My Brother My Lover Ch. 09

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As mom and I came out of the shower Bobby was leaning against the door frame of the bathroom. He smiled seeing both of us nude and wet. “Need any help drying off?” He asked.

I smiled and mom said: “Mary doesn’t need any help from you Bobby. Leave her alone, but you can take a shower now and then I’ll dry you off if you like.”

He was still smiling as he stood there watch us both drying off rubbing the towel over our bodies. I guess it was very sexual to my brother. I finished first and walked out of the bathroom passing Bobby as he smacked my ass. “Damn Mary you are so fucking beautiful.” he said.

Mom came forward and took his hand which had been holding my rear end and took it off of me. She held it and told me to go into the bedroom. Bobby handed me the pill from the drug store. Mom told me to leave and take the pill but to stay undressed. I did.

I went into her bedroom and watched as mom undid Bobby’s belt and opened his jeans. My brother’s cock was hard and she circled her hand around it, stroked it a few times, watching it grow even bigger. Then she said: “Go shower Bobby and then come into the bedroom and I’ll take care of you like I promised.”

I just looked at both of them. She smiled at me and waved me away. Bobby stripped down and stepped into the shower. He began to sing as he washed. Mom came into the bedroom with me.

She said: “Once Bobby is done I’ll show you both a few things you might want to use later on in your sex life.” But, Mary I don’t want you to have intercourse with your brother at least not until you have been on birth control for say, 3 weeks, to be sure you are fully protected.

I was amazed and stunned that my own mother would tell me that. She smiled as she and I both stood there nude. Then she said: “Mary, it will be fun having Bobby serve your pussy with his mouth. I will give him what he needs as I used his hard cock and fuck him. We can team up to drive him crazy!”

She laughed and sat on the bed crossed her legs and began to rub oil on them. When she saw me looking she said: “Want to rub this oil on me baby?”

I walked towards her and stood in front of her. She uncrossed her legs and lifted one towards me. I held it in one hand putting it against my chest. Then I used the oil to rub her shin and calf working my hands up her leg.

I looked up into her eyes and we both smiled. My hands worked the oil in and around moving my hands up her legs further, above the knee now. She said: “Be careful Mary, you might have to rub oil all over me at this rate. Your hands feel wonderful.”

She bent the leg a little and I kept rubbing the oil on it. then I did the other the same way, coming very close to her vagina. I kept looking at her pussy it was shaved completely. She was bald as a baby’s butt. She saw me looking and asked: “Would you like me to shave yours for you?”

I didn’t answer her but my brother did. He had finished his shower and was standing there behind me completely nude, his cock was hard.

Mom and I were still fully nude too. It felt wild and very erotic seeing all three of us fully nude. That had never happened before. otele gelen escort

“I keep telling Mary that she should shave her pussy too mom.” Bobby said, “I offered to do it a bunch of time.”

Mom looked from me to Bobby and said: “How long have you two been doing all of this stuff?”

Bobby told her that the fucking had been going on for a day or so. Then he said: “But we have been masturbating together and each other and having oral sex for around 6 mouths or more whenever we can and had a chance, usually 4 or 5 times a week.”

Mom just shook her head before saying: “And I didn’t know anything about it. Tell me how and where you did it. Here in the house I hope.”

Bobby and I told her about the park and the tree and then about the first time he eat my pussy when she went out on her date. Seeing both of us nude, and talking about the things we had done together got Bobby’s cock harder now. It stood out in front of him like mom’s fake strap on cock. But the fake one looked thicker and longer.

Bobby kept touching his cock , stroking it and playing with it. Mom couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

We talked to mom about the things we had done together and mom lay back on the bed resting on some pillows, she was still fully nude. She kept opening her legs showing off her shaved pussy. She was teasing my brother and loving how it effected him and his cock. It kept jumping with his excitement.

Bobby stood there with his nice hard cock sticking out looking at her body. He would stroke it a couple time and making it hard and jump for us to see. We were both looking at her pussy. It was now wet! I knew she was excited.

Mom didn’t seem to be bother by both my brother and I looking at her body. In fact I think it excited her sexually.

Then mom told Bobby to come on the bed and he did. She pushed him on his back and straddle his hips. I watched as she didn’t hesitate as she lowered her body down on to his cock. As she held the hard shaft upward, I watched my brother’s cock enter my mom’s pussy for the first time. When it did I heard her sighed as she worked it all the way up inside her filling her like he did to me. I knew how she felt, very sexy.

She smiled at him and then smiled at me. “I told you Bobby I would help relieve your need sweetie. How does mom’s pussy feel around your hard cock?” She asked.

Bobby smiled but didn’t say anything. I stood there watching them locked together and my pussy was throbbing with my own need.

Mom began to lift up and down on my brother’s hard shaft. I could see her pussy lips squeezed around his hard shaft, it looked so tight. When she lifted up, it looking like she was pulling her pussy lips out of her body. She was squeezing his shaft tight with the muscles of her cunt.

Mom asked him if he could feel her pussy tunnel squeezing his cock when he was inside her? Bobby told her he could. “That feel really good mom. You should teach Mary to do that.” He told her.

Mom rode my brother harder and faster before she sat down on him and stopped. He asked why she stopped and mom looked pendik escort at me and said: “Come over here Mary. I want you to face me and sit on your brother’s face. Bobby I want you to lick Mary everywhere between her legs. Make her cum for me.”

