My First Mouthful

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Dolly Little

Just arriving home at 4 in the morning, a salty yet intoxicating taste lingering in my mouth, I felt I should put my thoughts down before retiring. After all, I had just sucked a cock for the first time, and it was a wonderful experience I had waited oh, too long to try. I now knew it wouldn’t be my last, so I decided that, at least for my own sake, I should describe the feelings so I could relive them again and again.

I am an average white male, so I thought, who has been out of the loop since my wife left me several months ago. My sex life with her was so-so at best, although I did supplement it on the side on occasion. But lately I had been fantasizing on what it would be like to please a man, to be used by him, and be rewarded for my efforts. I had been looking at a lot more porn than usual lately, and I was always drawn to the cum shot and blow job sections of the sites I frequented.

Being only average sized myself, I was practically mesmerized looking at giant cocks, and watching them being devoured by willing mouths. I wondered how it would feel to have one grow in my mouth, how the precum seeping out of it would taste, and more importantly, if I could make one explode down my throat. But most of all, I was curious if I would have second thoughts after performing the deed.

So, after months of servicing myself while watching people swallowing loads on my computer screen, I got up the nerve to post a message in a chat room claiming I was looking for a large cock to please, with no strings attached. Maybe I set too wide a net, because next day when I looked, I had about thirty responses, and in the week since, it had risen to almost one hundred.

Some were really intriguing, and I was like a kid in a candy store, undecided which one I should respond too. I finally choose one who said his name was Bill. He was white, married, and had a nine inch cock that needed servicing on a regular basis. After several notes back and forth, we decided to meet for coffee and a chat just to see how great an idea of mine this was. I suggested a Starbucks near my house and we spotted each other as soon as I arrived. I just somehow knew who he was as soon as I laid eyes on him, and I knew this would be the man I would take the plunge with.

We sat at an outdoor table, and after a few minutes chatting, Bill started telling me how much he wanted to ram his giant cock antalya escort down my throat. The way he talked dirty really started getting me turned on and I was ready then and there to drop down on my knees and have a go at it. But clearer heads prevailed, and he arranged for me to meet him after work that evening.

Bill ran a small bar about a mile from my home that I had never been to before, though I knew where it was. He told me he usually closes at two a.m. and suggested I arrive a little after that. My cock was hard with excitement and so, without the slightest hesitation, I agreed to be there. As I got up to leave, my cock was rock hard, protruding in front of me, and he grabbed a hold of it, driving shivers throughout my body. As we walked to the subway, I suggested we wait and take the elevator down instead of the stairs. Getting in after him, I reached back and felt his cock, and it was huge, he wasn’t lying! I knew I wanted that meat pole and it took a lot of effort to just let go and part company until later that night.

So, I had about eight hours to reflect on what I was about to do, and I was excited beyond imagination. I guess it was finally time for me to try something new. The more I thought of it, the more I wanted it, and was determined to give him a blow job he’d never forget. I only hoped that I would be good at it. After all, I was a novice and would have to rely on resolve rather than experience.

But, having been on the other end on many occasions, I had a pretty good idea what felt good and what didn’t. I just hoped I could stretch my mouth wide enough to take his cock deep and maintain enough saliva to keep him sliding in and out as I devoured him. Here I was, never having sucked a cock before, but knowing that was what I wanted to do more than anything.

The time leading up to our meeting dragged on forever, and finally I left my house at two a.m. and got to Bill’s bar about twenty minutes later. As I opened the door, to my delight it was empty, except for my new found friend, and he told me to latch the lock on the door and make myself comfortable. He poured us a couple glasses of white wine and when he came over to my seat gave me a kiss on my lips, sliding his tongue into my mouth.

That was an unexpected, yet exciting surprise and it broke any tension I was feeling. We both knew what I was here for, and as Bill started lara escort caressing my shaft I immediately reached for his manhood and started unzipping his pants. They opened up to a pair of tight green shorts that outlined a huge, standing tall cock with an equally impressive set of balls. I was temporarily mesmerized by this beautiful sight as he grabbed me by my head and eased me forward face to face with it. I gave a few quick nibbles through the shorts before pulling them downward to expose the most perfect cock I could ever imagine!

