My First Customers Ch. 01

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I had been to a large conference, and on the way there I ended up sitting next to one of my main client on the plane – Magnus. He was about 15 years older than me at about fifty, but in great shape, with a handsome face, broad frame, slightly taller than me and with warm deep voice. We talked about work mostly, but he also asked a bit about my private life. I told I was single, enjoyed going out with friends, and trained quite a lot (feeling good about my 180 cm frame and muscles).

After a while w both drifted off to a light sleep, but I felt his leg pressing all the time against mine. When I woke up, he was looking through some pictures on his mobile. He held it so that I couldn’t miss that there were quite a few nude or lingerie clad women. He noticed, and held one up for me to see, a beautiful blonde in a black piece of sexy underwear. It got me going alright I told him.

“Yes, isn’t she gorgeous?”

We switched back to work stuff, and then headed to our hotels and the conference. At the end of the day, he asked if I cared to have a drink after the other business appointments we had, and reminded me of his mobile number.

“Absolutely, I’ll call you later,” I replied.

After a boring supplier dinner, I called Magnus.

“Hi, thanks for calling. I had such a boring dinner, and I am now out shopping for something. Care to come along before drinks”

He sounded cheerful and confident.

“Sure. Where do I meet you?”

He gave me an address and I jumped into a taxi and went there. As I stepped out I realized we were in the red light district, and that the address was a sex shop. I entered, hesitating a little. Magnus was there, looking at some large dildos.

“Hi, I wasn’t expecting this. Looking for something special?”

I laughed, and tried to appear natural. He stretched his hand out, and I took it and shook it. He held on to it for slightly longer, I thought as his warm hand let go of mine.

“Black or white?” he asked casually, waving his large hand over the many available choices.

“Depends on the day,” I replied trying to sound casual.

He laughed.

“Good answer!”

“Care to watch a movie with me, in the back? I have a favorite, which I saw they have.”

This all took a twist I hadn’t expected but he was my major client after all, and a nice guy.

“Sure,” I said and we quickly walked along the shelves of porn magazines, sexy underwear, toys and along a red painted corridor to the video booths. We got in, and it turned out to be very small for two men. We sat close to one another, as he pushed in a token chip he apparently already had bought, and chose his antalya escort favorite movie.

The movie started out softly, with a woman dancing in a dark large room, and slowly revealing more and more of herself. It was dark in the little booth, and we sat tightly next to each other, with the door to the left, on his side, and with me pressed against the other red painted wall.

After a while several men and women appeared in the room where the woman was dancing and undressing. She was now completely naked. I had a full hard on already, and my pants felt uncomfortably tight.

Magnus, then opened is pants and brought out his massive cock, and started caressing himself.

“Good, isn’t it? Always makes me instantly hard.”

“Yes,” I said in a low voice, and also unzipped my pants.

We watched the film, and masturbated quietly for a while, sitting next to each other, but I couldn’t help glance at his impressive manhood.

The men and women were caressing the naked woman now, and te seductive music and atmosphere melted with the smells of us both and our arousal.

“You have a great cock there, but could I see your body? You seem to do a good deal of training, and I’d just like to see those muscles of yours.”

I was stunned. But, I was also very turned on. Without really thinking, I pulled my shirt over my head, shifted a little forward and towards him and showed off my toned muscles. He felt my pecs, and shoulders.

“And the rest … can I see the rest?”

I stood up and pulled my pants down, and stepped out of them. It was a bit difficult in the small booth, and I kept on bumping against him, the screen and the wall. Soon I stood completely naked before him, next to the screen. I heard some noise behind me, but couldn’t identify it.

“Step over here to the other side and turn around.”

I did as he instructed, and he shifted over to my place. As I turned I saw to my shock, that a hole had been opened in the opposite wall, and a huge cock had been pushed through it.

“Fuck me, please,” the woman in the movie pleaded.

“Have you ever, felt and sucked a man before? This is one of the perks of this place I saw …”

He ran his finger under the cock, and it twitched at the touch. It was huge.

“Come try it!”

His voice was calm and convincing, and although it all felt surreal, I suddenly wanted to try. I knelt down, and ran by and softly up and down the huge erection. It was warm to the touch, and the veins showed clearly. He smelt good of some aftershave, but also slightly musky.

“Kiss him,” Magnus ordered.

I leaned in and kissed the tip, tasting kepez escort the first little drop of precum.

“All of him. Worship that cock of is.”

Magnus pushed my head gently forward, and I started to kiss and lick my way p and down the long throbbing shaft.

