My Best Flight Day 04

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Day 4 – Friday

The next morning I was awoken with Sara’s hungry mouth on my dick. Carrie had Sara half on her side and was going down on her. I looked over the situation and made a decision.

“Ladies, I need a moment if you don’t mind.”

They both stopped and looked at me. Carrie said, “What’s on your mind? Need to pee?”

Without answering I moved Sara so she was lying across the bed parallel to the headboard. Next I had Carrie put her face into Sara crotch and her feet towards the foot of the bed. Both women were watching my curiously. I lay back down with my groin near Sara’s mouth and my face near Carries crotch and two light bulbs lit up. Without a word spoken everyone dove into the respected body parts licking and sucking away after making slight body movements for better positioning for both giving and receiving. It was like 69’ing with an extra person in the middle.

We all went to town in our respective positions until Carrie stopped and said, “Switch ends!”

Sara grudgingly let go of my cock and gave it up to Carrie saying, “He’s all yours but I get to swallow his load.”

Carrie gave Sara a quick kiss and said, “Absolutely, but please give me a taste. Don’t be greedy.”

We repositioned with Carrie sucking me, Sara eating Carrie and I had the pleasure of sucking on Sara’s huge clit. I was enjoying sucking on Sara and using three fingers inside her when Carrie worked a finger into my butt hole again. I suspected that Carrie was trying to steal Sara’s morning treat. I didn’t want to ruin Sara’s day so I got up again. “Since Carrie always gets you off most mornings, what do you say to getting her off big time?”

Sara pondered for a moment, “Well, I have two issues with that. First, I want to swallow your load.”

“Let me interrupt, I promise you, if at all possible you will get it.” I interjected.

“And second, she has you all day.” Sara continued.

“True, but we are going to be at Disney. It’s not like we’re going to get a room or anything.”

Sara looked at Carrie and I spotted a twinkle in her eye. Sara conceded, “OK, but I have to admit, I was really enjoying that three way licking thing. Good call David.”

I said, “Thanks, it just came to me. So Carrie, how can we serve you?”

Carrie sat up with the kid in a candy store look. “I want you to fuck my pussy doggie style while Sara eats me.”

Sara chuckled, “Wow sweetie, have you been giving this much thought or what?”

Carrie crawled over the bed and plopped her pussy on Sara’s face. She then started playing with Sara’s big breasts while I went and got a condom on. I roughly pushed Carrie onto Sara’s big belly and slammed my dick into Carrie. The grunt closely followed by a gasp told me I’d done the right thing. I began with long slow strokes while Sara was working the clit but Carrie butt was soon moving faster signaling me to pick up the pace. I was holding Carrie’s ass firmly and driving in harder and harder. Carrie was literally vibrating from pleasure from both ends. She soon arched her back and screamed out “YES!” loud enough that the neighbors just received their wake up call. I kept pounding away but felt my own orgasm getting close.

“I’m close, I said. Carrie quickly hopped off and reversed herself putting her mouth near Sara’s. Sara remained on her back as I removed the condom. I finished myself off with a few quick strokes aiming my dick at the open mouths. The first shot was so strong it hit Carrie in the face but soon dripped down into Sara’s waiting mouth. I aimed better and got the remaining shots straight into each mouth. Sara lifted her head and sucked my head to get the last few drops out of me. They both cleaned up the spillage and shared a long kiss to further exchange my cum.

With two of us happy it was time to take care of Sara. I climbed back between her legs and sucked her clit again. Carrie remained kissing her and was pulling on her nips. I decided to get adventurous and slip a finger into her asshole and began working it in and out. Soon Sara was rocking against both my hand and face. I felt her ass pucker and soon received the wonderful gift of a squirt in my mouth which I happily drank down.

Carrie lay happily on Sara and they both breathed heavily. I noticed the clock. “I hate to be a party pooper but we all need to get a move on. I am going into the guest shower to wash up so I am not tempted to start fooling around again. I hope you two don’t mind.”

I heard to little groans from the pile of woman flesh on the bed but no arguments. I quickly showered, dried off, pulled on shorts and a tee shirt and finished getting ready for Disney. I checked for cash and credit cards and the print out of the ticket the girls had gotten me. Then I went back to the girls room they were still getting dressed. Carrie was sitting on the bed in shorts pulling on sneakers but nothing on from the waist up. Sara was naked except for her hair wrapped in a towel. She was using another towel to dry off. Sara looked over at me saying, “I alsancak escort bayan made coffee if you’d like some before we leave.”

