My Friend’s Uncle

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I remember one summer when I went out to the ranch of my friend Amanda’s uncle. This was her father’s youngest brother, making him around 40 at the time. We had just finished our third year of college and we were borderline ADD from the joy of completing our finals.

We drove up on a hot, hot day in late April, and by the time we arrived at the ranch both of us were covered in sweat and dust. We were tired and a bit cranky from the five-hour drive. My friend jumped out of the truck in glee to be free of that suffocating metal beast and leapt about on the lawn stretching her legs. Her uncle Jay Rayder, came out to give her a hug – what a hunk — and as she launched herself at him she jumped into a divot in the lawn. She twisted her ankle and let out a little yip of pain. This was all within the first three minutes of our arrival. It sucked the big one. Her uncle picked her up like she was nothing and carried her inside. Her ankle was already looking pretty nasty.

I was finally on vacation after months of being cooped up with stodgy textbooks and here we were on a ranch, I had never been to a ranch, and my personal tour guide was laid up inside the whole time. We were only supposed to be there for five days and I wasn’t getting to do any of the things she promised me: where was the swimming at the lake, horseback riding into the sunset, meeting cute ranch hands. I was disappointed, but I didn’t want to leave her ankle up in the living room by herself, and since this was a working ranch no one else had time to entertain me.

On the last day of our stay I was practically going stir crazy. We were sitting inside on another glorious day playing our millionth game of cribbage when her uncle, who was definitely the hottest man in a ten-mile radius, came in and invited me to join him as he went for a ride to check on some fencing far out on the ranch. I jumped at the chance as I ached to get this atrophy out of my system. Amanda was disappointed; however, she understood that I was bored to tears. We quickly saddled up and rode out to the far ends of the ranch. The rolling hills were dotted with tall spruce trees, and little groves of aspen gave us shade from the melting sunshine.

We chatted for a bit, but really we didn’t have anything in common, so mostly we rode in silence. This was fine by me, as I couldn’t help staring at Troy’s profile. He had this strong, jutting chin (a personal weakness of mine) and unusual green eyes. Not that I could see his eyes because the brim of his cowboy hat was pulled so far down. He obviously didn’t care much for how he looked because he seemed to permanently have stubble going, or maybe he did; stubble on him made my thighs wet. He stopped his horse in the middle of a patch of grass in the forest and got off.

“What are we doing here?” I asked, “Where’s the fence?”

“I thought we could have a bite to eat first. I’m starving,” he said as he leaned up and plucked me off the horse.

As he helped me down he brought me against him so that my nipples rubbed against his chest though my cotton and lace blouse. My breasts were small enough that I didn’t bother wearing a bra, but this meant you could almost see my dusty pink nipples through the faded yellow cotton. My nipples were hard from all the naughty things I had been thinking as we had been riding and I knew he had felt them brush against his chest. Damn if the rhythm of our riding combined with his masculine appeal hadn’t already got me worked up.

I stood next to him, and for a moment we just stared at each other. I reached up and lifted my mane of dark hair off my neck and fanned my nape. He openly watched as my breasts jiggled while I fanned myself. Actually, he looked at me all over. It felt as though my fanning was having no affect. This was the ranch fantasy I had been daydreaming about since Amanda had invited me up here. This was the fantasy that had got me through those long lonely nights studying for exams and wishing I had gone out instead. Was I on glue or was something going to happen.

He began to unpack his saddlebags and I watched his ass the entire time. He glanced over at me once or twice and smiled knowingly; I wasn’t hiding my gaze on his body either. You could tell that he was all muscle and sinew under those tight fitting, dirty, torn Levi jeans and plaid shirt. bahis firmaları I real cowboy in my midst; I almost swooned.

He laid out a thick blanket on the grass; next, a picnic hamper, and lastly, he turned to me and produced a bottle of ice wine. I laughed out loud. I had been had. The fence problem was all a sham, and now we both knew it. I didn’t comment on it though; instead, I leaned over to him as he had the wine bottle in one hand and the opener in the other and kissed him on the lips. His arms enclosed me and we made out for a minute or so without coming up for air. It was a hot prelude of what was going to come. I left him with a little nibble on the lips and plopped down on the blanket. As he uncorked the bottle and poured us some wine I began to unbutton my shirt.

Slowly, I undid my shirt button by button. He was riveted, which I loved every minute of. I peeled it off, exposing my breasts to the sun. You could see sweat roll down my cleavage. He sat down on the blanket and handed me a glass of wine. The sweet chilled wine awakened all my senses. He prepared all the food for me as we ate and I felt giddy to be pampered by this rugged man. Troy never touched me as we munched away, but his eyes were forever on my body making me feel like a goddess. We ate saying little, but enjoying the silence. It wasn’t awkward, maybe cause we were total strangers; it was more of a lazy arousal, as we both knew what the other was thinking.