“And, now … taste him!”

I opened my mouth, and Magnus took the strangers cock, and pushed it down to my mouth. It felt soft and huge, as it slid in between my wet lips.

Magnus guided me, by holding my hair, as I started sucking him. My head was pushed back and forwards, and with each push, I managed to take a little bit more of the man’s cock in. Soon, Magnus let go of him, and as I relaxed my throat muscles I managed to swallow all of the unknown man’s cock. I sat there, breathing through my nose, feeling him pulsate in my mouth, and with my head spinning with lust.

“Soon, you will experience his great gift. I want to see it, as it comes and don’t waste it.”

He pulled my head back, and he grabbed the cock and held it so that my mouth was just below the tip. He swiftly masturbated for the stranger, and I opened wide, knowing what was about to come.

“Do you want this? Tell him, how much you want him.”

I looked at the cock, and looked to the right up at Magnus.

“Please, I want his cum gift.”

Magnus held my head firmly in place, and intensified his caresses, and soon the man’ climaxed. The first load landed on my nose, and on my forehead. Only the three following loads, landed where Magnus wanted it – in my mouth.

It tasted slightly salty and the texture was like warm yogurt or something. I swallowed i down, before Magnus pushed me forward again, so that I could suck of the remaining drops, and feel him soften in my mouth. After a while, he pulled back, and I sat gasping for air, and wondering what I had done. I had just sucked off an unknown man.

“My turn,” Magnus declared and spread his legs wide for me.

Behind me I heard the men and women enjoy their lusts to the full. It sounded like some form of orgy.

I looked up at him.

“You know what we both want cock sucker, so go ahead and do it.”

I felt embarrassed by his words, but I could not deny it now. In fact, it was clearly visible that I was excited about it, as my own cock stood at full mast. I leaned forward and took his cock in my right hand, and fondled his balls with my left. He turned and watched the movie, as I leaned in and licked and kissed him. He was just as big as the other man, but his balls were all shaved, and the mushroom head somewhat pinkish instead of bluish.

Finally, I leaned in manavgat escort and started sucking him. He moaned above me, as he leaned back and let the ecstasy mount.

I felt him throb and twitch in my mouth, and he held my hair, and guided me to the right tempo.

He then reached into the pockets of his pants, and took out his mobile. He turned it on, and held it to me.

“Take a selfie, f yourself, my little slut.”

I do not know what I was thinking. I was simply at his command now, and without any second thoughts, I took the phone and held it up and took a selfie of me with his cock in my mouth. The flash blinded me for a long while, but he held me firmly in place, as he took the phone out of my hand.

Then he came massively. I felt him swell in my mouth, and suddenly it was filled with his warm cum. I swallowed and swallowed, but he seemed to come forever. He moaned, and pushed his hips forward as he exploded. We sat still for a long wile like that, hearing the fucking and sucking noises of the orgy on the screen as a backdrop.

“Thank you, that was a great job done – two cocks in one evening. See you at the cashiers.”

He stood up, zipped up and stepped out, leaving the door slightly open. I slowly stood up and looked for my clothes, that lay spread around the floor. I pulled on my pants, and stepped into my shoes, as some people passed by talking. They glanced at me and smiled.

As I pulled my shirt over my head, I noticed that the fist man’s cum was still plastered over my forehead. I looked around but there was nothing to wipe it off with. As I walked back into the sex shop, and looked around at the men that there I got nervous. Maybe it was one of them?

I approach Magnus, as he puts back his wallet in his pocket, after having paid.

He smiles at me, grabs my shoulder and pats my back as he walks us out.

“Thank you for a wonderful evening. It seems, you got all the drinks tonight. You are so naughty! See you around, when we are back home!”

He hands me a black plastic bag, turns away and steps into a waiting taxi. I stand silently and bewildered on the side walk. As I walk back to the hotel, partly to calm myself down … and with some difficulty, as I am still fully erect, I replay what has all happened in one evening.

When I finally get to my room, I open the plastic bag, and find one black and one white cock replica as well as a little note:

“.. to keep you in training, and fit for what’s to cum …you Master M”

I take a long shower, and masturbate myself to finally get relief. Just as I am done, I hear my mobile signal that I have a message. I dry off and walk to the bedside table and take it up. It is from Magnus.

“Evening Mr.Naughty. Sleep well now, and see you back home. Hope you enjoy the gifts, and remember … I have your selfie.”

I go to bed, with my head in a whirl, and another rock hard erection.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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