“Thanks, can I get anyone anything?”

Sara shook her head, “No, we’ll be there in a minute.”

I gave them their privacy and made a cup of coffee. Sara came to the kitchen a minute later with only the hair towel on. She said, “I hate mornings that we have to rush around. I understand it, I just don’t like it. I’m a slow starter by nature.”

I chuckled, “Me too. Like to take some “me” time in the morning.”

Sara poured herself a cup of coffee and made Carrie a tea in a travel mug. “I don’t know how Carrie does it. No clock, just always wakes up on time and is always full of energy and in a good mood.”

I replied “Don’t tell her I said this but I hate those kind of people.”

“I heard that! Tough shit!” Carrie said coming through the living room.

Sara smiled, “You’re busted!”

“Point of fact but you two are the busted ones here.” I said.

They both chuckled. I stayed out of the way as the two went through their morning rituals. Carrie did most of the kitchen work but she paused to hand Sara a tube of sun block.

“Babe, I hate to ask you to do this but would you mind lubing him up? Don’t take no for an answer. I don’t want to spend my evening nursing a sun burn on my night off.”

Sara walked over to me. I shrugged knowing that any argument was useless. Sara sat on a chair and I lifted my legs as she greased me up. After my legs she got my arms and then stood to apply the sun block to my face and neck.

I asked, “Is it wrong that this is turning me on?”

Sara smiled, but looked at me sternly. “Don’t you start or we’ll never get out of here.”

“Come on, a hot naked women rubbing her hands all over me. What am I dead? Who could blame me?”

Carrie looked over, “Zip it up lover boy, we have plans. Keep it in your pants for now.”

Sara finished with me and put the sun block in a fanny pack. “The block is in your bag sweetie.”

“Thanks babe. I’m ready. How about you David?

I drank the last slug of coffee. “I’m good. How long a drive is it to Disney?”

Carrie replied, “About 40 minutes if traffic isn’t too bad. Let’s roll. Bye baby, love you.”

Carrie walked to Sara and they kissed and embraced for a couple of minutes.

When they separated I stepped up to Sara and reached up for a kiss. “Thank you again for the ticket.”

Sara gave my ass a squeeze through my shorts. “You are *quite* welcome. See you two tonight. Have fun.”

Carrie grabbed her fanny pack off the counter, made sure it was closed and headed to the garage. I followed her, I just assumed that I would be driving and my rental was parked on the street. Carrie opened the double wide garage door and inside I found a brand new CL class Mercedes Benz and a Nissan Murano. I had to stop and take in the Benz, it was a beautiful piece of machinery. Carrie saw me staring, “Nice, huh? Sara just got it a month ago. Technically it’s a company vehicle but since she owns the company… You do the math. She bought me this last year.”

Carrie climbed up into the Murano and I got myself back together. “Do you want me to drive? I got the rental, might as well use it.”

“No, I know the roads, I know where we are going, plus a few short cuts and I know how to deal with Florida drivers.”

Again, I knew not to argue. I climbed into the passenger seat. “I do have to say, Florida drivers are a colorful lot. You have a lot of interesting characters on road.”

“You got that right. Defensive driving was invented here due to necessity. Let’s boogie.”

Carrie backed out and closed the door. She navigated swiftly but safely around getting to the highway leading to Disney.

I said, “Can I ask something personal? You can refuse if you’re uncomfortable.”

Carrie turned and looked at me, “What could be more personal than your dick in my ass? Ask away.”

“Now, I have not spent a lot of time in Florida. Honestly, you two are the only women I’ve seen naked in the state. So what’s the deal with the granny panties? You two are always in them. As sexually charged up as you two are I would have imagined you two in all sorts of skimpy stuff. Do tell.”

Carrie looked at me for a few seconds and then turned back to the road. “Seriously? That’s what you want to ask?”

“Yes, I’m curious. Most women up north wear a variety of different things. I wonder why you two don’t.”

