My Experiments

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I’m a straight guy, mid 30’s in reasonable shape, and I love woman. But there is something about a cock that makes me horny. Even when watching porn with my girlfriend, I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to have my mouth filled with a warm pulsating cock, to feel it thrusting in and out, to lick the shiny head and to experience the sensation of filling my mouth with hot salty sperm! For the past few months I’ve even been lurking on a local gay forum, and in the dead of night when I’m horny and by myself, I’ve jerked off to the images of cocks and videos of men fucking.

But fantasizing about man love and physically doing it are two very different things, and I was conscious of the fact that I may not like it, or perhaps I was worried that I would have liked it too much, so I had never acted on my fantasies. When opportunity came knocking though, I decided to throw caution to the wind and see what I was missing.

‘Hot-cock101’ from the gay forums I frequented had left a message in my inbox. Clicking on it revealed a smooth defined torso, mostly hairless. I was home alone and it was only 3pm, but working from home does have its advantageous so without even thinking about it, I pulled my already hardening cock out and slowly started to stroke myself as I read on.

“My there. My name is Gavin and I saw from your profile that you were looking to experiment a little. I’ve sent you some pics, maybe you could send some of you to me. I’m available most afternoons and some evenings so let me know okay?”

I clicked on the next photo, and there in all its glory was a picture of Gavin’s soft uncircumcised cock. I couldn’t help but be impressed at its size already, at least 4 or 5 inches soft; I even started to salivate a little at the thought of putting it in my mouth and feeling it grow. At this point my cock head was wet with pre-cum, and I was stroking away pretty feverishly. I clicked on the last photo and within a second or two was brought right to the edge! The picture was real close up of Gavin’s (I hoped anyway) erect cock. I could see the veins that ran down his shaft, the glossy red head, and tip with just a drip of shiny pre-cum.

I quickly came and even after I was still hard for a while as I continued to stare at the picture. But like all good things that have to come to an end, I forced myself to look away and clean up, I still had work to do but those images remained with me for days.

About a week later my girlfriend Jenny announced that she was travelling on a business trip and would be away for two nights the following week. With the pictures of Gavin’s cock still firmly on my mind I couldn’t stop thinking about how fortuitous this seemed. I would have the house for two days to myself, and on top of that may even have a willing partner to experiment a little.

I straight away sent an email back to Gavin with a body shot of myself though I decided not to send a cock pic because even though Jenny constantly told me I was big enough, I didn’t want to take a chance and ruin what I was beginning to believe was a “sure thing”.

Message sent I almost held my breath for two days, and then, just 24 hours before my girlfriend left, I saw the message from Gavin. I have to be honest and say I was pretty nervous about opening it, both because he might have said “yes”, and because he may have said “no” as well. I clicked on his message and there was another picture of his cock, this time come his hand was grasping it tight and cum leaked from the end, dripping over his knuckles, the brief text below just read “see you Thursday at 7pm”. We mailed each other and agreed on the where. The die was set.

The next day took ages to get through. I tried to keep my mind on my work, but images of Gavin’s cock would flash through my mind and instantly I’d have a hard-on that needed attention. I managed to keep my hands off my cock the entire day but by 5pm I was desperate so I watched some porn and started jerking off. I only had straight porn and while antalya escort I watched a blond chick being face fucked by two guys, I kinda hoped that was what was in store for my tonight, even if it was just one guy. I came all over myself, and rather than just clean up, I sat a few minutes feeling my cum on my fingers and rubbing it into my cock.

After a shower I shaved my cock and balls and dressed. It was now 6pm and I was anxious as can be. We had agreed to meet at a local mall and to decide on what to do from there. I didn’t want him coming to my place since he was a perfect stranger so was racking my brains on the drive over on what to do and where to go. By the time 7pm arrived, I was no closer to an idea and decided to just play it by ear.

I drove to our agreed meeting point, a small coffee shop in a quiet section of the mall. I quickly scanned the faces on entering but not seeing him I just grabbed a table. I ordered a cup of coffee from the waitress and settled in to wait. I desperately tried to put on a nonchalant air about me but inside I was twisted up in excitement, nervous energy and even a little bit of fear.

About 5 minutes later a good looking guy walked in, dressed in jeans and a plain black t-shirt. I didn’t recognise him right away, but he recognised me. He waved and started over towards me. Gavin was about my age, probably early 30’s. His hair was cut short and he had piercing blue eyes. He looked fairly well built, not muscle bound or anything like that, just trim and in good shape. He came over to my table and with a quiet “hi”, sat down. In all honesty this guy was pretty much exactly what I was looking for, seemingly laid-back and obviously just as nervous as I was.

