My Curvy, Sexy, Mature Neighbour Pt. 05

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This is the concluding chapter in the series known as My Curvy, Sexy Mature Neighbour. Again, to get the most pleasure out of this chapter, please read the preceding chapters to get the full context to this story. This chapter will attempt to bring a closure to a steamy period of intense, relentless sexual activity I had with two curvy voluptuous women; my German love interest and my mature fuck partner Veronica, but not before a hotel room orgy with fresh characters/participants adding spice and filth.

Some elements of these stories are true, other elements are a furthering of my fantasies that unfortunately for me remained a fantasy.

I thank you most gratefully for taking the time to read my story. I hope they have given you pleasure and expanded your sexual imaginations!


Wednesday 12th June @ 800pm

Hi is that Teresa?”

“Yes, how can I help?” was the female voice on the other side of the phone.

“It’s about that email I sent to you. I am Steven. It’s about this Saturday evening.” I said.

“Oh okay, have I seen you before?” She enquired.

“Yes, I saw you a few times… last time was a couple of years ago? Do you remember?” I said nervously.

“Silly question! I see loads of guys and gals a year, unless you were really memorable of course I wouldn’t remember.” She said sarcastically.

“Sorry of course, I was the guy who slipped a couple of toe rings on your toes. I spent an a lot of time with your feet. You said I was obsessed and I ate a banana out of your pussy. Sorry it feels a bit weird discussing this on the phone!” I said. It certainly felt awkward to me.

“Mmmm vaguely. Narrows it.” She didn’t sound like she was sure.

“Oh yes, I think remember! You were pretty good. Where have you been?” she said.

“Well I suppose you can say things have improved for me on the shag front…I don’t have to pay for services, but I have a role for you in a fantasy with a couple of partners I am involved in. You will be perfect!”

“Couple of partners? Sounds complicated. Group sex, what’s the set up?” She said interested in further information.

“Two women, who I have been fucking the brains out of in the last few months. One curvy 47 year old, one 35 year old. Oh and she is German if that is an added attraction. We have all enjoyed each other’s company if you know what I mean. Plus a potential male who I don’t know the identity of.”

At this moment Chrissie came towards the sofa after showering, wearing her bathrobe and with a towel wrapped over her head. She lay on the opposite side of the sofa, extending her exposed legs over my body. Quickly she began to rub her bare feet on my groin.

“Oh the German one has just arrived on the sofa and is now rubbing my groin with her toes!”

I grabbed her left foot and started to massage it.

“Oh kinky, but I am not doing phone group sex now.” She laughed.

“Oh no, it’s not that I am after. How does a couple of hours of your time sound at the Marriott overlooking the sea. It’ll be a sea view suite.”

“An orgy then! Hell yeahhhh, I am in, I like shagging in posh surroundings… £450 cash… £150 for each hour and then £50 each for action with your partners and the bloke!” She said. “Might even throw in an extra hour if I like you all!” she laughed at her last comment.

“Wow, okay. Steep, but that’s a deal.” I said.

“Well if you want cheap, you can go to Tina from Southbourne, but that’s if you are into a smelly pussy. I will be clean throughout, enema and all. My bum will be ready for anal play and penetration if that’s on the wish list. All with protection. Its good value, plus I’ll be genuinely into your women, I love lesbian action.”

“Sounds great, no I always wanted you. They approve of you to! I have some thongs for you to wear. What size are you?”


“Okay perfect, I’ll send you a text on Saturday for room number details. You should be able to come straight up to the room. See you at 8pm then.”

“Okay love. Oh please confirm booking on my webpage. Okay? Bye”

“Sure I will! Bye bye!”

I put the phone down and looked at Chrissie.

“It’s on! Woohoo!”

“You ate a Banana out of her pussy?! You absolute pervert! You have the perverted brain of 50 year old man in 28 year old body!” Chrissie sniggered and laughed.

“Oh stop it. Anyway quite proud of myself. That’s how to procure an escort! She is well up for it. I could sense her excitement in her voice!” I said.

“Well from what we read from her profile and the photos we have seen … she is experienced in orgies, bukkakes, dp’s, bdsm, fisting… there is a photo of a champagne bottle stuck up her vagina! Saturday might be tame for her.”

