My Favourite Teacher Pt. 04

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“Miss Roache, so lovely to see you. Your mother led us to believe you wouldn’t be in this week, something about having quite a temperature?” The secretary in the sixth form centre noticed me before eight o’clock when my classes started, I was walking towards class when she called me over to her desk.

“Oh yes, I need to tell you about that. You see, my mother and I have had quite a disagreement and I have moved out. Well, I have been kicked out so I no longer live at that address or have her as an emergency contact.”

“Right ok, I can deal with that, I just need a new address and emergency contact.” I swiftly handed her a piece of paper with the new details on it, “but Miss Roache, that is Mister Alexander’s name and details. He is your teacher, what is going on?”

“Mister Alexander is my Uncle. I am staying with him until I find suitable accommodation, until then he is my only family and I am living with him. Is that ok with you?”

“Of course. That is fine, I’ll just clarify it with Mister Alexander and then I’ll enter it into the system.”

Walking into class five minutes late everyone sat and stared, silence engulfed me as I took my seat. It didn’t take them long to bombard me with questions. “Why did your Mum yell at Alexander? Why weren’t you in yesterday? Is it true you got kicked out?” Finally it was Mister Nicholson, my law tutor shut everyone up, “Miss Roache, I suggest you catch up on the work you missed yesterday by the end of the week or you will be behind. And what is that you are wearing?”

“School uniform Sir.” Ok, maybe not entirely school uniform. I only had six weeks of school left and I wanted to be free, I had confidence and I could be whoever I wanted to now. My skirt was tight and short, a black pencil skirt which cut off just above my knee; my shirt was skin tight and showed off my florescent pink bra off. The only part of my uniform which was one hundred percent correct was my tie which was done up to my neck and reached my navel. My blazer was flung over my shoulder; far too hot to have it on it became a sort of fashion accessory.

Mister Nicholson was silent, no response emerged but he merely continued teaching as if nothing had just happened. Throughout the class I heard some of the guys making comments about me, my former crush Joe catching my attention, “wouldn’t you wanna just rip that skirt off, imagine those thick thighs wrapped around you. I mean, her legs are so long you’d forget about any imperfections. A good fuck, what do you think? I mean she is getting some for sure, she’s glowing. Girls do that you see; they have this look about them when they’ve been fucked.”

“Mhmm, imagine if she was a bit skinner, would make fucking her ten times better, massive tits on a small body.”

“Nah, big tits are good on any size. In those clothes I would fuck her no matter her size,” the boys gave each other a high five before turning their attention back to the class.

When class ended I wandered out of the room just to be stopped by Joe himself,

“Jezzebelle!” Turning around I saw him, he had always been attractive but not as much as Uncle Jonathon. He was tall, muscled, had blonde hair which was swept over to the side, his eyes were a piercing blue too. Before, he made me melt in his presence; when I had to do group projects I could hardly maintain composure long enough to actually do the work. I always wondered if his body felt as good as it looked. “Is it true what everyone is saying?” I raised my eyebrows questioning him, “you arrived with Mister Alexander this morning? You were seen getting out of his car.”

“Yeah, what if I did?”

“He’s your teacher. It’s not like you can fuck him.”

“He’s my Uncle.” ataşehir escort I shrugged and walked off towards the music department to find Uncle Jonathon, I couldn’t believe how fast rumours spread.

He wasn’t in his office when I arrived there, nor was he in the practice room, eventually I heard a very off tune saxophone warbling away so knew he was teaching. My head popped around the corner of the classroom to find Uncle Jonathon sitting at the piano with Eleanor, a girl a year below me playing the instrument. Badly. I knocked on the door frame and made eye contact with my Uncle, “sorry to intrude, do you mind if I borrow you for a moment Mister Alexander?”

“Of course Jezzebelle, What’s up?”

“Err… My composition. I need help. I’m really struggling, I won’t need you for long, just a minute.”

“That’s fine, Eleanor and I were almost finished anyway, we can end a little early to help. I do have another class in ten minutes though so it needs to be quick Jezzebelle.”

“Of course Sir.” I nodded and followed him into his office, I couldn’t help myself but I stared at his arse, it was nice and rounded, a cute little arse. Shutting the door behind me I grabbed him by the scruff on his collar and pulled him down to reach my lips.

“Jezzebelle,” he groaned at me, “not now. We can’t.”

