My Brother’s Wife Ch. 01

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This is the sequel to “How It All Began,” and the second of a long line of stories involving me and Stephanie some or all of which may or may not be true and or exaggerated. Like last time, feel free to leave me any comments telling me what you think, and I’ll see you real soon!


The following Friday after my little adventure last weekend with Stephanie, my brother Joe’s wife, I called Joe up again to see what he was doing. I told him that I had such a good time relaxing in his tub that I was hoping to have another soak again this weekend. Of course, I didn’t mention to him that I was really just hoping for a similar result to last weekends hot tub experience with Stephanie. I had spent all week reliving the events of that night in my head, wondering how it had all come to pass, and how to make it happen again. After being reminded I have a standing invitation to come over whenever I told Joe I’d be over Saturday night to hang out again.

The next day, there I was at Joe’s spending some quality time with my brother and his wife again. We weren’t quite drinking to excess like we had been doing the previous weekend but it was a pretty rare occasion for me and Joe to get together without at least a few beers getting thrown back. Shortly after sunset, I suggested it was time for a soak and Joe agreed. However, my plans received a crushing blow when Stephanie informed us she was probably just going to head up to bed as she was feeling a little worn out. I still had a nice relaxing soak to look forward to, but it was hard to get excited when the main attraction wouldn’t be in attendance.

Knowing I couldn’t let my disappointment show, I decided to make the best of the situation. I mean, it wasn’t like I didn’t enjoy my brother’s company, there wasn’t much to keep me there as late as I had originally intended. So after a little while in the tub, I decided to head on home. I helped Joe close up the tub and said good night as he headed upstairs to his room while I headed down to the basement where I had left my clothes. Slipping out of my trunks, I wrapped a towel around me and started looking for my boxers. I know I placed them with my clothes but I couldn’t seem to find them!

“Looking for these?” I heard in a seductive voice. I turned around and saw Stephanie wearing my boxers şirinevler escort and a tiny little shirt way too small for her. It looked like her breasts were trying to make a jailbreak! She sauntered over to me with a devilish gleam in her eye, clearly up to no good. “Sorry I didn’t join you guys in the tub, I just didn’t want to get caught being a naughty girl.” After telling her I understood the need to be cautious, especially with the alcohol not being as big a factor as last time she nodded and looked around. “But we are alone now, aren’t we? And you seem to be wearing nothing but a towel.” And said towel was dangerously close to falling off as my erection grew, caused by her suggestive tone and the fact that she just looked so damn sexy in that teeny little top and my boxers.

“I suppose you want these back?” She asked and slowly slid my boxers down her legs, wiggling her hips sexily as she did it revealing a lack of panties and the smoothly shaved treasure underneath. At this point, the towel slid almost completely off, caused by and caught up hanging on my now rock hard dick pointing straight up and out. Stephanie giggled at the sight of this, “We both look silly now, don’t we? You with a towel hanging on your cock and me wearing just this tight little shirt. How about we get rid of them?”

I still couldn’t think of the right word’s to say in this situation but luckily she was still more than happy to take charge of the situation. “Sit down Calvin, we have some unfinished business.” I sat down on the only piece of furniture around, a futon couch up against the basement wall. She got down on all fours and crawled across the floor slowly till she was right between my legs, her cheek rubbing against my dick. Then she looked up into my eyes and asked “I believe me left off somewhere around here?” and slowly ran her tongue around the swollen head of my cock, making it twitch.

“Mmmmmmm” she moaned, “I think he likes it!” Then she ran her tongue all way from the base of my cock right above my balls up to the tip again before stretching her lips over and down my dick. It slipped right back out and she went back to lapping at my dick and balls like a dog drinking water before she slid me into her mouth again. Back and forth she went, licking and sucking, şirinevler elit escort licking and sucking, It was driving me nuts! And there was so much of her saliva! Hanging from her chin, pooling under my balls on the cushion, covering my upper thighs.

