My Daughter Lover

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I’d just gotten home from a long, hard day at work, tired, grumpy and in need of some sexual release. I’m a 45-year-old divorced mother of a beautiful blonde daughter, Abby, and she was just getting home from her college lacrosse practice when I pulled in.

We share certain things, Abby and I. We’re both blonde, we’re both athletic, we both have lean, muscular and sinewy bodies, especially in the legs, and we both love each other – in more ways than the usual.

You see, Abby, now 21, had discovered at an earlier age that she liked the company of women. Older women, in particular. She loves men, too, but her occasional dalliances with the MILFS in her life delighted and satisfied her.

I’m happy to say I’m one of them.

It started when she turned 18 and one fateful day I’d returned home from work a bit early to see the car of an acquaintance of mine, Marilyn, a woman in her early 40s as I was, whom Abby had worked babysitting years ago.

Odd, I thought, they hadn’t spoken in years, and went inside expecting to see them chatting about something or other. But then I heard muffled moans from down the hall in Abby’s room.

Uncertain, I snuck down the hall, listening intently, and then standing against the wall in complete shock over what I was hearing.

“Yeah, Abby, eat that pussy, eat it good!” Marilyn was growling from within, met by the muffled moans of my daughter. “C’mon, make me cum!”

I cracked the door open just enough to peer in. There, on the bed, Marilyn and Abby were, naked, Marilyn violently riding my daughter’s face! She was clutching the headboard, facing the wall, her thick and shapely MILF ass hunching and flexing as she pounded down and into Abby’s trapped face, grinding wildly on her as she came.

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing and just as I was thinking my poor daughter was being raped, I saw Abby’s hand flashing in and out of her own pussy, fingering herself madly to her own thigh-snapping orgasm as Marilyn bathed her faces with her own juices, her brown-gray hair hanging in sweaty strands over her pretty face.

I slumped back against the wall, confused, aghast at what I’d seen – and turned on! I’d had many encounters with women in my own life, it was part of who I was, but to see my daughter so wildly enjoying the sexual company of a woman more than twice her age…as I slowly slid down the wall, my short business skirt rode up and I snuck a hand between my spread thighs to feel the warm wetness spreading on my panty as from within, I heard the lip-smacking sounds of my daughter and friend kissing madly.

I leaned to the side and looked in and there was Abby now atop Marilyn, tongue jabbing the older woman’s sexy, wrinkled mouth as she pounded down, pussy to pussy, in search of yet another orgasm. As she reached it, as both reached their own thrashing cum, I snuck a finger into my hairy pussy and had my own, biting my lip to keep from screaming as I looked in and saw my daughter’s milk-white ass flexing in sexual release as she drive her hips into Marilyn’s. As they calmed themselves, so did I, standing on shaky legs.

“God, Mrs. Anderson, it just gets better all the time!” Abby hissed, licking Marilyn’s slightly wrinkled neck and down to her sagging cleavage to suckle her big nipples.

“Yes, it certainly does,” Marilyn sighed, stroking Abby’s long blonde hair, trailing her nails down her back to cup my daughter’s slowly grinding ass, lifting her legs to encircle her slim waist and locking her ankles. “You really have a knack, and you do seem to love older women…uh, beşiktaş türbanlı escort have you ever…thought of…I mean, your mom is SUCH a sexy lady…”

Abby stopped and lifted up to smile down at the MILF under her.

“No,” she said softly. “But it doesn’t mean…I haven’t thought about it…my mom is incredibly hot, isn’t she! Sometimes…I fantasize about…stuff with Mom…”

And I came again, hearing that, watching them kiss long and wet, me standing, shaking, against the wall, my thighs clamped tight, quivering, vibrating my pussy and cumming hearing what I’d heard.

I stumbled away, quietly, back to my car, taking a long, confused drive, then parking in a lot by the beach near our home, watching people go by, the occasional mother and daughter around our age, wondering if they had fantasies about one another the way my daughter had about me.

And I had about her. I couldn’t shake the feeling that yes, I had, in the years since she’d developed into a gorgeous young woman, had …thoughts about her as well, watching her long, muscular legs flash in the sun at her high school field hockey games, her skirt flying up and over those supple young thighs, her panty coming into view.

Those thoughts I’d shunted aside, shaking them in shame from my mind. But always wondering.

