My Favorite Friday Night

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I had looked forward to Friday night all week long. The prospect of the weekend helped me manage to toil aimlessly through a mundane workweek. I focused on the goal of making it through to the weekend so that I could spend it with someone special. Friday is finally here and I am practically jumping out of my pants. I am so excited to spend the evening, and hopefully more than just the evening with Shelly. So far for tonight we have plans to see her brother’s band playing at a local bar.

I leave work promptly at 5:00pm only to battle rush hour traffic, and the summer heat on the way home. Walking into my apartment I wipe a few drops of sweat from my brow, and press the blinking button on my answering machine. “The band start playing at 10:00pm so make sure you pick me up at 9:00, I’ll be ready for you baby”, it was so great to hear Shelly’s voice. I drank a glass of ice water before getting undressed to get into a shower.

As I was taking my clothes off I was reminiscing of last weekend when Shelly had surprised me by waiting for me in my apartment before I had come home from work. I was standing in just about the same spot, getting undressed as my eyes were fixed on her exquisitely curvaceous body, clad in only a white satin teddy. I started to feel the very same tingling sensations between my legs now as I had then, albeit at a lesser intensity. I looked down and saw myself starting to get aroused. I took that cue and headed into the shower.

I wanted to look and smell great for her tonight. I wore an olive green polo shirt, because the color does wonders together with my eyes, hair color, and my complexion, and a pair of khakis that fit my body in all the right places. I sprayed on some body spray and some cologne, checked myself in the mirror, and I was ready to go.

I rang her doorbell right about 9:00pm. She practically gave me hard on by simply opening the door. Already with the thoughts of last weekend still vividly in my mind, my eyes feasted upon her body. She knew exactly what she could wear to make my mouth water. She looked fantastic with her blonde hair let down, wearing a fitted shirt that perfectly outlined the contours of her proud 40 DD chest, and a mini skirt so short and tight, it should have been illegal. I couldn’t help myself but to take her by the waist, and pull her up against me for a lusty kiss. She graciously returned the kiss, and we made out just outside her door. She pulled away from me saying with a devilish grin that we had better stop or we wouldn’t make it to the show tonight. I didn’t really care that much to go to the concert tonight, but I knew that it meant a lot to her. Taking her hand I lead her down to the street, to my car.

I stared at her thighs with lusty thoughts as I watched her skirt hike up as she got into the car. We were both pretty calm in the car mostly just talking about how blah our weeks were, and how happy we were to have time together now. We were inside the bar by about 9:30, we met some friends, and we sat down for a round of drinks with them. Her brother and his band are up on stage tuning their instruments and preparing for the show scheduled to start at 10:00pm. Everyone is sitting at the table talking and laughing and having a great time. I have not taken my eyes or my hands away from Shelly from the moment I picked her up. I really appreciate how sexy she looks tonight. She allows my hand to rest on her knee and my fingers to run softly up and down along her thigh, but other than the goose bumps that I can feel on her skin, there is no visible reaction to my advances. bahis firmaları I know that she gets a bit shy with me when she is in front of her older brother so I simply assume that is what is happening now.

The clock strikes 10:00pm and the band takes the stage to rousing applause. The music is loud and strong and the crowd is really into the band. I hold Shelly close against my body with my arm wrapped around her waist. I am struggling against my carnal instincts to let my hand roam either higher or lower along her body. Getting into the music we slowly and subtly found ourselves grinding against each other. Her seductive gyrations are easily and quickly getting me aroused. I know that she can feel my arousal pressed against her tight skirt, and I am certain she is getting aroused too. Loud music in a close and dark setting has always been a great mood setter for us. Even though the music was her brother’s, the setting was great for us. She reached behind her back and rubbed my cock over my pants, moving her hand and her body to the beat of the music. I wanted so badly to reach up her skirt and touch her, as I had done other times in dance clubs. We both have something of a fetish for sexual activity in public, she is so wet and so horny when I find a way to touch her in a public setting. Unfortunately as much as we both wanted it, here and now was neither the time nor place.

