My Gift to Cindy Ch. 03

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I was laying there on the bed, helpless. I was completely at Cindy’s will for the evening. My arms tied to the bedposts. I could barely move them. Cindy had this simple grin, but such sinister eyes. I’d seen that look before. While I was hesitant with the restraints, I was not overly worried. My mind raced with anticipation.

I lay totally naked. My arms stretched to the corners of the bed with little slack to the ropes that bound me. She did not bother to tie my legs. She probably sensed that I would not offer much resistance. My cock pointed due north, semi hard, anticipating more.

Cindy took her time, wearing a thin lace teddy that did not require any imagination. She kissed me first, passionately. I reached to wrap my arms around her tightly, only to be reminded that I did not have that option. Cindy was in control tonight.

She cupped my face in her hands. We alternated between soft pecks and deep tongue swapping kisses. She purred like a kitten. Her gaze was intoxicating. I totally forgot about being tied to the bed.

As we kissed deeply, Cindy reached down to grab my cock. By now it was stiff. She wrapped her hand around it and started to stroke. She took her time. Every stroke was slow and deliberate, tugging, teasing, tantalizing. I wanted so much to last a long time tonight, but she was driving me crazy. Then, she stopped.

We kissed again. I yanked on the ropes, hoping I could somehow break free. I wanted to fuck her. I was so ready. I was also wasting my time. The harder I pulled, the more I realized that I was helpless. She smiled that wry smile at me as she pulled the teddy off. She was now naked and ready to proceed.

I was excited and could tell she was too. I thought for sure she would mount my rock hard cock. Instead she avoided it. She straddled my stomach, her hands planted between my head and my shoulders. That devilish grin spelled trouble.

She bent down towards me and brushed her tits across mine. We kissed as her tits caressed mine, or was that the other way around? She rocked back and forth. As she rose up, I could see just how hard her nipples were. But, with my hands tied, there was no way I could play with them.

She leaned down and kissed my ear, moaning for the first time. I had not even touched her yet. She kissed my ear, and then my neck, sliding down my body ever so slowly. My cock throbbed bahis firmaları as her hot pussy inched closer.

I felt her mouth circle my nipple. She had never done that before. It felt a little weird, but exciting as hell. I licked my lips as if I was going to be sucking her tits. The pace of my breath quickened. The sensation caused a tingling throughout my body. She slid further down my naked body, her pussy brushing across my cock. She gasped ever so slightly as her pussy lips slid across my cock. I throbbed. Her moan told me that she was getting wet.

I knew she wanted more because her pussy dragged across my cock as she climbed back up to kiss me again. This time her hands were on my arms, reminding me that I could do nothing. She just stared at me and licked her lips. For the next 10 minutes, she repeated the process, teasing me, and likely teasing herself at the same time.

Her pussy was wet and getting more slippery every time she dragged her lips across my cock. I would throb, trying desperately to shove my cock inside of her. She was hot, and I was ready. As much as I tried, no luck.

“Please!” I begged her.

I was rock hard and ready to fuck. Being tied did not matter at this point. I just wanted to feel her tight little pussy engorged on my cock. She could sit up and fuck me all night long.

“Not yet.” she whispered in my ear, the warmth from her breath almost causing me to shoot my load.

I writhed trying to get loose, but it was a waste of energy. She lifted herself up and simply stared at me for about 15 seconds.

I knew we were just getting started. She reached for the bed above my head, allowing one of her tits to drop in my mouth. I opened my mouth and latched on. I heard her moan.

I don’t think that was part of the plan, but she didn’t mind. In fact, she paused.


She was enjoying letting me play. After a minute or two, she pulled away. I sucked ever harder tugging on her rock hard nipple. I offered up a low moan to let her know I enjoyed that.

I felt her hands reach for the top of the headboard. She was trying to get comfortable in a kneeling position, but to reach the headboard she had to scooch up further. She planted her knees beside my ears, her calves over my arms pinning me ever further. All I could see and smell was her wet little pussy. She looked down, but kaçak iddaa did not have to say a word.