Bobby smiled and I did too. I straddled my brother’s face and slowly sat down on it. Mom pulled me forward and kissed me and squeezed my breasts as Bobby began to lick and suck on my pussy. We were all joined together as mom began to ride him again up and down.

She was slamming down on his cock as she closed her eyes now. I watched her face as she fucked Bobby like the pro that she was. She was wearing that look of ecstasy we get when we are feeling the building of a orgasm.

Again and again mom bounced up and down and Bobby moaned. as she took him deep. He said something but it was muffled by my ass and cunt on his face. His tongue was a fucking licking machine. He worked it like crazy and his hands held my ass up a little off of his face. I found out later he was having a hard time breathing as I pushed down wanting his tongue deeper in my pussy hole.

When I climaxed I squirted all over his face. Bobby didn’t seem to care. Mom pinched my nipples as I climaxed. It was fantastic.

Bobby was lifting his hips up ramming his cock into our mom’s pussy. I rolled off of his face and lay here watching Bobby fuck mom as I recovered. They were really going at it now. She was holding her tits and he was lifting her and him both up off the bed. “Harder Bobby”, Mom yelled at him. “Fuck me as hard as you can. Now! Do it now baby.”

She sat up straight, Bobby’s cock still deep inside her cunt and mom told me to rub her clit. I took two fingers and started rubbing above her pussy hole. She grabbed my hand and showed me exactly where she wanted it rubbed.

It didn’t take long for her to orgasm. She rocked on Bobby’s cock as her cum ran down his cock shaft and wet all of us. Then she closed her eyes threw her head back and moaned deep as she climaxed again on his cock and my fingers.

When she was done Bobby pulled her down on top of him and began to suck her left big nipple. Her nipples were huge, so long and hard and thick as I had ever seen any. I laid down next to her and she turned a little so I could suck her right nipple. It was so damn hit!

Bobby’s cock was still hard and still up inside her hole as we both nursed on mom’s nipples. He finally rolled her over on to her back and kept his cock inside her. He moved up tight between her open thighs and smiled down at her. “Fuck me.” Mom hissed at him.

Bobby lifted her legs up over her head and told me to hold them and keep them up. I did and watched as my brother went to work on our mother.

Ramming and thrusting hard and deep into her, she loved it. Again and again he pounded her cunt like it was his, he was taking her hard and fast. Right now it was his cunt, he took her and took her and took her. He fucked her harder than he ever fucked me.

Bobby was building up to a get cum and mom was begging for it. “YES! oh fuck yes Bobby give it to me baby! Fill my rus escort cunt with your cum baby! Give it to me Bobby. Fuck your mother. Cum in me baby! Let it go.” Mom said to him between breaths as she was panting hard as she was being fucked like a wild woman.

Bobby was grunting as he thrust his cock into her hole over and over and over again. He put his hands under mom’s ass and lifted it up, as he pushed deep into her body. God it was hot. My pussy was leaking just watching them fuck. So, I knew mom’s was totally wet and running.

She yell for me to let her legs go and when I did she wrapped them tightly around my brother’s back and she held his shoulders as they kept on thrusting and lifting. “Oh God mom! Oh fuck I’m going to cum.” Bobby told her.

Mom held on to him and he buried his hard thick cock as deep as he could get it into our mother cunt. He held it deep as he shot load after load into her cunt. He stayed like that until he finished cumming.

I watched as his balls lifted up and down pumping his cum into her body. She moaned and moaned as he filled her with his sperm. It was so good to watch them fuck!. It was hot and thrilling to see how mom worked her pussy and body giving my brother the ultimate pleasure she could give him. I wanted that. I wanted to learn how to squeeze my pussy around a hard thick cock shaft. I wanted to learn everything mom could teach me about fucking and pleasing men and women. Everything!

When Bobby rolled over and fall off of her, mom opened her legs and I could see Bobby’s cum running out of her. God there was so much. She smiled at me and told me to come to her and love her. She wanted me to lick her pussy. “Clean me Mary. Clean my pussy for me. Then I want you to suck and clean your brotehr’s cock.” She told me.

I moved down and knelt between her open legs. As I began to lick my borther’s cum out of my mother’s pussy, I had my ass up in the air as I knelt there. I licked her and she stroked my head and told me how good I was doing. At first, Bobby sat there watching me eat my mother’s pussy. Another first for all of us.

As I licked mom, my ass was up in the air and Bobby came around behind me. Mom immediately told him he couldn’t fuck me. So Bobby laid on his back and moved up under me until his face was under my open thighs. He pulled me down on top of his face.

While I continued to lick mom’s pussy, Bobby started to lick my pussy. I felt him working his fingers and mouth on my pussy. As I sucked on mom’s clit Bobby sucked on me.

OH WOW! It was felt so good. I drank and sucked my mom’s cum and Bobby’s cum out of her cunt. Bobby licked and fingered my pussy taking my juices. It was like something out of a porno movie. I never even dreamed of doing any of this before today. The three of us together on the big bed in mom’s room making love. We were all enjoying each other’s bodies, having sex and cumming.

God were we cumming! As mom climaxed holding my head tight to her cunt, I climaxed as I pushed my cunt into Bobby’s face and mouth. Fucking unbelievable.

When it was over Bobby moved up on the bed, his cock still covered with cum. I moved over to him and mom rolled to her side. We both licked Bobby’s cock and balls and even his thighs clean off the cum. When we were done Bobby was semi-hard and as mom circled his cock with her hand she laid her had on his chest. I laid back and he put one of his arms around me. We rested.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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