“We can.” I loosened his belt and pulled his trousers and pants down rubbing his cock as I kissed him again. “Rumours get around fast here. They already know that you and I arrived together this morning.” As I bent down to suck his cock he began to speak but caught himself as he let out a sigh of relief as I took his cock in my mouth. It grew hard so fast as I pumped his cock with my hand as I sucked it getting it sopping wet, dripping with my spit.

I knew I was getting wet, I could feel it spreading across my knickers, pushing them to the side I began to rub myself sliding a finger into my hole, I was ready for him. Releasing his cock I stood up and bent over Mister Alexander’s desk, “fuck me Sir.”


“Gladly,” Jezzebelle was bent over my desk, her skirt pulled up to her waist and knickers pulled to the side. I could see her glistening wetness waiting for me, she didn’t need to make my cock as wet as she did because she was already waiting for me.

“Fuck me Sir, fuck your student.” I rubbed my cock up and down her slit before pushing her pussy lips apart and sliding into her hole filling her up with my entirety. “Shit, that’s big,” she gasped out the words as I began to thrust in and out of her.

“So I’m fucking. My. Student. Now,” after each word I held her hips and thrust into her deep and hard causing her to squeal with pleasure.

“Later on, I’ll be fucking my niece. Nice. And. Deep.”

Jezzebelle was gorgeous, her hair fell down the left side of her head, all brushed over as she looked back at me over her right shoulder. Her eyes were fixed into mine, the eye contact burning me but it was such a turn on. I gripped her hips with all of my strength and controlled the moment, pulling her hips back towards me to bury my cock in her pussy hole with pleasurable ease. “Fuck. I’m going to cum. Faster Sir, fuck me faster.” Her eyes were filled with pleasure as her mouth opened as she moaned, each noise escaping her mouth getting louder and louder. Her eye contact broke as she fell forward, her chest crashing into my desk as her hands gripped whatever she could find. She came loudly, moans and groans escaping her lips, “fucking hell, fuck. Me. Hard. Mister Alexandeeeerrrrr!” As she said that I felt her pussy contract, tighten on my cock so much I couldn’t move, she came so hard, it was spectacular. My finger found her clit which avcılar escort I rubbed furiously to prolong her orgasm which it did, she was panting so hard by the time she finished her whole body collapsed onto my desk, her legs weak from the strength of the orgasm.

I pulled my cock out and rubbed my hand up and down her pussy before bending down and cleaning her up. Pushing her legs apart further I kissed up and down her thighs causing her to release small moans of pleasure as I moved closer to her dripping pussy. I began to lick the folds of her lips tasting and savouring her sweet taste, God, I thought to myself, I could do this every day, she’s so hot. I slipped two fingers into her pussy intending to lick her juices off but she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up. She turned around and took my fingers in her mouth and began to suck her juices off of them, “Mmm you never told me I taste so good.”

“Probably because I want you to myself,” I bent down and kissed her, her lips tasting of her pussy and cocoa butter like the rest of her skin. “I have class in a minute, we better go.”

“Not yet Sir. You haven’t cum yet.” She dropped to her knees once again and licked the length of my cock, “Mmm I can taste myself on you still.”

“Jezzebelle, we don’t have time. I can cum later.”

“You’ll cum tonight too when you’re fucking your niece but at the moment, you are fucking your student and you’re going to feed her your cum or class isn’t going to be fun later on.” Her hands roamed my cock as she took both of my balls in her mouth and sucked furiously.

“Fuck,” I couldn’t help myself as she gripped my cock and pumped me as she continued to suck. She took the whole length of my cock in her mouth without gagging, her reflex had relaxed itself as she continued to deep throat me.

“Shit, I’m going to cum Jezzebelle.” Her mouth moved up and down my cock, her hand gripping the base of my cock waiting for me to cum. “It’s cumming Jezzebelle, fuccckk.” Her mouth opened wide and her eyes met mine once again as she pumped away furiously. I exploded into her mouth as she held all of my cum there waiting for me to finish, when I did she let me look at her mouthful of cum before closing her mouth and swallowing the whole load. “God that’s too hot Jezzebelle.”

“God that’s tasty Mister Alexander,” she took my cock and squeezed the last drops of cum into her mouth before sucking my whole cock clean.

