My Cousin Jo and I Pt. 07

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Crawling into bed exhausted. I had no idea sex could wear you out like that. I fall asleep thinking of her tight pussy, magnificent tits and beautiful face. I wake up hard as nails. Wishing I could go fuck Jo again. Instead I go to the bathroom to jerk off. Thinking about last night, I last about two minutes. Then shoot my load into the stool. Better than nothing but after last night what a let down that is.

I dress and go down stairs. Mom asks “Sleep well?”

“Yea much better sleeping in my own bed.”

“Good! I’m sorry you had to sleep on the floor while Bob and Kate were here.”

“No problem mom glad to do it.”

“Jolene is sure sleeping late. Why don’t go tell her breakfast is almost ready.”

“Sure.” I say trying to be calm about it.

I nearly run up stairs. Opening her door. I sneak over to the bed. She just has the sheet covering her. Her nipples are real prominent. I reach out and pinch them both real hard. Jo nearly jumps straight up. I laugh “Got you.” She just grins

“Yes, yes you did.” Rubbing her nipples.

“Mom sent me up to get you up, breakfast is almost ready.”

“I guess you got the job done.”

“Yea and enjoyed doing it too.”

“I’ll be down shortly.”

“I’d stay to help or at least watch you get dressed, but I figure if I take too long mom will come check to see what going on.”

“If you going to help me like you wake me up. I think I can manage on my own. Thank You.”

“Oh you know you liked it.”

Disappointed I go back down stairs to the kitchen. “She said she would be down shortly.”

“Thank You.” mom says

I make myself a bacon sandwich. A few minutes later Jo comes in wearing a T-shirt that says “perfect!” and blue knee length skirt.

She says “Good morning.”

Mom greets her back. “My your sleeping late.”

“I’m on vacation so I don’t have a set time to be up. Unless you want me up earlier to help you.”

“No you deserve to sleep in as long as you wish.” Mom smiles at her.

I get done eating. “I think I’m going to go swimming again today.”

“Oh aunt Nita can I go too.”

Mom says “I suppose it wouldn’t be right not to let you go.”

“Thank you so much. I will work doing whatever to pay you back.”

I say “No need to give her money I can cover us both.” Then you just owe me. I laugh sinisterly. “Muhahahaha.”

Jo just giggles “Whatever.”

“Problem is pool doesn’t open for 3 hours. What to do till then? I guess we could go to the park next to it for a while.”

“Ok, sounds good to me.” she says.

We are getting our suits and towels. I say, “I agree with your T-shirt, you are. I also like that black bikini Jo. It’s super hot, correction, your hot. You just make it look hot.”

“Why thank you. You pretty hot your self.”

“Yea right.”

“No I mean it your good looking, smart and athletic.”

“Dam you do need glasses, not only that you can kick my ass, smart maybe a smart-ass. Besides your the smart one straight A’s. I’m lucky to get B and C’s. But I do thank you for the complements.”

She just comes over and kisses me. “I see just fine and I know your no dummy. As far as kicking you ass goes, I’d rather fuck it. As far as school goes I’ll bet you could do better, you just don’t apply your self.”

“Your right I hate school and do only what I need to get by. We better get going.”

Down the stairs we go.

“Mom we’re leaving.”

“OK just be home by supper.”

“Love you aunt Nita.”

“You too Jolene.”

We are walking along talking about the things we want to do this summer. “I know one thing for sure” Jo says

“Oh yea what’s that?”

“I’m going to fuck that big dick of yours off.” She smiles.

“I’d definitely will let you try.”

As we arrive at the park there are several women there with kids. Dam no where to hide.

“Crap I don’t know where to go.”

“It’s ok there’s always later sometime.”

Later I’m thinking screw that I want to fuck now. Oh well I guess it will have to wait.

“Well we can go to Calvin’s or maybe a girl I know Christy’s house.”

“You said Calvin is a perv.”