Towards the end of the meal he began to feed me strawberries from his rough fingertips. This was definitely a man who worked with his hands. I fed him grapes and he was pleased that I was following suit. Next he pulled out apples slices, dipped them in caramel sauce, and fed them to me. Who is this man, I though to myself. Apples? Caramel sauce? We made short work of that desert.

“You almost seem more excited about the food then me,” he said with this adorable pout.

“I’ve been eating Kraft Dinner for two months straight, but you are pulling a close… close second,” I said with a little tilt of my head.

He pulled me into his lap and took a swig of wine. He put his lips to mine and slowly feed me the wine. We continued this way until the bottle was done and by this point my head was in the clouds. His hands had been roaming over my shoulders, collarbones, and breasts when suddenly he dumped me onto the blanket. I landed on my belly with a little exhale and then I could feel him straddling me. He used the palms of his hands to massage my shoulders and then my back. This was serious heaven after four days of sitting inside bent over a game board. For a big tough guy he was exquisitely gentle with me. And he actually knew what he was doing: a little chop here, push there, circles all round. I was making sighs again and again

I let him work me into putty until I couldn’t wait anymore. I bucked my hips and made him roll off me. I started laughing at the surprised look in his eyes.

“You didn’t like that?” he asked.

“I loved it,” I said, “but I have other things in mind.”

I stood up and took off my jeans. My thighs, hell my entire body, glistened in a sheen of sweat. Hell, it almost looked like I was glowing, except there were smudges of dirt on my feet and ankles ruining my angelic facade. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so alive. I could feel tiny pebbles under the blanks gently pressing into my feet. The sun was filtering down on me through the trees. I plopped myself down onto his sturdy abs as he reclined on the blanket. It felt wicked to be completely naked with him still fully clothed underneath me. I kissed him deeply. I held his face in my hands and kissed him like he was a soldier come home from war. He let out a little sigh in my mouth.

I rubbed my tongue on his lips. I invaded his mouth and explored; he loved it. Our hands began searching each other’s bodies. Soon he was rubbing me, squeezing me, fingering me. I let out a groan as I could feel myself making his fingers damp. He pushed inside me and his thick fingers stroked me from the inside. I groaned again; this was too good to be true. I leaned back and looked at him. I loved seeing his fingers disappear inside my cunt and then reappear more shiny and slick then before. His eyes were closed as if he was visualizing what he was kaçak iddaa feeling. I decided to attack.

I ripped open his shirt and he literally lost a couple of buttons. He looked shocked and thrilled at the same time. I leaned down and sucked on his nipples. He thought this was highly amusing until I started to bite him, hard. I undid his pants in 5 seconds flat, stood up, and yanked them off. His cock was standing at attention, like it was just waiting for me to grip it, which I did – with pleasure. I decided to get right to business to make him understand what I was feeling. I slide the tip of his cock into my mouth and took him deep in one long pull. I deep throated him for as long as I could and then I started licking at him like a Popsicle: playing up our age difference like I was a little girl. I made big innocent eyes at him and he chuckled. Then I took his smooth balls into my mouth, slurping, moaning and making him very, very wet. I ran my finger over his slippery asshole as I put his cock back in my mouth. I was sucking him like a very naughty girl and his eyes were darkening in pleasure. I could taste cum in my mouth. I sucked, licked, up and down I bobbed trying to make him cum, but he was holding back.

He slid his hand into my hair and pulled me gently off his cock. Then he pushed me square in the chest so that I was splayed out across the blanket. This seemed to be a move of his and I liked it, naughty but nice. He leaned down and began licking my clit and sucking my lips into his mouth. He pulled on them hard and then started thrusting his tongue inside my pussy. Christ, it felt incredible. He was rubbing my clit roughly with his tongue and then the next second so softly I could barely feel him. This erratic pattern made me crazy; I was practically writhing on the blanket at this point. He slid one finger into my wet cunt, then a second, until there were three fingers inside me. He was touching places I hadn’t felt before. I was grinding myself against him as I dug my heels into the ground for leverage. I had my hands in his thick, blonde hair to hold him in place. He let out these little licking, slurping noises that made me wetter by the moment. Now it was my turn to pull him away. I pulled his shoulders up until he was kneeling between my thighs.

He pushed his cock inside me slowly. When I say slowly, I mean sloooooooooowly, maybe an inch a minute. Considering how long he was, this was going to take forever. I made a little whimper and tried to wiggle my hips, but he wouldn’t let me. His strong hands were gripping my hips and holding me in place. I gave up and let him do what he wanted. I guess he could feel my surrender because he slid one of his hands up to my breasts and began massaging me. I let the tension go in my body, leaned back and closed me eyes. It was wonderful to feel someone take so much time. The sun was making me feel lazy, or maybe his pace was infectious, or possibly it was all the wine, but I was enjoying this snail-paced entry. He was just so leisurely about getting inside me, like I was a fine wine to be savored.. It felt beautiful. He was taking his time to feel every new bit of my pussy as he got there; until, there it was. His blonde pubes were resting against dark curls and I could feel every inch of him. I was wetter than I had ever been. I gave him a little squeeze with my juicy cunt and it was his turn to shudder.