I looked at Chrissie’s face which was plain and washed clear of any makeup and just as nature intended, whilst massaging her left foot. I brought her foot close to my face and stuck her large toe in my mouth and sucked on it tenderly and used my tongue to taste the space in between her toes. I suddenly stopped and with her ümraniye escort toe in my mouth we both looked into each other’s eyes and we instantly froze. Both of us were struck with a common urge and overcome with an all too familiar lust. Chrissie’s facial expression changed from one that was yearning into a smug grin, her eyes widened and at that moment she jumped ahead and pounced on me, kissing me passionately, throwing the towel off her head and removing her bathrobe. We were naked within seconds and making love on the couch for the next hour. Chrissie sweated to the extent that we both needed a shower. The chemistry was still well and truly alive in our relationship.

All this seemed an unlikely outcome as I left Veronica’s tent the Saturday before. But we managed to patch things up, after Chrissie confronted me and gave me a thorough dressing down.

Her solutions were we moved out of the neighbourhood to stop the temptations or she would leave herself eventually. She was serious about tying me down. But with a healthy mix of sexual attention, me giving her multiple orgasms during the subsequent evenings, the flowers, and me booking a holiday to a luxury hotel in Greece with our own personal balcony jacuzzi, she soon forgot about my minor indiscretion.

I hadn’t strayed either the last few days and there was silence Veronica’s who had spent more time away from the house in the evening (where we didn’t know), which was strange following the frenzied last few months!

A new normal was beginning to emerge.


Saturday 15th June @ 3.00pm

The day had come, the temperature had dropped and overcast skies that typically characterised a British summer had returned. Me and Chrissie had arranged a taxi to the centre of Bournemouth at 4pm for early dinner before checking in to the hotel. We had asked Veronica and her plus one to convene to meet us at the room for 7.15pm to prepare and to get acquainted before Teresa the escort joined us for the real action at 8pm.

Later on after a light dinner, we set off on foot for the Marriott which was a substantial white washed Victorian style building perched on top of the cliff overlooking the English Channel.

“I am nervous.” Chrissie said to my surprise as we approached the hotel.

“I am too, but it’s an exciting nervousness!” I said.

“This plus one thing, it’s like blind date. What if he is a total asshole or ugly!”

“I got the feeling it could be Veronica’s mystery man, that’s my hunch. At least if he is we know he will get on with one person, and from what I can recall they were certainly not strangers in bed. They were wild!”

“Yes that’s true.” Chrissie responded.

“Just look at it this way, this could be the peak of our sex experiences. We could be reaching the ultimate high in pleasure. I can’t think of a scenario that will top it. Let’s be grateful for the opportunity”

“You are right. That reassures me.” Chrissie said sounding relieved.

As we entered the hotel lobby, it was a hive of activity, a very respectable international mix of people. A group of Chinese tourists gathered together, couples and small family’s with children. Mixed in with this was going to be our party with sordid intentions in mind. Chrissie went to check at reception and I sought somewhere to sit to wait. I sat down on a comfy sofa next to a window overlooking the sea and the cliff side road which was full of people moving about. It was a beautiful sight despite the leaden skies. Just as I focussed in on a ship into the distant sea, I suddenly got a tap on the shoulder from Chrissie.

“Everything okay?” I enquired.

“Yes, no suspicions, but it’s now a key card entry only to the upper floors, which means we need to pick our guests up from reception. they won’t have free reign.”

“Damn, that’s changed since last time I stayed. Well okay its busy enough for staff to not notice but not ideal, plus have you seen the clientele?”

“Yes, summer holiday makers. Let’s just hope our neighbouring rooms are unoccupied!” Chrissie said.

“The bottle of champagne? Did you say 5 glasses?”I then asked.

“No silly, I packed a few extra plastic ones in the bag! Come on!! What are you waiting for?!” Said Chrissie impatiently.

We headed up to the room 314 on the 3rd floor. Opened the door. The first thing to strike us was the open window which looked over the channel. There were two beds, one king size and the other a double a sofa overlooking the window.

Most importantly there was a lovely spacious wet room, space enough for multiple bodies.

During the week me and Chrissie jointly went a little shop crazy, buying a fresh selection of sex toys and trinkets.

Chrissie began to carefully layout the items for the evenings sexual shenanigans. First came out the champagne glasses; then the tubs of strawberries, cherries and other snacks; then followed the fruit flavoured condoms; baby oil and plenty of lube; sex toys, amongst which was the previously used anal beads; üsküdar escort a selection of toe rings; anklets; gold belly and body chains for the women and g-string thongs.

