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I was hot and sweaty but content as I had had a good workout. I enjoyed playing squash with Alan and while I always managed to beat him, the games were close . We had been playing one another over four or five months and we were getting on well. We were stripping off our sweaty squash clothes in our sports club and, while I am not shy, I was very conscious that unusually Alan kept looking at my body. Guys normally avoid obvious staring in the changing room, in my experience, so this was definitely slightly unnerving. I wondered if he was gay but as we were about to shower, he casually suggested that I come and meet his wife and have a drink. I didn’t hesitate and said “Yes of course” as I had nothing further to do that evening.

As I showered in my cubicle I wondered how attractive his wife might be and it was then that I realised I was really quite horny as I felt my cock hardening as I washed myself. I hadn’t had sex for some weeks as I had been busy with work. I quickly banished erotic thoughts and sensations from my mind and body as I was going to be getting dressed in public again in a moment, but just the Alan passed my cubicle, looked in, smiled as he caught sight of my semi-hard cock and said “She will like that”.

I couldn’t believe what I just heard and decided to ignore it. Ten minutes later, having avoided a scene in the changing rooms, we were in our cars and heading to his house that was on the edge of the town. It was a pleasant detached house with an extensive garden and, as I learnt later, a swimming pool and jacuzzi in the conservatory. They were clearly comfortably off.

Alan had obviously telephoned ahead as we were met at the door by his wife, Heather. She was very welcoming, warmhearted and attractive – slim and stylishly dressed, I noted. I would definitely like to see her naked, I thought briefly and out of politeness I shook her hand rather than kiss her, but I kept my hold on her hand longer than normal as our eyes engaged one another. I could smell her Chanel and I noticed the fresh pink lipstick. I sensed she liked what she saw as she beamed and conversed animatedly. Before long the three of us were enjoying some gin outside as the sun set on another hot summer’s day. I warmed to them both and enjoyed Heather’s soft manner and gentle flirting. Their children were grown up and so they had the house to themselves now, they told me before I asked.

Later Alan showed me round the secluded garden, his pride and joy it seemed, as Heather rustled together some supper. As we stood in the conservatory, Alan flicked on the pool lights and I was seriously impressed; it looked so inviting and half-joking I suggested we swim. He ignored my suggestion. But just that moment Heather returned with a tray of food and also excitedly suggested we go for a swim before supper; apparently she had spent the day indoors and would welcome some exercise.

‘Skinny dipping to your liking, Davey” she asked with a grin “or are you shy?”

I shook my head, smiling back and the three of us started undressing. Heather was tall, blonde, slim and small breasted, I had noticed the moment I saw her; but I could see her figure was fit and impressive; she must have worked out. Her summer dress fell to the floor and she casually turned her back to me as she stripped off her white bra and panties before carefully stepping into the water. Naked and a tad self-conscious, I walked to the pool and, very aware of her eyes on me, made a graceful swallow dive into the light blue, shimmering water. Alan followed me and when I surfaced I did so near Heather.

“Beautiful dive” she said, then added sotto voce “beautiful body”.

“Not as gorgeous as yours” I replied, to her delight.

I was flattered that she had admired me and I told her I blamed Alan’s squash for keeping me fit. She laughed kurtköy escort and said she was lucky to have two fit men to herself tonight. That got me wondering and I felt a surge of lust watching her naked body in the pool lights. I enjoyed the sensuousness of water flowing over my naked body and enjoyed the excitement of skinny dipping as there was the potential for more sensuousness.

Eventually Heather stepped out of the pool and dried her hair quickly. Her breasts quivered in their firmness and her buttocks clenched as she bent over to pick up her towel. She waved at me and then wagged her hand, summoning me to join her in the jacuzzi beside the pool; all this as Alan continued his manful swimming of lengths in the pool. As Heather stepped into the jacuzzi she turned and looked directly into my eyes; I had been caught again staring at her lithe body, but rather than tick me off she beckoned me again.

We were suddenly seemingly alone, naked and side by side in the hot bubbly water. I took a moment to admire her neck, slim elegant shoulders and her gorgeous upturned breasts, they could be those of an 18-year-old rather than a 45-year-old I thought and told her how youthful she looked. I felt her hand on my thigh and she told me she was so pleased at last to meet me; apparently Alan had mentioned me a number of times after our squash matches. She also asked if Alan had said anything about their relationship. Up to that moment I had just thought they were husband and wife, and said so. She laughed and said “Yes, that’s right, but we have a special arrangement; he let’s me have the occasional lover”.

