My Backyard Pool

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I had reintroduced the offer, just last evening. I wasn’t surprised she’d taken advantage of it, so quickly. But I realized, I should have mentioned to her, that I’d down-sized my business, closed my expensive downtown office suite and moved into a newly renovated office, over my two car garage.

I’m Chris, a forty-nine year old, well educated, professionally employed, widower. Sally is my neighbor’s twenty-one year old daughter. She was home from college for the summer. Last evening, while having dinner with her and her parents, I offered the use of my secluded back yard pool, during her vacation.

I was on the phone, when I heard the squeak of the fence door and the voices, from under the window. It took me a few minutes to finish with my client, make a few follow-up notes, before I stretched, rose from my chair and looked out the window.

If I had thought about it, I might have hoped to catch the cute co-ed in a skimpy bikini. Better yet, I’d love a look at her bare oversized tits. I was stunned with what I saw. Sally was completely naked. She was kneeling on a pool side lounge and bent at the waist. Her mouth was bobbing over a young stiff cock. Two more were in her hands and a forth was banging her from behind.

The boys were all her age. I recognized one as her former boyfriend, but I didn’t know the others. I had watched less than a minute, when the boys rotated clock-wise, each taking a new hand or hole. And so it went. As if on cue, every sixty seconds, the boys rotated.

I concentrated on Sally. I couldn’t see her pretty face, as her mid-back length, jet-black hair covered it. She’s on the bigger side at 5’10” and weighs a healthy and solid one hundred and fifty pounds. She’s at least a 38″ top, with a large D-cup. She definitely has curves, a flat stomach, nice hips and a full ass.

As the rotation started again, one of the boys hollered. The others stepped away and the one that had just pulled from her pussy moved to her face and stuffed a thin 6″ cock into her mouth. Almost immediately, the boy arched his back, opened his mouth, grunted and came.

When he finished his orgasm, he stepped back and took a seat in a nearby chair. The other three moved back into position and took her mouth, pussy and left hand. The rotation started again and lasted nearly ten more minutes. This time, the boy in her mouth was the one to cum. He held Sally’s head, increased his thrust and moaned his pleasure.

As he withdrew, the boy in her hand started to Sally’s mouth, but was called off by the one in her pussy. From the way Sally reacted, he started to cum, before he entered her mouth. It looked like she took the first shot on her face, before he plunged in. He let Sally bob her head and take his load.

The last boy standing took his place behind her upturned ass. He took her hard for the next few minutes. Sally’s tits bounced wildly. Her freed up right hand was between her thick thighs and I imagined that she was working her clit. Every time the boy pounded into her, it created a ripple over her beautifully full ass.

I couldn’t tell if Sally came, but the boy pulled his small fire-plug of a cock from her, moved to her face and came in her mouth. When he pulled his wilted member from her all four boys high-fived each other, turned and jumped into the pool. Sally rested for a few minutes, before joined them.

As I continued to watch, my phone rang. I put the call on my speaker phone, so I could continue to watch the five kid’s skinny dipping in the pool.

The call was to participate in a weekly meeting. All I had to do was listen and was able to enjoy the scene right below my window. For the first twenty minutes, the kids swam and soaked. Eventually, one of the boys started fooling around with Sally. She was lying on an air mattress, facing the sun. The boy began by talking with her and touching … her tits … pulling and tweaking her nipples and playing with her bald pussy.

I couldn’t hear Sally, but I saw the pleasure on her face, as the boy bent over and sucked a fat brown nipple into his mouth. Her arm circled the boys head and trapped him against her heaving tit. Sally’s reaction was caught by the other three and soon her float was surrounded. A second boy sucked her other tit and the other two took turns fingering her pussy and playing with her clit.

Sally looked like she was edging toward her own orgasm. She began to bounce on the flimsy air mattress and suddenly lost control. The boys couldn’t stop her and she tumbled between them and into the water.

When she surfaced, Sally was pissed, as her orgasm was unfulfilled. She yelled at her laughing friends, but finally joined in the laughter. One of the boys grabbed her arm and led Sally to the side of the pool, right below my window. He jumped up, sat on the edge, spread his thighs and pulled Sally between his wide legs.

Sally took her place, bent over and started to blow him. The others jumped out of the pool and sat next to the first. As the boys had each cum, just antalya escort a half-hour before, it took Sally nearly ten minutes of hard cock sucking, before he grabbed her head and pumped a load into her eager co-ed mouth.