Carrie started laughing long and hard for over a minute. When she calmed down she said, “OK, first this is Florida. It’s hot and humid. We sweat a lot especially down there. Big girls are not well adapted to this kind of heat. When we sweat the last thing we want to feel is some little thing crawling up our asses. Next, we are both professionals in our own field. I can’t speak for Sara but at the hospital every guy is really horny. They assume nurse equals slut. People that know me escort alsancak know I am in a relationship but doctors, aids, orderlies, janitors, hell even patients and visitors will grab your ass or tits any chance they get. If I was to wear something skimpy I might as well paint an arrow on my ass saying “grab here”. Lastly, they are a hell of a lot more comfortable than the fun stuff.”

I had to laugh, “OK, I figured there was a reason. Thanks for letting me know.”

“Of all the things to ask me, that was in the bottom ten on my list. Baby, feel free to ask me anything. Don’t be shy. Oh, and while we are on the shy subject, today we are boyfriend and girlfriend. We hold hands, we kiss and other public displays of affection. All that stuff.”

“Cool, I didn’t even know how to approach that subject. Glad you did it for me.”

“My pleasure, I hope.” Carrie grinned at me.

Shortly we arrived, parked, made our way to the Magic Kingdom entrance. I had a surprise there. I guess post 9/11 they installed a security check to look in bags. Makes sense I guess. Anyway Carrie had to open her fanny pack. The security guard used a wooden stick to poke around. What was unusual was the time he took poking around and the look he gave Carrie when complete. I decided to move closer to see what was in the pack but she had already zipped it up and was putting it back on before I could see. She smiled and took my hand.

Carrie said, “So mister guest, what would you like to do first?”

“Space Mountain!”

Carrie gave a little frown. “Could I make some suggestions? I don’t want to dent your masculinity or anything but I do come here a lot and know what works best. Most people run to Space Mountain right away and there is always a line first thing. If we go to the opposite side of the park we’ll do a lot better.”

I replied, “You know best, I trust your judgment. I’ll follow your lead all day long.” I stepped closer and whispered in her ear, “and all night too.”

Carrie smiled and took my hand. For someone so short and heavy she sure could move quickly. Instead of turning right and heading towards Tomorrowland we turned left at the castle. I have to admit, the majority of the crowd was turning right. We hustled through the park and soon came to Thunder Mountain railroad. We walked in and immediately boarded the train. Carrie had a little trouble fitting in the seat but managed. Once we left the station she dropped her hand in my lap and started squeezing my package. She looked up at me, “Get used to that. I get you all to myself all day today and I plan on taking full advantage of that situation.”

I smiled back, “I’m all yours.”

We enjoyed the ride together laughing the whole time. After we got off the ride Carrie took my arm. “Look, it’s going to be a hot one today. I try to hit all the outdoor rides early on and when it’s hottest we go to the indoor ones. Makes sense?”

“I’ll follow you anywhere sweet cheeks.” I took my arm back and put it around her shoulders pulling her in for a kiss. She seemed a little shocked but was definitely pleased.

“Nice. I liked that. Splash Mountain next.”

There were a lot of people on the ride so we really couldn’t play grab and tickle too much but I did put my arm around her which she really seemed to enjoy. Carrie leaned against me enjoying the ride until the big drop at the end where she got excited and wooped it up. We went on several more rides and attractions. Carrie asked me about almost every attraction but there were things I wanted to bypass. I’ve seen the hall of presidents and country bears. Didn’t want to see them again. I thought about Tom Sawyers island as a spot where we might find some privacy for a make out session. I put a pin in that idea for the moment. I followed Carrie to the haunted house, always a favorite of mine. It wasn’t too crowded and we walked right inside. I have to admit that the cool air felt good.

We went inside and stood in the stretching room and watched the presentation. Carrie held my arm and we walked slower than the rest of the crowd allowing a gap to form. I followed her lead. When we got onto the moving mat to get into the carts Carrie seemed to stumble a bit. One of the ride operators jump forward to help her but she was fine. She excused herself, took my hand and hustled me forward a couple of carts. I soon realized it was all an act to get a couple of empty carts on either side of us.

“Very clever,” I said as I leaned in to kiss her.

Before our lips could touch she pushed me upright and started opening up my pants. “We only have a couple of minutes. Sit back and enjoy the show.”

Carrie had my dick exposed in seconds and began sucking it to life. I looked around at all the ghosts and PG rated spookiness while enjoying some excellent head. The ride was over all too quick for my liking but what’s a guy to do. Carrie released my cock saying, “You’d better put him away.” With a grin.

