My Cousins’ Tight Asses

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I always remember the old times when aunt Theresa, my mother’s sister, uncle Joe, her husband, and their children came to visit us. They used to come home early every Saturday to spend the day with our family, for a day out at the pool and a barbecue. As a young boy with no brothers or sisters you may think that I would be very happy to have some children about my age to play with, but what you don’t know is that my cousins Mary and Daniel were the meanest kids in the world.

Every single time, right before they arrived, my mom and dad gave me the sermon about being nice to your visitors: “Be nice with your Aunt and Uncle”, “Remember to share your toys with your cousins, play with them”, “Be nice with your cousins, they only come here once a week” , etc… But as soon as they arrived, Mary and Daniel usually went to my room to wreck everything they found, they called me names, hit me, etc…Daniel beat me up some times. Needless to say that every time they broke something it was my fault, and it was useless to talk to my Mom and Dad. They will always take my cousin’s side. Yes, the whole day used to be nightmare, excepting for peeking at my aunt’s full breasts while she was wearing her bikini at the pool.

Time passed and eventually they moved out of town, which was a great relief to me. After 10 years without seeing them, and knowing very little about them, they decided to come to our town for a visit, last zeytinburnu escort year. By that time I was 19 years old, and both my cousins were 18. We were no kids anymore, but guess what? My mom still gave me the same sermon about being nice with my cousins. Some things never change…. Only that this time they were going to spend a week! And I was supposed to share my room with Daniel, my nemesis! Oh, oh!

I have to say that I was a little curious and excited about the fact that I was going so see them again. I knew they were no kids anymore but, were they still going to be mean to me? Were they going to act like grown-ups at least?

When they arrived, right before lunch time, I was in my room (I didn’t go to greet them at the door). Mary and Daniel went upstairs to my room (the same room they used to wreck every time) and knock at the door. I opened and said hi! There were no hard feelings and I gave both a big hug. We spent about an hour talking about the old times, college, music, etc… and I couldn’t help noticing that Mary was quite a knockout. She was still very thin, with a pretty face, long blond hair and a beautiful pair of big breasts, just like her mother’s. She was wearing a mini skirt and a very short T-shirt that covered just the breasts and a little more. I was already daydreaming about Mary when my mother called us for lunch.

Lunch was very nice, and aksaray escort later on the old guys went out for coffee while the youngsters stayed home. As soon as they left, I went back to talk to Mary and started to hit on her. She said she thought I was very cute, one thing let to another and there I was, kissing my own cousin, and massaging her breasts. We didn’t care that Daniel was there! I was trying to move on and take her to my room to undress her and fuck her (at my 19 years old I was still a virgin). But she resisted. She touched my penis through my jeans, she French-kissed me, she let me touch her big tits but she was not going to let me fuck her because her pussy was only for her boyfriend. She was still the same teaser she was before. As I said, some things never change…

Late that night, when my parents, aunt and uncle were already home, I went to my room with Daniel, while Mary went to sleep in her parent’s room. Daniel was nice to me. We laughed about the way her sister was teasing me (he was there most of the time). He noticed the big erection I still had, and he said he was ok if I masturbated, he didn’t want his cousin to have blue balls because of him. I thought it was nice from him, so I pulled down my shorts and started masturbating. He did the same. He came close to me and talked to me about how much bigger my penis was (7 ½”) compared to his (5″). He asked me if ataköy escort he could take it in his mouth and I thought: what a hell! My first blowjob and it was coming from a guy, my own cousin. I was having a hell of a time with him. I made clear I was NOT going to return the favor, but he was ok. Then he pick a tube of KY jelly he had (I had no idea about what was that for) and he asked me to fuck him, what I did gleefully! His ass was so tight! It took me about 3 minutes to lose my virginity and shoot a big load of sperm inside him. As soon as I came, we both noticed that Mary was there! She laughed at us, and she said she was surprised that I preferred Daniel better than her.

Daniel and I told her she was the one who didn’t want me to fuck her. She clarified that she didn’t wand me inside her PUSSY, but she was ok with me fucking her ASS!

Wow! After peeing, and washing my cock I came back to bed and then Mary and Daniel took turns taking my cock in the mouth. I was having the time of my life! Eventually, Mary undressed (wow!). I almost came in Daniel’s mouth when I saw her 34-D breasts and her pussy for the first time, but she pulled my cock out of her brother’s mouth and bent down. I started fucking her ass. Now THAT was tight. I came in about 5 minutes, touching her breasts from behind all the time. What a night.

I spent the rest of the week fucking ass. I came inside Daniel 9 times, and inside Mary 7 times. Daniel also let me come in his mouth once. Will you believe Mary didn’t even let me come in her mouth or tits?

It was a wonderful week. After they left, my mom hugged me and kissed me and told me how happy she was to see how well I got along with my cousins.

If she only knew…

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