My First Tango

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We are cuddled together on the sofa, giggling watching some silly chick flick. Her hair smells sweet and I close my eyes and inhale deep as the loose strands play across my cheek. I lean my head to her shoulder and stroke her bared arm with my fingertips. My desire surprises me as a red heat races to my face, my shame pronounced at my guilty hunger. My heart races faster and I take deep, exaggerated breaths in hopes of hiding my wanting lest my heart and body too revealed, too pronounced and exposed to her.

She turns to me and I know she knows. And my stomach flip flops as gushes of wet and heat flood my beauty. I am on fire. I am paralyzed. She is so brave as she leans in and gently caresses my cheek, her bright eyes sparkling at mine. Her lips soft and inviting, she moves in closer and presses herself to me. Our lips locked, my heart exploding. There is nothing for long moments. Just stillness and our matched breaths as we sit, lips locked without further movement. I must remember to breathe. I must breathe!!

Our locked lips interrupted by his entry. He laughs and remarks, “Now what have you two gotten yourself involved in here?” She giggles and I blush as I push my long locks behind my ears. I watch as he walks in our direction with purpose and intent. His eyes pass from his lovely wife’s bahis firmaları face to mine, their guest and visitor. My hands are trembling and I am finding it difficult to catch my breath. I am hungry, ravenous as if I have never feasted before, my core throbbing and swelling. I am dizzy. I am nauseated. I am intoxicated in anticipation.

He moves behind me, lightly pressing the palm of his hand to my shoulder. My shoulder blade melts to butter as deep seated groans and old wants work their way through my heart and outwards. “Mmmhhhmm,” It grumbles. “Ohhhhhhh,” it cries. It. I. My swampy heat and fiery desire.

He navigates my body until I am rested firmly splayed against his. He smells of toasting logs in a potbelly stove on a cold and blustery day. He is home and my body the kindling sparking and burning to ashes in his meaty hands. She scooches up towards my thighs and drapes my legs across her, kneading and tickling me in long slow rolls.

I want more. I reach out to touch her, my hand finding her forearm. I squeeze and knead my eyes searching hers for her hunger. She smiles at me and slides out from under my legs. She begins her climb. As if a snake, she slithers up my body, her breath hisses her beady eyes focused on her intention. Her hands find my hipbones and she presses firm kaçak iddaa and together we sink deeper against his heft. Up like a cobra, she slides to meet my face and we nose to nose. He pulls back my shoulders and holds me firmly in place. My movements restricted.

God help me! I moan, my body dripping love like lava as she dances and hisses. God help me I moan! as my body drags and pulls up against his firm hold. My body itches and demands to be scratched. Touch me!! It screams as my wet leaks and stains the inside of my thighs. My body. My body. My body.

She straddles my hips and we bump and grind. I am on fire. I try to wrestle my shoulders and arms free in hopes of embracing her and he laughs as he increases the pressure to hold me in place. She leans in towards my face, teasing me with kisses and I try in my fevered desperation to catch her tongue, her lip. Anything. And then she is upon me and we are lips and tongues and kisses and deep set groans. His growls encourage us and I flood and flip and flop. She reaches her hand under my blouse and rolls her fingers in curlicues against my pointy nipples. “God,” we moan in unison as she tugs with growing fierceness. I lurch my hips up to meet her and as quick as a jack rabbit are his hands firmly against my waist restraining me. “Not yet, baby girl,” kaçak bahis he reprimands against my ear. “Not yet,” as he teases and tugs at my earlobe.

God help me!

I am rabid and crazed. Heat sears my core. The throbbing is deafening. Unleash me! It screams. Every ounce of energy is focused on controlling as yet again my body slams and tugs and demands to be set free. My body, my loving is as vast as the ocean seas. I cannot contain it any longer within the confines of this plastic drinking bottle. It is not eight ounces. It is everything. It erupts, it surges, it breaks, it spills. “Let me out! Let love out!” I crumble and the buttons of my sweater burst, as it now too small to contain my body.

Just one grind against my pelvis, just one small palm of pressure and I am released. Through tattered breaths I work to adjust my body for release. His command direct, “Not yet.” I cry out, so edgy, so damned do I feel from the restriction. It is mind bending. My cunt sloppy wet and my heart harried red. I twist and pull up as my yearning drags his arms away from his body. My body cannot be contained!! He laughs and pulls back tighter on me now, his body cocked and ready for battle. The throbbing is so loud!!! The ache tears at my insides as if a deep and bleeding wound. I am fucked. Totally and utterly splayed. To hell, my mind rails against my body. My body laughs as it crests like a giant wave. My body cries as it breaks against the hold of my lovers, and I, drown in their lead, in my first tango.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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