My First Blind Date

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At age 9, I contracted polio. At first I thought I was being punished for pretending to be crippled. For a year or so I had been using the slats from the bed and ace bandages to bind up my leg and walk around the house when no one was home. I had always been interested in people with disabilities. Never could understand why.

When I left the hospital I was in a wheelchair with both legs paralyzed. The left side was all the way up into my back and the right was just the leg itself. I had been fitted with bilateral, long leg, locking knee braces. In those days they were attached to the shoe. There was a piece of leather stitched to the inside of my left shoe and went up over the inside of my ankle and fastened with a buckle around the outside of the brace. This was supposed to keep my left ankle from turning inward. It was not needed on the right side.

After several months of physical therapy, my right leg regained some strength. The left leg never regained any function. With polio, feeling in both legs is still present, unlike a spinal cord injury. I was able to gradually do away with the right leg brace but still had to use the left one and crutches to walk with. I had also gotten over feeling punished and started enjoying what had happened to me. I loved the feel of the brace on my leg.

By the time I was out of high school, my left leg and buttock were very atrophied and less than half the size of my right. It was also about 1 inch shorter and I had a built up shoe. The ankle joint now had a spring in it that lifted my foot so it would not drag as I walked. I was crippled, looked and felt it and as I started college it became a sexual thing.

Getting around a college campus was very slow and tiring. I developed a lot of back knee in my right leg and pain after a lot of usage. I went back to using a wheelchair. I still wore the left brace and had a new better fitting right leg brace made. I have never gotten over how much I enjoy the feel of them on my legs.

I dated several girls at college and one I think was a devotee, a term I learned at the start of my junior year. She loved to watch me when I did walk a little and put her hand on my leg several times. She allowed me full access to her breasts and would masturbate me while rubbing her hand up and down my atrophied left leg epically when I had my braces on. She was just too shy to move any further I think.

By now my right leg below the knee was completely paralyzed again and I only had a couple of muscles in my thigh that I could use, but very little. When I used my chair I had an 1 ½ inch Velcro strap around my calf’s and the chair frame that held my legs on the foot plate so they could not bounce off.

Another girl I got acquainted with was very open that she was a devotee and stated that was why she was interested in me. She also said she would like to try pretending. I asked her what type of pretending she was interested in and she was not sure if she wanted to be an amputee of some type or blindness. She could not really explain the last one; just that she liked to use her hands to explore things a lot and imagine what they looked like. She did so when alone with her eyes closed and at times covered.

She asked if I was bothered with that and I told her I was not and then she asked if I would help her explore it more. We had kissed and petted some and I could tell she wanted to take everything to the next level. She was not interested in me walking, liked me in my chair and that was where I was when we were kissing etc. She liked to sit in a chair along side of me and facing the opposite direction. I now understand that was how she wanted to be “looking” at me with her hands. I had never been undressed in any way with her and she was talking with me about all of this by the third time we went out.

She asked if she could show me how she became “blind” when she was home alone, and that she would like to go someplace with me (to be away from familiar territory) and do it all being totally blind. She also asked if I would not wear my braces and be wheelchair dependent. I had always had my braces on when we went out together. I told her I would enjoy doing that with her very much. She asked me if I would take her home, that it was accessible, and help her get blind now and that she wanted to stay that way for several days with me.

When we got to her place she changed into shorts and a t-shirt. I should say that Sue is 22, not a very big girl, 5′, 100 lbs and only an “a” cup, but I find a small breasted woman very sexy. She had said she did not wear a bra because she did not need one and did not like them. I had noticed that she had very large areolas and very large and long nipples which were showing through the shirt tonight. She was also dark completed.

She brought out the stuff she used. The first was a simple opaque plastic cup blindfold. She said she used that most of the time around the house. We agreed that would not look very cool when we were out in public. The second setup she had were pieces of plastic that were also opaque balçova escort bayan that she asked me to help her trim to fit over her eyes and within the eye orbits. They would be covered with flesh colored tape to hold them in place and looked very good. No light could penetrate them so that she had no perception of light and dark. I got them taped in place on her and with dark glasses you could not see them at all. With no glasses she looked almost “normal”. She said that what we had done was very comfortable and was looking forward to being that way with me for several days. She wanted them left on from now on until we returned to her place.

We spent the rest of the evening making plans and talking about our adventure. She wanted to be sure that I was both comfortable with her and more important to her, was I going to be comfortable being confined to my chair with no crutches or braces around. I assured her that I did that often, like her, on my own and would enjoy being that way very much. I had transferred to her couch and she was holding my hand when she asked me what I would think of her if she became blind for real. Without hesitation I told her that was for her to decide, that I saw nothing wrong with it if that was what she wanted and that I would support her in any way I could. I think she was surprised with my answer and gave me a very deep kiss with lots of tongue. She put my hand to her breast and told me she was very aroused. After letting me play with it for a while, she asked if I wanted something to drink. She had a grin on her face and said she did not want to go any further that night.

With no trouble at all she got up, went to her kitchen and fixed us something cold. It was obvious she had done this “blind” for some time. Needless to say I was also very aroused with the whole thing and watching her.

