My Best Friend Seduced Me

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I share a motel room with my best friend and he tries to fuck me while I am sleeping.

I have known Tom forever, we are best friends and we are both married. Our wives get along fine but it is our friendship that is special. Tom is a lanky guy about 6foot 2 190 pounds always has a great tan and blond hair. My mane is Matt I am 5 foot 11 about 225 pounds more muscular than Tom. We are both the same age 39.

Tom and I do almost everything together so when I suggested we take a trip to Las Vegas my wife wasn’t interested but she said I should ask Tom if he wanted to go along. Of course Tom loved the idea of going to Vegas because he had never been there.

I got us a real nice room at the Luxor but because there were many conventions at the time the room only came with a king size bed, the double bed rooms were all taken. We really didn’t care that much because we had only planned to be in our room long enough to take a nap and hit the casino.

Now I must tell you upfront that Tom does have one annoying quality in that he doesn’t wear underwear.

So Tom and I hit the blackjack tables and we proceeded to lose our shirts. We decided maybe we should come back tomorrow to try our luck again. We decided to take a walk down the strip and catch the sights. On every corner there was a man handing out these brochures for escorts and of course we took them. We headed back to the room and we looked over the brochures and we were both tempted to call an escort, but in the end we decided to save our money for the blackjack tables.

Tom started to undress and of course he had no underwear on, normally that wouldn’t be a problem but tonight we were sleeping in the same bed. He was walking around with his cock flopping all over the place, Tom has no modesty and I could resist taking a few glances when he was looking. I noticed that Tom had a nice cut cock with a large mushroom head probably about 7 inches. His cock wasn’t real thick as opposed to mine which is also 7 inches but extremely thick and uncut. Well I started arguing with him that he better not get to close tonight in bed and hit me with that thing, he got me so mad with his cavalier attitude that I told him I was going to sleep nude too to prove a point how unnerving it was, but he didn’t care.

I was a little shyer than Tom so I removed my boxers and slipped under the covers. We started flipping the channels and put on a porno, and it was a great porno two guys screwing this big breasted girl. You could tell we were both getting pretty horny. I saw Tom rubbing his cock under the covers. I was getting really sleepy so I said to Tom. “Hey I am going to sleep, turn off the TV when you’re done”. I flipped over facing away from him and fell asleep. Sometime a few hours later I happen to wake up out of a really nice dream I was dreaming I was screwing this beautiful girl. When I woke up I noticed something strange Tom was asleep too but he was next to hugging me spoon fashion as he probably hugs his wife. Once I realized what was going on I froze, here was my best friend snuggling up to me and I could feel his cock on my ass. It felt very erotic and I didn’t move a muscle, I soon realized he really wasn’t asleep because he was slowly grinding his cock on my ass, very slowly and very delicately. I was enjoying the felling. Now I am straight, always having been, but somehow this felt so good that I didn’t mind letting him explore antalya escort further. I could feel his veiny cock right in my crack, rubbing it gently back and forth. I then felt his hand on my hip and he was slowly making his way toward my crotch, listening to my breathing to make sure I was asleep. His hand gently caressed my cock, it felt strange letting my best friend play with my cock as he dried humped me.

Pretty soon I felt his breathing become erratic and I felt a hot gush of semen on my ass. He let go of my cock, got up and came back with a warm wash cloth and cleaned up my ass, he turned over and went to sleep, and I was up all night horny as hell but to scared to do or say anything. I finally fell a sleep and when I woke Tom was already in the shower, when he came out he asked me how I slept, and I said great I had an amazing dream, he asked what it was and I told him I dreamed I fucked a beautiful girl. He said “damn wish I had that dream”

We hit the tables and we did better tonight, we won a few hundred bucks and we were feeling pretty good.

When we arrived back at the room, I was excited hoping he would try something again, “

“Hey Tom I am really bushed I am going to go to sleep, hey pass me the sleeping pills I want to get a good night rest”

“No problem go ahead, I am not tired I going to watch TV” I I didn’t really take the pills, but I had hoped that if he thought I was really out he would try a little more.

I pretended to fall asleep, and waited for him to make his move, I heard him get off the bed and I heard him setting up the movie camera, the bastard was going to film the whole thing. Sure enough I felt him crawl back in bed; he whispered my name a couple of times to make sure I was out.

This time I was on my back and I felt him lift the covers off me, I could feel his hands feeling me all over as he migrated toward my cock, then he grasped my cock and was stroking it gently up and down, he whispered my name one more time, then I felt this wonderful warmth envelope my cock and I knew I was inside his mouth. His tongue swirled all around my head as he pulled my foreskin back and licked it all over.

I couldn’t believe my best friend was blowing me and that he was filming the whole thing. I was getting really hard inside his mouth and he kept sucking away, I was getting really close to cumming and I was worried that he would know I was awake, but he told me later that he thought I just head a wet dream when he was blowing me. So anyway that man knew how to suck cock, I couldn’t believe it was his first time he had me on the edge as he started to really deep throat me, I was getting ready to shoot and I was sure he was going to jerk me off, just like my wife who hates it when I cum in her mouth, but not Tom as I started to cum Tom surprised me by sucking the cum right out of my cock, what an amazing feeling to cum in my best friends mouth. He kept blowing me as I got soft. I pretended to be a little uncomfortable and I turned over on my side away from him, hoping he would take the hint and crawl next to me.