All I could say was “That’s lovely” and she stroked my thigh more intimately, adding “Lovely for us ALL”.

She looked down into the water and simultaneously moved her hand to my now very prominent erection. She stroked me, purred and drew closer, her long legs now against mine; her pink lips were invitingly open so I moved my lips closer, noticed she closed her eyes to savour the expected sensations so I kissed her. Her body immediately pressed against mine and my arms enveloped her. What Alan thought of this, I didn’t know and I that moment I didn’t care, but his wife had suggested skinny-dipping, his wife had grabbed my cock before I touched her and she had told me that she takes lovers with his permission. I had had a green light for whatever followed, I thought.

Just as quickly as she had awoken the passion in me, disappointingly she stopped her touching and said “Come on let’s have supper” and headed towards the veranda.

“Oh you tease” I said, and pretended to splash her.

“There’s no need to rush, Davey; you have my attention” she replied.

I watched her attractive body as she walked to the veranda chairs, where she grabbed a cotton wrap and covered herself. My caution had left me and I had boldly followed her but with my rampant cock exposed; until she threw me a towel and told me to cover up ‘for now’. Alan joined us, still naked but flaccid down below, telling us he had managed 40 lengths. Heather and I smiled at one another as we praised him. I cast my eyes over his body and noticed he was not as well endowed as I was but he looked fit. He appeared unmoved by the attention his wife had been giving me, but expressed his pleasure that we were getting on so well; that relaxed me even further.

We enjoyed a delicious, fresh supper and lively, friendly conversation. Although I had only just met Heather, I felt as though I’d known this couple for years. As the evening progressed and with a couple more drinks in us, the conversation was unfettered and Heather asked me if I had liked her attention earlier.

“Of course” I said, “it was wonderful and I hope we can continue.”

Looking deep into my eyes she whispered levent escort “I think we should, now!”

She stood, amusing me by inviting Alan to clear things away, took my hand and led me back to the Jacuzzi.

She looked at me and told me worry about Alan as he loves this situation as well, in his cuckold way. I pulled her close so that my body could feel hers. Her wrap loosened and fell; my already hard and now wet cock was pressing against her belly but she unhooked the towel and pulled it off me. I kissed her pink lips again, feeling her passion, and our tongues entwined erotically as my hands caressed her back and then her buttocks. Although small-breasted, she had the most gorgeous long nipples and she moaned softly as I twisted them between thumb and forefinger. Seeing a woman respond to my touch is most arousing and satisfying, so much so that I want to pleasure her more and more. I broke off our kiss and focused on her breasts, stroking her nipples, then sucking them and biting very softly; I could tell that this attention was affecting her, probably making her very wet. As I sucked her prominent but tender nipples, I traced my hands down her body so that one hand was gently kneading her buttocks and the other was caressing her soft inner thigh, right up to her pussy, but not her pussy yet. She moaned in delight, giving herself to me, clearly WANTING me. She pushed her mound to my hand and I ran my fingers over her bare pussy, feeling her soft, moist folds, I was teasing her pussy from end to end, barely penetrating but just penetrating.

She was very wet, very reactive to my touches. She was expressive, not only showing her delight as I played with her, but suggesting things that I might do to her. Eventually she growled “Lick me, please” and her hands pushed down on my shoulders and then my head to make sure I understood. I knelt on the cushions from the sun loungers and licked as she stood over me, thighs apart. All men know this is a submissive position and not ideal for pleasuring a pussy, but I loved the moment and lapped her up. Her grip hardened on my head and I felt her tugging my hair; I lapped harder and suddenly her pussy, her mound, was compressing my face, forced against my mouth and I could hear her gasps of orgasm. She cried out, she shook, she carried on holding my head tightly to her pussy until the waves of pleasure died down. It was a powerful orgasm. I kissed her mound softly and then stood, holding her against me and in my arms; I kissed her again, knowing that she would be tasting her own orgasmic juices on my lips. Both of us were very conscious of the hard cock pressed between us. She pecked my cheek and suggested we go indoors to her bedroom. Hand in hand, naked, my cock erect, we went indoors; as we passed Alan, she asked him gently but firmly to bring the towels in and tidy the veranda. After that it was the “Then come and watch if you want, darling” that caught my attention.

