My First Foot Massage

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It wasn’t the worst thing that’s ever happened to me – losing my job, but it still hit hard. I was an up and coming accountant at a large law firm in New Jersey, that is until they fired me. Downsizing is a bitch.

My sister lived in Connecticut, not too far away, and offered to put me up a while until I could get a new job and back up on my feet. That old run-down apartment I was living in was simply too expensive to live in without a job.

Putting most of my stuff into storage, I headed to Connecticut to take up my sister’s offer. I was happy to be in such a situation. My sister welcomed me with open arms and her husband was ok with the situation. Neither one of them made me seem like a hardship on their lives.

Every day I would apply for jobs. After two weeks I started to get the interviews. Ugg. Who likes an interview? It was spring and the days were getting warmer, but the mornings were still cold.

“Another interview?” asked Cameron.

“Yeah, like I always dress like this.” I chuckled, “I hope this is the one. Interviews suck.”

“Good luck to you this morning.” he replied.

I noticed he was still in his pajamas and not at all in a hurry.

I smiled, “New dress code at work?”

“Day off! About time too, been working a lot here recently. You always wear those boots to interviews?”

I looked down at the fur lined boots on my feet, and then back up at him, “It’s too cold in the mornings. I take them off and put on the high heels for the interview. When it’s over the boots go back on.”

He pointed toward his brain in approval, “Good thinking. Go kill ’em today.”

Cameron was nice. I don’t know how my sister got so lucky. He was handsome, had a great sense of humor, and while not wealthy he was doing alright with the money. One day I was going to find a man like him.

I grabbed my briefcase and coffee and headed out the front door.

“Go get ’em!” he said as he raised his hand high up into the air.

Maybe this was my day. I had hoped. Job hunting isn’t very much fun.

Well, it turned out that it wasn’t my lucky day. The interviewer was cold and indifferent. It was obvious I wasn’t getting the job.

Back in the car I slipped off the high heels and put the boots back on. Nice and warm. Comfortable too. All that walking in heels really hurts the feet. Why do we women wear them then? The hour long drive home added insult to the interview ‘injury’.

As I opened the front door Cameron’s eyes got wide. “Did you get the job?”

“No” I answered as I plopped myself down on the couch, “They just weren’t interested.”

“Ohhh,” he replied, “Well maybe the next interview.”

“Maybe,” I said, “but I can’t think şirinevler türbanlı escort of that right now, my feet hurt sooo bad.”

“All that walking in heels huh?”

I pulled the heels out of my bag, “They might look nice, but they’re a bitch to walk in.”

I placed a sofa pillow under my head and laid my legs on the couch.

“Oh! They throb!”

“You know, you’re doing a lot of work for someone without a job.”

He moved closer to me and sat down by my feet. “Here,” he motioned towards my boots, “Pull those things off.”

He sensed my look of apprehension.

“It’s ok, just a little foot massage. I figure you need one after a day like this.”

“You’ll think it’s gross,” I replied, “my feet have been percolating in these boots for hours now.”

“Come on. You’ll enjoy it.”

I leaned over and kicked them off. My feet felt instantly cold from the damp socks. I leaned back all the way into the pillow and propped my aching feet onto his lap. He took one of my feet and pressed his thumbs firmly into my arch, sliding them up toward my ball and toes. I couldn’t believe how great it felt. He did that over and over, eventually stopping to grab each toe individually and squeeze gently on top of the toenail. I never thought a foot massage could feel so good. I laid my head back and closed my eyes.

I laid there marveling at how good he was at this. He would grab all my toes in one hand and flex them all the way up and down to their limits. The stretch hurt a little, but I wasn’t going to tell him to stop. It felt that good. Then he used both hands to knead my foot and ankle muscles over and over. I could feel myself slipping away…

That moment in heaven was disturbed by a foot change as he gently lowered the one foot and picked up the other. I was dying inside. If it felt that good on my left foot, it was sure to feel good one the right one too.

And I was right. I let out a long sigh and closed my eyes again. My next man was gonna have to do this to me for sure. Even if I had to send him to classes.

As I lay there in bliss I noticed a subtle angle change in the way he was massaging. I barely opened one eye and discovered my foot mere inches away from his nose – and he was inhaling deeply. I thought it mildly disgusting, but apparently he liked it. If he wanted to smell my raunchy feet… Whatever. I was in no position to ask him to stop.

“It feels so good.” I moaned.

“Glad you like it. I mean, it could be better and all but… You know…”

“It feels so good, just do whatever you need to do.”

“I have more tricks. Don’t know if you’ll like them or not.”

“Use them” I şirinevler ucuz escort moaned.