I opened my mouth and stuck out my tongue. Oh my god she tasted good tonight. She was now sitting fully on my face, ready to fuck herself with my tongue. I heard her moan with my first lick.

I darted my tongue deep into her pussy. She moaned. I darted again. She moaned even louder. I was mesmerized because her pussy tasted better than I ever remembered. She was really wet, and I was licking her clean.

With every flick of my tongue, my cock throbbed. It was harder than I have ever been before, but my only mission was to satisfy Cindy. She was in heaven. She was leaning on the headboard, looking for any way to keep from slumping down on the bed. With every flick of my tongue, she moaned louder and fought to hang on.

I closed my eyes and was totally focused on her pussy. I licked, I darted, and I shoved my tongue as deep as I could. I listened as her breathing changed from calm to desperate. She wanted more, gently grinding her hips into my face. It was amazing. I like to think we went at it for the next 30 minutes, but it was probably less than half of that.

Her breathing reminded me of a thermometer. With every deep lick of her pussy, her temperature was rising. The more I licked, the quicker her breathing. I simply pictured the mercury rising, knowing that at some point she would soon explode.

Her breathing shifted to a heavy pant. I think she reached the point where she was ready to cum. She reached down to rub her crotch. With one hand she spread her lips to expose her clit. With the other, she started massaging her clit in a circular motion. But something was not right. Her finger was dry and she needed some lubrication.

She shoved her finger into her pussy to get it wet. I wrapped my tongue around her finger like it was some tiny cock. Once it was wet, she pulled it out and went back to focusing on her clit.

I opened my eyes and stared, her finger less than an inch away circling her clit while my tongue danced inside her pussy. She was losing control, her hips rocking more and more, rhythmically riding my face. She reached again, even deeper this time, shoving her finger deep into her cunt. She moaned, working her pussy to soak her finger with her juices.

As she returned to her clit, she seemed to wobble. I could kaçak bahis feel her body starting to go limp, totally committed to the burning excitement that was building to a climax. Her left hand grabbed the headboard to steady herself. I decided to increase the pace with my tongue, pushing deeper than before, licking back to front. Her breathing went shallow; she moaned loudly, her eyes closed tightly. I was in heaven pleasuring my wife. She was out of control.

“Oh god yes!” she yelled. “Oh my god don’t stop!”

“Here it comes!”

Her hips bucked several times as I fought to keep my tongue in her pussy. Then I felt the contractions and her entire body convulsing. She exploded cumming in my mouth. She gushed, forcing me to swallow her cum.

I didn’t mind. Pleasuring her was mesmerizing. Doing it tied to the bed was intoxicating. The reality was that having no use of my hands allowed me to focus all of my efforts on her pussy. It must have worked.

Her orgasm was intense and seemed to go on forever. Her pussy clamped tightly onto my tongue, one convulsion leading to the next. Eventually she wilted totally spent. She tried to lean on the headboard, but could not hold herself up. She collapsed beside me on the bed.

She lay motionless for about a minute, trying her best to recover. I could not move. When she caught her breath, she leaned over to me and we kissed deeply. Her eyes were closed and I assumed she was totally spent. I thought we were done. “Untie me so we can fuck?” I thought, but I lay speechless waiting for her next move.

She kissed me as she slowly climbed back on top of me. Any hopes of her releasing me would have to wait. She apparently had other plans.

She slid down my body yet again. This time she tilted her hips so that her pussy lips drew my cock inside of her. She impaled herself on my throbbing cock, her arms still holding me down.

She sat up tall, shoving my cock deep inside of her. She gasped, feeling the head of my cock buried deep. Her hands moved to massage her tits as her hips started rocking back and forth. I couldn’t move; nor did I want to.

For the rest of the evening, she fucked, and I sucked. Her pussy took turns fucking my mouth and milking my cock. She came multiple times in my mouth.

We fucked one last time when she untied me. It was the best fuck of the night, but nothing compared to the pleasure I got, shoving my tongue deep inside her pussy and making her cum. It was worth every minute. I can’t wait until she tries something that crazy again. It was a special gift I will never forget.

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