To my surprise Chrissie then pulled out a camcorder.

“Great idea, but I am not sure the escort will agree to it.”

“We will ask for permission first but I thought let’s see whether we can have this filmed, so you have something wank over when your grey and old!” Said Chrissie.

“Gosh I am getting horny just looking at all of that. We could set up a sex shop with that spread!” I joked.

I sent a text out to the guests about the arrangements for entry to the room and we kicked off our footwear and lay on the beds for some relaxation.

After laying on the beds we both simultaneously nodded off for a short while and caught up on some well needed rest, when we emerged from our power nap we both opened our eyes and were shocked at the amount of time that had passed.

“Oh shizer its 6.30pm! Wow we both really nodded off there. It’s okay we still got time!” I said.

“Right I am going to empty my bowels, did you pack the enema? I don’t want anything shitty in my back passage. Anal activity is inevitable tonight.” As Chrissie began to strip down.

“Yes it’s in my bag.”

“I would suggest you do the same Stevie, you never know where this evening would go.” Said Chrissie, jokingly I thought.

“I don’t intend to be pegged Chrissie… by anyone!” I said hoping that I wasn’t tempting fate.

“Well, you expect everyone else to take the anal prodding and you not. That doesn’t seem fair. Keep an open mind Stevie?” and on that Chrissie sniggered and closed the toilet door to do her business, whilst I pondered that thought, I was reminded by Veronica’s suggestion all those months back in which I had accepted that I would go gay for her if she went lesbian for me. I hoped that was said flippantly, rather than a plan to be carried out this evening and I suddenly felt slightly apprehensive and thought I better shave my forest down there just in case.

I shouted “Chrissie did you bring an electric shaver?”…


15th June @ 7.15pm

After a very thorough clean and shave, the time had reached 7.15pm and right on cue my phone buzzed.

“Hello V” I said taking her call on my mobile.

“Hi… we have just arrived and are waiting downstairs in the lobby.”


“Yes I have Darnell with me. We are really looking forward to this.”

“Okay… I’ll be down in a sec” I said.

I put the phone down and looked at Chrissie.

“It’s V and …Darnell. What kind of name is that?” I said.

“Could be West Indian, no clue… hang on, it could be a BBC.” Chrissie said and suddenly she became overwhelmed with delight, giggling uncontrollably.

“Sorry I can’t help myself!!” as she waved her hand in front of her blushing face to cool herself down.

I was secretly envious of her excitement, may be it was a fantasy of hers to copulate with a black partner.

“Hey I have never seen you that excited around me. We don’t even know for sure, we are basing that on preconceived idea of a name. Anyway let’s see.”

I left the room. As I entered the ground floor hotel corridor I looked through the window on the door that lead into the lobby, which now looked fairly quiet. I opened the door and immediately looked to my left on a collection of sofas where I sat early and saw Veronica wearing a lovely flowing open armed floral dress and open toe sandals. Our assumption on her partner was correct. She was sat holding hands with a tall, shaven headed and buffed up black gentleman. I looked over and smiled at the both and then immediately looked to see whether the hotel staff were looking. Thankfully they were busy staring into their screens, but one kept an eye on our encounter.

“Why hello. Come on follow me. Need to be discreet.” I whispered.

There was one staff member who kept a keen eye on us and I looked away, hoping she thought it was innocent.

We walked up to the room. And introduced ourselves. On the journey up I had to ask a question to satisfy my curiosity.

“So how are you two acquainted?”

They both looked at each other and smiled.

“You tell him.” Said Darnell.

“Well Darnell was a caretaker at the previous school where I taught for 8 years. He was completely infatuated with me! I’ll spare you the details but it usually got quite heated in my classroom after the children had gone! Veronica adding some dodgy details.

“That’s incriminating info Veronica and you became obsessed with me after you got a taste of my cock you couldn’t stop!” Darnell interjected and laughed.

“Yes I cant argue with that. We were copulating on and off well before you moved in next door Stevie and he last came over about a year ago for a dirty weekend but then Darnell has spent sometime abroad and when I learned of his return I suggested this!”

“Ooh!” Veronica squealed in excitement as Darnell caressed ataşehir elit escort Veronica’s ample ass, whilst the 3 of us stood in the elevator. It felt like they had had something to drink and certainly not soft ones.