I finally went home that day, and Abby was there, Marilyn long gone, sitting in the living room watching TV, a pair of short shorts on, her long beautiful legs exposed, and that pussy hidden within, hairless, shining, wet, as I’d seen it earlier, her fingers stabbing inside of it.

We chatted a bit, calmly, as if nothing had happened, her demeanor completely at ease, mine nervous, halting. As I sat across from her, on the couch, she finally looked at me, head cocked.

“Mom,” she said. “What’s wrong. You don’t seem yourself…”

I looked at the floor.

“I….I…came home…earlier today…”I said, fighting tears.

Silence, long and painful.

“Mom…when…” she said softly.

“Before…earlier..a car was here…Marilyn’s….car…I came in…”

“And you saw….”

“Yes…I saw!”

More silence. I finally looked up from the floor. Abby was leaning forward, elbows on her knees, crying into her hands. Quickly, I shuffled over on my knees to her, pulling her hands away, our eyes wet and locked.

“It’s OK, honey, it’s OK!” I said, smoothing her hair.

“It’s just something…I like…I mean I like boys, too, love boys, but women…old…older women…sometimes…”

“It’s OK, it’s OK,” I said, adding, in a rush of confession, “sometimes…I…I have…too…”

Her eyes brightened.

“You…you have?”

“Yes, honey, I have,” I sighed, cupping her pretty face inches from mine.

“So it’s not….so…wrong?”

“No, not at all,” I said uncertainly as I watched her face get closer to mine, her eyes half-lidded, looking down at my lips, her apparent target. “But….”

“But…what…mom…” she whispered, coming closer, my hands not stopping her.

“Abby, no…it’s not…I don’t think…” I said nervously, averting my eyes from hers, backing away as far as I could, my head pressed now into the sofa.

“It’s OK, Mom,” she whispered in a seductive snarl, her tongue tip wetting her gorgeous lips and then darting back inside as her mouth drew so close to mine, “it’s’s only…love, mom, it’s only love!”

And our lives changed, in that moment a few years ago as my daughter’s soft lips pressed to mine beşiktaş ucuz escort and we melted into each other, kissing softly at first, then madly, wetly, filling each other’s mouths with our stabbing tongues, finally falling back into a tumble onto the floor, she atop me, between my spread legs that instinctively locked around her slender middle as I’d seen Marilyn’s do earlier.

She humped into me, and I up into her, as we kissed with incredible, increasing passion, she tearing open my blouse to free my slightly saggy tits from my bra and suckle down the folds in my neck to the sweaty space between them, nuzzling, sucking, licking, chewing over to each fat brown nipple and nursing on them.

“Oh, God, Abby, that’s so good, so fucking good,” I cried, holding her head in my hands, watching her work my boobs. “But…so wrong…shouldn’t…can’t…not us, not us…”

“Yes, us,” she hissed sternly, kissing down my belly, licking my navel deeply, tugging my skirt and panty off in one motion as she knelt back looking between my thin thighs. “My GOD, Mom, you don’t shave!”

“No,” I groaned, shamelessly spreading my legs for her as she leaned to nuzzle each of my tanned, firm thighs, sucking in the slightly wrinkled meat of them, tasting the sweat and salt, inching her way closer. “I’m…sorry…”

“Oh shit, no, don’t be sorry, I LOVE hairy MILF pussy!” she laughed, the ice clearly broken now, the dam open, the sexual floodgate on. “Such a turn on, so hot, so funky, tasty….”


She lay flat now, lapping my loins, licking the hair, pulling it into her mouth, sucking it, and then working her way to my core, parting the fur, wet and matted with my oils and cream, with her hands, moaning as she blew gently on my engorged clit.

“Damn, Mom, your cunt is so fucking hot!” she growled, gently lapping the clit with her tongue, inhaling, smelling her mother’s sexual scent. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this….”

“Oh, Abby, eat…eat me…eat mommy’s hairy cunt!” I screamed, holding her head in my hands, thrusting up to her teasing mouth.

“Now you’re talkin’, Mom,” she giggled and invaded my pussy with her face.

She licked, chewed, suckled and gnawed at me, devouring my hairy cunt, running her tongue up and down the oily slit and then attaching her mewing lips to my clit. I’d never felt anything like it, with a man or woman, and lay back, open mouthed, holding her head in my thighs, softly closing them around her growling face, locking up, lifting my calves into the air, holding her to me as she held my clit in her mouth and dribbled it with her electric tongue, and inserting two fingers in my hole below.

