My Extraordinary Trip To California

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Mutual friends who she was visiting here in Minnesota introduced us to each other. We had a few business activities in common, and I told her I would send her my resume. By mistake I included a page from my story Adult Movie Theater. She was more interested in that than in my resume. She really got off on the fact I wrote it. Dee is an artist and has incredible drawings of cocks and pussies, both in and out of action. The one page she read turned her on and so did the idea of illustrating it. After she read the whole story we began a series of phone conversations exploring each other’s, what I thought were fantasies. Dee took me and my fantasies much more seriously than I ever imagined. This is the story of the trip she took me on at the edge of the western world.

If any of you have read my stories you know I am something of a pervert. During our conversations Dee very shrewdly drew out of me my deepest desires and turn ons. She then, without telling me, thought to herself, “can do, I can do that” and got turned on about how she could turn me on by fulfilling my fantasies when I finally got to see her. I told her of my desire for short, light, flared skirts and dresses. That I liked knowing I can stick a hand up them easily and without having to raise the whole skirt. They also can be blown around easily in a wind, I like the woman I’m with to be able to show off her panties and legs. I like dark thigh highs that reach the top of the leg, and I like panties that cover the ass cheeks, to me a flash of panty is much more erotic than a flash of bare ass or pussy, as is the sight of a bare thigh above a stocking top. Dee is 5’8′, and has long thin legs that she liked to show off even before I came around. To find a man that would be with her while she did it, and wouldn’t go into a jealous rage, but even encourage it, turned her on more than I imagined, and I soon learned just how much. I am not a breast man, so I don’t pay particular attention to blouses or tops, so she was free to wear whatever she liked on top. Dee is a 38-D, and you tit men probably think I’m crazy for not burying my head in her chest, but I much prefer to bury it between her nylon-covered legs.

The first night I spent with her in her studio she stared at me, her eyes are the blackest and deepest I’ve ever seen, and told me my wish was her command, and that she had all the skirts that I dreamed of seeing a woman in, and that she was going to wear them for me. I entered her bedroom and lay on the bed, resting on my side, my head cradled in my left hand, Dee followed me in and stood in front of me. One thing I learned from our conversations was how she liked to watch a man stroke his cock. I lowered my pants and boxers below my knees, and began to play with my expanding dick.

Dee was wearing a plaid, pleated skirt that ended about four inches above her knees. She had on thigh highs, but over them she was wearing knee high gym socks and tennis shoes. A white blouse was tied beneath her tits. With her hair in pigtails she was a very beautiful and very fuckable, little schoolgirl. She climbed over me onto the bed and straddled me with her legs. She pulled her skirt up to show me the white panties she was wearing. She made them herself. They were ruffled all the way around the leg holes and the waistband, but what was of particular attention was the zipper down the middle of the crotch. It went from about an inch from the front waistband, down over her pussy and butthole, and around her ass crack to about an inch from the back waistband, opening them up entirely, which she now did as she lowered herself down onto the erect cock I was fisting.

She squatted down on my upper thighs and took my cock into her hands. She rubbed it up and down her pussy lips and over her clit. Then she rubbed herself against it, holding it still as she pressed against it and raised and lowered herself with her legs. She pulled the skirt out of the way so she could show me what my cock looked like as it slipped up and down her labia and over her clit. She leaned back on one hand and guided my dick into her very wet cunt with the other. Very, very slowly she impaled herself on its length savoring it as it entered her channel. I let her do all the motion, this was to be her fuck, not mine.

She began to fuck herself with my dick, raising and lowering herself on it. I looked into her ebony colored eyes as she used my cock to pleasure herself. I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever met, enjoying herself immensely. A smile was spread across her face, her breaths came in sharp intakes, her eyes looked back at mine. As we stared deeply into each other she began to rock back and forth on me, as well as going up and down. After a few minutes, and still staring at each other, she rested her ass cheeks on my pelvis, put her feet on either side of me, and leaned back. I raised my knees 45 degrees and gave her a back rest of my thighs. She rubbed her back on my legs, rubbed back and forth on my cock, and fingered her clit. Her moans of delight filled the güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri room. After one last powerful orgasm shook her body we rested awhile.