I got to her house the next morning and as arranged, she came out of the house to the car using her white stick, with her bag in the other hand and got in and off we went. My van has the driver front seat removed and I sit in my wheelchair to drive using hand controls. Not the most romantic thing with no seat for her to slide over by me and my having to use both hands all the time, one on the stearing wheel and the other on the lever that worked the brake and throttle. We talked on the drive and I described the things that I saw on the way. We had decided that we would go to an area that she had never been to before.

We had chosen a hotel to stay in, more people to see us and we both found that arousing. She either walked beside me or behind me with her hand on my shoulder to guide her. When we got to the room, Sue said that she wanted to start “looking” at me before we went to the pool. She asked if she could undress me and do that. Naturally the answer was yes. I had given her a tour of the room and bath so she knew where things were. She asked me to pull a chair out so she could sit next to me and facing me like she had done before. She stared with my head and face and traced it all with her fingers. I kissed and sucked on her fingers as they traced my lips. She removed my shirt and repeated the whole thing with my upper body, ft and back. Since she had not seen this before, she took more time doing it. She started to remove more of my clothing but stopped, stood up and removed her t-shirt. Her nipples and large areolas were very distended and I told her how sexy I thought she was. As she was tweaking her nipples her head went back and she looked like she was enjoying herself very much. As she sat down and was moving her hand up to me, she ran into my leg and for the first time realized that I had shorts on. I showed her the strap that held my legs in place and how to remove it. She moved her hand up and down my atrophied left leg several times and had a big smile on her face. I asked if she was surprised that I had shorts on and she said not really as she knew I liked to show my crippled legs off especially with my braces on.

She asked me to lift myself up so she could slide my shorts off. She quickly found I had no underwear on. I told her that it was easier to get on and off the john that way and that I never did when I was with a very sexy woman. She stood up and removed her shorts and also had no underwear on! That did not surprise me as much as the large amount of dark, thick hair that covered her pussy and ran up her abdomen towards her belly button. She asked what I thought and I told her that all that hair was very sexy. She asked if I would be ok with her in a small bikini with the hair sticking out. I told her that was up to her as I would never be embarrassed by what she wore.

She asked if we could get on the bed so I could stretch out and she had better access to see me. I wheeled over to the bed and started to transfer. She stated that she wished she could see me as I did so, that it had been very very sexy to watch me last night and how my useless legs just flopped around. I showed her how she could “see” my legs and lift them up on to the bed as I transferred. escort balçova She liked doing that. As she bent over her very small breasts fell away from her chest into kind of a golf ball sized mass. After I moved to the center of the bed she scooted next to me and pulled me over on my side facing her. She pulled me into a very tight hug and I am sure she could feel my hard penis between us. I moved my hips what little I could and my penis slid a couple of inches up and down her stomach.

She relaxed her hold and moved her head back a little from my face still keeping contact with my hard on. She thanked me a lot for being with her like this and that she wanted me to know that she was a virgin. She had never stuck anything in her vagina, even her fingers or a tampon. She had only seen one picture of what a soft penis looked like for a few seconds. She had wanted her first “look” to be with her hands. She had never touched one. I told her that she was in charge of what happens between us and that I would never force her to do anything, all I would do is inform her of what things would happen if she proceeded with however she was “looking” at me. She also said she had been on the pill for the last 2-3 months and had always masturbated a lot, especially while looking at pictures of men in wheelchairs. She also got very Horney during her period. I replied that I masturbated quite a bit also and wanted to watch her do it sometime. She said sure and wanted to watch me also. I also said I liked very much to make love with my partner when she was on her period. She said she wanted to learn all about sex and nothing was on her do not do list so far.

She moved down to my legs and asked me to open them up. I told her I could not do that and that she would have to move them into the position she wanted. She could do what every she wanted with my legs as she would not hurt them. I was still on my side and she turned on her back and pulled my left leg over on to her. She started at my foot and examined it very closely as she moved her way up my leg. She noticed that she could almost get her fingers around my calf and remarked about how small it was. I told her that that leg had been paralyzed since I was 9 and never grew that much. It was also about an inch shorter than my right. She moved up and I asked her to continue all the way up the back of my leg to my waist and notice there was no buttock muscle mass either. She continued rubbing and touching my leg for some time and drew it up to her breasts hugging it. Several times the back of her hand came in contact with my balls and penis but she gave it no attention at that time.

We changed places so she could look at my right leg and noticed that it was a little larger and when she got to my hip area that there was muscle mass in the buttock. I explained that my right leg worked for a while and that I was able to walk with braces and crutches but preferred my chair now.

She moved up on me a little and put her hand on my balls. She turned her head towards me and asked if she could look at my penis now. I told her she never had to ask to “look” at anything about me. I explained that she could not use a lot of force in handling my balls and I would inform her if she was. She examined them along with my very hard penis for some time. A couple of times I thought I might cum and warned her to stop unless she wanted that to happen. She asked me to explain what happened when I came and I did. She asked me just what made me hard when I was around her. I said that was very easy to answer. That she liked me being crippled and in my chair. That she wanted to be disabled in some way also. That she was blind and “looking” at me. That she was very sexy to look at either dressed or nude. She was running her fingers through my pubic hair and asked if I would mind removing her and my pubic hair. She wanted to try it so she could touch the skin better. I asked her when she wanted to do it! She laughed and said later.