It was incredible, intense, insane, and the explosion welled in me, my upper body shaking as it overcame me, my thighs locked and quivering on my daughter’s face as I squeezed harder, pulling her mouth to my gushing cunt with all I had. I came hard, seemingly for minutes, my body afire, screaming, thrashing, side to side, up and down, my daughter’s face firm in my hungry MILF thighs, going along for the ride.

I screamed as I came, cupping her head, looking down over my breasts and belly into her pretty face which had gone red in the violent clamp of her mother’s thighs around it. She smiled into my pussy, stabbing it with her tongue, her hands kneading the soft muscles of my thighs that held her.

I came down from my orgasmic high, my legs relaxing, splaying apart, my hands brushing back Abby’s hair from her smiling face. Only then beşiktaş üniversiteli escort I realized how hard I was panting.

“You forgot to breathe, Mom,” she laughed, nipping the soft flesh of my inner thighs and working her way up over my bush to my belly as she lay flat atop me. “It’s OK, I eat pussy so well, that happens a lot…”

“God, Abby, do you ever,” I sighed, holding her in my arms, kissing her face, tasting and smelling me on her lips and cheeks and chin. “Now it’s my turn…lay back, baby, and let Mommy do her thing…”

“I have a better idea, Mom,” she hissed, quickly peeling off her shorts and shirt and sitting up on me, slipping over my belly, tits and throat to sexily plunk her wet, hairless pussy on my mouth. “Well do this MY way! Nothing gets me off better than sitting on face, and especially riding my MOM’S FACE!!”

She rode me hard, clamping her squatting thighs around the sides of my face, grinding her sex into my anxious mouth, her hands gripping my hair at the top of my head, hunching back and forth, side to side, her lower body undulating in constant motion. I was transfixed, almost unable to move, just looking up over her washboard, young belly and those little perky tits to her very determined face. She had her eyes scrunched shut, and was biting her lower lip in concentration as she pumped and humped my face with such force and reckless abandon, I thought she’d snap my nose off.

“Oh, fuck Mom, oh fuck oh fuckohfuckohfuckohfuck!” she screamed, pinching my face tight in her muscular young thighs as she rode my face back and forth, grinding her clit on my nose as I rammed my tongue deep inside the oily folds of her very tight pussy, feeling the slick muscular walls pull my tongue inside her, anxious for more.

I ran my trembling hands up her back and down to her hunching ass, feeling the young muscles of her athletic, sweaty body, and then up around her tight belly to twist his little nipples in my fingers, pulling the tender flesh out, tweaking them harder and harder as she crushed her way to a pulsating, pounding and thrashing orgasm, flooding my face with her sexual juices and then finally going stock-still, her thighs clamped tight to my face, her back straight as she quivered in the final throes of her orgasm, her hips shaking, her ass quaking, a steady stream of her girly cum flowing down my appreciative throat.

I ate deeply from her gushing girl cunt, my tongue probing inside, seeking more, swallowing my daughter’s cream down and thrashing my own hips from side to side as I came without touching myself.

“Oh, my GOD, Mom!” she laughed, flopping to the side, and then rolling toward me, her panting face on my breast, her breath hot on the nipple as I stroked her hair. “That was insane!”

We lay quietly for long, long moments, savoring what just happened, imagining what would happen, Abby occasionally running a hot tongue over my nipple, then suckling it, my hand running down her back to her young, tight ass.

And it did happen, again and again over the next few years. This night, I pulled into my driveway after a long, hard day, grumpy and in need of relief, and saw Abby standing in the door in her lacrosse outfit, that young, athletic body toned and sweaty with the afternoon workout she’d just returned from.

“Hey honey, Mom needs a little lovin’ tonight…my way,” I growled, pushing her back inside the door and shutting it, pushing her into the wall and pulling her into my arms.

“OK, sure Mom,” she moaned as I licked her salty neck and cupped her tits in her sports bra. “But I invited Connie over for dinner – and her mom, Marilyn….”

I stepped back, my hands on my daughter’s hips, a playful smile on her lips.

“I swear, girl, you know EXACTLY what Mom needs, when she needs it!” I laughed, kissing her lips, sucking her tongue into my mouth and grinding my crotch into hers.

(To be continued)

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