I opened the door to our room. Chrissie was laying barefooted wearing her short silky robe with her legs proudly on show. She had slipped on a couple toe rings and an anklet, and I immediately got turned on and before I could say anything by way of introduction. Veronica beat me to it.

“Oh Chrissie don’t you look delectable. Your hips are protruding and your feet look gorgeous. ” She said in an excitable tone. She wasn’t wrong.

“Hello to you to and danke schone! Who is your friend. Sorry for being direct, but isn’t he handsome.” Chrissie was clearly more interested in Veronica’s friend to my slight annoyance. He appeared to be the new Adonis.

“Oh I am Darnell and Veronica has told me some lovely things about the both of you. Is it okay if i say this but fuck me you are absolutely gorgeous and I love your accent.”

Darnell was on a charm offensive. But it certainly looked like he had stirred up some sexual arousal in Chrissie judging by her constant ogling at his big bulge and her face which smiled like a Cheshire Cat.

Whilst pleasantries were being exchanged I held Veronica’s hand and escorted her to the table to guide her through the toys and other paraphernalia.

“This is a great set up Stevie. Let’s see… I will have this body chain, this anklet and these toe rings. Where is the champagne … oh and Teresa?” Veronica said.

“Its been delivered up in a short while and Teresa should be here by eight. Just put your cash on the shelf over there.”

“Okay, i am really looking forward to her, a professional and an absolute filthy one at that.”

Veronica continued to survey the items.

“Oh I will have this pink micro g-string just for you lovely.”

She held the thong in front of me and said her huskiest voice.

“I will wear this throughout the night. It ain’t coming off. All you’ll need to do is pull this string out of my bum and this tiny material off my pussy whenever you want to feast.”

She grabbed my face and we both instantly french kissed, before she pulled away.

“Darnell come with me. We should shower together.”

I looked across and noticed Chrissie caressing Darnell’s biceps, whilst he had his hand over her hips.

Veronica pulled her dress off to reveal her bare chest and frilly pants and as she opened the bathroom door.

“Ooo it’s a wet room how spacious. Darnell can I have the toiletries bag?”

Darnell walked over to the bathroom and closed the door.

“They will be very audible in there. What do you think?! I said to Chrissie.

“What do you think?! Silly question … he’s lovely and he’s a stud with a big cock. No wonder Veronica is so hungry all the time, I can only imagine the pleasure she got from him. It would turn anyone it an addict. Please don’t get envious, but I know what I want tonight. I am going to over indulge on him.”

“No I want you to have fun with him. He must have a thing for busty milfs so you will be made for him. I can’t complain as I will be having my wicked way with two well oiled busty cougars!”

We both sat on the bed caressing and kissing whilst listening to Veronica giggling and moaning whilst taking a shower with Darnell. I could only imagine the dedication they gave to washing/ stimulating each other’s intimate body parts.

“Oh another text!”

“And yes this is our final guest. I guess that means i am going to collect Teresa. I’ll see you meine liebe in a short while.”


15th June @ 8.00pm

I walked into the lobby again and suddenly the reception was busy again, so much so I couldn’t easily spot where Teresa was. I must confess I was going off a sketchy memory of her appearance and her recent profile pics, which were mainly of her fanny.

Just in the corner of my eye I was noticed a woman in conversation with another guy. It was Teresa, she had short straight hair bleached in blonde, a glowing tan, big hooped ear rings, tattoos on her fleshy tanned arms. Her face was ageing slightly but heavy with make up. Her attire was figure hugging. She wore a low cut pink top that displayed her freckled cleavage and extremely tight fitting trousers that framed her wide hips and bubble butt. She would turn heads because she unashamedly showed off her assets and was a bit niche quality but she oozed sex appeal. She stood tall at 5ft 9. She looked like a mature sex worker to be honest. She turned to face me as I approached and she broke conversation with the middle aged guy who seemed to be enjoying her company.

“Steven right?” She said.

“Yes Teresa. Great to see you!”

“Excuse me Steven.”

She turned to the stranger to finish her conversation.

“Call me then and we’ll arrange something.” She said. It was clear that the chap was a potential or previous client of hers.

I looked around the lobby and most people were minding their own business but as my eyes moved towards the reception desks that very same middle aged blonde woman looked across before looking back down at her screen. I felt slightly paranoid but her observations could easily have been coincidental.

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