My First Affair

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Double Penetration

He found her on an adult dating site and was immediately intrigued. Among the thousands of possible matches to his profile, hers stood out and stirred feelings in him he had not experienced in quite a while.

It had been a long summer away from home and he was tiring of viewing pictures and reading stories about other people having sex. He loved his wife, but had not seen her for almost two months and their sex life was not the most exciting back home anyway.

He had stumbled across a chat site with photos and video cams and that is when he happened to see her profile. She was ten years younger than him, but her picture told him she was hot and ready to be pleasured by a man who knew what he was doing. Her profile said she was longing for the touch of a man with experience and he knew he had to have her.

His first move was to simply send a quick “flirt” and within minutes she came back with an email asking him to send more information. He quickly responded and asked her if she was interested in meeting. She simply sent an email back that said, “Hotel and room number?”

He couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He thought of his wife and what she would do if she knew that he was playing around with something like this, but the thought of burying his face and then his cock into that sweet-looking bahis firmaları cunt was more than he could stand. He returned her email with the information she requested.

By nine-o-clock that evening, he had decided that she was a cock-tease and wasn’t going to show. He logged back onto the internet and began reading a few hot stories. Before long, he had a raging hard-on and was ready to experience the release that got him through the lonely nights. And then, there was a soft knock at the door….

He got up and looked nervously out through the peep hole. He couldn’t believe his eyes. There she was, in the flesh, standing outside his door. She looked to be about 5’7, 110 lbs with shoulder-length blonde hair and killer blue eyes. She was dressed in a spaghetti-strap top that showed off her flat stomach and a mini-skirt that was just begging to be lifted. He opened the door and she winked and said, “Hi.”

He showed her into the room and immediately got another case of nerves. But when she set her purse down and turned into him, he got lost in her eyes and gave into his sexual urges. The first kiss was such an electric experience. Her soft, full lips found his and soon they were pushing each others tongues in and out of their mouths.

After a few minutes of “getting to know each other,” she slowly kaçak iddaa moved to her knees and began to remove the belt from his jeans. She slid the jeans off of his hips and was soon caressing his erection through his shorts. He had to concentrate to keep from blowing his load right then following the warm-up he had been doing before she arrived.

She seemed to sense his urgency and moved her way back up to his face. He led her to the bed and laid her back, never taking his eyes off of those beautiful blue orbs. He slowly undressed her, making sure to kiss every piece of exposed flesh he uncovered. This served both to arouse her even more and to give him a chance to get his own arousal under control.

Soon he was staring at her panty-covered mound which had soaked the electric blue material so that her full lips were clearly outlined. He began tracing them with his mouth, letting his tongue find the sensitive spot at the top of her cleft every so often. Soon, she was stroking his hair and pulling his face deeper into her intimate area.

When he was sure she was ready for the next step, he hooked his thumbs in her panties and slowly slid them down her long legs. With that impediment gone he returned to her now exposed slit and began working his tongue and fingers into her wetness. She moaned and began writhing kaçak bahis on the bed and against his face. He quickly found her G-spot and was soon riding an enormous orgasmic wave as she shuddered and flooded his face with her juices.

As she came down from her high, he moved back up beside her on the bed and began stroking her erect nipples. She leaned into him and planted a very wet, satisfying kiss on his cum-covered mouth.

She got to her knees and began removing his shorts which were now soaked from his own pre-come. She took him in her mouth and the warm sensation was incredible. She stroked him until he was fully erect and then climbed onto him and positioned his cock at the entrance to her pleasure zone.

As she slid down to engulf his cock, he slid his hands up her stomach to her sensitive nipples and began rolling them between his fingers and thumbs. The intensity of their fucking picked up quickly and he soon felt the familiar stirrings of a full blown eruption in his shaft.

He felt her pussy walls begin to contract around his cock, signaling the start of her second orgasm and this sent him over the edge. He exploded deep into her hot pussy and felt the electric shocks of orgasm pulse through is body for at least thirty seconds.

She collapsed onto his chest and whispered, “Now that the fast, first time is out of the way, I can’t wait to see what you do for an encore.” He drifted dreamily into a total state of relaxation, knowing that the best was still to come…

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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