“Yea this feels about right for where we left off,” she said. “I think so,” I muttered breathing heavily from the excellent sloppy teasing blowjob she had been giving me. “I think I know what comes next,” I said, sounding a little more in control of myself. I pulled her up onto my lap facing me. I could practically feel the heat radiating from her wet and excited pussy as it hovered just an inch or two above my cock. “Are you sure that’s whats next tiger?” she whispered into my ear before nibbling on my earlobe. “Oh I’m very sure, I want to be inside you,” I whispered back as I lightly bit her neck. She lowered herself down and started rocking her hips sliding her soaking wet pussy on my cock without letting me inside her.

“I seem to remember somebody withholding this fantastic cock from me last weekend because I was his brother’s wife.” She stopped for a second and grinned maliciously at me. “Big mistake tiger…” Then she started moving her hips again in ways that would make belly dancer proud, always making sure she was rubbing her hot wet pussy along the length of my shaft. I asked nicely, I begged, I pleaded, I tried repositioning myself so I would slide inside her, anything and everything to feel her tight pussy being stretched by my cock sliding in and out of her but she would not give in. “I think I like it better just feeling this fat cock of yours rubbing up and down my clit like this. Maybe next time you’ll give me what I ask for when I ask for it!” I could have cried hearing this knowing I would not end up inside her this evening but I figured there’s no reason not to enjoy what I had.

So I grabbed two handfuls of those massive tits and started licking and biting her nipples. She rocked faster and faster breathing heavier as she worked her way towards her own orgasm, and mine if she kept it up. I could see she was working closer and closer towards her climax and I wanted to do everything I could to push her over that edge. I kept sucking and biting her nipples as I grabbed her ass to keep şirinevler escort her from falling off she was moving so aggressively. Then a thought popped into my head and I slid my hand over a bit on her ass. I reached down a bit and slid two fingers into that pussy that so thoroughly rejected my cock earlier.

She gasped and whispered into my ear again, “You naughty boy, you’re going to make me cum so fucking hard.” I smiled at her in my own devilish way, “I know, I can’t wait.” and I pulled a now well-lubed finger out of her pussy and slid it right into her even tighter little asshole. “Oh fuck!” she grunted and bit down on my shoulder as I felt her whole body clench up, her orgasm ripping through her body like a tsunami.

We untangled ourselves and she slid herself down my body again till she was on her knees in front of me again. “Your turn tiger, I wanna see this thing explode!” And she wrapped those big tits around my soaking cock and started moving them up and down, slowly moving faster and faster. “Come on tiger, cum for me. Cum all over these big tits and my face, cover me with your hot load. I want it, I need it please!?” She squeezed tighter and moved her tits even faster till I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I stood up quickly and grabbed hold of my dick giving it a few quick strokes and aiming it right at her lips, “I’m going to cum!” I groaned, ready to erupt. “That’s it tiger give me all that tasty cum,” she groaned back at me. And cum I did, something snapped in my head. All I saw was black as the first spurt of my cum shot out of my cock, and I lost track of how many came after that or where I was even aiming really. It was easily the most intense orgasm I’d ever had and I didn’t even technically have sex!

When I finally regained control of my body I looked at the women in front of me, it honestly took me a second to even remember her name. Stephanie sat on her knees, cum dripping from her hair, ropes of it across her face hanging off her jaw and nose and even a few down on her tits that she was rubbing into her skin. “Wow. Good lord tiger,” apparently her new nickname for me I deduced, “that was intense!” I just smiled, exhausted from the orgasm that just hit me like a truck. “I’ve got to get cleaned up and head upstairs, I can’t believe Joe hasn’t come looking for me, he must have fallen asleep. Good night Calvin, sweet dreams!” And with that, she winked, grabbed her tiny shirt and my boxers and walked upstairs leaving me to get dressed with at least most of my clothes before heading home myself wondering what I needed to do to actually fuck my brother’s wife next time I had a chance.

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