He began to pull back in the same lethargic manner and I enjoyed it on the way out as much as the way in. I opened my eyes and gazed up at his tanned face. Troy had a devilish smile on his lips and even though he looked smug I didn’t mind. I peered over my breasts and watched as he slowly fucked me. It felt so right. It made me horny as hell to watch his cock slowly penetrate me. He kept this up as I ran my hands over his body. He was doing all the work and I was lazily letting my fingers roam over his abs, across his back, and down to his butt. Again, I’ve got to say, Great Ass! It was small manly butt, tight and firm, and I loved kneading it with my hands. He liked this a lot. Actually, it turned into a bit of a secret weapon. As I began kneading him he started thrusting faster, which I was dying for at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I like it slow, but my cunt was aching to feel the force in him. He started quickening his kaçak bahis pace and I could hear his breath speeding up. He was getting all riled up and just when I thought he was going to give up this dawdling fuck he pulled out.

“Is there a problem?” I asked, a touch of concern in my voice.

“Nope” he said as he crawled up my body and sat lightly on chest. He took my breasts, squeezed them together, and slid his cock into my cleavage. He had the look of a shamed little boy; maybe he thought I would be offended. I was anything but. I giggled and tilted my head down so that I could lick the tip of his cock as it popped out between my breasts. He was having trouble keeping his balance so I replaced his hands with mine and squeezed my breasts against his cock. I was darting my tongue over his cock and it started to twitch in anticipation. If he thought this move was going to buy him some time he was delightfully mistaken. Pre-cum was getting all over my breasts and he was, well actually we were, getting overwrought from how sexy my breasts looked covered in cum. My breasts were only getting more slippery making his cock slid faster, smoother. He took his cock and dripped cum on my nipples. I lifted my breasts up and licked the cum off with the tip of my tongue. He let out an anguished groan at the sight.

“I want you, now Jay,” I whispered and he mutely nodded. Neither of us wanted foreplay; we wanted the real thing.

He stood up and rolled me onto my knees. He reached out and pulled on my hair making me arch my back, getting me into just the position he wanted. His other hand went right to my pussy, parted my wet lips, and slid his cock into me. I cried out at the feel of him. My pussy was alive. Every nerve ending was firing making me moan and shudder. His hands were on my ass and he was kneading me. He started to fuck me, hard, and I was ready for it. I arched my back a little more and started to bounce back against his thighs. We found our rhythm. You could hear the wind rustling through the branches over head. The breeze felt soothing on your grimy bodies. By this point we were both laboring to get air into our lungs, as we were too busy moaning to breathe.

I could feel my pussy tightening in response to his deepening thrusts. He went faster. My ass and thighs were jiggling against him as he bounced against me. “I love your ass,” he said. He slapped my butt lightly. I loved it.

“Harder, spank me again Jay,” I said in a throaty groan.

Slap, slap, slap. My ass was on fire and it made me so hot. I felt so naughty. I knew I was going to cum. I was panting hard and my breasts were bouncing with every push of his hips. We were both soaking wet with perspiration. I could feel sweat trickle down my ass crack. My pussy was practically a river I was so horny. I looked back at him over my shoulder. He had a look akin to pain of his face. I started grinding myself against his cock. He stayed deep inside me. We rubbed our bodies together. He slapped my ass again. I moaned. He cried out.

“I’m cumming Mohini,” he said as he pushed as far as he could.

I let out a small, strangle scream as I bit my lip. I came hard. My hips shook. My pussy tensed. I gripped him tightly inside me. His hips thrust as he spasmed again and again, bumping me, cumming deep inside me. My forehead dropped to the blanket as I tried to catch my breath. He lay bent over me, propped up on my back, trying to get a hold of himself. He pulled out and I was literally dripping cum. He cleaned us both off, and we lay spent on the blanket in our own silent worlds staring up at the clouds through the tree branches.

We slowly gathered our clothes and packed everything up. We didn’t say much as we didn’t want to break the post coital glow with cheesy clichés, which wouldn’t accurately describe what had just happened. We rode back to the ranch and by the time we arrived I was getting tired. My ass kind of hurt from all the spanking, but I wasn’t going to complain. Amanda was sitting on the porch when we got back.

“Did you have fun? You guys look tired,” she said.

“Yeah, it was great. I feel like I finally got some exercise,” I replied. Jay volunteered to put the horses away. He helped me down and I practically hobbled up to where Amanda was sitting.

“Are you all right?” she asked, “You look sore.”

“I wasn’t expecting that. It feels like I was spanked, hard,” I answered. Joy laughed. I laughed. Amanda just smiled and gave me one of her pillows to sit on.

to be continued…


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