I leaned over and kissed her before closing alsancak escort up shop. Fortunately my shirt hung down hiding my bulge when we got out of the ride. Carrie was nice enough to walk slowly and in front of my while things deflated in my pants. When all was well I moved up and put my arm around her waist. “That was great, thank you.”

Carrie looked like a kid in a candy store, “Want to go again?”

I laughed, “Not right now. I could use a drink. How about you?”

“Sure! Good that you’re smart enough to keep hydrated, don’t want you passing out on me at an inopportune moment.”

We walked into a café like shop that had cold drinks. I asked Carrie, “What would you like?”

Carrie was reaching into the fanny pack and removed a small wallet. “I’m having a big sweet tea and I am buying all day. Sara gave me $300 to spend on you. Don’t think about paying for anything today. And if you want a Mickey shirt or anything else, that’s on us too.”

I looked at Carrie and then gave her a big hug. “Is there any point in arguing this?”

Carrie rubbed my back, “None what so ever. Look, Sara makes real good money. Real good. I think last year she took home over half a million dollars after taxes but you can see she works her ass off for it. She wanted to do this for you. You’ve been so good to us, we wanted to take good care of you today so live it up. Go wild if you want.”

“You know, you’re making it even harder to go back home.”

Carrie smiled, “I hope so.”

She pulled me down to her and kissed me tenderly. At the end she teased my lips with a little swipe of tongue. We separated and walked to the counter together.

The counter person asked, “How can I help you?”

Carrie said, “A large sweet tea please.” And looked at me.

“I’ll have the same, thanks.”

Carrie pulled out the cash and paid. We took our drinks and sat down at a table to people watch for a few minutes.

I asked, “So, what do you want to do while we’re here?”

Carrie looked at and said, “Get fucked by you.”

I laughed out loud. “You can’t be serious.”

“Oh yes I am. I have some ideas. It will happen. I’ve had this fantasy for some time now. I’ve been eaten and fingered here but never fucked. I think you’re just the guy to do it.”

I started getting nervous considering the public indecency laws in Florida. “I don’t know about that. The haunted house is one thing but full blown intercourse? I don’t know.”

“Trust me, you can always say no.”

“I believe I would have a difficult time saying no to you.” I said laughing. “One thing I was thinking about is going to Tow Sawyers Island. I think there are places we can go without much traffic there for some playtime.”

Carrie said reaching in her pack, “I like the way you think. Drink up and let’s head on over.”

Carrie pulled out her cell phone and typed in a quick text. “I’m texting Sara telling her I sucked your cock in the haunted mansion. She’ll love that.”

We drank our tea and took the raft over to the island. Unfortunately there were a lot of kids there running wild. I guess parents felt safe that their kid couldn’t escape the island without them and let them burn off some energy. I knew there were little caves somewhere but Carrie had other ideas. I followed her over the suspension bridge to the far island. There were less people here and we found a bench to sit on. It was fairly secluded Carrie removed her fanny back and put in on the seat. The seat was actually a four foot section of log cut in half but knowing Disney it was probably fiberglass. I straddled the log facing Carrie so Carrie did the same. This way we could both watch one side of the path for visitors. We started making out and Carrie took my hands and out them under her shirt. I started rubbing her belly slowly moving up teasing her. I knew she wanted me to grab her boobs but I was taking my time enjoying this. Apparently she had had enough and reached under her shirt and lifted her bra over her boobs so that they were free under her shirt. I reached up and grabbed them roughly and mashed them together. Carrie groaned with pleasure. She slid closer and ran a hand up the leg of my shorts and began massaging my balls. We continued for a minute until a couple with two small children came walking up the path. We removed our hands to more respectable places but kept kissing. The couple gave us a knowing grin and kept on moving past. We resumed our manipulations until Carrie backed off.

“I want your fingers inside of me.” She told me firmly.

“Stand up in front of me.” I replied.

We changed positions. Carrie stood between my legs. I slipped my hand up the leg of her shorts and found out that Carrie must have forgotten to put on panties this morning. I smiled big as she grinned.

“Now you know why I laughed so hard at your granny panty question before.”

She was wet as always. I easily slipped in two fingers inside and began stroking. Carrie put her hands on my shoulders for balance and began trembling. I slowed my pace and began to thumb her clit. Her nails dug into the meat on my shoulders. The steam boat whistle tooted as it approached our area of the island. There were just a few plants between us and the boat. Anyone could see us from the boat but all they would see is Carrie’s back.

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