“Yea topkapı escort he is.”

“Who is Christy?”

“We met here at the pool. We fool around sometimes.”

“I see.” says Jo giving me a shit eating grin.

“No, we are just friends and fool around in the pool. She just lives next block over. She might let us stay there till it’s time for the pool to open anyway.”

“Sure why not I guess.”

So we head for Christy’s place. Arriving there I knock. Christy answers, “Hi Richard.” Smiling at me.

“Hi Christy.”

“Come on in.” As we enter I tell her this is my cousin Jolene but I just call her Jo. Christy and her say hello. I tell her we are planning to go swimming and are waiting for pool to open.

“Great I was planning on going too.”

Christy (She is about my height, shoulder length blond hair, deep blue eyes, nice size tits, not as big as Jo’s still fine as shit, and an ass that can’t be beat.) has on these white short shorts. I can make out her black panties through them. I always thought she was hot. Maybe not quite as nice as Jo but nice. She had on a pink string strap top ending at her mid drift. By the looks of things she didn’t have a bra on either, her nipples making them self’s quite obvious. No sign of bra strap either. Her tits are smaller than Jo’s so she really doesn’t need one.

We go sit in the front room. She’s watching a soap opera. Jo says she watches this one too. They start talking about how hot the one doctor on there is. Saying how he could operate on them anytime, then laughing. After about 10 minutes.

I tell Christy I need to use the bathroom.

Leading me to it I ask, “Where’s your mom and dad?”

“Oh they both work and won’t be home till after 5 or so.”

“Oh cool.”

“Really? Why do you have something in that devious little mind of yours.” Giving me a mischievous grin.

“No I was just asking.” I enter the bathroom. I go pee, then jerk off thinking of Christys titties in that pink top and black panties under her shorts. I finish and clean up. Then head back to the front room. Man I needed that.

As I enter the girls are giggling. “That was a long pee.” Jo says.

I think I blushed then start to sit in a chair across from them.

Jo tells me. “What do you think we’re going to bite you or something. Come over here and sit.”

So I sit between them on the couch. I’m sitting there when Jo leans forwards a little covers her mouth so I can’t see her lips. Mouthing something to Christy. She just shakes her head no. Jo shakes her head yes.

Then Christy says, “No you first.”

Jo then says “OK chicken.”

She looks at me leans over and kisses me. Christy giggles. Jo then looks at Christy and nods her head.

“OK.” I look at Christy then she kisses me. Fuck I’m getting turned on big time, my dick is getting harder by the second. I’m really embarrassed by this attention too. Last night was the first time I ever fucked a girl. Now there are two kissing me. My cock is bound up in my shorts and hurts like hell. I’m not sure what to do. I barely have been with one girl. I’m confused when two kiss me. What am I supposed to do?

Jo could tell, “What’s the matter cuz?” I cannot talk. “Cat got your tongue? Or maybe a couple of pussy’s?” They both smirk and giggle. I swallow hard and try to get up. “Oh no. You’re not going anywhere.” Jo says. They both take a hold of an arm then pull me back down. Jo kisses me shoving her tongue into my mouth. As she breaks the kiss says. “I think it’s time to operate on him.”

Suddenly Christy is pulling at my T-shirt. Jo breaks the kiss and helps her. Then Jo pulls her top off. Her huge tits are bare as she has no bra on either. Her fantastic tits sticking out.

I kind of freak out wondering what Christy is going to do. My answer comes as she pulls her top off over her head. She has no bra on as I suspected. Her tits are smaller but her nipples are huge.

I’m freaked out by this. They start kissing my face and rubbing their tits on my arms.

“Fuck me!” Comes out of my mouth.

“Yes I believe that’s the idea here.” Jo says.

Then türbanlı escort stands unzips her skirt letting it fall to the floor.

“Jo.” I say.


“I don’t know about this.”

“What’s the matter two of us too much?” Christy says standing slipping her shorts off.