The band played for what to me was 90 minutes of agony. The music was great, but not being able to touch Shelly in the carnal manner that I wanted to was agonizing for me. The end of the music brought no immediate relief. After the show, we had two rounds of drinks with the band. It was about 12:30am by the time we left. Shelly knew how tortured I was in the bar, but now that we were out she didn’t seem to have any urgency to help me find any relief. I tried to steer her up against a wall outside on the street but “easy tiger, save some for later” was all she gave back to me.

I made another move to kiss her before opening the car door for her, but she flicked her tongue over my ear lobe and whispered “don’t you think we could have more fun at home?” The sensation of her warm breath in my ear made me want her even more, but I put my trust in her and went along with her plan.

Shelly was very fidgety in the car as I was racing back to her place. She seemed to have a lot of energy pent up and I had a pretty good idea what it was all about. “Oh I’m so hot for you right now” she cooed as she cupped her breasts and tugged at her nipples through her shirt. I started to slow down and pull the car over, but in a throaty and sexual voice she said “don’t stop the car, we can only do what I have in mind back at home.” She continued to toy with her breasts and nipples, and she had to know how much she was torturing me. I warned her “I don’t care what your plan is, if you don’t take your hands off of yourself I will pull this car over and fuck you on the side of the road.” For a moment her eyes lit up at that idea, but then pouting she put her hands down in her lap.

She looked at me with a devilish grin and slid a hand over onto my thigh. She teased my thigh running her fingernails up and down lightly. Her hand quickly worked its way all the way up my thigh over the tent in my pants. She giggled and then licked her lips as she cupped my cock through my pants. I wanted to squeal, I wanted to stop the car, I wanted her to take my raging hard on out of my pants. I wanted something other than this torturous teasing to happen. Shelly lowered her head into my lap and ran kaçak iddaa her lips and her cheek over my pants while squeezing my cock. At the next red light, she unzipped my pants and pulled out the head of my cock. She planted a soft kiss at the tip of the head, and as the light turned green she began to playfully lick the tip of my head as though it were her favorite lollipop.

She kept at her playful and teasing licks and kisses all the way back to her apartment. By the time we got there, she was licking drops of pre-cum from the tip of my cock. Parking the car I fumbled to put myself away and we raced up to her place. Inside we raced straight to the bedroom, falling together onto her bed. I lay on top of her, kissing her feverishly as I unbuttoned and then tossed aside my shirt. I ran my hands down her sides to the bottom of her shirt and then lifted it up over her breasts. She raised her arms over her head so that I could take her shirt off completely. As I tossed it aside she sat up and unfastened her bra releasing her ample breasts from their restraints. I bent my head down taking a nipple between my lips, sucking on it lightly and flicking my tongue against the taut nub. She let out a soft whimper when I softly closed my teeth on her nipples. My hand ran up and down along her side coming up over her soft breast caressing her silky skin and teasing her nipple as my mouth pleasured the other.

I felt her fingers on the back of my head tugging at my hair as her body wiggled sweetly whenever my tongue gave her goose bumps. I felt her tugging at me, she wanted my kisses on her lips, she wanted that closeness and intimacy with me. I crept up her body kissing, licking, and nibbling my way up along her cleavage and her neck. I paid extra attention to the sensitive spots along her neck nibbling and kissing enjoying the feedback in the form of her body wiggling underneath me.

At the moment that I felt she could not withstand any more chills down her body I met her soft lips with my own. The kiss was electric. Her body was so alive and so aroused on a physical level, that this deep passionate kiss elevated our union to an even higher level. As we kissed I slid a hand down her tummy until it found the waistline of her skirt. I moved my hand over her center, and at that moment I’m sure that I was able to feel warmth emanating from her body. I moved my hand side to side over her mound. She let out a sudden gasp, and her hips were gyrating, following the movements of my hand. I moved my hand lower, down to the hem of her skirt. I lifted her skirt and planted my hand on her upper inner thigh, just below the area where she really wanted and needed me to be touching her.