Sure enough that bastard must have been really horny from blowing me, he didn’t waste anytime he was spooning me and I could feel the heat from his hard cock next to my ass. He was rubbing his cock all over my ass, then I felt him pull away and reach for something, He must have been reaching for KY Jelly because he was kemer escort back up against me but his cock seemed more slippery, I felt his fingers reach for my hole and I felt him apply some jelly to my ass. He then proceeded to rub his cock all over me again. He then slowly put his cock at the entrance of my ass. And he very slowly and very gently put his cock on my pink hole. I felt him slowly pushing and I felt his cock begining to enter my outer ring. He barely had the head in, but he felt huge to me. He waited till my ass gave in naturally and opened up for him as he pushed a little more of his cock in.

Finally I could feel his entire head in my ass, It felt strange like I wanted to push him out but at the same time I was enjoying the sensation. He held his cock still for the longest time, then he started up again pushing a little further until he buried all 7 inches in my ass.

He started to slowly fuck me with that cock, I couldn’t pretend anymore.

I looked back at him and said “TOM fuck my ass good, you feel incredible inside my ass”

He pulled me closer to him and he whispered in my ear, I’ve been wanting to fuck you for the longest time and this weekend I couldn’t resist not taking the chance. “

I said “my ass is yours, just don’t stop fucking me”

Tom rotated so he was now on top of me with all 7 inches buried inside of me and he started to really fuck me good, nice and long hard strokes, I was enjoying every minute of it, I found out later when he told me I was a natural bottom. He fucked me for a good twenty minutes before he erupted in my ass, I all of a sudden I felt this hot liquid entering my ass and now I knew what girls felt like when we came inside of them, I loved it even after he came he was slowly still humping me, I told him not to pull out I wanted to fall asleep with his cock in my ass, He reached over and held me and that’s how we fell asleep with his cock buried inside me.

I woke up a few hours later and Tom was already awake and he was slowly fucking me again. He saw me wake up and said “good morning lover” I responded by squeezing his cock with my ass, which really got him going and started to give me a nice hard fuck. After he came he pulled out and headed for the bathroom, and my ass felt empty, I wanted him to fuck me all weekend.

I got up when I heard the shower running, when I entered and started to piss, he opened the shower curtain and told me to get in. I slipped inside the shower and for the first time I got a good look at Tom and his cock, I reached over and felt it for the first time and I rubbed it all over and told him “so this is the thing that was giving me so much pleasure last night” and I smiled.

He said “hey why don’t we spend the rest of the day in the room and just have fun”

I responded by squeezing his cock and I said “I can’t imagine anything I rather do”

He then put his hands on my shoulders and started to push me down, as he asked me to soap his back and ass. I knelt down and I started to wash his ass slowly caressing it and my soapy hands played with his butt. He turned and I was inches away from his cock, he told me to kiss his cock, and as he said it he put his hand on the back of my head and I was getting closer and closer to kissing my first cock. I gave his cock a quick peck on the head and then he said to lick the top of his cock, I konyaaltı escort stuck out my tongue and let his head touch it, it felt weird, amazing and like the most natural thing in the world all at the same time.

He then surprised me when he saw my mouth open and licking the top of his cock he pushed closer and I felt his head enter my mouth past my lips and I wrapped my lips around his head, and I love the feeling of his cock in my mouth, it was smooth and velvety and I couldn’t get enough, I tried a little too hard and I gagged on his cock when I pushed him deeper into my mouth, He pulled away and said “ take it easy buddy I don’t want you choking the first time, just take it slow”. I followed his advice and continued sucking his cock, while I jerked the rest if it.

He asked me if I wanted him to pull out when he was ready to cum and I told him “no let me try it once and see if I like it, I am dying to find out what it feels like for you to cum in my mouth like I did last night”

He said “are you sure”

And “I said Yeah”

He then started to really enjoy the blow job and I knew he was getting close and He said “here it comes Matt” and he erupted in my mouth. Now I have to admit I wasn’t ready for it, his cum seemed so hot and bitter and salty as her came in my mouth, but at the same time I enjoyed the feeling that I knew he really enjoyed cumming in my mouth and after the initial shock I really enjoyed tasting his cum. I got up and we dried off and he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed he sat on the edge and grabbed my ass and pulled my cock to his mouth as he gave me the greatest blowjob. As he was blowing me he was playing with my ass, and he inserted his finger and started playing with me I said “oh my god what are you doing to me” he said “you like that huh” I said “I love it and I had the biggest orgasm I ever had as he swallowed every drop. He then got up and pulled a chair and sat on it he then told me “bring your beautiful butt over here”

I walked over to him and placed my legs on either side of him and I lowered my ass every so slowly on his cock, Inch by glorious inch I felt his cock enter me. He grabbed my cheeks and was lifting me up and down on his cock and I loved it, I could believe how good it felt and I knew then I was hooked on his cock. He then did something that really surprised me in the heat of the passion he reached over grabbed my face and French kissed me, I was taken aback but I responded and it strangely felt so good, as he fucked and kissed me at the same time, I could tell he was getting close because his tongue froze inside my mouth then I felt him stiffen and I started to really go up and down on his cock as I kissed him deeper and I felt him cumming in my ass. Oh my god it was so hot, we were sweating like dogs. I worked my ass on his cock slowly as I let go of his lips and he said “that was amazing” I nodded with agreement.

I sat on his cock a little while longer then I lifted myself of him and watch his cum drip all over him. We both went back to the bathroom to wash up, after that we ordered room service and went back to bed to watch the film of him fucking me, we played with each others cocks as we watched and I flipped over to we could do a 69. We sucked each other till we both came. He fucked me all weekend, we both realized, he like being the top and I the bottom. He fucked me at least 5 more times before we left for home. It was the start of a whole new friendship and I couldn’t wait to see where it went.

I am a new at writing erotica so please let me know what you think and feel free to offer suggestions or things you would like me to write about. And please don’t forget to vote.

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