“Now that’s done, I better be off to class, don’t want to be yelled at again.” She pulled her knickers off and stuffed them into my desk drawer, “they’re a bit too wet despite your cleaning up efforts. Keep them will you Sir?”

“What are you going to wear to class?” I took her in my arms, one hand around her waist and the other on her ass, squeezing her exposed buttocks as I held her.

“Nothing Sir. I don’t have anything else to wear. It’s fine, can’t imagine anyone moaning, my Uncle may punish me a bit later if he finds out but otherwise it’s fine.” She tiptoed and kissed me before pulling her skirt down, picking her bag up and walking out of my office, “I’ll see you in class later.” She winked at me before shutting the office door leaving me there in awe of her.


“So, I want you all to update everyone in the class with news of your compositions. You only have three weeks to finalise them so we need as much team spirit as possible. The music system is yours to play it and of course, you can use anything in the room. Peter, you’re up first.” We were in the last class of the day, music. This meant this was the first time I saw Mister Alexander (or Uncle Jonathon as I call him the rest of the time) since our little play time in avrupa yakası escort the morning. I couldn’t take my eyes off of him and pay attention to everyone else in the class, they were just droning on and on and I didn’t really care about what they had to say.

“Save the only girl in the class till last, how gentlemanly of you lads, Jezzebelle. You’re turn.”

I stood at the front of the class next to Mister Alexander where all of the other guys had stood and looked down at them all. “So for this to work, I need everyone to face the back of the room and close your eyes. You have to be completely blind and open your ears.”

“What are you doing?” Mister Alexander whispered the words into my ear as I pressed play.

“Turn and face the rear of the room, close your eyes and feel the music.” I whispered back in equally hushed tones ensuring no one heard. He did exactly what I said letting me speak to the class, “imagine how it feels, how the music surges through your body, how it makes you feel. Imagine the painting it creates in your mind, that is what I want to hear about. That’s the feedback I want.” I walked around Mister Alexander to stand behind him, I knew he knew I was there because his breathing pace picked up. As the music began to play I tiptoed so my lips were level with his ear, “I want the music to start here,” I pecked his ear with my lips moving down his neck and jaw. “I want it to start at your ears, your head. Making you think about the music,” as the music continued I ran my hands down his chest pressing my chest into his back as I did so.

Letting my hands rest on his flat stomach I whispered to him again, “now I want you to listen closely, feel it building in your stomach, the tension of the music making you feel something here.” I let one of my hands slide down to reach his cock and felt it through his trousers, slowly rubbing him, “alternatively, you could feel something here. I like it when that happens.” The composition began to come to a close and I knew exactly what I wanted it to do. Running my hands back up his body I left one at his naval and raised the other up to his chest letting it rest over his heart. “Finally, I want you to feel something deep here. A fluttering, a deep, slow beating increasingly getting faster and faster. Until.” I paused for a moment letting the composition come to a crescendo, “it stops.” Knowing everyone was lost in thought I quickly pulled my skirt up ensuring it was just covering my ass before telling everyone to turn around and face the front. “So what did you think?”

“There was a surge of movement throughout my body, it travelled everywhere.” “Red, I saw red, passion, love, confusion, anger, sex, everything like that.”

“What about you Mister Alexander?”

“I felt a lot,” his eyes met mine as he spoke.

“There was a surge of emotion through my whole body, it hit me everywhere. I agree with the idea of red, passion, love and all of its connotations.”

“Goody goody gum drops,” I lent across the piano to reach my folder giving everyone, including Mister Alexander a view of my wet pussy. “It’s good then?”

“Fucking hot as hell…” Nathan muttered loud enough for me to hear.

“Perfectly good Jezzebelle. Now take a seat please.” Mister Alexander looked at me, fury in his eyes that I had shown everyone my pussy, his eyes fixed on me as I took my seat. When class was over I picked up my bag and began to walk out the room to get to my locker before it got too busy. “Jezzebelle, a word please.”

“What’s up Sir?”

His hand clutched my arm so tight his fingers were turning white, “that was completely unacceptable earlier.”

“What part?”

“All of it! Especially exposing yourself to everyone in the class! I’ll have to punish you for that, you do know that right?”

“It’s fine Sir,” I tugged my arm away. “I have no doubt my Uncle will punish me later, I’m a naughty girl and he likes… hands on punishment.” With that I walked out of the classroom leaving him alone.

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