After our rest, and a cigarette, she got on her hands and knees on the bed, Dee’s bed is surrounded by mirrors, I should add at this point, so it was very easy to watch as I flipped her skirt up over her lower back and positioned myself between her legs to fuck her doggy style. I slowly entered her, as slowly as I could, but I still impaled her faster than she had impaled herself. I pulled out just as slowly, leaving just the rim of my cock in her pussy. Then I pushed back in, a little quicker this time. I began to fuck her in long slow strokes; I pushed her skirt out of the way, so when she turned her head to the mirror, she would be able to see my cock going in and out of her. “God, what an incredible sight you are,” I spoke out loud. She looked at me in the mirror and our eyes locked once again. They burned into mine as I began to fuck her faster and faster, until I was pounding my thighs against her ass cheeks and slapping my balls against her inner thighs. I grabbed her hair and yanked her head back as I slammed into her as hard and fast as I could. We were fucking like dogs and screaming like animals in heat as our loins were locked in lust .

I am also a Dom, but I got the impression that Dee is not a Sub, and told her so. She filed this away. When the time was right she wanted to prove me wrong. With her asscheeks so exposed to me Dee turned her head and said I could spank her ass. I was shocked and turned on even more. It was with great pleasure that I now spanked her ass cheeks with my bare right hand as I fucked her pussy. Dee’s squeals of pleasure intensified the more I spanked her. I am a gentle Dom, I know the smacks on her ass stung, I also know there will be no bruises or marks left, just the heightened awareness of flesh on flesh.

I leaned over to speak softly in her ear, putting the weight of my torso down on her back; forcing her to support us both as I whispered: “You are my private slut, I can touch you wherever I want when ever I want, when we’re alone or in public. You are my slut, my fucking slut”

My second fetish now came into play.

“I want to take you out and show you off, I want to expose your legs and panties and tits to strangers. I want to finger fuck you in some bar I want to take you to a dirty bookstore and fuck you in one of those movie booths. ” All the time I was whispering to her I was gently fingering her clit and grinding my pelvis around on her ass. My cock was lodged firmly in her cunt, making tiny circles as I ground against her. Dee was cumming in buckets, my finger on her clit was drenched and I could feel her juices running down her bare thighs before being soaked up by her stockings.

“I want to expose my private slut to the world, I want to fuck you, and fuck you, and stick my cock in your cunt and in your mouth, oohhh yess, come on baby, fuck me, fuck me good and hard, come on bitch, my own little bitch, you know you love it, you know you gotta have that cock in your cunt, any cock for you, cunt, just so you can get fucked, yes, fucked, and fucked, you fucking cunt, you fucking slut, fuck my cock, fuck my cock good, bitch”. It was a whisper in her ear, nothing I said was loud, her gasps and moans told me all I needed to know, talking dirty was totally acceptable. I told her later that any words I called her out of passion would stay there, I would never use them in public. They sure did turn her on though. After getting the finger and hand that had been touching her clit drenched we called a time out. I went to wash up, she was supposed to rest. When I walked back into her bedroom she was lying crossways on the bed, her legs hanging over the sides, her skirt hiked up to her waist. Dee had her hand on her pussy between her spread legs. She spread them wider so I could see her finger fuck herself. She was pistoning one, two and some times three fingers in and out of her pussy. I stood and watched, running my eyes up and down her body, from watching her fingers to looking at her eyes, she looked back at me, looking at her, looking at me, we were caught in an oroborous of passion I began to stroke my self for her. Now both sets of eyes got busy, she looking at me jack off and then into my eyes, and me of course devouring her every inch of flesh in my desire. And you know what is so amazing? It was her desire too, the single most beautiful woman I have ever been with wanted to have raw, unbridled, down and dirty sex with me, just as much as I wanted to with her, and maybe even more. Anyway, sorry to digress