As he finished, the first boy stood, high fived his three buddy’s and left my backyard. Sally took a step back and dunked herself under water. When she surfaced, she shook her black hair and squeezed the water from it. As she did, she leaned her head back … and caught me staring at her, from the second floor window. Our eyes locked for a short few seconds. I knew I was caught. And Sally knew she was caught.

The next boy in line was too impatient and wanted his blowjob. He didn’t notice Sally staring at the house. He called for her and she stepped up to him, bent over and took him deep in her throat.

It took almost another hour to blow the next three boys and Sally was bobbing on a stiff cock nearly the entire time. As each boy came, he’d high-five the others and leave the pool area. Sally would look up at the large picture window for a few seconds, before moving on to the next college cock.

As the last boy came and then went to find his swim suit, Sally and I locked eyes one more time, before I drifted away from the window and went back to work. I decided to give her some privacy and let her decide for herself what the next step would be.

It was hard to concentrate, but I had accumulated nearly a dozen emails and decided to get back to work. Sally was never far from my mind, but I was startled when I heard a throat being cleared. My eyes bolted from my computer screen to Sally.

She was standing just inside my office door. She was completely naked and holding a pile of folded clothes, which she placed on a table, immediately inside the door.

Sally stared at me for another few moments, before looking around the room. “This is new,” were her first words.

I answered, “I decided to save some cash and moved my office home. My partners did the same.”

She walked into the room and started wondering around. While she is a big girl, she is 100% woman. Her oversized breast had a small amount of sag, but stood out proudly. Her mid-section was flat and tight. Sally’s ass was large and heart shaped, but well proportioned; her legs were shapely and solid.

While looking at a picture on my fireplace mantle, Sally asked “Are you going to tell my parents?”

I simply answered, “No.”

“May I still use your pool?” she continued.

I nodded and said, “Of course.”

Sally walked across the room and stood by the window overlooking the back yard and pool. She laughed and said, “Nice view!” and before I could answer, she continued, “Are there any new restrictions on using the pool?”

I thought for a moment and responded, “As long as there isn’t any trouble, then I won’t place restrictions on you using the backyard.”

Sally was standing about ten feet from me. I saw her from the back and profile, as she continued to look down at the pool. “You probably think I’m a slut.”

I decided that it would be best if I didn’t answer.

She smiled a wide grin, before saying, “Well … after today, maybe I am.” Sally stayed at the window, but turned and faced me. She continued, “I was a virgin, when I left for college. It didn’t take long to lose my cherry, but I’ve never been able to cum with a guy.” She took another moment to gather her thoughts, before she told me, “And don’t think I can’t cum. I can make myself explode! I’ve even,” a blush spread over her face, before shyly admitting, “I’ve even let my roommate make me cum.”

Sally looked at me with a bit of defiance and finished, “Anyway, I was hoping that those worthless jerks could make me come. They were close, but didn’t make it happen.”

“It looked like you were close, but fell off the air-mattress,” was my observation.

She laughed and told me, “Yeah! There’s nothing like a dunking to push off a good cum!”

As we talked, Sally was giving me the once-over. I had planned on a lunch-time run and was very under-dressed, wearing only a gray cotton tee-shirt, knee-length blue cotton shorts and running shoes. I don’t run very fast and didn’t bother wearing a jock. My cock had been rock hard, since I first saw Sally being gang-banged and formed a large tent in my shorts.”

“When I came up here, I was planning on offering you a blowjob, so you wouldn’t tell my parents.”

I smiled at Sally and told her, “You don’t need to bribe me.”

She nodded, nervously bit her lower lip and said, “But now, I’m thinking that I just want to suck you.”

After another glance at my crotch, Sally asked, “Will you let me?”

I nodded, as Sally took a few steps toward me. She said, “It might be better if you’re sitting.”

Instead of sitting, I instructed, “Take my shirt off, Sally.”

Sally reached for the bottom of my tee-shirts and in one motion, lifted it over my head and dropped it on the floor behind her.

I’ve kepez escort exercised nearly every day of my life and am in very good shape. I think Sally was surprised at my physique. She reached out and ran the palm of her hand over my shoulder and to my upper arm.

She smiled and said, “Nice” and then reached for the tent in my shorts. Her smile got bigger, as she gripped my bigger than average girth and commented, “And this is even nicer!”