We stared at each other for a second before a nervous grin got the better of me and I stretched my hand out to him and shook. I had another coffee while he ordered a fruit juice and we spent the time 15 minutes getting acquainted. Turns out he was sought of in my position as well, although he wasn’t living with anyone, he had a girlfriend who was important to him, but still wanted to let his gay side play around a bit.

He had only had one gay experience before, having given a guy a blowjob, but that was the total extent of it. This was fantastic news for me as it meant we would both be starting off at the same pace. The more we chatted the more I realised that he was perfect for my needs, and the harder my cock got. By the time we left, nearly an hour later, I was almost in pain from the aching my cock was going through.

We made our way to the parking level where it turned out he had parked pretty close to me. I was really nervous at this point. I figured that since he didn’t live with anyone, he would invite me back to his place, but I wasn’t sure if he would. We walked over to his car and stood awkwardly leaning on the car.

“So” he said, “what do we do now?”

I looked around us and realised for the first time that we were pretty much alone. There were very few cars around, and more importantly, there were no cameras. The deciding factor though was that it was pretty dark where we were, just light enough it see someone nearby.

“We could just hang out here for a while” I said.

Gavin looked around at the empty car park and obviously came to the same conclusions I had. Looking back at me he smiled in a nervous sought of way and nodded his head at me. In complete silence we stood that way for what seemed like ages. Finally I couldn’t take it any more and moved closer to him, and while staring directly into his eyes, reached over and put my hand to the front of his jeans. His cock was hard under my hand, obviously we were both feeling the same way. I started to gently rub the length of his cock as he briefly closed his eyes. Moving even closer to me he reached for my jeans and slowly pulled my fly down.

He hadn’t even touched me yet and already my stomach had tightened up and my breath was panting eagerly. Zip all the down he alanya escort started to reach in, then suddenly stopped.

“Let’s got into my car” he whispered.

I could only nod my agreement, my mouth was dry and I hardly trusted myself to say anything. He walked around to the driver’s side and unlocked the door. Before climbing in he undid his jeans. Climbing in, he leant over and unlocked the passenger side. I opened the door and was about to get in when I felt his hand on the flat of my stomach, stopping me. I paused, wondering if maybe he had changed his mind, afraid he had changed his mind. Instead, I felt his hand undo the top button of my jeans, and then as they fell over my hips, his hot hand reached through my boxers and touched my cock; hot skin to hot skin.

How I never exploded right there and then I’ll never know, I can only thank my lucky stars I jerked off before coming out. The shivers that run up my body were indescribable, my back arched almost impossibly against his touch, and it was just a touch, a light touch, nothing more. A obscure thought popped into my mind that I should’ve brought a drink with because my mouth was so dry it was hard to breath. I stood there and let me run his hand over my hard shaft, my jeans around my ankles, my cocking sticking out through my boxers. It took a moment for me to register that he had stopped and was waiting expectantly.

I climbed into the car, closed the door and looked over to him. In the dim light I could still make him pretty clearly. Gavin inclined his seat and freed his erect cock from his underwear.

I reached over and touched the first cock other than my own. It was impossibly hard to the touch, yet somehow “giving” at the same time. And so smooth! He was also clean shaven and smelt just manly. I started rubbing the tip of his exposed cock, marvelling at the smoothness. Pre-cum oozed out and I longed to just touch the tip of my tongue to it. Gavin groaned a bit louder, then reached down and pulled his jeans to the floor. His cock stood there proudly, my eyes glued to it!

“Lick my cock” Gavin begged. I leaned over him and breathed the man smell in deep. My own cock was tight and rock hard, harder than I’ve ever been before. I grasped his hard penis and started to slowly stroke him up and down. He pushed his hips up, his cock touching my lips. Without thinking I opened my mouth up and accepted his thrust.

This moment will stay with me forever; my mouth open, filled with this velvet living member, my tongue swirling around the head while trying to suck and jerk him off and just devour him whole! His hand pressed down on the top of my head and his thrusting hips pushing his cock deeper into my mouth.

“Oh my fuck, suck it harder, take it deeper!” Gavin moaned loudly.