I got down on my knees between her legs and proceeded to lick and suck and tongue her pussy and clit. On a previous trip to California I learned how to eat and suck Dee’s cunt. She likes it soft and gentle at first, with just the tongue. So very slowly I stuck the tip of my tongue out and laid it on the top of her clit. I didn’t move it, just left it lying there. It’s güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri twitching was movement enough Then ever so slowly and lightly I moved it down the hill towards the top of her slit. Dee goes crazy when I find that spot on the downside of her clit Again I did not move my tongue, just leaving it barely touching her spot. Then as slowly as possible I heightened the pressure, pushing the tip of my tongue against it. After extending all the pressure I could I then flicked the tip against it, like flicking a lighter. Five, ten times, I lapped my tongue tip over and down her clit, her thrashing about in orgasm made me loose touch, so I was forced to grind my mouth down onto her pussy, so my tongue could stay in contact with her clit. I then started finger fucking her too, she came in waves, and I could feel the walls of her cunt as they spasmed out of control. I licked up as much of her juice as I could, rose to my feet and proceeded to French kiss her. I spread her pussy juice all over her mouth, lips, and tongue. I reached down, put two fingers in her cunt and then brought them to her mouth too. I stood up over her face and stuck my fingers in her mouth. Dee eagerly sucked them, running her tongue up and down their length, licking them clean. We collapsed in a heap and fell asleep in our clothes.

The next night Dee told me she wanted to go to the bookstore and fuck in the movie booth. I just grinned, and said “great”.

Dee was dressed in thigh highs and three-inch heels, a black slinky mini skirt; made from a chiffon/taffeta type material covered her legs from three inches above her knees. Her top consisted of a white bustier covered by a see through pastel blue shirt, once again tied together under her tits. When she walked in front of a light you could see through the skirt. Seeing her long legs exposed under her short skirt was a real treat.

We got to the bookstore and looked around for a few minutes checking out the dildoes and vibrators, the books and magazines, and the videos. I had Dee bend over a few times to see how high her skirt would hike up in the back. When all I could see was the tops of her stockings I lifted her skirt by hand so I could get a good look at her panties. They were exactly like the ones she wore the night before, only these were black instead of white. The ruffles were plainly visible around her legs, but the zipper was hard to see. There were only 4 or 5 guys in the store and I couldn’t get their attention, but the clerk behind the counter sure noticed us. One of our sexual talks hit on anal sex, which I like, but Dee, for various reasons, doesn’t care for much. But ever the one to surprise me; she kept saying my wish was her command, Dee selected a flexible anal bead dildo that was about 10 inches long.

She turned to me and said”we can go into one of those video booths and you can fuck my ass with one end of this, and my pussy with the other. ” I bought the dildo and some lubricant and we went into a booth. I didn’t have any change and the machine wouldn’t take my dollars, when Dee just said “fuck it, we don’t need the movie on. ” Which of course was true. She sat in the chair and I knelt down in front of her. She hiked up her skirt scooted down on the chair, and unzipped her panties. She then, much to my amazement, placed her knees up by her ears, offering me her sweet little butthole and her pussy, all ready gleaming in the light with its wetness. I poured the lubricant all over the front of her pussy and rubbed it around and in her cunt and ass hole, being careful not to use the same fingers in both holes. I doubled over the dildo; its molded beads were fatter at one end then the other, so I put the bigger ones in her cunt and the smaller ones in her ass.

Using both hands I began to push and pull them in and out of both holes. Dee was moaning very loudly, I’m sure you could hear them throughout the store. She came 3 or 4 times before the chair became too uncomfortable for her to sit in any longer. I put the dildo and lubricant back in the bag, she zipped herself up and we exited the booth. Now there were even fewer men in the store. As we were leaving I noticed some strops by the front counter; I stopped Dee, and took one down. It was about a foot long, two inches wide and was double paddled, so one would hit her flesh and the other would hit that one. I told her to bend over, which she immediately did; I flipped her skirt over her back, and smacked her ass cheeks 4 or 5 times. I saw the clerk’s mouth drop open out of the corner of my eye, and thought it best to take our leave. We thanked him for his help and left the store.

We went next to a fairly large pool hall, 10 or so regulation size pool tables downstairs and 6 upstairs. We went upstairs to shoot our games. We had a ton of fun playing pool, Dee of course showed off some part of her body every time she leaned over the table. When I went downstairs to get drinks or go to the john, when I would return, Dee would be sitting with her skirt hiked up in her lap, making güvenilir bahis şirketleri sure I could see her panties as I walked towards her. Of course any one else who wanted to look could see too. After 4 games or so we discovered we had the top floor to our selves. Dee immediately got on a table and lifted her skirt. She laid back and invited me to eat her out. I was more than happy to oblige. I ate her on the pool table until she came twice, leaving a nice little spot on the felt. Hopefully they’ll think someone spilled a drink. At one point when she was lining up a shot I stood opposite of her, unzipped my pants took out my cock and stroked it for her. She would raise her skirt and finger herself when I tried to line up a shot. It was great fun.

