My Forbidden Fantasy Ch. 02

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I knew I shouldn’t have these thoughts about Pete, my step-son. After our encounter on the couch where I made him cum with my foot, it should have just ended. It was wrong!

But, my God, was it ever hot. Just to remember his face, his exquisite expression, his eyes half closed, and how he couldn’t help but fuck his hips, sliding his hard-as-a-rock cock against my foot. And what a rush went through me when I saw he was close to cumming. My cunt was on fire, my juices bubbling, my clit aching to be touched.

And then his sweet little cum sounds as he pressed his cock hard against my foot. All it would have taken for me would have been a swipe on my clit and I would have had the best orgasm. As it was, I had to wait until later and relive every second of the encounter, and cum, cum, cum!

I forced myself to not do anything like that again. Still, I couldn’t help but tease Pete, wearing sexy clothes, stretching, caressing his arm, and giving him a little back rub. But nothing like what we had done on that couch.

One day, though, I came in the kitchen to find Pete making a sandwich. He looked so adorable, sexy, too, in his tight jeans. I came up behind him and gave him a hug, pressing myself against him. He felt yummy! I caressed his chest and savored the feel of him against me.

“Mmmmm, Mom, that feels so good,” Pete said, topkapı escort pushing his ass back a little.

“Like it, huh?” I whispered, running my hand down over his taught stomach.

Looking out the window, I saw that Todd, my husband, was mowing the backyard, a task that takes a few hours.

“Pete, turn around, k? Back up against the counter,” I said, my naughty nature taking over.

“Pete, I’m going to make you feel real good, okay? But you have to promise you can’t tell anyone. I mean anyone. Can you promise?”

“Yes, Mom. I promise.” I could tell Pete was as excited as I was.

I slowly ran my hand up and down his stomach, then lower over his thighs. I wanted this to last. Up and down, coming oh so close to his cock, but not touching him.

I loved caressing his thighs, feeling his firm muscles. Then, just a quick swipe over his cock. My God, he was rock hard! Looking down, I could see his long, thick cock jutting a little sideways in his jeans.

I know I should have been doing this. So wrong, but it was the hottest thing I’d ever done too.

Gently, I placed my hand over Pete’s cock through his jeans, looked into his eyes, and stroked up and down. He closed his eyes and FLEXED his cock uncontrollably. I loved this!

Up and down, up and down, up and down, and every so türbanlı escort often I just stroke on the head. Doing that, he got up on his toes and pushed his hips hard against my hand.

Moving both my hands down, I slowly unzipped his jeans and reached in. Easing out his cock, I got the biggest sex rush. It was so massive and dripping with pre-cum, the head coated with slick juice.

I grasped his cock with my hand and ran my fingers up and down, from the base to the soft head. I loved watching his expression as I stroked, that look of intense pleasure playing across his face.

“Mom, that feels so damned good!” Pete managed to say, his voice choked with lust and desire.

“Want me to stop?” I teased.

“Nooooo, please don’t stop. Keep going, k?” He almost begged.

I had no plans to stop. Keeping a firm grip on that heavenly cock, I continued to stroke, to hand fuck him. His pre-cum coated his cock and as I stroked him we could hear the wet, slick sounds of sex.

My cunt was on fire! I could feel my lips swollen, my juices percolating, and my clit wanting so badly to be caressed. I fucking needed to cum!!

Then . . . I took my hand completely away.

“Mom! Why did you do that?” Pete said.

“You were getting too close. I want this to last.” I whispered.

He couldn’t tüyap escortescortescort wait to feel my hand again! After a bit, I slowly wrapped my fingers around his heavenly cock and started slowly stroking. I mean really slowly.

I couldn’t take it any longer.

“Pete, I want you to cup me, here.” I said, as I guided his hand to my pussy. “Remember, you can’t tell anyone about this, right?”

“I promise, Mom, I do.”

I felt his fingers right on my cunt through my jeans. Sex rushes exploded deep inside me. I wanted so badly to cum.

As I stroked Pete, I humped his hand, in tandem. His fingers were right on that seam, right over my engorged lips and clit. My God, did this ever feel good!!

Stroking, stroking, stroking, humping his hand, both of us lost in the incredible sex sensations.

“Keep it firm, Pete, right there, k?” I moaned.

“Going to cum, Mom!” Pete moaned.

I stroked up, down, up, down, then milked the head, hearing that squishy sound. I felt my orgasm building too. I got up on my tip toes and jammed my cunt against his hand, his fingers.

I leaned forward and kissed him, passionately, stroking, stroking, stroking . . . he tensed his legs, pushed his cock in my hand, and as he squirted, spewed hot creamy cum, I came as well. What a sensation, to cum with your own son! I got as far up on my toes as I could and strained, STRAINED, my legs, feeling the orgasm rip through me. Those how-can-this-feel-so-good feelings swept over me, like heavenly waves, as I continued to slowly stroke Pete’s cock.

What in the world was I doing? So wrong, but so sizzling hot!

(More to come!)

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