice that made me squeeze subconsciously around him. He grabbed my ankles and raised them to his shoulders and leaned over me, pushing my knees towards my chest. “Get ready.”

He began fucking me then: long, slow strokes in and out. He quickly increased his speed while watching my face as if to make sure he wasn’t going too hard or fast. Before long, we were fornicating at passionate pace.

I was sure my reactions were entertaining for him to watch. I was making faces and opening and closing my eyes as I grunted and moaned and whimpered and gasped.

“You’re so tight,” grunted Michael. “Going to fuck the cum out of you just like that dildo of yours. Make you my little bitch.”

“Ohhhh fuck yessss! I’m your bitch Michael!” I moaned with an embarrassingly unmanly voice. Michael leaned over me further until my knees were touching my chest and his body was pinning me tightly to the bed.

He planted a kiss onto my lips and I kissed back hungrily. He shoved his tongue into my mouth, exerting dominance, and I let my own tongue dance with his for a few seconds before he straightened back up and diverted his full attention to fucking me silly again.

I lost track of time as we went at it. I was filled with a complex assortment of feelings. Lust. Amazement that this was even happening. Romantic feelings. Attachment. Unimaginable pleasure. And a strong desire for this sex to last forever.

Unfortunately, it couldn’t. Even without touching myself, I illegal bahis siteleri eventually started feeling like I was close to the edge. Michael clearly noticed the change in my expression and noises of pleasure and intensified his movements.

“That’s it Noah. Cum on my dick for real this time. Paint that pretty stomach of yours.”

“Oh my god Michael! I’m going to cum,” I managed to gasp. My muscles tensed up and it felt like I was about to pee but instead hot cum began to erupt. It sprayed far and wide as he continued to fuck me wildly. Some of it even landed above my nipples. I lost the capability of speech and could only make panting noises and mews of enjoyment.

After I stopped shooting cum, Michael slowed to a stop and then carefully pulled out. He removed the condom and began jerking off.

“Fuck yeah,” he grunted. “Going to give you another coat!”

He was the one moaning desperately now as he started spraying cum over my skin as well. It splattered on my stomach and mixed with my own. He got a few good spurts and then he was spent. We both caught our breaths and were otherwise motionless on the bed.

Then Michael put my legs down and scooted up the bed until he was lying next to me.

“That was fun,” he said. He moved a hand to my stomach and rubbed his fingers in the pools of cum idily. He scooped some up and then brought them towards my mouth.

“Be a good boy and clean up your mess,” he muttered into my ear.

“Yes Sir,” I said obediently. I sucked his fingers clean and let him feed me the rest of our cum as well.

“How was it for you?” he asked as he fed me.

“Goooood,” I said with a contented sigh. My whole body felt warm and relaxed. My hole felt used and abused but in a weird way that felt nice too. “That was amazing, oh my god.”

“Better than your masturbatory fantasies?” he asked in his usual cocky voice.

“Way better. What about you?”

“That was definitely a new experience. Seeing your reactions was half the fun for me. I’m glad I was able to make you cum hands-free. That’s so hot for some reason. Like you only need my dick to feel amazing. Big ego boost.”

“Well-deserved this time,” I giggled.

We laid there for a few minutes in quiet. Michael was the one to break the stillness when he stood up and stretched.

“Want to take a shower together? We should wash your toy anyway,” he said, picking the tissue and plug off the floor.

“That sounds nice. Where did you get that plug anyway?”

“I bought it Wednesday night. I got some canlı bahis siteleri other things too, but those can remain surprises.”

“Already spoiling me,” I replied with a yawn. I got up and followed him into the bathroom.

We began running the water so it could warm up. While we waited, Michael gave the plug a thorough rinse under the water until it was nice and clean. He nodded at me to get into the shower first and then he followed after me, closing the curtain.

It was a tight fit, but that wasn’t so bad since I got to feel his skin on mine. We soaped and washed each other for a few minutes and rinsed our hair under the water, switching places here and there so neither of us got too cold.

“What do you think of letting me shave you Noah?” asked Michael.

“Shave me? Like my pubic hair?” I asked as I ran a hand through it.

“Yeah, and the rest of it too. Make you fully hairless. A nice smooth slut for me to rub my hands over.”

I blushed at his choice of words. I wasn’t that hairy to begin with. I already shaved my butt regularly. The only other body hair I had was my arm pits, pubic region, and legs more or less. I figured it would be kind of hot to let him shave me smooth. It might feel nice too.

“I guess we can try and see how it goes,” I agreed.

“Awesome!” said Michael. There was a spark in his eyes again. “I bet it will feel nice for your legs especially.”

He got out and got a razor and some shaving cream. He started with my armpits, then my penis and balls, and then finished with my legs. I watched the last of my hair wash down the drain and then we got out of the shower and dried off.

I weighed myself after I was dry and saw that I was up to 135 pounds. Some of it was from the big dinner, surely, but hopefully at least a few pounds were muscle.

“Looks like I’m managing to bulk up a bit more,” I said as I felt my muscles around my body.

“Nice dude. You should lift some with me sometime. You’re in pretty good shape but you could get even more toned. Maybe hit 140 pounds or so and evolve into a twunk.”

“I’d be down to work out with you sometime, yeah,” I said with a nod.

I rubbed a hand over my smooth dick and then my legs. I couldn’t deny that it felt really nice. It made everything more sensitive.

“You look even hotter like this,” said Michael appreciatively. “So cute.”

“Down boy, down!” I joked. “Do you want to get dressed and play some games or something?”

It turned out that he did. We played together until midnight and then we ended up sleeping in the same bed again, this time his. As we fell asleep, he kept slowly rubbing my smooth legs which felt even better than when I felt them myself. Then eventually he fell asleep and stopped with his hand on my thigh. I soon joined him.

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