I’m in a daze looking at the two of them. Jo is standing there in a pair of light blue hip hugger panties, I can make out her love mound. Christy’s I knew were black but lacy almost see through. They take my hands pull me to my feet. Kissing me and rubbing their beautiful tits on me. I feel four hands at my shorts. Next thing I know my shorts and briefs are at my knees.

Christy pushes me back onto the couch. I land hard, my feet coming off the floor. Jo proceeds to pull my shoes off, then my shorts and briefs. I’m sitting there nude except my socks.

My cock is hard as a rock. Christy sees my dick. A small gasp is heard from her.

“Fuck yea he’s huge isn’t he.” Jo says.

Then Christy says “Hell I’m not sure he will fit in me.”

Jo says “I told you he’s big and the first time is intimidating.”

“Intimidating fuck that’s scary.”

“Well if you’re not…” Jo cuts me off because I was getting up.

“Oh no.” Jo just pushes me back “You just stay put.”

Then kneels between my legs. Spreading them wide. Exposing my balls and ass hole. I think I’m about a dozen shades of red, I’m so embarrassed.

Of course I have never had a girl suck me before either. So when Jo took my cock in hand stroking it. I’m thinking that’s all that will happen till we fuck.

Christy kneels beside me on the couch. Kisses me running her tongue deep in my mouth. I suck on it. Then I feel and whole new sensation. Jo has taken my dick in her mouth. I can feel her tongue licking and sliding around the head. Then sucking on it. Fuck I’m in heaven twice over. The sensations are over powering. Christys tits rubbing my side as she kisses me. Jos mouth on my cock is something so amazing I have no description to describe it, just never want it to stop.

Christy breaks the kiss and shoves her tit in my mouth. Just for an instant I can see Jo sucking my cock. God what a sight that is. After a couple minutes Jo pulls her mouth off long enough to ask Christy. “You want some of this lollipop?”

“Fuck I don’t know if I can get it in my mouth. But hell yea.”

In an instant they change places. I gladly take Jo’s nipple sucking hard on it.

“That’s it suck it hard, hell bite it. Fuck yea.”

I am more than willing, I do as I’m told. Then Jo does something I wasn’t expecting. She stands pulling her tit from my mouth. Puts a foot on either side of me. Now her pussy is just inches from my face. I can smell her feminine odor. It’s like an aphrodisiac for some reason I want to bury my face in her pussy.

Jo takes one hand spreads her pussy lips of her cunt. “Suck me like I sucked you.” Without having to be told twice I bury my face into her pussy. I start licking and sucking not knowing what I’m doing. “Higher.” Jo grabs my head by the hair pulling my lips to the top of her cunt. I feel a small nub with my tongue. “Yes right there suck it!” I suck it and nibble with my lips. Jo has her hands on the back of my head. Pulling me closer, so close I almost can’t hardly breath. But I don’t care.

Christy in the mean time has my cock in her mouth. The head anyway and maybe an inch. Her tongue working on the head. Maybe not as good as Jo, but fuck it still feels unbelievably great.

Jo is moaning trying to shove my whole face up her pussy it feels like. Then I get a face full of liquid pussy juice. “Oh fuck yea, I’m cumming.” I feel her convulsions, I lap up as much of her fluids as I can. Still it runs down her thighs. She collapses back on the couch and wall. “Holy shit that was great.” Jo says.

I am getting close to cumming my self. “Christy.”

“Mumm.” her mouth full.

“I’m going to cum.”

She pulls her mouth off, grabs my dick and squeezes hard. “Oh no not yet, not till I get this thing in my pussy.”

It stops me from progressing to orgasm anyway. Jo moves out of the tüyap escortescortescort way Christy climbs in my lap. Then tries to get me lined up to her cunt. Jo gets behind her taking my cock in hand. Rubs the head over her opening When it’s where Christy wants it she pushed down.