Their bedroom – it was both of theirs as I could see male bits and pieces on the left of the large, deliciously linened bed – was large, comfortable and richly decorated. I noticed a bathroom and a changing room opposite one another. Heather immediately lay seductively on the bed, rolling her taut buttocks back and forth, before rising on all fours. My eyes focused on her glistening pussy lips, which seem to be inviting my cock into her. I followed her, kneeling behind her and grasped her hips. My cock nestled between her cheeks and I leant forward and kissed, then bit, her neck.

“Harder” she whispered, so I ground down on her.

“No, bite my neck harder”.

I sucked the soft neck flesh, then bit, and harder yet till she yelped and growled again. She rolled onto her back, reached for my cock and pulled me to her mouth. I felt a mahmutbey escort hand on my rigid, wet cock, I felt her other hand cup my balls and tug gently then I felt this deliciously warm, soft, enveloping feeling on my cockhead as she started to suck me. She mixed the wonderful, wet stroking by her hand, with sensational sliding and sucking of her mouth. Sometimes I could hear her going deep and gurgling. At times she so nearly brought me to orgasm but then just pulled back. I watched as her cheek. ulged from my thrusting cock. Eventually, I could not resist anymore and gasping that I was about to come, I felt wonderful feeling of sweet pleasure flow through me; my pulsing cock brought the waves of orgasm through my body but simultaneously I felt this firm, very firm pressure at the base of my cock, among my balls. My cock jerked, the orgasm flowed through me then it dawned on me that I had had a dry orgasm, that I was not ejaculating, nothing was being released. Expressing my amazement, she smiled at me.

“I want you to come inside me now” she said.

She lay back on the bed, inviting me to put a couple of pillows underneath her lovely buttocks and she opened her thighs to me. It is very, very exciting to kneel in front of the woman who wants you to fuck her, especially a beautiful wife. That delight and arousal was heightened by the fact that her husband wanted me to fuck her as well. I looked at her delicious smiling face, pink lips being licked by her tongue. The hands cupping and kneading her breasts and the nipples protruding between her fingers. As I positioned myself to enter her I looked directly at her pussy, smooth-shaven, lips opening and slippery for me. I pushed her knees towards her breasts, pressed my cock down so that the head pressed between her lips and entered her.

Looking her directly in the eye, I started to push my cock into her, to penetrate her deeper, to pleasure her, to take her. Deeper and deeper I went into her till my balls pressed tight against her lips. I watched her face every moment of my penetration of her, sensing her pleasure. She moaned and quivered, she kept whispering loudly “Fill me, fuck me!”

She needed a good, deep fucking as her husband couldn’t do it as she really wanted. I realised she needed a bigger cock than he had and that’s why he had been looking at me so carefully in the changing room. I looked up as I saw some movement in the corner of my eye and there he was, in a towelling robe, sitting down to watch us. His hand slipped into his robe and I could see him start to stroke his modest cock; he smiled and I held his gaze briefly as my cock slipped in and out of his wife’s cunt.

She loved the variety of my pace that I used to fuck her. She enjoyed the different positions we took, she enjoyed the passion and the hard fucking. She came multiple times and I held off till eventually she was begging me to come, and with that begging, I thrust hard and deep until I buried my sperm and semen deep in her, deep in Alan’s wife.

She came regularly throughout the evening; she came when I used my fingers and my mouth, she came as my big cock thrust in her. As she came she would grip the sheets, and shake, and clamp her thighs tight so that I had to force myself on her to stay deep in her; finally she would give a large sexual convulsion and go quiet. After a couple of hours of intense fucking, we fell asleep.

I stayed the night in their bed. Alan on one side of her and I on the other side. When we woke she and I reached for one another and made love, as if Alan wasn’t there. The memories of the night flooded back as I took her again but eventually I had to leave for work, via a quick change at home. I showed in their house when I came back from the shower I watched as Alan was fucking Heather earnestly; he made up for his lack of size through expending lots of energy and in his submission, but at least he provided her with pleasure and more orgasms until he came. Now dressed, I leaned over while he was still in Heather and kissed her on the lips, promising that I would return soon.

Little did I realise what adventures lay in front of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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