All the time we had been talking she had been playing with my penis and balls. I told her that was how she could make me cum and she asked if she could go ahead and watch what happened. She asked how would be the best way to do that and after thinking a few min, told her to sit on her butt between my legs up close to my bottom with me on my back. She moved into that position remembering to pull my legs over hers as I cannot move them.

I placed a couple of pillows behind my head and back so I could watch. I put my hand around my hard and told her to put her hand around mine and showed her the stroke I used to get off. We switched hands with hers on my penis and mine on hers with her stroking me. She had found my pee hole with her thumb and I told her that was where the cum came out. I would tell her when I was about to cum and she should move her other hand up above it a couple of inches as I did so. That way she could feel, or “see” my ejaculation.

She started masturbating me and I told her how good it felt and where I was moving toward my climax. balçova escort She was playing with my balls as she stroked and commented that they were moving/drawing up. I said yes, that was a sign a man was close to cumming and when they pulled into my body I was almost there. As aroused as I was it did not take long and I told her to move her hand up to my pee hole. She no more than got it there and I told her I was Cumming and did so long and hard. She caught the warm cum in her hand and when I could stand it no longer told her to stop and tell me what she thought. She examined my cum with her finger and even took a taste of it and said it was the most erotic thing she had done. I told her to move up to my head so we could both enjoy it and she did. We took turns using our tongues cleaning her hand and she went down and put my limp dick in her mouth and cleaned it off also. She then was able to see how I was when I was not hard. I told her it felt just as good to be touched and handled that way as when I was hard and doing so would get me hard most of the time.

She moved back up to my head and we spent a lot of time kissing and using our tongues on each other. We both enjoyed the taste and consistency of the cum in our mouths. She moved up so I could reach her breast with my mouth and I kissed and sucked and she seemed to have a direct wire to her pussy as she came hard while I was doing that to her. With both of us having had major orgasms, we decided to take a 20 min nap.

We decided it was too late to go to the pool and that we would get ready for dinner. Sue got up and put her very skimpy bikini on and asked me for my opinion. The top did not cover much but there was not much to cover so it was fantastic. However the bottom showed lots of hair around the edge and I told her that even though I thought it was great, she probably did not want to go out in public like that. She agreed that was what she thought when she tried it on and asked if I would shave her. She walked over to the bed, removing the bottom as she came and put her foot up on the bed. I was able to look right into her pussy and saw that she had very large, long lips. I agreed to shave her and she produced an electric trimmer to get most of the hair off and we did both her pussy and my balls and cock.

The bathroom was very large and fully accessible for someone in a wheelchair. It even had a wheel in shower with a seat. I transferred to the john and back to my chair and then into the shower. Sue came in with me and after we got the water adjusted we soaped and washed each other. She stood before me, placed her foot between my legs touching my balls and spread her legs so I could wash her. I asked if she wanted any hair left and she said no and I shaved everything off all the way from her belly button to past her ass. It was very smooth and a remarkable difference when I was done. She had a good tan and the area where the hair had been was very white and stood out. Before she could take her leg down I put my mouth over her clit and nibbled and licked her long lips for a few minutes. She seemed a little surprised I would put my mouth there but did not say anything.

I then asked her to move behind me to steady me so I would not fall off the bench since I had to use both hands to spread my legs and hold my balls and shave myself. It was not the first time I had done so, so it did not take me very long.

I gave her a towel, placed one in the seat of my chair and moved to it to dry off. Sue has very short hair on her head so all she had to do was dry it and was ready to get dressed. We were going to the hotel dining room so we dressed up a little. She had put on a short skirt and short sleeve blouse. It did not flaunt that she was braless but if you studied it you could tell. I knew for sure she was. She put on flat shoes with low heels so she did not step wrong on something with heels and fall. I put on slacks and a sport shirt and off we went. I asked her to walk beside me since I was very proud of her. I would not let her run into anything. We worked out a signal that if we were ever in a reduced space I would lift my shoulder up and down where her hand was and she should move over behind me.

I had asked for a somewhat private dining table and the hostess took us to a perfect one. I had moved my shoulder and she fell in behind while we were on the way to the table. I explained we were against the wall and no one was alongside us to see anything. The table cloth came down to below our knees. I read off the menu to her and told her how beautiful and sexy she looked. She smiled and said she knew I was the same also. After the waiter took the order, I moved my hand over to her leg. Her skirt had ridden up as she sat and she had not moved it down. I knew she knew since I had told her no one could see us as we sat. I moved my hand up and down her thigh and slowly up her leg. She opened them up so I could go where she knew I was headed. When I got up there I found she had not put any panties on so my finger quickly found her slit which was very wet. Her hand was over in my lap and her fingers were around my hard on. I collected a finger full and pulled my hand out and put my finger in my mouth. She heard me suck it off, got a big grin and asked for some also. Just after she licked my finger the waiter brought our salad. We had a good laugh after he left.

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