Sally was about to tug my shorts off, when I told her, “Take off my shoes.”

She lowered herself to a kneeling position, untied and took off each shoe. Sally had a wide grin as she reached up, hooked fingers into the waist band of my shorts and yanked. She was mesmerized by my bobbing cock, as my shorts dropped to my ankles and I easily stepped out of them.

“Jesus. It’s huge.” Sally wrapped her left and right hand around my staff and my large helmet, still stuck out from her hand.

“How big is it?”

“It’s about nine inches.”

“Holy fuck! And it’s really thick too!”

Sally has “milking” my cock and when a drop of pre-cum leaked out. Sally leaned in and licked it up.

After nearly two hours with a constant hard-on, I knew it wouldn’t take Sally long to get me off. She leaned in again, stretched her mouth wide and took my cock head into her mouth. She sucked the head and jerked me with both hands for a couple of moments, before dropping her right hand to my hanging balls and taking the first few inches into her mouth.

“Oh Baby, I’m not going to last long.”

When she purred, “MMMMMMmmmmm,” around my meat, I lost it. The first volley of cum rocketed from my cock, hit the back of her throat and choked the college co-ed. She gagged and spit my orgasming cock from her mouth. As she coughed, I fisted my staff. The second load, fired toward her sweet face. It landed with a splash on her forehead and dripped down her face. The third hit her chin, neck and chest. I continued to coax the remaining pleasure from my cock and I dribbled some cum onto Sally’s chest and tits.

I groaned and Sally laughed, “Oh my God, I’m covered!”

The kneeling beauty scooped some spunk off her chest and sucked her cum covered fingers into her mouth. She repeated the motion, and cleaned her face, neck, chest and tits. When she finished she was still a cum covered mess so I offered, “You can clean yourself in the bathroom.” I tipped my head in the direction of the small office lavatory. Sally thanked me and I watched her naked ass dance, as she walked to the bathroom.

When she came out a few minutes later, she headed to her pile of clothes. She picked up her shirt and pulled it over her head. As she reached for her shorts, she looked at me and asked, “What?”

I smiled at Sally and said, “I was hoping I could pay you back with an orgasm.”

She paused for a moment and sadly answered, “I don’t think a guy can make me come.”

Confidently, I told her, “It’ll be easy, really easy.”

“Chris,” she started, “Four guys couldn’t get me off. How do you figure you’ll be able to?”

“I’ll be able to, because I really want to. All those boys cared about was their own pleasure.”

Sally stared at me from across the room, finally shrugged, pulled off her shirt and walked to me.

As she approached, I told her, “Sit on the edge of the desk.”

When she was sitting, I continued, “Sit up straight and spread your legs.”

Sally was incredibly flexible. She leaned back slightly and held herself up with her hands. She spread her thighs wide, bent her knees, picked up her legs and was able to rest her bare feet on the desk, on either side of her hips.

I stepped between Sally’s spread legs. With the back of my hands, I traced my fingers over her erect nipples. Sally smiled and sighed, “I love having my tits and nips played with.”

My hand slid back and forth between her large round breasts. Sally’s breath grew a bit deeper and she purred, “So nice!”

I wasn’t in a hurry. In fact, I was constantly reminding myself to go slow. I wanted Sally to enjoy her first man-made orgasm … and hopefully come back for more.

Her erect nipples looked inviting. I took one between my thumb and finger. After taking my time giving the red nub light pulsating pinches, I pinched it hard.

Sally groaned, yelped and said, “Christ! What the fuck? That hurt!”

I asked, “Could you feel it all the way to your pussy?”

She shyly admitted, “Yes!”

I pinched her nipple again, about half as hard, held it and asked, “Should I stop?”

In a deep husky voice, she begged, “Please … Oh God … please don’t stop.”

As I turned my attention to her other breast and nipple, Sally propped herself up, with one hand. The other reached for her bald, pink swollen and dripping cunt. When she was inches away from touching herself, I gently took hold of her wrist and asked, “What are you doing Sally?”

“I want to cum,” she begged.

“You will cum. I’ve manavgat escort already promised, but we’re going to do it my way. Put your hand behind you, with the other.”

She whimpered, but complied. I had been ready to move from her tits, but because of her eagerness, I decided to pleasure and torture her nipples for a few more minutes. I loved when Sally groaned. I also loved when she winced.