I was loving this, I felt like the world’s biggest slut, I just wanted his beautiful cock to fill me up more, hell, I would’ve sucked a million cock right there and then. I pulled him out of my mouth and started to lick his shaft, long, wet slurpy licks, and couldn’t help moan deeply as if it was my cock being worked on. I took the glistening head in my mouth and jerked him off frantically, my tongue flicking at the head the whole time. I tasted and swallowed what felt like buckets of pre-cum, I let his cock slip out of my mouth and rubbed it passionately over my face, I held his smooth shaven balls, sucking them into my mouth every time I licked down to the base of his cock.

“Wait” Gavin exclaimed breathlessly, “I want your cock”.

I sat sat up reluctantly, disappointed I couldn’t have more. Without pausing he threw himself onto my cock. The immediate effect of his hot breath and then mouth on my cock was like dynamite to my body, I almost exploded with this insane pleasure!

“Oh my God” I thought, “I wont last 10 seconds”. I did the same as he had, put my hands on his head and the pushed my hips up against him, all the while under my breath muttering “suck it down, belek escort suck my cock harder.. oh yes!”

As much as I was enjoying his mouth on me, I just wanted his cock in my mouth.

“If you keep going like that I’m gonna cum” I whispered to him. He just grunted back at me and seemed to double his efforts. The entire time my cock was in his mouth was almost like a blur, all I knew was that it felt so damn amazing, like no other blow job ever, and that when I came I’d probably blow a blood vessel at the same time. But I didn’t want to come first so I physically lifted his head up and grabbed his cock.

“Tell me what you want” I whispered to him as I stroked him.

“I want to fuck your mouth, I want to fill you up with my cum” he muttered, his eyes half closed. I started to go back down on him, my mouth open and drooling in anticipation.

“Wait” he said. He opened his door and stepped out. I glanced around the parking lot for the first time, there could have been a crowd watching and I’d never had known; the lot was still quiet though, not a soul about.

“Come here” Gavin instructed.

He was standing at the door, his body cut in half by the car frame, just his legs and visibly pulsing, wet, glistening cock showing. I literally shuddered in thrilling anticipation. I scooted over, turned to face him with my legs out the car, my cock quivering along with his.

I reached up to grab it when he stopped me, “no hands, I want you to touch yourself” he whispered. I nodded and then simply opened my mouth while holding my cock.

He placed his hands on either side of my head and slowly brought his cock to my lips.

“Lick it.” Gavin instructed hoarsely.

I stuck my tongue out and licked it slowly like my favourite ice cream flavour. For the first time I could inspect his cock close up, really take my time and enjoy. I watched as I flicked at the underside of his cock head and smiled as it jumped. He took hold his cock and lifted it, allowing me to lick right down to his balls.

“Yes” he whispered, “lick it slut, lick my cock slut. You like it don’t you, you like my cock don’t you, you want this cock in your mouth.”

I couldn’t disagree at all, it was like I was under some sort of spell, his cock was all I lived for right then. He guided his cock to my hungry mouth, letting just the head in. I held it securely while he jerked himself off. His grunts and groans indicating the and was nearly there. He was now mumbling and I couldn’t make out anything, every now and again he would stop jerking off and slowly push his cock deep into my mouth; I gratefully accepted it, let it fill my mouth like I always imagined it would.

I was close to coming myself, I wanted to come at the same time he did. He pulled out again and started wanking into my face. He rubbed his cock all over my face, even slapping his dick on me like I did with Jenny, God I was loving this!

“Where do you want it?” he asked hoarsely.

In truth I wanted it everywhere, in my mouth, on my face, down my chest, everywhere, I was just a cum slut at that moment, if more guys had walked up and joined in, I wouldn’t have protested, just greedily sucked everyone dry. But at that moment I had a different plan.

“On my cock, and on yours.” I said.

He merely grunted his yes and I stood up. I rubbed my cock up against his, we were both so close that two or three seconds later it happened. That massive rolling build up just exploded. My back arched, I thrust my cock forward and violently come over his cock as he came over mine. I reached for his cock and gently milked his cum covered cock as he did mine.

The spell then broke. We giggled a little self-consciously and both climbed into the car and put clothes back on. In truth it was a little awkward. We sat there and little and talked about what it was like. I was more than a little curious as to what he thought about my technique, and I’m pretty proud to say he couldn’t stop talking about it. It was a fantastic experience, and I was totally honest with him, I wanted more.

We both agreed to do it again, but that’s a story for a later date.

One last thing though. It may seem strange but after that event, sex with Jenny has never been better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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