My Dad, My Hero, My Lover Ch. 04

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Stella’s POV

I walk back to my laboratory. After my quickie with my precious boy I was so ready for another round. Unfortunately I would have to wait until he got back from his visit with Lilly and Nick. It wasn’t easy running a sex school and shop like this one but it was really a lot of fun. I worked freelance at my own laboratory during weekdays. In the weekends and in the evenings Mark and I were in our sex school and shop ‘El Castillo’. I looked forward to having the evening there all to myself.

Four hours later I had changed into a little black dress and was ready to have some serious fun. I walked over to the bar and greeted Tim our bartender who poured me a glass of my favourite wine. He knew me well. I took the glass to my office and en-route checked that everything was alright in our shop. I greeted Sofia who was behind the counter waiting for customers reading a book on her Ereader.

“Slow night?” I enquired.

“Yes. Sorry about that,” Sofia said looking sincere.

“Why don’t you take a break then? Go get some coffee or tea in that new shop down the street. Tell me what you think of it later.” I suggested.

“Thank you. I will,” she smiled and was out the door in a flash. Two minutes later two young women walked in giggling like schoolgirls. I watched as they walked over to the toys section. They checked out our selection of vibrators, dildo’s and butt plugs. I was immediately drawn to them. One was a really cute redhead. The one that caught my eye though had beautiful rainbow hair in soft tones. She had beautiful green eyes and it was clear that she wasn’t wearing a bra. They both weren’t.

“Can I help you ladies?” I asked as I walked over.

“Yes please. We’re not exactly sure which one is the best,” The redhead said who was clearly the more brave of the two.

“Of course. Yes I can help you with that but it depends on what you prefer. Have you ever used one before?” I asked looking at both of them.

“No,” the beautiful girl with the rainbow coloured hair answered.

“Yes,” the redhead said.

“Okay. That’s a start. What are your names?” I asked. I really wanted to get to know them better. Intimately.

“She’s Deidre and I’m Lynn,” the redhead answered.

“Nice to meet you Deidre and Lynn. I’m Stella,” I returned.

“And how old are you two?” I went on with my questions.

“I’m 20 and she’s 19,” this time Deidre answered.

“Well, ladies. Have another look. When my assistant gets back I’ll take you through to our teaching and try room. I’ll let you try some of these if you want,” I invited them.

“The rule is that you have to be naked in that room. I hope that’s not a problem?” I went on. I saw the women looking at each other. Deciding.

“No it’s not a problem,” Deidre said. I was glad she was not so shocked anymore. That was certainly a good thing. Sofia came back with her coffee and reported that the new tea and coffee shop was fabulous. Deidre and Lynn agreed and we made our way to the teaching and try room. We undressed, I opened the door and we stepped into a room bağdat caddesi escort that at first glance looked a classy gym. There were four couches, four polished wooden structures that looked like a horse they use in gymnastics and four crosses with cuffs attached. There were also some comfortable love seats. I explained where the tables and the pommel horses were used for and also where the crosses were for. I showed them our collection of toys there.

“Why don’t you choose what you’d like to try and make yourself comfortable on the couches there,” I advised the young women. They did so. Lynn smiled but Deidre was clearly more apprehensive.

“Don’t worry Deidre,” I assured her.

“Nothing is going to happen if you don’t want it too. If you’re feeling more comfortable just watching your friend and me that’s okay too.”

“No it’s okay but where will we start? There is so much. Will I lose my virginity if I use that big one?” Deidre asked wonder apparent in her voice.

“Yes. So we will not use that one on you. It’s so much nicer when you lose your virginity with a real cock,” I explained.

“Oh it really is,” Lynn agreed with me.

“Let’s just start with simply touching. There. I think it would be nice if Lynn touched your little clit,” I suggested.

“Oh yeah Deidre. That’d be so cool. I’ll make you come so hard. You know I will,” Lynn reacted enthusiastically.

“You really want to play don’t you?” I smiled at Lynn. In answer Deidre spread her legs for Lynn. I watched as Lynn stepped between her girlfriends legs and starts kissing her knee. Her left first and then her right one. I heard her moan and I can barely stop myself from moaning too. I hope Mark will not take too long at Lilly and Nick’s tonight. I know that by the end of this I need some relief that I know my precious boy can give me. Lynn meanwhile is licking her friends plump pussy lips and I see her taking her little clit in her mouth.

“Ooooooh Lynn. Don’t stop. Please don’t stop,” she begged. It was clear to all of us that Lynn wouldn’t stop. I made myself comfortable in one of the love seats. As I watched Lynn put two fingers inside Deidre I did the same with my own hand and pussy. Lynn suddenly stopped what she was doing and looked at me.

“Would you like to help me make my friend cum Stella?” she asked seductively

“Kiss her boobs. Make her nipples hard. She likes that,” Lynn suggested.

“Likes that? Loves that,” Deidre corrected her. So I stood up and walked over to the two beautiful young women. I knew Lynn was into this and I put my hand softly in her neck and kissed her fiercely. Our tongues circled each other until we had to take a breath. Then I walked over to Deidre and took her left boob in my hand and leaned over to kiss her right one. I heard both women moan loudly.

“Ooooooh I’m so close. I’m going to come,” Deidre cried out.

“Let it go darling. Let it go through you,” Lynn encouraged. I slid my hand over her tummy and watched as the sweet young woman writhed through her orgasm.

“Hello,” bahçelievler escort I suddenly heard a familiar voice say and my darling boy walked in with his gorgeous man body.