Sally remained perched on the edge of my desk, with me standing between her thighs. I took a half step to the side and pressed my right middle finger into her open twat. She was tight, but I easily slid in. I pulled completely from her and then pressed two fingers in. She groaned, humped against my hand and easily took both fingers.

With two fingers surrounded by her warm wet pussy walls, I explored her tunnel. It only took a few seconds and I knew I had her special spot, when she jumped.

I concentrated my rubbing in that spot and asked, “How does it feel?”

She was looking at me with unfocused eyes. She smiled and replied, “Amazing!”

“I’m playing with your g-spot. You’ll have to teach your boys were it is and how you liked it rubbed.”

“I like it rubbed … just … like … that! I’m gonna … I’m gonna … I’m …” I pulled my fingers from her cunt and pushed them into her mouth, an instant before she was going to cum.

I quickly leaned in and when my face was inches from her, I growled, “Trust me! I’m going to make this incredible for you.”

Sally was caught off guard, by the intensity of my words. She sucked my probing fingers, cleaned them and nodded her understanding.

When she had settled, I let my fingers pop from between her willing lips. I dropped my hand between her splayed legs and touched her clit gently. Sally pushed into my hand and I let her. I rubbed her clit in a circle for a bit and then dragged my fingers along her heaving pussy lips and back to her needy nub.

“And this,” I pinched her clit, making her jump, “is your clit. You’ll need to teach your boys how good it feels, when they touch it.”

She moaned again, closed her eyes and enjoyed my touch. I explored her clit, pussy and brown tight asshole, with my fingers.

Deciding that it was time for Sally’s first man-triggered orgasm, I slipped two fingers back into her twenty year old snatch, found her g-spot again and got the normal reaction and grunt. The thumb of my other hand found her clit and rubbed.

Her orgasm was immediate and explosive. She cried, “Moooooother fuuuuucker!” Supported by her hands and feet, she lifted her full ass off the desk top and helped fuck her against my piston-like hand. Her orgasm lasted nearly a minute and when she sat back against the desk, I leaned in, sucked her clit into my mouth, and continued the finger assault of her g-spot.

This cum took a little longer and it built in intensity, over the next few moments. The first sign it was close, was when she grabbed the back of my head and held it tight against her cunt. She started an urgent bucking into my face and screeched, “CCCccccuuuuummmming!”

As she finished, I let her fall back onto the desk. I took an ankle in each hand, spread her legs wide, and walked my rock hard nine inches into Sally’s steaming pussy. She was vice tight, as I worked my thick log up her teenage hole.

“Yes … Fuck yes … fuck me … fuck me … FUCK MMMEEEEEEE!”

I power banged Sally with the energy of a kid and watched as she enjoyed being ravished. Unfortunately, at nearly fifty years old, my power fucking ability only lasts for short periods. I pulled Sally back into a sitting position on the desk top and instructed, “Hold on to my neck.”

Sally’s arms circled my neck and her legs circled my waist, I picked up the sexy slut and backed into my chair, plopping down with a thud. I asked, “Please do the work for a while.”

Her thighs straddled my waist and my cock was buried in her steaming cunt. Slowly, Sally would raise herself, until only my plum-sized cock head was at her wet entrance and then she’d drop, impaling herself on my thick nine inches.

Sally did this over and over. I was overcome with the urgency of her thrust and her tits dragging across my face. When I latched onto a hard pink nipple, my sexy neighbor grunted her approval. I started to hump into her, every time she dropped back into my lap.

I reached behind her and grasped an ass cheek in each hand. Sally grunted and when I slid a finger along her soaked ass crack and into her super tight back-hole, Sally arched her back, stretched her neck to the ceiling and called out, “You sick perv … I’m … cummmmmming!”

When Sally’s orgasm finished, she slumped over, nearly covering my sitting form. After recovering, she wiggled on my hard rod and said, “I can’t believe you haven’t cum yet.”

I smiled at the compliment and told her, “I came pretty fast the first time. I’ve been trying to make it last, but I’m getting close!”

Sally leaned back and sat against my upper thighs. “I kind-of have a rule,” she started. “Even though I’m on the pill, I don’t let guys cum in my pussy. I lost control a little bit, but can you cum in my mouth instead?”

“Sure Sally, your mouth is great.” I gave her a look, before asking, “How about your ass?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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