We went back to her place. I sat on her bed while she disappeared for a minute. When she returned she had a 20-inch many-stranded whip in her hands. The handle was about 8 inches and the strands were about 12 inches long. She lifted her skirt with one hand and began to whip her inner thighs and pussy with the other. It was my turn to drop my jaw. “Would you like to do this to me?” she looked at me and asked? Then she turned around and threw her skirt up over her back and began to whip her ass. “Maybe you’d rather do this to me?” she said, again looking me in the eyes from over her shoulder. She came over to the bed and handed me the whip. I made room for her on the bed as she got on all fours and offered me her ass. I felt the strands of the whip, they were very soft and pliable, I began to caress her ass cheeks with them. Then very gently began to stroke her with it. My strokes increased in intensity the longer I did it. Dee reached under herself and began to finger her pussy and clit. I stopped hitting her ass and began to twirl the whip between her legs, hitting her hand, her inner thighs and her cunt. She moved her hand out of the way and I started twirling the strands so they would hit her clit too. Dee shook and I could tell she came. Suddenly she flipped over on her back, spread her legs and said,”whip my clit and pussy. ”

I knelt over her and began to swipe at her clit and pussy in a crossover pattern, first from the left then from the right After building in intensity; I began to twirl it again, so the end of the strands would slap at her clit. After her next orgasm I put the whip away and started to fuck her.

Once again I put my lips to her ear and began whispering my next fetish, which, if you have read my stories, is pretty obvious.

“Hey slut how you doing? Like that cock in your cunt? Yeah, you show off bitch, I saw you flashing your tits and cunt to all those strange men, you fucking slut cunt. I saw you get wet and horny when those boys at the pool hall looked up your skirt. I know you like to prick tease, you little bitch. Well the time for teasing is over, I’m going to take you to a dirty movie theater and make you show off to every man there. I’m going to raise your skirt and finger fuck you in front of them all, I’m going to make you suck my cock and fuck me, then when I’m done, I’m going to offer you to any of the men who want you. I’m going to watch my little prick tease cunt get fucked by a bunch of strangers, and I know she’s going to love doing it too, you fucking slut cunt, take those dicks in your pussy, give those men the fucking you deserve, you fucking whore. ” Then I kissed her as deeply as I could, and told her she was my private fucking slut and I loved her. I could feel her juices on my cock as her cunt walls milked it. We stared into each other’s eyes as I ground into her as hard as possible. Our sexual play had transcended us into a higher plain. She raised her torso and grabbed me in a bear hug and pressed against me in a vice like grip. Then she ran her nails across my back. She leaned her head back so she could find my nipples and began to suck and nip at them, all the time pressing her tits against my lower chest, and her pussy against my cock. I don’t know for how long we fucked, in several positions and in several rooms, but we finally tired ourselves out and fell asleep. This time I got my pants all the way off. Dee fell asleep in her clothes, and kept my cock half-hard all night from rubbing against her panties, nylons and silky skirt.

The next night began with me sitting on the bed watching Dee dance for me. She is not a professional dancer, but she sure could play one on TV She played with herself while she danced, she stared at me as she ran her hands up and down her legs, raising her skirt to offer me glimpses of her panty covered pussy and ass. She told me again that my wish was her command, and that she was happy to be my personal slut. With that she leaned over and picked up the whip, which was lying, on her dresser. She began to hit her legs, thighs, pussy and breasts. I lowered my pants and began stroking my hardening shaft as I watched her self-flagellation. It was an incredibly erotic sight. The woman of my dreams, dressed in the clothes of my dreams, doing the acts of my dreams. I was dumbfounded and turned on both. She began to rub her pussy with the whip handle, running it up and down the front of her panty covered lips, then through her legs and over her slit and asshole. She unzipped them, (they were the same black ones as the night before) and ran the handle over her bared clit and labia.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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