“Oh there you are. Come over here. I’m dripping. Please give me some of that,” I jokingly commanded and took his erect shaft in my hand.

“Anytime you want mum, you know that,” Mark answered matter-of-factly. I heard the girls gasp.

“He is your son?” Lynn queried. Her eyes wide and, it seemed, with hearts like the famous emoji.

“Not biological unfortunately but he’s my precious boy,” I clarified quickly kissing him on his mouth.

“We want some of that too please,” Deidre stated boldly. Looking openly at Mark’s erect cock.

“Oh yes please,” Lynn agreed.

“You want to do what we talked about earlier? You want to lose your virginity?” I asked looking straight at Deidre because I really wanted her to be sure about this.

“She’s a virgin?” Mark cut in totally amazed.

“Deidre is. I unfortunately am not but don’t let that stop us,” Lynn reacted cheekily.

“I really want this,” Deidre said softly.

“You have to be very sure beautiful woman,” Mark advised her.

“Once we do this there’s no going back,” he clarified. I meanwhile made myself comfortable on the couch.

“Come over here my darling. I’ll hold you and help you,” She walks over to me while I hold my arms wide. She turns around so my front is to her back. I lovingly wrap my arms around this lovely young woman and slide us forward so her bum is at the end of the couch. Lynn meanwhile takes a seat in a love seat close by. Mark meanwhile wraps his beautiful cock in a condom and spreads Deidre’s legs and slid his fingers over her pussy. Feeling she was wet enough he took his manhood in his hand and positioned it between Deidre’s lower lips. He slid it up and down making her even more wet.

“How does that feel beautiful,” he asked. My boy ever the gentleman. Lynn and I watched as inch by inch Mark inserted his beautiful cock in Deidre’s pussy.

“This feels so good. I feel so full,” she breathed.

“This is going to hurt a little. Don’t worry. I’ve got you,” I assured her as I slid my hand over her tummy. Up and down. From just above her mound to underneath her beautiful breasts.

“Auw,” she cried out as Mark pushed through in earnest.

“Hush. Hush. It’s all good now,” He whispered.

“You’re a gorgeous grown woman now,” he said adjusting his pace and slowly sliding in and out of her. Lynn got up from her chair and walked over to her lover. She leaned over and kissed her full on her lips. Linking her hand with mine we slid down over Deidre’s belly together. Lynn’s hand stayed behind though and touched Deidre’s little engorged clit.

“Ooooooh. God. Lynn. Ooooooh,” Deidre cried out as she orgasmed. I raked my thumbs over her upright nipples giving her another sensation. I looked up at Mark and saw that he was close too. I gave him a little wink and with a groan he emptied himself in the condom. Too late I realised bahçeşehir escort that Lynn and I hadn’t come yet. I took her hand and walked over to the display of vibrators.

“Which one looks the most comfortable to you?” I asked her. She choose one and we walked back to the loveseat. I quickly looked over to Mark and Deidre. I was really happy to see they were still busy. Deidre was on her hands and knees and Mark was sliding in and out of her pussy from behind. I took Lynn’s hand and made her sit down on the seat. I spread her legs lovingly as I sank to my knees. I was eye to eye with her beautiful shaven pussy which was clearly dripping. I slid my finger up and down. She moaned when I touched her little clit. I turned on the vibrator at a low setting and touched her little clit with that.

“Ooooooh Stella. That feels so good,” I carefully inserted two fingers in her pussy and slid them in and out. All the time keeping the device on her clit.

“Oh she’s going to come,” Deidre knew and came walking over with Mark in tow. She leaned over and kissed her girlfriend.

“Come my love,” she encouraged.

“Let it go through you. I love you,” she went on. It worked Lynn arched her back and yelped as her orgasm raced through her. Mark touched her belly as he commented;

“That’s a good girl,” He proceeded to kiss the young women goodbye and went to our apartment. I gave the ladies the vibrator as a gift and told them they would always be welcome here. Then I went to our apartment feeling more and more frustrated. I was now the only one who had not had an orgasm and needed one desperately. I took a quick shower and when I got in the bedroom I found Mark laying naked in our bed.

“Hi mum,” he whispered seductively.

“What would please my mum tonight?” he asked with a smile on his face.

“You really have to ask?” I answered grumpy. He quickly takes my hand and makes me lay down on the bed. He slides the covers away and lays on his front between my legs.

“I’ve got you mum. I’ll always take care of you,” he assures me. He slides over me and takes my mouth in a passionate kiss. Our tongues slide and turn around each other, taking my breath away. He presses kisses on my cheek and then the other before going lower and kissing my chest. He takes the nipple of my left breast in his mouth and massages the right one. Mark then changes and takes the right one in his mouth and massages the left one. The tightening in my core was almost painful. Mark touched my little clit and I fall apart.

“Ooooooh Mark,” I gasped.

“That’s better, right?” he joked. He wasn’t done though. He shifted a little and I felt his cock at my entrance. With one thrust he was all the way inside me.

“Oh God that feels so …,” he didn’t let me finish because he started really thrusting then. Hard.

“Ooooh Mark. Harder. Don’t stop,” I whimpered. I felt a second orgasm coming and I tried to wait for Mark but it was impossible.

“Jeeeeeez,” I cried out and writhed underneath my precious boy. I clenched my muscles around his cock triggering his release. Thick hot spurts of cum filled me. Warmed me.

“God Stella that was fantastic,” He says only a little out of breath.

“I concur,” I joke as I kiss him while he slips out of me and turns me so my back is to his front, spooning me with his body.

“Sleep well, my darling,”

“Sleep well mum,”

To be continued.

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