My First Male 3sum

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Black Cock

A while back I met this guy online (lets call him Rob) when I was looking for some male to male fun. While I love women, every now and then I just enjoy getting together with another guy. We hit it off immediately. He is in his 40s and divorced and I’m in my 30s. We both love sucking and anal play and toys. Rob is about 6’, 200lbs and sports a good 6-7” cock. I’m 5’10”, 175lbs with about the same sized cock.

We had met a couple of times now and the last time he mentioned the possibility of us having a 3 some with another guy he knows. That thought appealed to me a lot. I’ve always fantasized about 3 somes – whether all guys or with girls. Well the time had come. He called me and told me it was on.

We all met at his house. The third guy was already there. John was his name. He was in his 40s too. He was about 6’ and thin. We all look like your typical regular guys. Rob, John and I all had a beer and sat around chatting for a few minutes till Rob suggested we get the party started. My cock was already hard and dying to be set free from my pants so I was all for that suggestion. We stripped down and made our way to the bed.

We sat down on the bed naked. My cock was raging and the other guys were hard too. I have a 7” cock that sticks straight out when hard. I trim my pubes so that it’s nice and neat. Rob’s cock is about the same size as mine. His kinda hangs down a bit. John’s cock was a bit larger than ours. Maybe 8” or so and was flat against his abdomen. We sat antalya escort for a second trying to figure out who was going to do what for whom first. Then John said “Why don’t Rob and you sit beside each other on the end of the bed. I can’t wait to suck both your cocks!” We were more than willing to oblige. Rob had told me that John loved to suck cock and was really good at it.

John started with Rob’s cock. He held it in one hand while stroking my cock with the other hand. Then he started slowly licking Rob’s cockhead like an ice cream cone. It was so erotic to watch and my cock started to twitch in John’s hand. John slowly went down on Rob’s cock from tip to base. It was a very good show. Rob was definitely enjoying and moaned slightly. After a couple of minutes, John switched to my cock.

John started the same way. He slowly swirled his tongue around my cockhead licking up all the pre-cum that my cock was leaking. Then he started to slowly go down on my cock bobbing his head lightly all the way up and all the way down. It felt so good! Rob looked at me and said “I told he was a great cocksucker.” All I could do was moan some more.

Then John switch over to Rob again and picked up the pace. He alternated between us for a while and then Rob and I decided to return the favor. We laid him in the middle and each took turns sucking his cock for a few minutes. John was loving it. His cock was oozing pre-cum as we alternated between sucking his cock and his balls. lara escort While Rob was sucking his cock, he began fingering his ass slightly. This really got John going. Rob really knows how to use a finger down there from my experience.

We decided to all lay on our side for a bit so we could all suck and be sucked in a chain. That was fun. Rob sucked on my cock, John sucked on his and I sucked John’s larger cock all by myself this time.

It took me a few minutes to learn how to accommodate John’s longer and thicker cock, but I did and was taking him almost all the way down. His cock was nice and meaty and really filled my mouth. Meantime, Rob was doing a number on my cock and really turning me on. He would take me all the way in and then slowly come up and lick down the sides and then all the way in and bob his head on my cock. Since he knows I love anal play, he was already running his finger in and out of my ass. Wow that felt so good. Thankfully I tend to be long lasting so I could hold off my orgasm for a while.

John on the other hand was getting close. His cock was really hard and leaking hot sticky pre-cum and he was moaning around Rob’s cock. Finally, he released Rob’s cock from his mouth to announce that he was going to cum. I pulled him out of my mouth and jerked his cock. His cum exploded everywhere – all over his thigh and my chest and neck. It was so hot watching it explode. That apparently set Rob off as he started groaning side escort that he was cumming. I looked up and saw John jerking Rob’s cock all over his mouth and face. That was so erotic to watch!

Now it was my turn. Sometimes it sucks to be long lasting, but this time it was great! Rob took control here and directed me to lay on my side in the middle of the bed. John got in front of me so he could suck my cock some more. Rob got out his favorite vibrator and lubed it up in front of me so I could see what was coming. Then he got behind me and pulled my leg up high so he had unobstructed access to my ass. While John did a number on my cock, Rob slowly eased the vibrator into me. It felt so hot to feel that slick vibrating wonder make it was into my rear. I was in ecstasy with what these guys were doing to me. Rob started fucking my ass quickly with the vibrator while John sucked me.

Then Rob decided to pull out the heavy artillery. He had a larger vibrator that was a good 9” and 1.5-2” wide. I had only been able to take that once before when I was really hot. Today would be my second time. He placed it against my hole a pushed. He timed it perfectly so that the big vibrator would be sinking in as John’s mouth was sliding down my cock. I let out a deep moan. I could see the smile on John’s face as my cock disappeared down his mouth. From there I lost control as Rob slide the big vibrator in and out and John took me deep. I managed to groan out that I was coming and John gave me the same treatment as he did to Rob.

He pulled my cock out of his mouth and held it against his lips as he jerked me off. I exploded everywhere. We all lay there for a bit and caught our breath. We would definitely have to do this again sometime.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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