The first words I could blurt out were, ” Bill, this really is nine inches, isn’t it?” and he responded with a chuckle and said it would get bigger if I treated it right. That said, I pounced on it, shoving the first cock down my salivating throat. Sure enough, I could feel it expanding and the feeling drove me crazy. Feeling a cock grow in my mouth for the first time was something to die for! He was so big yet I was determined to tackle as much of it as I could. I could taste Bill’s precum and it was so delicious and at the same time it coated my throat to ease his tool even further and deeper into my cock hungry mouth.

Holding my hand around his vein-encrusted shaft, I rode up and down on his cock, spinning my tongue around his velvet head and slurping out a steady stream of salty-sweet precum. Boy, I thought, “this is easy!” It felt so good and Bill was apparently just as pleased. He kept saying, “That’s it,baby,” and “Don’t stop, that’s great.” I loved hearing his encouragement and it made me go on, more determined to take him deeper.

A couple of times I would pull his cock out and lick and nibble along the length of his tool, finishing with love bites on his enormous ball sack before returning to his joy stick. I only met this cock moments ago, and I was in love with it! I was groaning; in pure ecstasy, as I worshipped it with my mouth and tongue. My mouth was still moist and this cock slid in and out in a steady rhythm as Bill hummed and I moaned.

As my throat started to relax more, I was taking his shaft deeper and deeper and with that my man started face-fucking me. Evidently I wasn’t causing him any discomfort with my teeth and he proceeded to use me like a whore. I wondered if I could ever take the whole nine inches but hadn’t gotten that far. I was gagging, gasping for breath side escort and had to pull back a few times for air. Maybe experience will make me better at that. It was a strange sensation. Choking makes you feel like you are dying, yet at the same time you don’t want to stop!

For the longest time, I pounded this beautiful pole as I took it as deep as I could. I sucked in and used my tongue as a rapier on his cock head, and Bill was getting close, saying, “If you don’t stop, I’m gonna cum, baby.” Well, I didn’t want to stop, and I sure did want him to cum! I said, “Give me your seed baby, I want it all,” as I eased back a little so I could get a better taste when he exploded. As I swirled my tongue around the cock head, the first squirt exploded in my mouth!

Immediately I grabbed his nut sack and squeezed tightly as I sucked hard on his beautiful tool. Bill screamed as I took in three or four more massive salvos, his cock recoiling like a howitzer. He tried to pull away, but I wouldn’t let him. I eased up the pressure as I started to appreciate the taste of his huge load, but I wouldn’t let that cock go far.

My first taste of cum and it was heavenly. My mouth was filled to the brim with warm, sweet tasting nectar and a cock that even as it started to shrink, was still bigger than my own. Wild thoughts were going through my head, yet I had never felt so happy. I didn’t want to swallow. As the love juice slid down my palate, I realized this was the best meal I had ever had. Bill had leaned back to rest as I continued to worship his weapon. I must have sucked him for thirty minutes before he exploded but felt I could continue indefinitely. His cock was just that beautiful.

Well, finally Bill pulled me up to my feet and said thank you then thrust his tongue down my throat while planting a most passionate kiss on my still half filled mouth. I moaned as his hard tongue jammed against mine, while we both enjoyed the final remnants of his fast disappearing load. A marvelous sensation came over me as I felt a sharp tongue jabbing mine as his cum coated my teeth, throat and tonsils.I had never felt so satisfied, fulfilled or happy.

I hardly knew this hunk, just meeting him today, but felt so at ease, knowing in my mind that this was the man I wanted to please on a steady basis. After I swallowed the last of his load, I honestly told him I’d do that again anytime he asked me. He assured me there would be plenty more to come and asked me to come by next day for a repeat performance. After another passionate kiss, I left for home knowing that tomorrow would be the start of a new life for me, one that I couldn’t wait to start.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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