“Well I’m gonna have to take off your socks for direct hand-to-foot contact. I can rub harder that way.”


It may have been a little inappropriate, but I couldn’t imagine it feeling any better. It was already a ten out of a ten.

Cameron pulled off my socks and I could feel my feet get a little colder from the evaporating moisture. I had an eye barely cracked again. He looked at my ‘closed’ eyes, and then pressed my socks up to his nose and drew in my sweaty scent. Cameron was enjoying this a little too much, but I was intently curious as to how much better it was going to be.

Once again he picked up my foot and started massaging. He was right – this was better. I could feel the warmth of his hands. I could feel the smooth sensual glide of his skin over mine. He applied lots of pressure in the right proportions.

“Mmmmm that feels so good…”

I opened my eyes briefly and watched my feet, inches from his nose, being expertly handled. I closed my eyes again and felt my body sinking into the couch. The next few minutes (I think it was minutes, could’ve been more or less) were mind numbing.

I must’ve been almost asleep, as a strange feeling brought me back to the world. I opened my eyes as he was licking my sole from the heel to the ball. In panic-mode I opened my eyes wide and raised up on my elbows in a bit of disbelief. He looked over at me, eye-to-eye, and softly took each toe, one at a time into his mouth. I could feel his hungry tongue lick between each of my toes. Someone has a foot fetish…

Oddly enough, it still felt good. I was clearly getting the better deal here. I relaxed myself and closed my eyes again. The combination of firm rubbing, his tongue lavishing me, and the thought that I wasn’t grossing him out allowed me to slip away again.

I must’ve been half asleep. I do remember saying, “Mmm… You can do anything to me right now…”

That woke me up. Immediately? A minute later? Even later than that? When I opened my eyes a crack I could see my feet against his hairy chest. He had somehow managed to lower my pants to my knees and let his hand lightly explore my nether region through my panties. He occasionally changed hand positions to caress the curves of my outer butt.

I was semi-lucid, yet not alarmed by his advancement. In and out of utopia, I could feel him tug left and right as he slowly pulled my panties down to my knees. With my feet still resting on his sexy chest I could see that my panties were now at face-level to him. He lowered his face to them and paused, breathing in my essence.

I şişli escort mustered up the courage to gently whisper, “Everything you’re doing feels sooo good.”

He guided my hand down to his cock. It was then that I realized that his pants and underwear were now down to his knees.

“Even this?”

As I held him in my hand I couldn’t help it. The switch had now been flipped and it was what I needed. I closed my droopy eyes and shook my head up and down quickly as I let out a long exhale.

Fully at length, he let his shaft and head slide firmly down on my trimmed hawk. It was a contrast when he changed to a gentle glide across my clit, before pressing himself firmly down against my vulnerable opening.

The rough and gentle sensations were bringing me back to consciousness. The sensation of his cock disappeared as he took my right foot into his hands. The renewed massage reminded me of how good it felt. After a while he massaged my other foot, as he lay his shaft directly on top of my clit. The seconds or minutes passed by. I couldn’t tell for sure, as my eyes were closed and I slowly slipped away into another world.

I did feel his entry though. It was slow and deliberate. Dream-like. Was he really in me, or was this just a part of my lustful dream? Either way, it was what I wanted.

The head of his cock felt enormous as he slowly slid in and out of me. The moment was surreal. I was being pleasured with a foot massage, and now this. What a wonderful feeling.

All this self doubt and pity for not finding a job, yet I was being treated like royalty. As good as it was though, it got better. My right foot was getting a deep tissue massage. A totally hot man was servicing me ever-so-slowly from tip-to-hilt. How could this get any better?

It did. While servicing me and massaging my right foot, he took my left foot into his mouth, applying hard bites to the sore areas. The bites were hard, but they felt good. They allowed the day’s tension to slip away.

He eventually stopped stroking into me and inserted only his head. I could feel my pussy muscles contracting on him, squeezing him. I knew this event was sadly coming to an end.

I opened my eyes to gauge the situation. His face was cast downward to my belly and pelvis. He had an ever-excruciating look about him.

In a quick motion he pulled his head out of me just enough to apply the full force of his load directly onto my clit. The sudden spurt sent shivers up my spine. It was unlike anything I’ve ever had before. Involuntarily, I was sent into a shivering orgasm, while arching my hips in an effort to re-admit him. I grabbed his forearms and tried my best to put him back into me. I just needed one good shot deep inside of me…

It was done though. A helluva dream-like experience. Never in my life would I have expected something like this. To be pampered. To be treated like royalty. To be taken care of…

He then reinserted his cum-covered cock deep into me for round two while pressing his lips to mine…

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