She so tight it just bends my cock. “Owwww.” It hurts like hell. Jo grabs it with both hands so just the head is sticking out.

“Try that again.” She says.

Christy gets it lined up again. Then pushes down again. Finally the head goes in. “Ugh, I’m Being split in two.” It didn’t seem to matter,

shoving her tit in my face. “Suck it hard.” Gladly I take her breast in my mouth. Sucking hard on the nipple. Christy manages to get 3-4″ in her.

Fuck she so tight it feels like she ripping the skin off the head and shaft. Still I’m loving every moment of it.

Fuck I’m going to cum, there is no time to tell her. I shoot my first load into her. She realizes it and shoves me deeper. This pushes her over the

edge too. Her pussy is like a vice it’s so tight I can’t move. So tight it hurts more but the pain is exquisite. I finish my last couple spasms filling her with my cum.

Christy collapsed on me. My dick still buried deep in her but not all the way in. I kiss her pushing my tongue down her throat. She sucks on it for a minute.

Jo says “Fuck when do I get a turn?”

Christy pulls her pussy off me. Cum is running down her leg and dripping onto my cock.

I groan “Fuck girl your tight.”

She smiles crawling off me stopping long enough to kiss the head of my dick. “Next time I’ll get you all the way in.”

Jo says “Get on the floor on your back.”

I do as I’m told. Jo sits on my waist pressing my cock against her slit. Moving it up and down the length of it. The head of my dick still very sensitive from Christy’s tight pussy. Still I’m hard I don’t think I could go soft if it meant my life. “Fuck Jo I can’t take it.”

Smiling down at me she says, “You’ll stand what ever I want you to.” I kind of grin and submit to her.

Christy laughs “God you really know how to control him.”

“Christy you have the same control. It’s between you legs. You just need to use it to your advantage.”

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Sure you can just take control it’s easy. Isn’t it Dick you’ll do what ever I want as long as I fuck you.”

“Hell yea, you know it.” I say.

“See pussy is power, you just need to learn how to use it.”

“Well fuck me.” Christy says.

Then Jo raises up enough to reach between us grabs my dick. Lines it to her cunt. Then puts the head into the entrance to her tight twat. Pressing hard it slips in. “Mumm Yea.” wiggling her ass it continues to slide in. Reaching half way she gives one huge push. Burying me almost to the hilt. She leans forward putting her hands on my shoulders saying. “Give me a minute to get use to it.”

I think fuck that pushing up hard.

“Oh! Fuck.” She says.

Lifting her off the floor my dick hitting the back wall of her uterus.

“Oh My God!” Her eyes rolling back in her head. I bounce her up and down a few more times. Then pull her to me rolling over to be on top.

“Who’s in control now.”

“Fuck me, you are.” Then I pound her as fast and hard as I can. She tight but not as tight as Christy was. I take one hand and squeeze her tit, kissing her too. Jo wraps her legs around my waist. Making a better angle for fully penetrating her pussy.

Each time I pull out she gasps for air, then grunts as I slam it back in. This last for about 5 minutes, then I explode deep in her womb. I can tell she has had several orgasms. I stop and grinds my dick into her. Her legs fall to my sides. Fuck I’m in heaven, her spazming cunt working all the sperm out of my cock. I don’t want to ever pull out.

But I roll off her my dick coming out with a slurping noise. I’m totally worn out. My cock finally going limp.

“Holy fuck girls. I’m worn out. I need a break.”

“Oh we are too much for you.” Jo laughs laying beside me.

“I’d say I was too much for you a minute ago.” Smiling at her. “I guess your ready to go again then? Huh girl?”

“In a minute.” She says.

I laugh “Right.”

“Maybe she’s not but I am. After watching you two, Fuck I need it bad.” Christy standing there rubbing her pussy and tits.

“Dam Christy I need a short rest too, not to mention my poor dick.”

Part 8 to follow

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