Massaging her thigh I moved my hand upward. Her body quivered when my fingers reached her wet panties. I rubbed her pussy softly over her panties, cupping her mound and running a finger along her outlined slit. I pushed the lacy fabric aside and slowly and softly slid a finger inside her. She cooed and moaned as my finger moved around in circular motions. I moved my finger along her wet slit and I found her clit, gripping my hair tightly she held my lips against hers, and I felt her moaning into my mouth as my finger massaged her most sensitive spot. She squeezed her thighs around my arm not wanting to let me out until the climax she was so close to reaching had peaked. I rubbed her slowly for a moment and then quickly, and then slowly again, droving her wild. I managed to pry my lips from hers only so that I could go back to her nipples, and hear her moans. I flicked my tongue over her kaçak bahis nipples as my finger was rubbing her clit. I loved the sounds that she was making, and the way her thighs were wrapped around my arm holding me down until I made her cum. In moments her whole body shook as she arched up off the bed. I rubbed her clit quickly making her hips writhe as wave after orgasmic wave pulsed through her body.

I smiled at her and got rid of my pants, as I gave her a few moments to recover. When her breathing started to slow down I slid down her body laying soft kisses along her breasts and then her tummy. When I reached the waistline of her skirt, I tugged it down just below her hips so it held her legs together. I kissed, licked, and nibbled her body right above her pubic area. She sighed, and her body arched and quivered. She loved what I was doing yet at the same time she wanted much, much more. I heard her whisper “please, please baby” between sighs and gasps. I rose to my knees on the bed in front of her and lifted her ankles up against my chest. I tugged her skirt and panties down her legs and then dropped it to the floor. My cock was raging, and I could smell her arousal. I had originally had in mind to go down on her but I just couldn’t hold myself back. With her ankles propped up on my shoulders I raised her ass slightly off the bed and I plunged my cock deep inside her. She cooed and moaned with my cock inside of her. I held her hips tightly as I rocked my body slowly back and forth pumping her with my cock. She threw her head back and her fingers curled taking fistfuls of the sheet into her hands.

Her pussy felt so good, warm and tight, clenching around my cock as I pumped in and out of her. I needed to pump her harder and faster than I could from the position we were in so I pulled back from her and lowered her ankles from my shoulders. Gripping her ankles I pushed her legs back over her chest, spreading her wide open. I positioned my cock above her swollen and glistening slit and then slowly lowered the entire length of my shaft into her. My eyes were fixed on hers, and I watched her as she lustily watched the length of my cock disappear inside of her, licking her lips and clenching her vagina tightly around my cock. I pumped her hard and I pumped her fast. We were both breathing quickly and heavily as the sounds of our bodies slapping together and the sounds of sex echoed from the bedroom walls.

She was meeting my hips thrust for thrust. We were lost in passion, lust and heat and I knew we would reach a climax very soon. I leaned over her body and pressed my lips firmly against hers. She opened her mouth and our tongues danced together. The weight of my body pressed her hips down to the bed so she reached for my ass, and squeezing me she pulled me deeper inside of her with each thrust. I felt my cock starting to throb, and I was so close to cumming. I slowed my thrusts and made them long and hard wanting to extend our love making as long as possible, but I couldn’t hold myself back any longer. I plunged deep inside of her and I exploded.

She felt my cock erupting inside of her and she cooed, “Yes! Yes! Give me everything!” I kept pumping her because I wanted to feel her orgasm too. I forced myself to stay hard and I pumped her pussy as quickly as I could I leaned over and whispered into her ear “cum baby, I want to feel you cum again”. I kept fucking her and I looked into her eyes, and I didn’t need to ask her to cum twice. She cried out as she came again. I felt her pussy first tighten around my cock, and then the flow of climax flood over my cock.

Sighing and panting we lay together in her bed, in each other’s arms. After that we were both satisfied and spent, the question on our minds was “did we have enough in us to go at it again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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